What is the cubic feet of my kenmore refrigerator model 795

You're moving soon and you have a side-by-side or french door refrigerator SBS for shorta pretty common appliance these days. Because side-by-side refrigerators can vary greatly in size, weight and bulkiness we often need to know just how large your refrigerator really is. Understanding the size will allow us to accurately determine how many movers are required for it to be moved safely.

To make this process as easy as possible we have outlined several different methods to help you determine the size of your SBS fridge. When trying to find the size of your refrigerator it is important to understand what number you are actually looking for. Refrigerators are measured by their cubic feet CuFtthis number will most commonly range from For SBS and french door refrigerators this number will likely be at least The first place to look is inside the refrigerator itself, there should be a relatively accessible label that has specifications listed.

Although the majority of newer refrigerators will clearly define the size on the label, not all will. If your refrigerator does not specify the size on this label you should take the following alternative steps. Find affordable local movers to do the heavy lifting for you on our mover marketplace. Compare Labor Prices. Now that we know the size of your SBS or french door refrigerator we can accurately determine how many movers will be required to move it safely.

Movers Near Me. Move Help. Loading Help. Unloading Help. Furniture Moving. By Type of Move. Local Movers. Long Distance Movers.CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. The Kenmore The bargain price and boring looks might make for a ho-hum first impression, but there's a lot more to this fridge than meets this eye.

Inside, you'll find a number of helpful features that make it easier to make room for your groceries, along with some of the steadiest cooling performance we've found in this price class. I wish that reset linksys velop had a drawer-style freezer instead of the awkward, annoying hinged door, but still, this fridge is a solid value purchase that deserves consideration. Aside from the lack of stainless steel or some other kind of premium finish, what the build is really missing here is a drawer-style freezer compartment.

Instead, you get a hinged door that swings open from the side -- an easy enough standard when the freezer's on top, but an awkward inconvenience when it's down below. You'll almost certainly need to squat or stoop down low in order to get things in and out of it. Speaking of LG, you should know that Kenmore doesn't actually manufacture its own fridges.

Instead, it acquires appliances from other manufacturers, re-brands them with the Kenmore name, and then sells them at Sears. In the case of the Kenmore You can tell by the model number's "" prefix -- that's Kenmore's code for LG.

Sure enough, the interiors are virtually identical -- and that bodes well for Kenmore here, given that I was a big fan of that LG model's steady performance and user-friendly build. There's the same "Pantry Drawer" beneath the crisper bins, the same spill-proof shelving in the body of the fridge, the same sliding dividers in the in-door shelves, and the same shelf up by the butter bin that folds out of the way to make room for tall things like wine bottles.

Simply put, there's a lot to like about this interior, and more than I would expect from a bottom freezer that's about as inexpensive as they come.

None of these touches are the kinds of marquee features that you'd show off to friends and family during a dinner party. There's no door-in-a-door here, no touchscreen controls, and no smart features to speak of. The is just a basic fridge that gets an awful lot of little things right -- and that's a very good starting point for an appliance that you'll likely be using multiple times per day.

The only real difference between the body of the and the body of the LDCST is that the Kenmore fridge is a bit smaller, with It's mainly a difference of width, as the two fridges are both 29 inches deep without the doors factored in. At 30 inches wide, the is three inches slimmer than the LG model. As I found with the LG model, the default shelf configuration doesn't offer any shelves in the body of the fridge with enough vertical clearance for a carton of milk.

Fortunately, the shelves come in and out easily enough, with enough additional racks to give you a satisfying level of storage flexibility. There's also ample storage space in those in-door shelves, although it typically isn't the greatest idea to store milk in the door, where temperatures tend to run a little warmer.

And while we're on the subject The Kenmore was a very steady performer in our climate-controlled test chamber, with almost identical results to what we saw from the LG LDCST, one of the best performers we've tested. Set to 37 degrees F, the fridge yielded tight averages across all regions, with no worrisome hot spots to speak of. The middle of the door and the right crisper bin crept slightly above 40, a benchmark for food safety set by the FDA, but not nearly enough to have us concerned.

Turning to the minute-by-minute graph from the test, we can see that it shares much in common with the LDCST, particularly the messy-looking nature of those overlapping lines -- something that actually indicates close, consistent performance across all of the regions in the fridge. Both sit at an overall average that's about two degrees north of the target temperature, but they both keep the body of the fridge the blue lines well below 40 without letting things get too warm in the doors the green lines.

Still, there are some subtle differences. The Kenmore fridge spends slightly more of its time up above 40, though much of this comes from the butter bin, which is typically the hottest spot in the fridge by design.

And while the bottom of the LG model's door also averaged a temperature above 40, it spent less of its time above arduino mp3 shield benchmark, and ran slightly colder than Kenmore's did. Additionally, there's a slightly bigger difference between the warmest and coldest points on the Kenmore graph than there is with LG, with an overall swing of about 7 degrees for the former and a swing of less than 6 degrees for the latter.

It's a minute difference, but one that's indicative of the type of incremental performance enhancements that you'd expect between two generations of refrigerators.Every household is different, and it's difficult to find the perfect refrigerator.

Knowing what features make your life easier is an important step in shopping for a new fridge. Kenmore refrigerators include features like GeniusCool, phone integration, ice makers, and water dispensers.

Large families love french door refrigerators. The wide shelves and deep buckets allow for easy access to food. A great option if you cook often or are rushing out of the house.

Opt for a side-by-side refrigerator if you want an ice machine, water dispenser and a large freezer. Top freezer refrigerators are for those looking for a classic approach. These fridges emphasize a convenient freezer location and smaller footprint. If you don't use the freezer a lot, then the bottom freezer fridge is for you. Bottom freezer refrigerators put the fridge and your fresh food in focus.

Often stay late at the office? Moving to the dorms? Then check out our mini fridge options. Mini fridges are great for storing soda, microwavable meals, and other small foods. Freezerless refrigerators are for those who either have a chest freezer or a lot of spare space. Without a built-in freezer, there's plenty of room for fresh food. Kenmore refrigerators come in many colors and finishes, including white, black, and bisque. Smudge-resistant stainless steel is also available.

Check out the Kenmore refrigerator buying guide here for more information! Kenmore Smart French Door Refrigerator - Black. Smart French Door Refrigerator - White. Smart French Door Fingerprint Resistant Smart 4-Door Fingerprint Resistant Refrigerator Kenmore Elite Smart French Door Refrigerator — Black Smart French Door Refrigerator — White French Door Refrigerators. French Door Bottom-Freezer French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker — Side-by-Side Refrigerators. Kenmore 21 cu. Kenmore Elite 28 cu.Wiki User.

How many cubic feet is this model. Kenmore refrigerator model This model is 25 cubic feet.

Kenmore 72595 27.8 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Fingerprint Resistant Refrigerator - Stainless Steel

According to Kenmore, the cubic feet of their refrigerators is indicated by the third digit following the decimal point. For the model I believe it's I have one 24 years old, it is For Kenmore refrigerators, the 3rd digit after the decimal point indicates the capacity.

Your model number would be written as The 3rd digit after the decimal point is an 8. Your refrigerator is 18 cubic feet. Your refrigerator is a 20 cubic ft. The third number after the period in the model number indicates the cubic ft. The 0 indicates it could be either 10 or 20 cubic ft. According to Sears it is a model that was 22 cubic feet in size.

Math and Arithmetic

The Kenmore Dryer model has a cubic foot capacity of 6. The Kenmore Washing Machine Model has a cubic foot capacity of 3. Log in. Study now.Bring home the bacon and keep it fresh with the Kenmore Smart 4 door refrigerator. Pairing modern conveniences with smart technology, this french door fridge has both the space and the smarts to keep your household running on time and well-stocked with fresh foods.

Built-in diagnostics help prevent unnecessary service by making maintenance easier.

What is the Cubic Feet of my Kenmore Refrigerator?

This Kenmore Smart fridge has Adjustable interior storage makes putting the groceries away hassle-free while the dual freezer drawers make it easy to stash and organize frozen foods. Humidity-controlled crispers and a gourmet full-width pantry drawer keep fresh foods and deli favorites close at hand and at ideal temperatures.

A Slide Away shelf gives you extra space when you need it for taller items. The dual freezer drawers make organizing your frozen foods simple. The top drawer is perfect for household staples and smaller items while the bottom drawer has space enough for a large turkey and prepped meals. Multi air flow technology works with the CleanFlow Air Filter to circulate fresh air through a charcoal filter, removing food odors and keeping your fridge interior nice and fresh for your fresh foods.

Grab fresh clear water right from the in-door dispenser. A deluxe water filter helps remove contaminates and give you fresh-tasting water and ice. Accela Ice gives you the option to speed up ice production, perfect for when you have guests over, while the slim in-door ice maker won't hog fridge space.

Kenmore Plenty of Space This Kenmore Smart fridge has Better Freezer Storage The dual freezer drawers make organizing your frozen foods simple. Capacity: Freezer Capacity Cu Ft 9. Weight: Weight lbs. Controls: Control Location Exterior. Materials: Refrigerator Shelf Material Glass. Adjustability: Adjustable Legs Yes.Most of the time, we find it difficult to choose what item to buy especially when we are just a simple household owner who doesn't have knowledge in technical information.

That's why we usually buy what seems to be convenient and pleasing in the eyes. However, such products tend to last for a short term use or require us more maintenance. Of course, we all want to avoid these mistakes.

In order to do that - space at home, emule server list met, type, weight, capacity, volt outlets and energy efficiency are some of the few things to consider. But what if you have already purchased one without taking these considerations? As complicated as shopping is, my mom bought a Side by Side Kenmore Refrigerator from the mall last month as a replacement to our old malfunctioning fridge.

Although its feature looks great, I found out that the product's manual does not specify its capacity. Appliances like refrigerator are usually measured by cubic feet; however not all of us are familiar with understanding it. Upon exploring the internet, I found out that many users of the same brand were having similar issue about finding out what is the cubic feet of my Kenmore refrigerator. That's why I did my research and discovered some solution to know the cubic feet of a Kenmore refrigerator - here's a few tips!

Since each refrigerator has different sizes, the easiest solution is to measure its physical attributes. You need to have a tape measure to calculate the width, depth and height of your refrigerator. Personally, I prefer using a laser tape measure for its digital feature that helps me not to take the interior shelves one by one. Remember that you have to get the right data for each dimension to get the accurate measurement of your refrigerator capacity.

In case you are not familiar with each mathematical dimensions - width refers to the length from one side to another, height is the length from bottom to the top while depth is the space from the foremost edge extending to the rear wall of your fridge. The solution to getting the cubic meter of the refrigerator is multiplying its width, length and depth and dividing it by 1, Because there are 12 inches in a foot, a cubic foot has the dimensions 12 x 12 x 12, equalling 1, cubic inches.

As you divide by 1, you are converting cubic inches into cubic feet. For example, our Kenmore refrigerator measures 32 width Follow the same step to learn the cubic feet of your Kenmore refrigerator. All of us know that companies especially technology specialised ones provide standard sizes for their products. If you wonder why, it is best for you to know its style, manufacturer, model, and whether or not it can be powered by battery. Each of these styles have their own average width-depth-height which you can use to calculate its average cubic feet.

Although these are just the average sizes of the following types, it can provide you the right answer. If you have nothing but the refrigerator itself, try to look for its serial sticker.

It is commonly found inside or at the back of your refrigerator. It will show you important details such as the serial number, model number, product number, bar code and manufacturing date.

Serial Sticker and number are important because it identify particular unit that a particular brand have, just like how fingerprints identify every person. Some models particularly designate its capacity on the unit number.Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

Heath witherow zookster. I have a Kenmore elite fridge, that isn't cooling. It's a little over a year old, shouldn't be anything major. I ordered bullet piercing value and got can stop leak with freon. After hooking everything up, the gauge was reading it has freon. So paid service call for nothing lol.

Looking for advice on what to do next. No error codes, fan and pyrosim help are running, just not cooling. Was thinking about just ordering a thermostat, seeing if that's the problem. Hate to start buying unneeded parts, until find right one.

Have the same problem and like to see if any one found a solution I bought mine from sears and can get nowhere by talking to them plz help. I have the The freezer degrees? I have same model and it just stooped working today - any fixes - its 2 years old - think LG makes it for them.

The Sears repair tech failed to show up today after I took the day off and rescheduled for Friday. In the meantime, I have a refrigerator that doesn't work and family coming in for the Christmas holiday. Show 73 more comments. The evap fan will not run with the doors open -don't want to blow cold air out the door - so you'll have to listen for it running. Is the evaporator getting icy cold? It is behind a panel in the freezer compartment as is the evap fan. Here is a link to the parts for your fridge.

It is handy as it gives an idea of the general location of the parts. I know you said that you checked the refrigerant but do you know that for the Kenmore Elite series appliances refrigerators that there is a warranty of Five Years on the Sealed Refrigerant System and Ten Years on the Linear Compressor This is not as good as it sounds.

After 1 year you still have to pay for the labour to get it repaired under warranty, just not the parts. Something to think about if you find that the compressor is faulty. Here is the link to the warranty provisions.

Scroll down to refrigerators. The fan I checked is behind the fridge, along with compressor. Both are running but the lines aren't cold to the touch. Like the compressor is running but not engaged.

If not it means that there is no refrigerant being pumped through the system, so perhaps the compressor is faulty. You did say that you checked the freon. Did it have the correct pressure? If the condenser coils are hot then you'll have to check if the evap unit and fan is iced up or not. The evap fan blows cold air throughout the freezer and also into the fridge as well.

If the evap fan is not working the freezer will be cold near the evap unit but not elsewhere in the freezer. The Kenmore is a. weika.eu › reviews › kenmore-elitecubic-foot-bottom-freezer-r. Common model number plate locations: Door frame.

Interior walls of refrigerator or freezer. Behind the crisper drawer. Behind the kick plate. weika.eu › Forum › Refrigerators › Kenmore. This is a 20 cubic ft. side by side refrigerator.

Kenmore refrigerator complaints

Posted on Oct 17, 0. weika.eu › Home Repair › How to. Some models particularly designate its capacity on the unit number. For example, XY21 tells us that the refrigerator has 21 cu ft. Another. What is the cubic foot capacity of Kenmore refrigerator with bottom freezer model # ?

- Answered by a verified Appliance. Kenmore cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker - Fingerprint Resistant · See price in cart$$ Combine function with style with Kenmore refrigerators.

Smart French Door Refrigerator - Black Stainless. Kenmore Elite cu. ft. Item # A Model # This Kenmore Smart fridge has cu. ft. of interior space, plenty of room to stock Overall Capacity (Cu Ft), What is the cubic feet of Kenmore refrigerator Model ? The Kenmore is a Refrigerators are measured by their cubic feet (CuFt), More often than not the refrigerator size will be in the model number itself. Kenmore - Elite 24 8 cu Ft Bottom Freezer Refrigerator What Should I Check, I Lost Power On My Kenmore Model Refrigerator.

It is in storage and inaccessible for me to measure. I was wondering if you have the dimensions for Model#* or * both are listed on my. From bottom-freezer models to French door refrigerators, these appliances come in a variety of sizes. In general, most models range from cubic feet to Total$1, Add To Cart. Add To My Wishlist. Get it TODAY. Refrigerator Air Filter 3 Pack - Kenmore Elite Air filter for kenmore elite model ? Answer: My Kenmore elite is a cu.

ft. French-Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Black. SKU: | Item: | Model: 聯合ニュースWhat is the cubic feet of my kenmore refrigerator model Kenmore Dishwasher User Manuals Download | ManualsLib株式会社ハヤブサ .