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Fairing projects are all the rage and a handful of companies such as Baja Worx and Highway Dirt Bikes are making it easier to convert dual-sports into road warriors or rally bikes with their kits. The three men who brought this project to life had a lot of help, and this is their story. After a hour road trip, we held title to the carcass of this build. John Graves runs Race for the Woundedthe organization responsible for putting injured U.

The retired U. However, he knew nothing about rally bikes and had never even seen a roadbook reader until we dropped off the bike, instruments and fairing kit at his shop.

The bike was previously tuned and geared tall to achieve mph, similar to the champion steeds of the Baja California desert. Production lasted only eight years and the model remained unchanged from its debut in Needless to say, the R is an iconic machine, especially in Baja California. PDM AltRider. Stock XRRs have no battery, so dual-sport kits and extra lighting rely on a re-wound stator and regulator rectifier. Atomic Tom wired and mounted the PDM to the battery.

In English: you can plug the PDM into your computer and set each gadget to continue drawing from the battery for a specified amount of time after the engine shuts off. This is important on a rally bike and we chose our shut-off times wisely. The Dunlop Rally Tire is twice as expensice for a reason. This is an incredibly lightweight and long-lasting battery, without which the BRP would not exist.

And, HBD is coming out with some notable innovations and refinements to components and parts. Acerbis 6. This is the view from your workstation at the Baja Rally. Flexx Handlebars by Fasstco : FasstCo. Controls are a big deal in rally because of long liaison stages, varying terrain and overall endurance. Pivot-Pegz BrapOffRoad. This matters to rally racing when riders stand, leaning forward in fast sections.

The decomp lever is repositioned to make space. The BRP has no ignition switch or key lock to protect against a quick theft. The small unit is hidden out of sight but within satellite reach and sends a signal via satellite to your cell phone or email whenever the bike is moved.

I can take this bike so much further and deeper into the bush than an F or This beast leaves a dust storm in its wake. Scotty Breauxman is a moto-journalist and retired off-road racer focused on the Mexican state of Baja California. Husqvarna E-Bicycles North America is pleased to announce the arrival of its electric mountain bike lineup—available now through authorized Husqvarna In response to the growing interest in bikepacking, Big Agnes will be launching a line of bikepacking tents that caters to cyclists.

The Copper Spur UL Riders Rides Industry Tech-n-tips.

1.Honda XR650R Mikuni TM40-6 Flatslide Pumper Carb Complete KIT

Bikes Gear Media. How to resolve AdBlock issue? Refresh this page. Share Tweet Share. Affiliate Ad.A key step in setting a Honda XRR's suspension is found in adjusting the motorcycle's ride height. By altering the rear shock absorber's preload -- the amount of tension placed on the rear shock absorber's spring -- the XRR can be adjusted to better suit the demands of the rider and the racetrack.

In addition, setting the suspension's sag will ensure that the rear shock's preload is set up for your weight. Once the sag is set, further adjustments can be made to compensate for any changes in the riding conditions.

Place the your XRR on an engine stand to relieve the tension placed on the rear shock absorber. Loosen the locknut on the top of the rear shock absorber's spring with a hook-type spanner wrench. Turn the preload adjustment collar, positioned between the locknut and the spring, with the spanner wrench.

Turn the collar clockwise to decrease the spring's preload and lower your XRR's rear ride height. Alternatively, turn the collar counterclockwise to increase the spring's preload and raise the motorcycle's rear ride height.

Tighten the shock absorber's locknut against the preload adjustment collar, using the spanner wrench. Measure the distance between the centre of the rear wheel and the bottom of the rear fender with the aid of an assistant and a tape measure. Record this distance on a note pad. Sit on top of your XRR while wearing all of your riding equipment. Have your assistant take another measurement between the centre of the rear wheel and the bottom of the rear fender with the aid of a tape measure.

Record this measurement in your note pad. Compare the distances from both measurements. The difference between the measurements is the rear suspension's sag. For example, if the first measurement provided a distance of 23 inches between the wheel and the fender, while the a inch distance was measured while the motorcycle was fully-loaded, this indicates a 3-inch rear sag.

Adjust your XRR's rear sag, as outlined above. Ideally, your XRR should have a 4-inch sag for normal riding conditions, providing a well-rounded balance between maneuverability and straight-line stability. If the sag indicated by your measurements is greater than 4 inches, increase the preload to reduce the rear shock absorber's sag. Alternatively, reduce the preload to increase sag if it is less than 4 inches. Adjust the preload, as needed, to compensate for the riding conditions found on your racetrack.

Increase the sag by reducing the preload, to make it easier to turn on a shorter track filled with turns. Decrease the sag if you are riding on a longer track, filled with high-speed straight sections. As a rule of thumb, decreasing the preload will lower the rear end, making it easier to place both feet on the ground while stabilising the motorcycle at higher speeds. Increasing the preload will raise the XRR's ride height, subsequently enhancing the motorcycle's maneuverability.

TIP As a rule of thumb, decreasing the preload will lower the rear end, making it easier to place both feet on the ground while stabilising the motorcycle at higher speeds.Eventually I'll post more better stuff.

Essentials for Success

Mikuni Pumper Carb Install Click a picture to see a larger image. My XR came with an Edelbrock Qwiksilver carb. While it was impressively easy to work on, I found I was adjusting it all the time. After some frustrating rides where I kicked my leg off trying to restart the bike, I decided that I was not the guy for this Edelbrock and decided to go Mikuni.

I ordered the carb from Powerbarn and once installed, the bike started on the second kick. We'll see how long that lasts! I still have some tuning to do to get it perfect but it's pretty well setup out of the box. Here's what you get. Note the Honda petcock gasket is not included.

I ordered this from an online vendor as the petcock has had a slow drip ever since I've owned it. Honda does not list a gasket for the XRR in their parts list. Fortunately someone figured out the gasket for a Goldwing is a direct replacement. The Mikuni is an impressive piece of engineering. It inspires a great deal of confidence over the Edelbrock it is replacing.

If nothing else, there are xxnike629xx twitter video hd more metering circuits you can tune with Mikuni. I found out that this carb, as delivered, is tuned fat for my configuration. I'm working on a tuning article which will be posted HERE as soon as possible. BTW, this pic shows the right side.

Here's the replacement. Part number sourced from a forum. I don't know who to thank but it's a great tip. Note the gasket fits perfectly though it's diameter seems to be a little small, I suspect it will flatten out over time. Only thing that really matters is it does not leak anymore! New throttle cables installed and adjusted to have a slight amount of slack.

You don't want them adjusted too tight! The choke cable did not come with a bracket so I have to figure something out there. For now, I'll probably zip tie it to the clutch cable to keep it from flopping around.

The final step, installing new fuel line motion pro sourced from a local shop with fuel filter. Push fit connections seem to be stable enough but for insurance I will add some zipties as worm clamps are too bulky for this application.

Copyright - Andy Mace and TallySpeed.Finally computer software to tune a shim stack. If you have an XR and don't know about Borynack's web page you should check it out. Borynack has several fork and shock shim stack configurations along with details on how to install those stacks in your bike.

A common question is how much stiffer is the Borynack's Desert stack compared to the Trail stack and how either one of those stacks compare to the stock suspension setup. That question is custom made for ReStackor. The frames below walk you through analysis of the XR fork compression valve using the basic Shim ReStackor code, then repeat the process with the more advanced ReStackor pro version.

The comparison demonstrates the difference in the level of analysis detail in the two codes and the performance differences in Borynack's stacks. ReStackor has been specifically designed to be simple to use. The inputs above are basic geometric measurements describing the valve geometry and the shim stack configuration.

Details of setting up the ReStackor input file for an XR fork compression valve are here. Shim ReStackor calculations compute the shim stack fluid flow area as a function force applied to the stack. The flow area computed includes the flow area through the clicker bleed circuits. Referencing the stack flow area to the clicker settings allows you to compare two valve stacks in terms of how many clicks stiffer or softer each stack will be.

Shim ReStackor results for the XR stock valve stack "centered" at the 11 click position, out of 22 clicks, is shown below. From 0 to 5 lbf the flow area through the XR fork compression valve smoothly increases as the shim stack is progressively deflected above the valve face.

At approximately 5 lbf the flow area through the 2. The point where the valve ports limit the flow is easily seen in the Shim ReStackor plot. The plots shows the flow area for a single valve port, the XR compression valve uses 4 ports.

Borynack reports that to XR fork compression valves use a 2. The smaller 1. The larger 2. Borynack recommends drilling out the stock compression valve ports to a diameter of 3.

Above stack deflections of 5 lbf the stock XR valve ports limit oil flow rates. These results beg the question "At what bump height and suspension velocity does the stack reach a 5 lbf force level? To answer that question the more advance fluid dynamic calculations of ReStackor pro are needed to relate the suspension velocity to the fluid dynamic forces applied to the stack face.

These ReStackor pro results are discussed further down in this thread. With Shim ReStackor it is a simple exercise to create a clicker map plotting the shim stack flow area over the range of clicker settings from wide opened to closed. The clicker map lets you compare potential shim stack modifications to the stack you are currently riding and evaluate stack stiffness differences in terms of clicker settings. This simple exercise can save you a huge amount of time in suspension tuning by preventing you from wasting your time installing and testing stacks that are way to stiff or modifications that are so slight they make no real difference when riding the bike.

Clicker map for the stock XR fork compression valve. The wide open and closed clicker positions let you compare stack modifications relative to the stack you are currently riding. Borynack's recommends running the trail stack at the 16 click position. The difference in stiffness is apparent from the slope of the curve when compared to the stock stack.

Borynacks trail stack is initially softer than the stock stack but becomes stiffer at mid speed. Comparing the stiffness of Borynack's trail stack to the stock stack is a complex question because the stack is different everywhere. At mid speed the trail stack becomes a couple of clicks stiffer than the stock stack but softer again at high speed due to the increased 3. So the trail stack is initially softer, becomes a couple of clicks stiffer at mid speed and softer again at high speed.

All of that information is contained in the above Shim ReStackor plot. The above figure demonstrates an important feature of Shim Ahu room size. The code gives you the capability to have a pretty good idea of what a stack will be like before you even ride it.Thus, fork oil level equals mm.

Honda XR650R Supermoto

Looks really trick. Views: Rotor and sprocket. As far as fuel capacity, you get a 2. In times like these, we all need something we can count on. Free shipping. From All-Balls bearings to stabilizers and even full triple tree assemblies, we can help you get that bike rolling straight down the road again.

If you insist on going the dirtbike suspension route, try using an RM front end - forks, epper and lower triple, possibly needing to grab the steering stem bearings for one to help the conversion, or needing to make an adapter sleeve between the triple and steering stem.

Although the XRL is probably the heaviest Take your rightful place ahead of the line after amplifying the power and durability of your bike with Honda XR aftermarket mods from BikeBandit. Size: 43 x 54 x On-road its light overall weight, electric starter and excellent fuel economy make it the perfect commuter, even for long trips. We can help turn your product ideas into a reality.

Model: Honda XRL. XRL Front Wheel. Exhaust Description: The T-4 Slip-On has an impressive design, polished aluminum canister, stainless steel mid pipe and end-cap and ultra-responsive performance.

Axle kit retains stock odometer drive and caliper adaptor allows use of the bigger mm XR front disc. Shop MotoSport. We sell kits for all major OEM manufacturers!

Carbon fiber fork tube wraps provide light weight protection for your forks from roost and impacts Easy on and Narrow-waisted with a long, flat seat, the ergonomics of the XRL offer true off-road rider positioning. The R version bikes were enduro machines designed for off-road competitive riding. Selling this and one kidney to afford some lumber for a major house renovation.

Do wish that Honda had used the chrome headers on the original. Some of the XR series came in two versions: R and L. The steering stem is made to accept the XRR bearings and length while accepting the CR triple clamps.

Top Rated Seller. XRR Choke Plate. This bike has the newer CRF upside down cartridge forks and newer style fender.I was looking for a street legal Unraid pcie passthrough thought the Honda XRR would make a great platform.

The XRR is an aluminum framed, liquid cooled, cc single cylinder motorcycle built by Honda to race in the Baja I purchased the bike new inand started researching what upgrades would make the XRR into a fun, reliable commuter, and canyon bike. First on the list was a set of 17in Excell rims, laced to Talon hubsrunning a series tire up front and a rear. At the same time a full White Brothers exhaust system and larger carburetor jets were installed. The bike performed well, but a few shortcomings became obvious.

Since the bike wasn't going to be used off-road, I wasn't worried about losing low end grunt. Next, I turned my attention to the front forks.

Xr650l fork conversion

To make the swap straight forward, a conversion kit was sourced from Emig Racing. The kit consists of an XRR steering stem machined and pressed into upper, and lower billet triple trees that accept CRF forks.

The kit is a high quality piece, and makes the fork swap smooth. I rode the XRR for many years in this configuration, putting on over 40k reliable miles of commuting and canyon riding, then I got the want for more power. I contacted Crago Racing about a motor rebuild. They suggested an HRC kit equivalent, this includes a higher compression piston, more aggressive cam, valves, and springs.

They also recommended installing a Keihin FCR carburetor. Crago Racing did a great job with the rebuild and tuning, the XRR really hauls. The XRR now has over 20k miles since the rebuild and runs great, a recent leak down test showed good numbers. Don and I installed the harness, which comes with all the connections clearly labeled, making for a clean and flexible installation. It supports many light configurations, Trail Tech gauges, GPS, heated vest, and other 12v accessories. We also installed a 6.

To improve comfort, I sent my stock seat to Renazcoa maker of custom dual sport seats. They use your stock seat pad and mold new foam to it, covering it with your choice of fabric. I must say, the new seat is much more comfortable. Its is a very reliable, fun bike, that can fill many roles.Password Mark Forums Read. January 31st,PM wheelieon. I've recently added a Honda XRR as a second bike to my Husaberg and have a question regarding kick starting I know there has been a recent thread about proper techniques for starting Husabergs but I;ve tried all of them and my bike is extrremely hard to kick over.

I think in attempts I've been successful once. Now I've heard some people say the XRR can be tough to start but I've found it effortless to kickstart. I'm wondering why I can start the Honda so easy and not my Berg. Could it be due to the Berg's higher compression ratio or is it possible that my valves are off and causing the problem? January 31st,PM bergbro. May have somthing to do with the steep ramp on the camshaft along with a reasonable compression ratio sucking more energy and reducing rollover speed.

Maybe some struggle with the left foot kick. But if you can kick it over plenty fast and its just not firing then it will be a tuning issue. Bergbro, yes I think part of the problem is I can't get the same rollerover speed and the left side kick doesn't help either. Also for some reason I seem to have way more problems with the kickstart lever smacking me in the back of the calve muscle. It snapped back the other day and I'm black and blue over most of the muscle. I was told by Rick at OffRoad Boss that when these bikes are setup properly that it should kick through like butter and that it can even be starting by using the hand on the lever.

Any other thoughts would be most appreciated! January 31st,PM Bergini. Bergini, when you refer to tuning being off are you referring to the carb jetting? February 1st,PM helithumper. I have a fse, When I first got it I could'nt kickstart it. I'm 6"4 lbs. Once I got the procedure for kickstarting down pack, It will start first or second kick everytime no mater what tempature. February 1st,PM wheelieon. I actually did speak to Rick and he was very helpful and gave me his method for kicking.

I couldn't make it work but I think if I had proper boots then my foot and calf wouldn't take such a beating and then I could exert more speed through the kick. So I'm going to order some boots and then give it another go. February 2nd,AM Bergini. February 2nd,AM Motodude. I have both a Honda R and Husaberg and can kick start them both easily, but the technique for the Husaberg is different: 1. Place the bike on the right side of a curb. Stand on the curb next to the left side of the bike holding the handlebars.

Now with the bike lower than you, kick it with your right foot. If you can master this, you can start it with tennis shoes, assuming you're right footed. Honda XR R.

- Honda announces production will cease of the XRR. The XRR was the bike Honda used to replace the legendary XRR. Goetz onlineshop motorcycle ATV Gotz Quad Moto Cross Off Road Tuning CDI Honda XR R More POWER, higher speed level!

We have an XRr prepping for Baja. The engine is stock except for the power-up kit and all smog removed. Take out the plastic insert just forward of the rubber boot. 2. xrr. Replace the stock manifold with part number MBN Here. I recently pulled my XR out of the ol' barn (its been about 3 months, stored it with #carb out and cleaned and no gas in the tank). weika.eu › › Air Intake & Fuel Delivery › Carburetors & Parts. XRR CARBURETOR PERFORMANCE TUNING JET KIT. XRR - UNCORK YOUR XRR!

PERFORMANCE TUNING JET KIT. #68s slow jet to OEM specs MBN Example ReStackor calculations tuning an Sound of door is called using Borynacks stacks. From 0 to 5 lbf the flow area through the XR fork compression valve smoothly. I'm in central tx just to give you an idea of the altitude etc, Anyways i have the modded side cover,uni filter,and full fmf powerbomb.

You are fine tuning the pilot circuit. Warm up the bike thoroughly. Turn down the idle as you can sense changes easier now. Turn out and see if.

Carburetor tuning kit Honda XR R Dynojet Stage 2. Code: E - Brand: Dynojet. Available in: 10/12 days if not in stock; Status: New. These Jet Kits take the guesswork out of tuning your bike.

Whether you're rolling with a stock bike or you've made some modifications, our Jet Kit will. Check all the engine tuning and performance parts available for your Honda XRR. Select your model, view all the details and Shop online! XRR Carb Tuning Resources. keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up. 4 posters. person MA$TER_E. 9/26/, am. by MA$TER_E. Although the Stock XRR forks, if tuned right, are good forks and perform well, I decided to swap them with a pair of inverted forks from a CRF Buy HONDA XRR Tune Up Kit: Engine Oil - weika.eu ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Optional oversize decompression release cables available for extended bars; Extra jetting for fine tuning (4 main jets, 2 pilot jets, 1 jet needle, 1 needle jet).

Honda XRR Suspension Honda Xrr Fork Seals & Bushings. Fork Springs Honda Xrr High Performance Tuning Parts -- Front. Slipper clutch designed for the XR, but also fits many other single cylinder models. Typical applications would include; XLR A CLUTCH. Buy high quality Honda XRR parts and accessories at best price. We offer dirt parts and performance services for all model of Honda.