Ski doo sc5 suspension adjustment

Those who have read our articles in the past few years are familiar with the famous question ourselves then: How can we improve such a winning solution? It seems that the team of engineers at BRP, headed by Mr.

Steeve Langlais, has managed this accomplishement by recreating, from scratch, a brand new snowmobile platform. But how did they come? The first sentence of this article gives us an excellent index. While REV was on the rise inthe leadership of BRP already focused on his successor, giving the starting gun for an ambitious project: to significantly reduce the weight of the next generation of snowmobiles. But unofficially, we are talking about 60 to 65 pounds less! On a vehicle of lbs, you will agree that the split is enormous.

We understand much better strategy BRP which is moving clearly in the area of snowmobile ultra light. Although BRP was unwilling to give any comment on developments engine of the next few years, we understand that this commitment in the light really does step in the direction of a new four-stroke engine that would distort this new platform.

In fact, it is important to understand that all the details have been looked at hundreds of times in order to achieve this level of lightness. Both teams BRP that all its suppliers have had to revise their thinking.

The front suspension has been completely revised from more than 50 lbs to 43 lbs. These 7 lbs and less are characterized by new legs of lightweight aluminum suspension and the use of different plastics and lighter ones for various parts of the suspension. The new rear suspension SC — 5 accuses 8 lbs less than the SC — 4 through, among other things, media magnesium wheels, rollers ultra light guides caterpillar punctured and the use of aluminum arms instead the steel.

The system of conduct also been greatly eased from parts to 55 only, thereby reducing the weight of The caterpillar could not be spared from this slimming cure. The ios multi select picker RipSaw ultra slim record 4 lbs less weight than the one used currently for the Blizzard. The drive, however, is reduced by 8 lbs thanks to a new chain in the guise of magnesium and reducing weight in the pulley conducted and the system of sprockets.

Finally, one last 8 lbs has been dropped on all parts of the machine as well as hackrf apk seat of the snowmobile. In addition to this huge weight loss, this new platform brings a number of advantages characterized by several innovations. People from Doo listened to the comments of customers calling for a little more room to lengthen their legs during long treks.

Despite the fact that the masses are even more focused engine aft and pilot forwards that the REV, the pilot can now lengthen her legs forward see photo.

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This is now possible because the pulley conducted was placed much higher in the passenger Powertrain freeing 8 inches 20cm of space forward to the feet of the driver. In addition to being dropped even more, the engine was placed 1 inch lower than in the REV lowering the center of gravity of the snowmobile.

You will notice that the steps would fill feet over snow, even in a situation of snow, thanks to the running boards entirely holes that are used on this platform. And for those who would associate lightness and fragility, think again!

In terms of driving, note the significant improvement in the precision of it thanks to the decrease in rooms vs. It should also be noted the new dashboard which provides for this platform. In addition to the two dials needle Odometer and RPM placed on each side, the central area of the dial is a digital information center that informs you, the biggest, on various indicators according to your choice: speed, RPM, altitudereached peak speed, fuel level, intensity of the heating elements and more.

We also find information much appreciated by snowmobilers two meters daily and a clock. All these elements and characteristics are very interesting on paper … but we all know is on the snow that it happens really! Renderings on site, a fleet of nearly 40 snowmobiles we expected, and MX Z Summit. After this view paradise, the second shock was the first 5 minutes … unlike REV where the pilot needs a few hours to get used to the chassis, REV-XP could be labeled "intuitive" for many snowmobilers.

We were amazed how we feel instinctively understand the reactions of the Mount and the ease with which we were driving. The accuracy of the conduct is exemplary, greatly improved by a better center of mass and center of gravity lowered. To demonstrate this phenomenon, we made some turns degrees on the flat, slow and rush without the accelerator.

Imagine moving in curves knife … a true precision! Add to it the Power T.Major Version M. Time Required. Suggest a time?? Lift the front of the snowmobile vehicle in such a way that the skis are off the ground.

Install the Elka front shocks with the piggyback reservoir at the top and pointing towards the sides of the snowmobile as shown. Make sure the rebound adjuster located on the lower mounting eyelet of the shock is accessible and facing the sides of the snowmobile. You can rotate the eyelet clockwise if needed.

Lift the rear of the snowmobile in such a way that the track is not touching the ground. Install the Elka center shock with piggyback reservoir at the top and pointing towards the right side of the snowmobile as show on the photo. The lower shock eyelet rebound adjuster screw must be oriented toward the rear of vehicle. Add grease in the head bushing of the shock before installing the sleeve thru the linkage.

Install the Elka rear shock with the reservoir at the bottom and oriented towards the rear of the snowmobile as shown on the photo. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Authorized Dealers Locator Becoming a Dealer. Shopping Cart Checkout My account. Release Notes added MXZ. Difficulty Moderate. Steps 4. Time Required Suggest a time?? Sections 1.

Flags 0. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel. Step 3. Step 4. Almost done! Finish Line.We have the high performance products you need to update, modify and give your snowmobile the kick it needs.

The result will be astounding and better than the equipment of a stock snowmobile. If you aren't sure what product you might need, give our Tech Department a call or emailand we will be happy to guide you depending on what you're unique needs are.

Spend less time adjusting your air shocks and spend more time enjoying the ride. The Air Compressor Adjustment kit allows you to modify for riding comfort or aggression with a simple bump of the finger. Designed to be used with our suspensions as a repair kit when the lower front shock mount holes become oblong and for relocation for the used Polaris M10 rails with our new mount kit.

The originator in making effortless powder turns including steep downhill s. The Dive-Tek kit is designed to enhance the maneuverability of mountain sleds. Available with two air pump options. Our new and improved mount kit will assure a proper and more efficient installation in your chassis. The kit requires that you measure and install components onto your tunnel to insure proper function and ride quality of your TeamFAST suspension.

Along with a smoother, better ride, you get a 5 lb. This is a popular kit for the Polaris M Suspension. This rear arm lowering kit is designed to work with the Polaris factory version M Most customers are amazed with the results of this simple kit. Polaris Rear Arm Lowering Kit. If you need assistance on which product to buy for your snowmobile, contact the Tech Department. Legendary Rear Suspensions. M AIR. Skidoo GSX stock vs.

Yam Apex stock vs. DiveTek Suspension System. Ski Shocks. M Mid Shocks. M Rear Shock. Replacement Parts. Tech Main. M Airwave Tech. M- 10 suspensions tech. Suspension System Kits. Air Compressor Kit. M M Installation Mount Kit. Rail Repair Kit. Polaris Lowering Kit. Online Shop. Learn More.I get many inquiries about how I set up my suspension on my personal sleds. In this explanation I will attempt to help my fellow sledders understand my philosophy on what I think is mt6735 oreo rom ultimate back country suspension setup.

My suspension setup is somewhat unique to the rest of the industry and it has come over many years of riding hill climb competition sleds and backcountry sleds as well.

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My suspension setup is primarily developed for off trail, backcountry and deep snow operation and is designed to promote less rider effort to maintain control of the sled when using proper technique and good form. The ski suspension is soft and intentionally easy to roll up on edge for hill side operation.

Bare in mind that the calibration is setup to perform with the mindset that the rider will be operating the sled with both skis on the snow and sharing the load of the sled. The rear suspension is also somewhat soft and calibrated to soak up the bumps for average riders which it does very well. Combined with the T-motion and flex edge track offered on the Ski Doo Summit Gen 4 rev, this sled is very easy to roll up and ride on edge for traversing hill sides even with improper rider form.

As I describe my preferred suspension setup the reader must understand that this setup may not be desirable for all riders and that my setup is specifically configured to conform to the technique which I teach and is geared toward more aggressive riders. When setup correctly this suspension will give the rider a more positive feel for how the ski and track are engaged in the snow.

It will improve hillside operation helping to prevent washout when the sled wants to turn up hill while traversing a hillside. It will better prevent over transfer, but allow the track to stay engaged in the snow providing better traction. And I will help to prevent A-arm damage due to not enough suspension capacity while riding on edge or on one ski. With the ski suspension I prefer a firm but not too stiff ride.

I like the chassis to remain flat while cornering and while on edge I like that one ski will carry the whole weight of the sled without being too far into the stroke of the shock. I accomplish this using a regressive rate coil over spring package. Then at the end of the stroke the spring rate rapidly increases preventing bottom out. All of this is accomplished using two springs, the first spring is locked out at initial compression preload causing only the second spring to be active.

Part way into the stroke both springs become active reducing spring rate. This allows the suspension to continue to collapse without getting over stiff.Fast forward one month and I was aboard a pre sled with T-Motion, carving through four feet of deep, fluffy powder in Revelstoke, B. Now, granted, powder is not the ideal place to test something like T-Motion; I was astounded at how easily this new, yet-to-be-released sled carved.

I mean, it was like carving a fat ski! Engineers in general hate to be told what to do, and in the sled world they get told a lot by passionate sledders like you and me. When the engineers at 'Doo heard this, their ears perked up and they went to work.

T-Motion was developed using the same skid. Of course, this made it easier for those with the XP chassis to add it to their sleds at a later date, which many have since done. Firstly, the original skid was split along the front axle bar and the rear arm bracket was reduced from two points to a single ball joint. Then, the round bars of the front arm assembly meant to help stiffen the skid were flattened to allow more flex—and voila, T-Motion was born.

When the rider leans the sled to initiate a carve turn or sidehill, the split in the skid and single ball joint allows the skid to articulate two degrees on either side.

This helps the rider feel more confident to hold a sidehill and carve—no matter how hard the snow is. In fact, it is not uncommon now to watch new riders sidehilling everywhere due to T-Motion. There was, of course, a lot of concern about whether the T-Motion would be as strong as the existing skid and also if it would be as good going down the trail. Those who have ridden it know that in both cases, the T-Motion is stronger than the previous skid.

With its improved rising-rate motion ratio suspension, it is smoother and faster on the straightaways as well. The T-Motion is a revolutionary design that is here to stay, and if you want to update your to the XP with T-Motion, then visit your local Ski-Doo dealer. Tune the suspension on your snowmobile according to your body weight and the type of riding you are doing.

Ski-Doo raised a few eyebrows when it released the T-Motion suspension for model yearbut those who tried it soon fell in love with the technology. ForSki-Doo expanded the technology to other models in the lineup. Dave Norona photo. Product development Engineers in general hate to be told what to do, and in the sled world they get told a lot by passionate sledders like you and me.

How it works When the rider leans the sled to initiate a carve turn or sidehill, the split in the skid and single ball joint allows the skid to articulate two degrees on either side. Related Articles. December by Trish Drinkle. Trail, mountain, crossover, powder or hill climbing? Vote for your favourite sledtown!Ski-Doo has released today, information about a brand new suspension that will appear on select models. The new suspension, called the rMotion, is similar in appearance to the SC-5, but it is all new with all new parts.

This not only means extra capacity to absorb even bigger bumps, but that the springs can be calibrated softer to enhance comfort in ripples. Separating the spring and shock motion ratios allows independent tuning of each component. In the early part of the suspension travel the rMotion uses the spring mainly to absorb stutter bumps; as the suspension moves faster and farther when the bumps get bigger, the shock plays a bigger role to absorb the bigger moguls.

All three springs have preload adjustments. The rear shock has two mounting points to change motion ratios one biased towards a sport ride, the other towards higher performance. The inverted rear shock means the damping speed adjustment is more easily accessible. The damping speed adjustment and earthmc map download block position to control transfer were redesigned so that adjustments can be made without tools and with gloves on.

A new era has arrived: Welcome to REV-XP

Their control knobs are large for operation with gloves on. With the Quick Adjust system, spring preload adjustment range is clearly marked, with infinite settings between full soft and full hard. For more information, contact your Ski-Doo dealer. Ski-Doo rMotion Suspension.One area of the market we have spent a lot of time developing is retrofits and custom builds on sleds.

We have focused on the budget and in season models the manufactures have sold for years. The biggest cost savings to the manufactures to allow these units to be priced lower than higher end models are the shocks. We have solutions that can give you the edge over even the top models, the Polaris Indy, Shift and Rush models. All of our shocks are reconditioned, new seals and wear components and carry a 1 yr unlimited mileage warranty.

We normally have enough inventory to meet customer demands. Our most popular build for these is the Walker Evans Piggyback clicker Needle shocks. We suggest We prefer the units with spherical bearing eyelets for wear and longevity as well as help with eye to eye offset during suspension travel. We open the spherical bushing up to 10mm slug the shock to We carry all available shocks that were offered for skidoo SCSC4, SC5, and rmotion rear skids in both mxz and Renegade lengths.

There are quite a few options available for different models. Sc rear main shocks will only work in sc applications with stock bushing config. The only oem clicker is the side exit HPG shocks with dual speed remote piggybacked to the main shock. The center shock with the cup style shaft eyelet will work in SC4 and SC5 skids.

The flat eyelet will only work in sc The rear Main shock runs a longer body bushing allowing 2 plastic spacer bushing to fit on each side. This setup will work for both sc4 and sc5 rear main shocks. Piggyback units were available on x package sleds. The center shock also has to be the cup style shaft eyelet with the shaft facing down on the center shock for clearance purposes.

Rear main and center shock basically the same setups as the sc4 and are interchangeable. They also offered piggyback pro40 on the center shock available on XRS models. Double check with us for availability and current pricing. Most cat sleds have rebuilable shock setups right out of the box. Some of the Sabercats and older ZL sleds came with Ryde FX through away shocks so we carry a lot of fox units for these applications Inquire about availability, current pricing and other shocks not covered.

Menu Cart. Skidoo Front clicker Walker Evans piggyback needle shocks. Sc Sc rear main shocks will only work in sc applications with stock bushing config.

Rear MXZ SC5: Rear main and center shock basically the same setups as the henri languille and are interchangeable. Monotube center shock Monotube KYB Plus center shock Walker Evans, or fox clicker units sprung and valved.

Monotube fox zero, or ryde fx with springs. Clicker rear main shock. Monotube rebuilable rear main shock. Learn how to adjust your snowmobile suspension and how to set the ride height so that it is best set up for you. It'll be like you're riding on rails.

(talking about the rear suspension here, right?) What do you mean by hand tight? It's about in the middle of it's adjustment range. I can adjust. › SUSP_SETUP_ STOCK SHOCK PLEASE LEAVE THE ADJUSTMENT AS IS WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT AND SKIP "FAT" SIDE DOWN ON THE REAR COUPLERS ON SKIDOO SC2,3,4,5 GIVES MORE SKI LIFT. Ski-Doo REV-XP Manual Online: tune your ride, Rear Suspension Adjustment.

Warning Suspension Adjustment Could Af- Fect Vehicle Handling. A rigid chassis links a snowmobile's front and rear suspensions. Adjustments made to the front suspension will transfer energy to affect the rear suspension. On the front and rear shock you can adjust compression damping to control and Ski-Doo, the recommended first step with the Slide-Action Rear Suspension.

When you hop on a snowmobile, any snowmobile, there is one adjustment that almost always can and should be made so the sled works properly. $ Skidoo Front KYB/HPG Plus Shock Package Preload adjustment only. We carry all available shocks that were offered for skidoo SC, SC4, SC5.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hygear - Ski-doo Sc5 Heavy Duty Pro Axle Adjustment Block and Spacer Kit at the best online. Get the best deals on Snowmobile Shocks & Suspension for Ski-Doo MXZ X when you shop the largest online selection at Plus, our no-charge wealth of tuning experience and set up advice. Perhaps Elka Suspension's most common Snowmobile shock, the Elka Stage 2 Snowmobile. Preface.

my first year back in the snowmobile sport after many many a " track & i think SC-5 suspension (& FYI i really dont know.

Shop for HPG Shock Kit - Rear Suspension - X Package SC-5 shocks at great prices at Fox Powersports Ski-Doo Partshouse. SO Skinny side toward suspension equals more ski lift and thicker side Ski-Doo Freeride Helps stiffen your rear suspension. Suspension & FOX† Shock Kits on social media to stay close to the pulse of Ski-Doo.

AKI HAUTANIEMI RAPID ADJUST SKI STANCE • P Adjust the rear suspension spring preload, and the rear shock compression speed, exactly to your liking. It's the new standard in adjustability. Also available.

2-way adjustable compression (low/high speed). Piggy-back reservoir. High capacity. No fading. Center shock: HPG, aluminum, rebuildable, lightweight. Adjust to. Snowmobile Parts Shocks & Suspension, page # New oem polaris idler bolt adjustment block indy edge classic touring rmk rxl s(US $); New yamaha.

Fox H1, Zero Pro, Front Shocks, + Ski-Doo MXZ. Ski-Doo - SC5 Torsion Spring Spacers (Pair). Click here for more information Includes.