Yandere mirio x reader lemon

It had finally come. The day he had hoped and wished for for so long. They could choose to work in groups, or alternatively, work one on one if both parties agreed. He had just gotten done working with some boy with a water quirk when he saw you, making quick work of bidding the boy goodbye before making his way to you.

You had only just noticed him when he grabbed your hand, yelling towards your teacher that the two of you would be working in one of the sparring rooms.

He was so excited that he almost forgot to go through the door instead of simply phasing right through the wall. You, of course, were vehemently struggling against his grip the whole time, desperate not to make a scene, but still unwilling to go with the boy that had been bothering you for the past month.

You froze when you heard the lock on the door click, turning to face him as he began his advance. You knew he had liked you, but he was usually so gentle.

What had set him off like this? I just like you so much! With each step he took forward, you took one back. This was weird. There was a strange look in his eye. You always forgot how tall he was, how his long legs could cover large distances in such a short time.

You felt large hands cupping your face, and you instinctively pressed your palms against his broad shoulders, trying panchod punjabi put some distance between you and the boy. Mirio shushed you, eyes searching yours for something. Your eyes widened, fear trilling down your spine at the mention of his threat. He was crazy. You had to get out of here. You swallowed nervously, trying to put a soft smile on your lips to hide the nervousness encompassing all your thoughts.

He laughed abruptly, and your smile fell. I know you have a mole right behind your left ear, that you sleep with your favorite stuff animal every night. I even know what brand of perfume you use. How long had he been watching you? You felt your back hit the wall, and watched as his hands re-positioned from your face to the wall on either side of your head, effectively trapped you against him as he leaned in close to whisper in your ear.

That comment was the tipping point, in which your body finally unfroze in favor of swinging your fist towards his face, only to phase directly through it thanks to his quirk, throwing you off balance and falling into one of the strong arms caging you in.

He used his free hand to angle your face towards him once more, watching as angry tears streamed down your cheeks. He silenced your cries by pressing his lips against yours, softly at first before breaking away with a groan. You could feel his hips pressing against yours, something hard and heated grinding against your inner thigh as he did.

The hand not currently holding your jaw slipped down your form, learning the curves and angles of your body fondly, slipping around your waist to stroke along your back as Mirio ravished your lips with his own, slipping a tongue past your teeth before exploring the soft, wet cavern of your mouth.

You turned your face away, intending on stopping his advances where they stood as you angled an elbow into his collarbone, free hand travelling up to grip and pull at his hair. If this were a different situation, you might have almost commended him for his ability to channel his so accurately.

But as it stood, he was slipping one long finger into you against your will, your last line of defense dashed in a way you should have expected.You were sitting on your bed, rubbing the small bump in your stomach. Mirio found out last night when he watched you changed and he was over the moon about it.

He picked you up and held you as close as he could, being mindful of not to crush you. Firstly, we have to find a new place to live. I was thinking a nice house on the outskirts of the city. Mirio was out at the agency for the day and you had figured out the code to unlock the apartment door.

So you grabbed a few things, as much money as you could from the safe. Then swiftly and quietly snuck out the apartment. But he did, and it took almost five years before he made a move. He said he kidnapped you after he saw you get hurt on television. You needed to get out of the area as fast as possible. You wanted them safe and to grow up in a safe household. Not one ruled by a maniac. Where are you going? All you needed to do is get on the next bus and get as far away from him.

But before you could reach the bus stop. You felt his arms wrap around you. He was still all smiles and sunshine as he quickly took you back to the apartment you shared. He was going to have to take extra precautions to keep you safe. Posted on Thursday, 28 November Posted by myherofuckademia. Opens in new window notes Text Post posted 2 years ago.

Call me Messo — here’s a little idea; yandere alpha mirio and...

Opens in new window.Wisps of hair fell over his face, loosened from the rigorous activity—and one would need only to pass by the room, to hear how his thrusts slammed his headboard into the wall behind it. You felt your stomach twist once again, legs shaking violently as a new wave of pleasure ripped through you, this one even more forceful than the one before it. And, in a sense, he really was. Mirio had always been so eager, an ecstatic man in his day-to-day life, and even more towards the one who held his affections…but it was taken to a whole new level when it came to being intimate.

Though things were gentle for awhile, your beloved always taking things at a slow pace for your first time with him, everything had changed once your relationship had become more serious. His love became more smothering, and he perhaps spent more time obsessing over you than leaving his trust in your hands—but you still loved him, after all it was difficult not to. Your hands pushed gently against his firm chest, though you were nowhere near strong enough to resist his body hovering over yours.

Let me listen to that little voice again…you really are the most adorable in the whole world! And your heart sank directly into your stomach, as his face lit up with glee—and in seconds, his pace had picked right back up again, just as fast as when you had first been messing around in his bed like lovestruck teenagers.

His grip grew tighter as he slammed his hips into yours, surely leaving bruises in his wake as his pleasure mounted, his voice getting louder and groans rumbling even more deeply in his chest…and before you could think twice he was crying out your name, and your eyes widened at the feeling of cum splattering in ropes all over your heaving chest.

As he came to a slow stop, your gaze panned down to your stomach…and you suffered a momentary lapse in any clear thought, as you tried to figure out why the tip of his cock was jutting out from your stomach. He used his hands to steady himself against the bed, huffing and puffing from the seemingly hours-long workout—and once he, too, realized that he had phased through you, he only let out a chuckle.

He laughed, finally pulling back and sliding out of you, to give your poor, abused insides a rest…but by the look in his eyes, it was obvious that you were nowhere near finished, despite feeling at this point like you might pass out from the exhaustion.

Mirio brushed his fingers over your swollen entrance, sensitive from how roughly he had been handling you—and a shiver raced down your spine, not just by the way he fondled you, but the glazed-over look in his eyes as they roamed your body, eventually stopping just below your neck.

He licked his lips. Abandoning whatever thoughts he had been dwelling on, Mirio lowered himself towards you, until his face hovered only an inch away from your flushed, sweaty chest.

If you had any energy python cups print image be in your usual state of mind, the way your happy-go-lucky lover growled those words would have concerned you.

But as you floated in between what you knew was reality and what felt like a lahore pigeon for sale, you had essentially given him full range to do as he pleased with you. And he started by laving his tongue up your chest, in long, slow strokes. He moved over the area, licking up the cum he had unintentionally dirtied you with…and with every drop that he cleaned off, he sucked at the skin underneath until you had a deep, sensitive bruise.

And his teethgrazing over your flesh like he was threatening to bite you, before sinking them into the soft skin around your nipple…the whine that left you felt like it had come straight from your bones, as he latched on and circled his tongue around your tender little bud.

Mirio moaned into your chest as he sucked on it, teasing you until you were squirming once again before pulling off with a pop. Mine to touch, mine to please, mine to play with…mine, mine, mine, mine. You might as well belong to me. You like that idea, right sweetie?

The wandering gaze towards your skin, littered with little reminders of who you had allowed to love you. The way he lowered himself to your private areas, chuckling when you tried to close your legs, and effortlessly pushing them apart so he could have a closer look at you.

Sl-Slow down, pleasegive me a b-break. Looks like I got a little too excited, huh honey? Previous Post Next Post.Also thank you for reading!!

Originally posted by chuuyanyakahara. As he finds it hard to express himself besides his actions and constant need to be touching you, you make it up by being affectionate through words. He only trusts Nejire and Mirio to be around you, but they see nothing wrong with this relationship! They see how happy he is with you and you feel happy with him in return! Tamaki puts your needs before his and makes sure you finish before him. But he likes ones where you too are closest so he can kiss you on the face and cheeks.

He also takes any precautions before sex like lube or a condom. Originally posted by vyctornikiforov. He has so much love to show you and you accept it all and return it. Well yeah but the negative side of this means he is so obsessed. You have no way to get out of this relationship. You are his soulmate. If he sees some person every form some sort of crush no matter how big or smallhe will beat them within an inch of death. But he is merciless.

He really can be sweet, even as a yandere. Often times, he takes you on romantic dates and cuddle with you. Your smile makes everything he does worth it because he thinks deep down, even if you do know this is very toxic, this was how things were meant to be. He does like some basic positions but he also likes more complex ones like doggy style so he can get deeper.

He also likes to give oral but when you insist giving him a bj, he grips your hair tightly and grunts a lot. He wants you to enjoy it without worrying. Originally posted by zenitsua. He tries to be so smooth with you but when you just do the same thing back to him, he just loses his cool.

Usually, these rants turn to something else…. Only he can make you feel this way… He is willing to top or bottom depending on his mood. He does like fucking you into the mattress or wall, but also likes to be able to chill and pampered a bit. Could you ask Yandere Kalim-Al Asim wolf knotting your girl to get her pregnant and thus not allow her to escape? Keep reading. Ok so random question cause I swear to god I need to know if I'm imagining things did you post a Sebek fic earlier and delete it cause I swear I saw some good sauce earlier but now I can't find it and I'm just like did it even exist?Hi can you do a mirio with a pregnant reader and he's really overprotective but she doesn't mind and he loves rubbing her baby bump thanks.

Hi, sorry that you had to wait so long! Infatuation is a free game that was actually recommended to me by infatuationvisualnovel when the demo was out, and I gave some feedback on it that hopefully improved the game.

The full game is out now and it's free to play with 17 different endings! This game is basically the question, "What if six yanderes try to share you? I really love the writing and characters in the game. I'm sorry again for how long it took me to do this review. Keep reading. You can choose the content. Hi thank you for your request!!

Muzan and Kokushibo were always right. But as they took her to the doctor and got her these pills, her whole head has just become so fuzzy. It was hard to stay in the real world and she could barely remember what she had been doing 5 minutes ago. But some things were so odd. That doctor they took her to, was that her usual doctor?

Who was that person? The more she thought about her situation, the more questions popped up, and the harder it became to find answers. How could she, when her conscious felt like it was floating in an endless sea?

In the end, thinking became too tiresome. Hello there! I hope you're having a good day! Thank you!! Thank you for your request!! You absolutely could not afford to lose this job. You stepped inside and closed the door as careful and quiet as possible behind you, before tiptoeing to the employee lounge to check your duties for the day. Looking just about everywhere except in front of you, you entered the room softly.

Not a request, but I read your yandere! Especially at the end where the messed up twist happens but the ending is very open ended with a lingering dread of wondering what will happen to the protagonist. I loved it. Hi everyone! I started writing these fics for fun, so I think I should keep it fun. It was already hard to navigate the building when you were still there walking around as a fresh exchange student.I always enjoy seeing that people enjoy my writing and it puts my ind at ease to write for thing that I know people specifically want.

Hey if u don't mind could you do another part of Alpha class 1A x reader but in this part could you tell us how everybody meeted and got interested in the omega reader and how she deal with every body trying to court them?

Full works will be coming soon, I primise! Until then, I hope you enjoy! SW Blog. The room was chilly, its cold air biting into your skin with needle-like teeth, invading every inch of your body and pulling goosebumps to its surface. It was an easily fixable problem. You could just grab the closest blanket from the end of your bed to wrap around yourself, or even get up and turn up the thermostat located just outside in the hall.

Even closing the open window, which was the perpetrator that let in the chilled winter air of the night, would instantly heat up the dark space.

After he loses his quirk

Each choice seemed too much effort to your mind, feeling too exhausted to even shift around let alone get up and go actually do something. Instead, you simply allowed yourself to remain just as frozen as the snow outside, letting the cold settle over you like an abstract blanket.

It was comforting in its own way, numbing you to everything, both good and bad. The anger, sadness, and feelings of hopelessness had all begun to fade away, much to your relief, but so had everything else, leaving you in a void. It was here that you wallowed in your own lack of emotion, both too tired to do anything but too restless to find the comforting nothingness of sleep. It could have been hours or minutes, but eventually you heard a scuffling behind the door. It was no surprise when, after unsuccessfully trying to block out the flurry of whispers, it opened, allowing light to spill into the room and causing you to recol from the sudden brightness as the warm orange light momentarily filled the space.

Its illumination of your dozens of hero posters and forgotten weights in the corner was short lived, the creaking of the hinges almost ear splitting before you were once again bathed in darkness. Keep reading. I have it planned for October! I love writing these domestic fics so much! Next post will be a Aizawa comfort fic, but it might take a bit longer to produce so it will most likely be out in two weeks as I also have work for my star wars fics to work on.

Until then, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy! Todoroki had never thought himself one for marriage. Like many of his friends and even family, he had thought that he would remain single for the rest of his life. Living contently and doing hero work until his retirement, where he would then help train the next generation of heroes.

Even the tabloids, which had once held an abnormal fascination with his love life, had given up on the dead end plot of stories.

bnha-writings Request:Closed 18+,nsfw — Yandere Mirio/Tamaki Request:Open

He was content with his life and day to day routine. I love writing for Toshi! One of my biggest comfort characters of all times! Also, keep a look out for a domestic Shoto fic next week!CW: yandere, kidnapping, stalking, noncon, blowjobs, cum eating, facials, dom! What good mates you have, the pair thinks to themselves.

Both having the perfect dispositions to stay hidden in the shadows, allowing them to watch from afar whenever they please. Their sweet, quirkless little omega deserves only the best after all. Keep reading. Ty in advance!!

He locked the door, but how was he supposed to know you would break a window and make a run for it? As stated a bit here. So technically you were never held hostage, and have every opportunity to leave whenever you want, but that being said, do you want to leave? You need to gain his trust so he lowers his defenses enough for you to make your move.

The higher he gets, the harder he can crash, so your goal is to keep him taking pills. All he wants is love. The type of unconditional love that was absent in his life growing up. He will send every member at his disposal to hunt you down and bring you back to him.

He has loved, and lost so many people in his life that he cared about. If he lost you too, it would really push him over the edge, so the best way to make sure he never loses you is by keeping you by his side at all times. Even showering. What makes it so hard to escape from him is his pure lack of sympathy. He would lock you in a windowless garage, to keep you from escaping if he had to. I can definitely see him as the type just to mentally screw with you as well.

He might let you think you can escape, only to rip it away so he can watch you fall apart in his grasp.

Call me Messo — here’s a little idea; yandere alpha mirio and...

Especially with focus on dark shadow pinning the reader down? Breaking Contract (Yandere Lobo x Reader). Request: Request for: Yandere Lobo from DC (comics or that one movie superman man of to-morrow) with. Ofc bestie. Yandere!Mirio Togata x female!reader vs Abusive Ex Boyfriend. Me acabo de dar cuenta de que hablas español JJAAGAJAJHAJAS tamo. Sharing A Darling:: ──⇌••⇋──.

♡ Pairings: Mitsuya x Reader x Hakkai || Inupi x Reader x. Mirio had always been so eager, an ecstatic man in his day-to-day life x reader yandere mirio togata x reader yandere bnha yandere lemon.

Pairing: Yandere!Mirio x reader. Warning: 18+, abuse, child abuse, hero complex behaviour, manipulation, shitty parenting, toxicity. Redamancy (n.) The act of loving in return.

pairings: mirio togata x female reader. warnings: 18+, noncon, yandere themes, breeding kink n mirio is a scumbag. Recollection · [NSFW WARNING: SMUT IN CHAP] · Mirio wasn't blind. · Something was up, and Mirio was pretty sure he knew what.

· And now, here he sat with Tamaki. Just making the boys and maybe girls if you want them a bit (a lot) dirty.\n\n\n\n\n\nI do not own Boku no Hero Academia, it belongs to Kohei Horikoshi. Lemon Drops Reader: F Character: Mirio Togata Rating: E Summary: “Could I request yandere mirio x reader who he kidnapped and is now.

“I'll take you to dinner this Saturday, alright?” bnha mirio togata togata mirio mirio togata x reader togata mirio x reader yandere mirio. Yandere Mirio/Tamaki Request:Open Just a reminder that I write for you do another part of Alpha class 1A x reader but in this part could.

mirio is a breeding stud i don't take criticism. this request is fire mirio togata yandere mirio togata x reader smut fem reader tw. Lemon Scented Yandere reinawritesbnha: “Dub-con, Omegaverse, Yandere Mirio, Unhealthy Relationships, Alpha Mirio, Omega Reader. No Archive Warnings Apply · Toogata Mirio/Reader · Toogata Mirio · Amajiki Tamaki · Reader · Smut Yandere X-Mas by TK lemons/limes ✨.

This is honestly a bunch of smut! Trigger warnings: Yandere Controlling Rape Nsfw Smut Torture. Please note reader and mirio as well as. He absolutely can't wait for the child to arrive and have himself a perfect little family:) ask drabble yandere yandere x reader yandere bnha.

#yandere mirio x reader Tumblr posts. lovinkiri. - 3 weeks ago. #dabi x reader #touya. He loves the thought of you taking some control. ~Cole, the goat has spoken. bnha imagines mha imagines bnha x reader mha x reader bnha. TW: gore, yandere themes, cursing, smut, nsfw, kidnapping, non-con. —. Chapter Rf hack 1 Panalangin (Prayer). Mirio Togata x Quirkless!Reader. Answer: Yandere Mirio headcanons •Big into infantalization. delusional-reader liked this Yandere Kirishima X Reader.