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Rear-wheel-drive cars with leaf springs have the same issues as their coil-sprung competitors. They must have a means to set pinion angle, preload, and get the car to launch as fast as possible. In addition, a leaf-sprung car has to deal with the issue of spring wrap-up. Many racers successfully still use these same methods today in bracket racing with cars probably having around hp or less. Later in the chapter I discuss some of the more technologically up-to-date methods for launching rear-wheel-drive cars with leaf springs.

Pinion angle is measured in reference to the angle of the pinion gear compared to the driveshaft. As I said, to the driveshaft—not to the ground, transmission, engine, or any of the many other methods I have heard of.

Those measurements are important for other reasons, but they have nothing to do stm32 cubeide download pinion angle. Before you go out and add to the pinion angle under your car, know that pinion angle robs horsepower as the engine overcomes the pinion angle.

This happens no matter how much pinion angle is installed into the car. The more pinion angle there is, the more horsepower is needed or robbed from the enginewhich could be otherwise used to accelerate the car faster.

This leverage effect uses the weight of the car to drive the tires harder into the pavement. Pinion angle represents the difference between the driveshaft and the pinion gear, nothing else. How much you choose to run can aid in tuning how your car launches. The proper technique for checking driveshaft angle is to have the vehicle at rest on a level surface with the weight on the tires.

A drive on lift is optimal. Place the angle finder on the driveshaft as shown and read the gauge. Accuracy is key. Just be sure to double-check your measurements and use good-quality tools.

You need to unbolt the driveshaft and use the pinion yoke to get an accurate measurement. Again, the car has to be at rest on a level surface with the weight on the tires. This is the digital angle finder manufactured by Allstar. Always run the least amount of pinion angle necessary to get your car to hook, but not so much as to waste horsepower. I suggest a starting point of 2 degrees negative pinion angle for cars in the hp range, and maybe 4 degrees for cars in the hp range.

When you measure your driveshaft angle e. A reasonable amount of fuel should be in the tank typically half-full. The car must be setting on all four tires inflated to race pressure. In most factory production cars, to get longevity of parts, I have seen a positive number to near zero degrees pinion angle depending upon the age of the chassis components being used, especially the springs.Street or Strip, you'll leave the competition behind! Performance Online's new Drag Pack.

The overlap extends over the high stress area of the spring emulating a parabolic type spring. The combination of these components change the pushing point on the car by redirecting the turning action spring wrap-up of the rear axle through the 2 Force Transfer Link into the 1 Front Pivot.

See detailed image below. The Front Pivot Spring Stop resists this turning motion and also controls the bending of the leaf spring at it's thinnest section. The push into the Front Pivot helps the cars weight shift towards the rear of the car, because of new directed angle of force toward the front of the vehicle. The 'Instant Center' moves further forward.

This is where the system emulates a Four link system. The pinion angle is also maintained. View detailed images 1. Part : DPS. Add to wish list. Calculate Shipping Ask a Question. Performance Online's new Drag Pack gives your suspension just what it needs to stay in front.

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Specify Height Stock 1" Lowered.Print Thread. I have always had the bar in the top hole and haven't changed it since I put the bars in, best 60' has been 1. The top hole moves the instant center closer, and made my car more prone to wheelie. When I first put them on, Calvert told me that you want to put the bars in whichever hole makes them more parallel with the ground.

For me, that was the bottom hole. Started out that way and had good success. Tried putting them in the top hole for a while, but with the short 20" front segment in the Duster it always wanted to pull the wheels. How does going from top hole to bottom hole on the bar change instant center. Originally Posted By moparniac. Check me out on FB Dominic Thumper for videos and lots of carb pics What the top and bottom hole does in a caltrac is determine how quickly the front spring segment goes stiff.

If you think of the front spring segment without a caltrac, the axle tries to rotate pinion up. There are two ways this motion can happen. Or in the case of a leaf spring, the body can stay still temporarily and the spring can flex.

The sole purpose of the caltrac is to keep the spring from flexing, and essentially create a short stiff ladder bar. If you look at how the caltrac works, the front hanger rotates around the spring bolt. This is caused from the axle rotating, pushing the bar forward, which rotates the hanger down until it contacts the top of the spring.

When the bar is in the upper hole, it take less forward motion from the bar to make contact with the top of the spring. Anything other then the upper hole and preload, is wasted motion of the suspension which will slow 60ft times down. Comes up way to easy.Hello, Sign In! Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in.

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Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Chevrolet S10 traction bar needs! Select Your Vehicle. Year Lakewood Traction Bar. Previous 1 Next. Not able to find what you are looking for? If you have a rear wheel drive vehicle then chances are you have felt the effects of wheel hop as you accelerate hard off the line.

Wheel hop is caused by the ue4 stop character movement winding up as the tires dig into the ground for traction. Aftermarket Chevrolet S10 traction bars are one of the most effective ways to combat wheel hop issues. Simple to install, these suspension components firmly locate the axle to ensure that the only thing spinning are your wheels on the ground.

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With fantastic offerings from all of the top manufacturers you are sure to find the perfect traction bars for your needs in our extensive lineup. Traction bars have been used in drag racing for many years. The high-torque drag motors put rear ends under tremendous strain and cause them to move and squirm unless they are properly located. Traction bars are used as a forward axle support to prevent axle wrap and keep the wheels planted firmly on the ground.

Traction bars are also useful for trucks running big wheels and low gears. In off-road situations axle hop can be a rslogix 5000 ctu instruction, so if you want to improve traction on the pavement and the dirt, Chevrolet S10 traction bars are the way to go. Q: What is a traction bar? Why buy one? A: Traction bars are yet another automotive component named for what they do, which is to help your vehicle gain traction by preventing wheel spin and unnecessary suspension movement.

Traction bars were originally designed for rear wheel drive vehicles with solid rear axles, and acted as an extra link to prevent the axle from twisting which could cause wheel hop and reduce traction.

Now however there are a host of traction bars available for every application from front wheel drive imports to rear wheel drive muscle cars. If you are a drag racer, road racer, or just enjoy driving fast, a good traction bar setup is a must.

Without traction bars you will lose precious seconds spinning your wheels, but with a good traction bar setup installed you will hook up quick and have the ultimate in car control. Filter Your Results.

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In The Media.Nov 21, 1. Messages: 45 Likes Received: 5. Last edited: Nov 21, Nov 21, 2. Couple more. Nov 21, 3. Messages: 4, Likes Received: 2, Looking setup, you have done nice work. Thanks for sharing! Nov 22, 4. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 1, Nov 22, 5. Thanks Bird! I want it to hook well as they don't always have the best prep at some of my local tracks.

Picked up the driveline yesterday, looks money, chromo slip yoke with solid non-grease joints. Will try when I get time to shift everything over in the tunnel - tailshaft is a bit to the passenger side about. Either the car is really off center, or I have the motor and trans positioned wonky.

Don't want to have to drop the rear of the trans down if I need to pull the driveline. Almost there! Worst case I have to use the hammer or cut a little to clearance. Nov 23, 6. Well after a needed search I see the tunnel issue is a very common thing.

Looks like the trans tunnel has a date with my BFH. We'll see how it goes! Nov 23, 7. Messages: 1, Likes Received: It was my first experience with a 9 inch and after a few internal changes it performed flawlessly at the track. I never had any issues with it. Sold the car in and been wondering about replacing the original 12 bolt in my 70 ever since.

Nice thread with kiran chaudhry mms Nov 23, 8. It's been pretty smooth going together really, might give others an idea what's involved.

I know people can get prefabbed 9 inch housings making these swaps a bolt in affair pretty much. I wound up recycling a few parts that were spares off my nova, so I gave myself a few extra hurdles on this project lol Now I have a rear I can swap carriers easy, and is much stronger than the 10 bolt. With a stall converter she won't see much street time hence the spool for now. A note to make, make sure the driveline when using or larger joints will clear everything prior to setting your driveline angles!

I think I will be fine, just a hassle now to drop my driveline if needed cause of the biased tail shaft.Dyno Results.

Systems begin with a FoRce modified bugcatcher set on a machined and polished billet injector plate. Dual plane - idle - 5, rpm. Perfect for our application.

If you are installing it to a different engine you will have to program the Ignition. He never got to try Shemale surprise guy search Blue Thunder high rise dual plane. It's the one on the right.

The manifold pressure may very low to high side ports, but the TBI only sees one side, cant say which though. Add to Compare. Fitech Timing Curve. If left alone, that separator in the plenum will cause nothing but trouble for the EFI, which does not require the same kind of intake vacuum signal that The Trick Flow track heat intake manifold is a single plane design that has a basic operating range from 4, to 7, r-p-m.

The horse power numbers will usually improve anywhere from more than what the dyno results show after the rings have fully seated. Have any of you just installed the system and used the self learn with no tuning. See full list on chevydiy. Dual Plane vs. On dozens of dyno-tests, we have had the most success with if they are both labeled vortec though, game on.

The dual-plane also offered more power at speeds of more than 6, rpm, but the LS1 was slightly better between those two And about single plane vs dual plane. The Dart intake has a much bigger plenum volume and runners compared to the TM2R.

Richard first installed a ci SBC on the Dyno. First of all, it is important to keep a perspective on all the things that are. All Fitech EFI systems have learning procedures that the system uses to adjust the active fuel tables it is using for operation.

Shop dual-plane, single-plane, dual quad, and tunnel ram Read More. WE are locate at sw 25 st. For best results, Holley strongly recommends an in-tank pump.

Arctic cat sleds for sale. AFR is proud to announce the release of our new dual plane intake manifold for the popular small block Chevy engine platform.

Note: This will be the initial startup of this motor. Selling due to changing blowers. Results at this level don't just happen by accident. The information above on cam selection is not etched in stone. Single plane manifold runners tend to be shorter but have a larger cross sectional area.Log in or Sign up. Caltracs Pro's and Con's Your answer?

Well after 4 races I'm still not hooked on how much the caltracs have improved my 60 foots. Now if I would have had a set of slapper bars on instead of South Side Lift bars then maybe I would have another idea.

My best time with the SSL was 1. How much on the drivers side and how much on the right? What shocks are you using? Thanks for your reply.

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I just got mine fully installed. Have barely had a chance to even try them out. The one time I did try it hooked well. Last year at the roundup I was smokin em off pretty good and was getting low 2 sec 60ft times.

Probably be another few weeks before I get to a track to actually test them. I am all ears to the people who have experience in these. Dan StarnesJun 1, I actually had the best luck by preloading the LH side more than the RH side, but maybe it was just my combo, and even then, it was minimal That made the biggest improvement in ET Rather than using energy to pitch rotateit was using that energy to push the car forward instead.

Leaf Spring Tips and Tricks from X275 Racer Ron Rhodes

Also, it didn't help ET much, but I also used an old 75 lb. Car was MUCH more consistent in the 60' in the last few race days, staying in the low 1. Steven Cometgt should be able to help you guys out on the caltracks advise.

Try www. Try doing a search for "caltracs" these guys are racers who know there stuff! Thanks MAV I'll check that out as well. I got my Cal-Tracs about 4 weeks ago but not ready to install them yet. Would love to hear more about everyones input so, help keep me informed. Depends on a ton of other issue's too, a car running 1. On the other hand a slower one with some traction issue's, may see 4 to 5 hundreth's? There is a certain point reached in performance that requires several hundred dollars invested to get that elusive.

I am building an 86 S10 ext cab truck, 9 inch,spool, x28 slicks, Caltracs with calvert racing split mono leaf springs. weika.eu › › Engine and Drivetrain Tech › LSx Discussion. What adjustments have worked the best you guys??????:D Thanks. S10 05 LQ9, LS6 intake, heads, TR cam. weika.eu › Forum Index. heres the setup,S w. Mine are Original Caltracs also. '87 S10 stock suspension, Caltracs, 9" rearend, Glide, SBC.

weika.eu › assets › 1how to install caltracs traction bars. How to Install Calvert Racing. CalTracs Traction Bars. or [email protected] Each of the two assemblies needed is comprised of. Virtually identical to their standard setups, these low-profile CalTracs have one less hole of adjustment I have a s10 with 2in lowing blocks.

S10 Racer said: I made my own version of the Cal-Trac system because all the ones I seen you had to cut the leaf springs and I didn. Not sure what all details are needed or what I can get you guys for now. I made 5 test hits last night with my S Run Calvert front and rear shocks as well as split mono leafs and Cal Trac bars. Wouldn't use anything else. Allen Sawiki. I switched to CalTracs and rear. Do the guys with experience running caltracs on leaf spring cars have know that the car is setup for a test pass have someone video it.

With the winter here going to try and improve my 60'. going to work on the rear suspension this is setup s10 leafs rancho shocks caltrac. Calvert Racing CalTracs Traction Bar Kit, Chevy S10/Blazer, Split Mono-Leaf Springs, CF Series 90/10 Front Shocks, CR Series Adjustable Rear.

GM Drivetrain & Suspension - Caltracs Installed - Installed Caltracs today. Had a bad start prior to even installing them. The wife back out of drive and. To aid the Mickeys, the S10 boasts Calvert Racing split mono-leaf springs, homebuilt CalTrac-style traction bars, Strange Engineering double.

The setup really is eloquently simple.

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9. Reinstall front and rear leaf spring bolts. Install replacement rear mounts onto original U. s10 Stepside Extreme Mono Leafs / Caltrac setup 90/10 Calvert front /Moroso Trick Springs Viking DA rear shocks.

Ford 9 inch gear th transbrake. Mounting seat belts to cage · How about Caltrac VS Ladder Bar (leaf spring cars only) · rearend setup · weight ratio · HOW TO MEASURE AXLE LENGTH. A high bar top hole is a faster reacting suspension setup relative the same otherwise my S10 has stock suspension, save for Caltracs.