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PA draws 22 amps at 24 volts. Above; same dish and setup used on 2. Although not shown or seen, there is a sea horizon. This contact was not pre-arranged. He would not have logger access while portable. No 2 way qso was made on Today very few zl's were on, so I thought the band was dying.

The recording speaks for itself. Some qsb, but strong peaks. I was running about 20 watts at the feed of a 24dBi Gridpack antenna about 9 metres off the ground. The qso would not have happened without the logger. The immediacy of the info allowed everything to be set up pretty much on the fly. Alas, I don't have any pictures. All my gear is old technology and my only camera is still a box Brownie. I can't remember when I last bought a roll of film for it!

I don't think I can any more. Congratulations to both Steve and Adrian - a fantastic result that demonstrates that effort pays off. Having spotted Steve's Logger posting indicating he was going to go portable, I was awaiting a good result - it turned out to be an historic result indeed - one for the permanent records. The audio file leaves nothing to the imagination The Hepburn and weather maps on the logger were of real value.

It has nice views to VK although ever slightly obstructed with low ridge line at around 50 km on our west coast towards Australia. I was slightly unsure of the path direction to VK4 at the time of the 2. My station operation was out of the tailgate of my work station wagon.Units are often available through ebay at reasonable cost. The web page of NR6CA has a nice description of one way to convert these amplifiers for 13 cm amateur use. Joe Ruggieri an ebay seller of the amplifiers, has some different suggestions.

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This article details the route followed at K3SIW. Begin by removing the top and bottom covers. They are attached by a large number of beveled Phillips-type screws.

Next, four small fans should be mounted on the rear of the chassis. My fans run off an external 12 VDC supply and are oriented to push air into the rear of the unit, over the internal heat sinking fins, and out the front cover openings. Figure 1 shows the end result. Figure 1 View of 4 small 12 VDC fans mounted on rear of chassis to push air through the unit for cooling purposes.

The six W Motorola MRF devices that are combined for the output can produce substantially more output power for amateur radio purposes. To that end, we did not tamper with the quick-release connector that originally provided RF input, RF output, VDC power, and monitoring. The original semi-rigid output cable male-sma connector is unscrewed and the cable is pulled through to the bottom, below decks so to speak, where it is stowed.

In its place, a short run of semi-rigid cable with sma-male connectors on both ends is routed into place. The underneath end mates with an sma-female to N-female bulkhead connector 2.

Clearance is at a premium so fourhole bulkhead connectors do not fit. Instead, the style that holds the connector with a single large nut must be used. Figures 2 and 3 show top and bottom views of the new semi-rigid cable, respectively.

250 Watt 13cm Power Amplifier for QO-100 wideband (DATV) use.

The smaller semi-rigid cable visible in Figure 2 carries a forward power sample to the front panel. A simple diode detector driven by this sample will allow relative power to be displayed by a DC micro ammeter.

The black RF absorber material sits atop a Nova drop-in circulator rated at W. The original semi-rigid output cable that is no longer used can be seen in the middle right of Figure 3. Figure 2 View of amplifier output to semi-rigid cable, sma-male end. If only an sma-sma bulkhead bullet is available, an adapter maya copy uv shell to the amplifier can be used to do this.

Next, the left-hand side of Figure 4 indicates how RF drive is input to the amplifier. A hole is drilled through the front panel for an sma-female to sma-female bulkhead connector.

Because of the extra width of the front panel, the front portion of the hole must be recessed somewhat by a larger drill bit.

Then the bulkhead connector can be secured with enough threads exposed to attach the right angle sma-male end of the red cable. If such a cable cannot be obtained, a destructive alternative is to cut the semi-rigid cable and attach an sma-male connector.

Another alternative is to obtain a printed circuit board MCX-female jack and solder a length of miniature coax to it 3. Figure 5 better indicates where the large 10 wires for 26 VDC power connect. It is not necessary to remove that converter because the output floats. In fact, it is advantageous to keep the DC distribution circuit board in place because it also contains a to13 VDC regulator.

To confirm that this regulator is functioning, a wire is passed out of the enclosure to a voltmeter. Grounding the green wire soldered to pin 11 of the distribution board does this. It is passed out of the enclosure via a pf feedthrough capacitor where an external PTT line from the MHz transverter controls it. This pin is connected to pin 2, the enable pin, of each PA board connector. SMA-type relays are not advisable above the W level.I'm trying to Can't find knoppix file stystem - Toshiba S11 - Ok, I'm trying to get knoppix 5.

All versions pssibly? Knoppix 9. However, I didn't use mkimage when I ran it initially. I don't know Samba and older windows systems I still like to use my older systems, and I want to access some smb shares and vice versa.

Now remember that older systems are a "security risk" They only become visible when viewed This moduleis only x x 20 mmin size and its housing is precisely milled,it needs a large heat sink to stay cool!!!

We provide you with 2 RF - and the needed DC - cables. What is it built for? Contesting or improving your personal distance record, serious weak signal work or even EME with a larger dish! Email adress below! Any questions? Please feel free to contact us via contact button on our page! Toggle navigation Knoppix.

Recent Threads knoppix 5. On request we have an amplifier available with higher output level for Plasma Research. Perfectly matching some of the famous transverters on the Ham Radio Market! Never use it without one!!

13cm Spectrian amplifier

Sorry, but there isno right to return but we offer 6 month of warranty for this used amplifier, buyer pays for one way shipping in case of trouble!The IF is MHz not MHz and is chosen not to be exactly on MHz because this equipment is meant also to be used during fieldday activities were in the close vacinity large MHz signals are expected.

The original design for the transverter needed only be adapted for the crystal oscillator. All tuning could be done 2MHz higher than original without any problems. This transverter is build ina modular way because that allowes measurements on indivudual parts. The moules are all build into tinned boxes and have RF-connectors that connects intermediate cables to the other boxes:. The IF-Input to the transverter is found in the above picture in the left upper corner.

This shows two PL chassisparts. This is possible because there is a small relais mounted that connects the PL in case this transverter is not switched ON. The transverter is build from the next items:. Local oscillator at MHz. Receive mixer. Transmit mixer.

Driver stage 0. Final stage 10W. The local oscillator in this transverter uses a temperature controlled crystal oscillator TCXO to ensure the correct and stable output frequency. The oscillator is from its origin a normal crystal oscillator, but by adding an power-transistor that is mechanically coupled to the crystal, the circuit is converted into an TCXO.

The output of the crystal oscillator is multiplied several times to end up at MHz. As can be seen from the picture, the local oscillator gives two outputs, one is to the RX-mixer The coil in the crystal oscillator circuit can be adjusted from the outsided when the lid is on the tinned box.

The isolation material that gives better temperature behavior and is to improve the stability over temperature. At the gate of this second FETis a coupling-loop that is connected to the At the drain of the FET is the mixed product available The output to the IF-tranceiver is filtered and adjustable by pyvmomi esxi datastore Neosid core.

Therefore the larger signal from the local oscillator box is mixed together with the The TX-mixer in this transverter uses 2 stages of amplification towards the output connector. Below you see the tinned box for the transmit mixer, to the right the opened box. Last stage in the transverter is a BFQ31T. To give this transverter the needed output power, a driver stage is build to amplify the 18dBm signal from the transmit mixer to about 1W.

In the pictures below you see this driver stage. At the right the inside of the tinned box. The three stage design is reduced to 2 stages by bypassing the first stage by a SMD capacitor. This also reduses losses in the path towards the final stage. The 10W from the transverter final output is fed through 35meter Hflex cable to the 40W BLF final stage mounted at the rearside of the 1.

The 1W that arrives there is not quite enough to achive the 60W RF output that is maximal achievable, therefore another final stage is planned that incorporates two stages and can give 80W RF at 18dB Gain. This amplifier is a piece of the well known Spectrian ampifiers sold in large numbers among HAM's for 13cm.

This project as well as the Spectrian amplifier can be looked by clicking the other links at the left. To control all stages in the transverter a sequencer is used.

This unit makes sure that for instance the preamp mounted at the antenna is switched down before the transmit power is generated.Need modification Fight to eliminate every little loss.

With a small dish every 0. Actuator slipped Dish swung vertical, bent rim in 4 places damaged 4 panels Following morning bought 3 G clamps, steel angle, spent 3 hours straightening dish. SMA protection relay.

ATF device 0. Sun noise up 1dB. ATF nd stage. Terminates RX in 50 ohms on TX. Found Isolator output terminal vaporised. Replaced Isolator.

Full output restored. Got called by K5GW but he also did not respond to report Went and measured output. Obviously need to remote monitor AMP from shack! Found Isolator output terminal vaporised and substrate missing from track at isolator output. Also hot heliax connector. Put it in Kennel Nothing heard either way on sked Decided not to put any amps at feedpoint in future, accept feeder loss! Must be a feed problem so reviewed return loss: couldn t measure circularity. Triple balanced mixer.

Collins surplus filter. To Meg for encouraging me to decorate the backyard with the oversize garden ornament Finally to N5PYK for moving and donating the dish.

Using an all mode all band radio, operation becomes much easier and give better accommodation on shack however, I soon. Modifying the Yaesu FT External This article is intended to help someone get on PSK31 with a K2. These are the things I did to get.

We are fortunate to have a very fast internet service into Hack Green via a 5Ghz microwave link. The service provides a bandwidth. Locate a suitable position inside the building to install the Base Station enclosure where mains power V AC is available. Amplitude modulation is when the modulating audio is combined.

It is usually sold as a combination to provide a simple, turn key tracking. Several design attempts were made using slightly different configurations i. Description and Specifications Contents 1. A Table of Contents Page 1. The FCC allows licensed amateur. Learns 40 transmitter Switches 4 Digital and 1 Serial Data. User Manual Contents Document information Turbo X channel UHF true diversity The new Turbo X series from Smart Wireless is the culmination of two years of research and development into advanced wireless technology.Required supply voltage is Vdc about 17A.

Input drive required for 60W output power is less than 1W, Typ. Saturated power is close to 80W. Circuit board is on an integral. Both the board upper surface and the heat spreader surface are heavy gold plated. Board needs to be mounted on heat-sink using Silicon grease and 7ea.

Board dimensions are 2. Weight is 6 ounces. DC connector pin-out. View in side Spectrian 13cm amplifier Printboard with components Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image click here back to Index Homepage :.

Frontview 13cm amplifier Home made 13 cm Amplifier, 10 mW in 60 Watt out. View in side Spectrian 13cm amplifier Printboard with components. This is a 60W linear amplifier board as removed from a very slightly used Spectrian power amplifier which is optimized for 2. Frontview 13cm amplifier. Home made 13 cm Amplifier, 10 mW in 60 Watt out. View in side Spectrian 13cm amplifier.

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Service provided by Google FeedBurner. Visit Site. Hi GroupI have a 13CM Spectrian amplifier board which I believe is about 60 watts output this is the board with the three LDMOS devices.

weika.eu › blog › spectrian-pa-forcm. An 'opening' to Sweden on 13cm prompted a re-evaluation of my 13cm transverter. Ideally I needed more power. Initially I looked at discrete devices with a. This amplifier uses two 60w Spectrian amplifier boards with the usual input and output hybrid coupler and combiner.

Spectrian amplifiers and their. I recently acquired a New Spectrian SCPAW RF Amplifier GHz W+ from this amp as many hams have done, and place it into service for 13cm EME. w - GHz band Power Amplifier. I was looking for a PA to run ATV on 13cm band, possibly EME at some later stage ;o)? Built the PA around 2 SPECTRIAN. Here is my take at converting the Spectrian to MHz, the European 13cm band.

I know a lot is on the web (thanks NR6CA), but I also found a lot of stuff. I bought an eBay Spectrian 75W amplifier for 13cm to go with the Kuhne transverter. Spec says 26V at 16A, so the efficiency is extremely low. weika.eu - /13cm/Spectrian/. [To Parent Directory] 5/16/ AM weika.eu 5/16/ AM weika.eu I have a 13CM Spectrian amplifier board which I believe is about 60 watts output this is the board with the three LDMOS devices.

weika.eu › articles. This amplifier uses two 60w Spectrian amplifier boards with the usual input and output hybrid coupler and combiner. The transverter uses a ADF local oscillator and customSequencer driving a Spectrian 30W power amplifier board driven by the VK3XDK GHz transverter.

this amplifier uses two 60w spectrian amplifier boards with the usual input and output hybrid coupler and combiner. Listed under the Technical. Equipment on 13cm - A homebrew transverter based on the DEMI board is used for MHz.

- The VK band is MHz. 6m - 4m - 2m - 70cm - 23cm - 13cm at home; 3cm and 12mm narrowband portable. Amateur TV analogue and digital at microwaves - home. My 13cm transverter output is around mW, this is not enough to drive the main three brick stage so instead I will leave the 25W driver board.

power input required is only 10mW or so, prefect for the output of a Comtech 13cm ATV Transmitter. They look like this: Spectrian 30W amplifier. Home made 13 cm Amplifier, 10 mW in 60 Watt out.

View in side Spectrian 13cm amplifier, Printboard with components. 2 x Spectrian 75w boards combined with W6PQL hybrid combiners.

The whole assembly is built into an old Microwave Modules amplifier case from the junk box. built.