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Time travel always suona instrument a level of fun and intrigue to any television show when the drama of the past or future is intermixed with the present.

This is often seen in sci-fi TV shows and movies and even in K-dramas and there are countless shows to binge that tantalize fans with time travel themes. For K-dramas, the past often involves the Joseon era, riddled with political distress, turmoil, and drama. In some cases, K-dramas get creative and use time travel to solve crimes, like a heinous murderer from the past. And some even have a bit of romance to satisfy all viewers. This K-drama has some serious Terminator vibes to it, but it's full of good laughs, color, and drama.

Han Tae-Sul Cho Seung-woo is a talented engineer who is determined to uncover the real reason behind his older brother's murder.

If that wasn't enough, the storyline introduces a character who travels from the future to his current time. In the future, the world is dominated by gangs and military cliques. To survive, you need some serious combat skills. She travels back in time to help Tae-Sul on his dangerous journey after learning key evidence about his brother's death. Romance and time travel? Yes, please. Marriage life hasn't been easy for the main character, Joo-hyuk Ji Sung. He's been married for five years but under the immense stress of taking care of both of their parents and children while working.

He's also afraid of his wife's angry outbursts. One day, he encounters an old man on the subway who gives him two coins. In a turn of events, the coin sends him back in time. He's no longer married and living a different life.

Now he must decide whether or not to change this fate and rekindle his first love or get his old life back. Waking up one day in present-daywhile actually being from the Joseon era, is a lot. Rooftop Prince has a lot of storylines to process, but it's well worth it.

The crown prince and his two confidants find themselves on the rooftop of Park-ha's Han Ji-min home. The prince realizes he's time-traveled years into the future. To make things even more interesting, he sees the long-lost sister of Park-ha who is the spitting image of his late wife, who was found drowned.

He's convinced he will find the answers to his past in and poses as the grandson of a powerful CEO, who in reality was killed by another family member.Clearly shows reincarnated people and NO ghosts. I did have to make some exceptions if the synopsis clearly stated reincarnation. Ever wanted to know what it's like to date a drama?

Here's your chance! Play this Drama Dating Game. A dive into a world known as hate-watching from the perspective of hate-watchers and people who don't engage in this activity. With a big budget and crafty marketing, is Luoyang worth the hype to become the end-of-the-year historical Chinese masterpiece drama? MDL v6 en. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers. TV Shows. Reincarnation dramas Clearly shows reincarnated people and NO ghosts. RandomUsagi Sep 14, Sort By: Author's Order. RandomUsagi's Rating.

The Gingko Bed Korean Movie - Love of Thousand Years Chinese Drama -30 episodes.

Scarlet Heart 2 is a robotic remake of the hit drama

Eternal Beloved Chinese Movie - Waen Sawat Thai Drama -15 episodes. Anguished Love Thai Drama -12 episodes. Kiss of the Cobra Thai Drama -28 episodes. Sin Lai Hong Thai Drama -30 episodes. Made in Heaven Hong Kong Movie - Great Times Taiwanese Drama -episodes.

Once Upon a Time Chinese Movie - Kingyo Hime Japanese Special -1 episode. The Miracle Thai Drama -17 episodes. No Overtime Today Chinese Drama -12 episodes. Tsuma, Shogakusei ni Naru Japanese Drama -10 episodes. RandomUsagi's Lists View all.

Korean BL 52 titles 3 loves. Stuff watched in titles 4 comments. Stuff watched in 17 titles 1 love. Let's Play: Date a Drama Ever wanted to know what it's like to date a drama? Hate-watching: Enjoying the Frustration A dive into a world known as hate-watching from the perspective of hate-watchers and people who don't engage in this activity.Yin Xue in an effort to save her goes back to his academy and begs his teacher to heal her.

The drama in addition to being about the story of Ruge and Yin Xue, is also about the power struggle between various sects. Finally there is the Emperor and his Princes who sit on top of the sect and have general rule over the entire population.

Aside from Yin Xun, Lie Ruge has three other men in her life two of which are in love with her. Zhan Feng loves Ruge but after being manipulated by An Ye Luo breaks things off with her and turns against his tribe.

Yu Zi Han is the 7th son of Emperor. He lost his ability to hear and walk after he was poisoned. Ruge is his only childhood friend and got him through a lot of dark times.

As a consequence Yu Zi Han is very protective of Ruge. He is a good but simple guy and staunch supporter of Zhan Feng. A weak point of this drama was the extraordinary number of characters in love with the female lead Ruge… it was truly bizarre and over the top. Almost every second episode had a new need-to-marry-Ruge-contender. The pairing of the Diliraba and Vic Chou was also problematic.

It may have been the age difference in real life and in the drama or it could have just been the lack of chemistry. With so many criticism, why did I even continue watching this drama?

While she is still extraordinarily beautiful and the receipt of copious amounts of male attention, she is also a leader, kind and intelligent. However, as I take you through the episode guide below, the drama progressively became weirder and more confusing.

In order to try and figure out why Zhan Feng fell out of love with her she makes her way to Pin Hua Lou an infamous brothel and instead encounters Yin Xue, who chooses her as his companion.

Returning back to her clan, Zhan Feng does not reciprocate Ruge affections which leaves her heartbroken. The majority of this arc was definitely filler. This misunderstanding is all part of the machination of An Ye Luo in his effort to conquer the different tribes. He needs to sleep for years to get rid of the Winter curse that was originally placed on Yu Zi Han. Given the situation with An Ye Luo, Yin Xue decides its time to wake up and provide some much needed assistance to Ruge.

He provides his assistance in the disguise of an extremely old man. The martial world however believes they are both dead, including Zhan Feng who is very upset. Things are continue to run amok with plans are being executed to annihilate the Thunderbolt Sect. Now that a lot of the sect misunderstandings have been cleared, Ruge and co can focus on defeating An Ye Luo. Meanwhile, An Ye Luo has been manipulating Yu Zi Han by giving the ability to hear and walk through dark magic of course.

For the sake of their love, they decide to get married. Now back to the story where our main cast is trying to defeat An Ye Luo. Their master plan is to pretend that Ruge is in fact her mother who An Ye Luo was deeply in love withlower his defences and kill him.

Apparently, Ruge in her previous life saved him from darkness and he is now free to live his life with her. How does this works? I am not entirely sure. Anyway they meet where it all began — Pin Hua brothel.

The endings of the other characters are more ambiguous. And while Zhan Feng and Yu Zi Han live and the latter regains his hearingit is not clear what zta password reddit of them. I know they are both still in love with her but what else? In truth, its taken me an incredibly long time to get this post out.

My struggle with this drama was mostly just trying to figure out what was happening and where things were volvo penta 5 7 gxi review romances are one of the most common tropes in Chinese drama, so much so that many series take for granted that one will always love the same person in every lifetime.

In one of the most morally ambiguous battles in a recent drama, a chapter climax of the series has the male leads fighting for different reincarnations of the female lead. One male lead is determined that the human reincarnation of the female lead dies on time so her soul will return to heaven; another wants to try and save her current mortal self. Love and Destiny follows three lifetimes of the female lead Ni Ni — first as the immortal Lingxi, who is then banished to experience mortal life as Lin Mo, and then becomes an immortal again.

Her story is paralleled by that of the secondary love triangle, where immortal Qingyao Zhang Zhixi faces the opposite problem — she fell for the mortal interlude of an immortal. When he returns as an immortal, does she still love him? From birth, she was told she was a biological child so that her mother could cover up a lie. She lived a life where no one in the family cared much for her except for her father, only for him to push her into the river to save his biological daughter.

When she survives, she finds out that she was adopted and leaves the family. Living by herself, she befriends the immortal Jingxiu Li Dongxuewho has also escaped to the mortal world. Yet just as she and Jingxiu were beginning to spark up a romance, she was lured into a romance with Jiuchen Chang Chen. As she is going through her fated death, the perfect timing for her soul to return as Lingxi, she learns of the truth.

Even the peach tree that gave her hope as a child was planted for Lingxi, not her. With her last breath, she tells Jiuchen to remember her as her — Lin Mo.

She tells him to never forget that the girl who spent day and night with him loves him as Lin Mo and no one else. Instead of finding it romantic that the male lead loves every reincarnation of her, Lin Mo finds it horrifying that he thinks of her as a continuation of Lingxi. She reminds him of who she was — her human parents, her upbringing, her life story, her experiences with him, everything that makes her Lin Mo and no one else. Lingxi is spritely, chirpy, and sometimes clumsy.

Lin Mo is reserved, quiet, and thoughtful. Lingxi worships Jiuchen as a war god, but Lin Mo loves Jiuchen for his companionship. As a mortal, she was deeply in love with her husband. When he was killed in a flood, she focused on practicing to become an immortal but still longs for him. Yet when she returns to Earth and meets his latest reincarnation, she saw how happy he was with his current life, and chose not to tell him of his past.A list of the best reincarnation movies ever made, ranked by movie fans with film trailers when available.

This reincarnation movie list is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest movies about reincarnation are at the top of the list.

If there are any great movies about reincarnation you believe we missed, please feel free to add them to the list yourself. The films on this list are the most famous reincarnation movies of all time, so use it to find some movies that you haven't seen already. Click on these reincarnation movie titles for more information about the films. This list answers the questions, "What are the best reincarnation movies? Various bits of information are included with these popular reincarnation movies, such as who directed them, when they were released and who starred in the films.

Whether you're watching these reincarnation movies on DVD, Blu-ray or streaming, these good reincarnation movies can be enjoyed no matter what. Directed by: Mike Cahill. Directed by: J. Lee Thompson. Directed by: Vincent Ward.

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh.

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Directed by: Robert Wise. Directed by: S. Directed by: Emile Ardolino. Directed by: Albert Brooks. Directed by: Farah Khan. Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc. Directed by: Kodi Ramakrishna. Directed by: Lasse Hallstrom. Directed by: Jonathan Glazer. Directed by: Carlo Carlei. Directed by: Steven Spielberg.

Directed by: Bernardo Bertolucci. Directed by: Rakesh Roshan. Directed by: Wagner de Assis. Directed by: Martin Scorsese. Directed by: Vikram Kumar. Directed by: Marcus Cole. Directed by: Blake Edwards. Directed by: Michael Ritchie. Directed by: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz. Directed by: Warren Beatty, Buck Henry. Directed by: Don Chaffey. Directed by: David Cronenberg. Directed by: Spike Jonze. Directed by: Bernard Rose.Diana is a huge fan of Chinese culture. Chinese dramas are some of her favorite series to watch.

Whether you are a seasoned fan of Chinese historical dramas or are new to the genre, you're sure to find something wonderful on this list.

Tell me which series you like most in the poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments section, too! After his family is ruthlessly slaughtered, the protagonist manages to escape and survives in the wild thanks to his wits and sometimes even cruelty. Beyond a desire to seek revenge, things become complicated after he meets a girl who later appears to be a mysterious reincarnation of a powerful being destined to bring chaos.

Ever Night is an exceptionally beautiful C-drama; it has stunning cinematography, fabulous fight choreography, memorable action scenes, and well-developed characters. Because of the greed of others, almost the entire royal family is slaughtered, and the princess is left all alone. In addition to the theme of vengeance, love and happiness are also present. If you are looking for political plots and unpredictable twists and turns, you should check out this series.

It features a beautiful and mysterious fantasy theme, complex relationships, and charming chemistry between the two leads. This drama centers on a beautiful love story between a witch, Qincheng, and a prince, Yuang Ling of Wei. One day the emperor tries to kill the prince, but he survives due to the witch's intervention. He is beyond grateful, and he ends up falling in love. Will their romance spell disaster or they will be able to overcome everything in their path and find happiness together?

Since Kang Xi became an orphan, a regent ascended the throne. The tyrannical government starts spying on Kang Xi and does whatever it can to prevent him from regaining his rightful power. The young heir to the throne has never experienced true friendship or love before.

In this story, he becomes attached to Princess Yi Huan, who treats him as equal. Legend of the Dragon Pearl is a real emotional roller-coaster. It will make you laugh out loud and cry a river at the same time! Through watching this series, you will become immersed in the empress's life, which is paved with treachery.

Even as she moves up the ranks to become the empress, she still faces many challenges in order to survive. However, this beautiful show is not only about palace intrigues and politics.

It's also about the love between the emperor and empress and the evolution of their relationship over the years—from their youth to their last days. The drama also focuses on the lives and insecurities of the women in the harem, and it does a good job illustrating their various motivations. In this story, a prodigy is born into a good, prosperous family but falls in love with a slave girl.

You might think that a relationship violating class boundaries would be doomed from the start, particularly in those times. However, the couple is stubbornly and desperately in love. They are ready to face countless obstacles in order to be together. Give this amazing drama a try! This drama centers on two intelligent war seed growing under skin rivals: a brilliant female strategist and a prince-general, aka the God of War.

Belonging to rival kingdoms, the two must choose between loyalty to their country and unconditional love for each other. The series is also about the sacrifices people choose to make for their country, for their family, and for their loved ones. This drama will definitely have you glued to your screen from beginning to end! Set in ancient China, the series is a mix of fantasy and wuxia.

One day, the child encounters an old man who helps him make great progress. If you are looking for a drama about superpowers, defeating enemies, and saving the world, look no further. She uses her talent to help those in need but also gets herself into trouble.Chinese anime, as the name suggests, refers to animations that have been created in China or are Chinese adaptations of Manhua Chinese mangaand are often called Donghua.

With multiple manhuas making tides, both domestically and internationally, Chinese anime too is witnessing a massive spike in viewership as well as a drastic increase in the quality of animation.

Transmigration novel meaning

Donghuas have managed to integrate several elements from Japanese anime, but have also created a unique identity for themselves by adding rich cultural folklores and meaningscreating something exceptional. With intricate artwork, exhilarating fight scenes, and well-woven storylines, Donghuas are no longer just a niche and are slowly making their way into mainstream media.

Based on a web manhua of the same name, and animated by Haoliners Animation League, Spiritpact follows the adventures of You Keika a failed exorcist and Ki Tanmoku the head of a powerful family of exorcists as they face various challenges in the spiritual world, all the while figuring out the true meaning of the bond they share. The pair of You Keika and Ki Tanmoku manages to grab the spotlight with their humorous, yet mildly heartwarming relationship. With sweet humor, action, and art, all balanced in an amazing proportion, Spiritpact manages to keep the viewers engaged from the very first episode and is a donghua that'll keep you hooked until the very end.

Rakshasa Street follows the story of Xia Ling, an ordinary university intern, as she is fb brute termux plunged into a world filled with evil spirits, as danger lurks at each and every corner. The story starts slowly, but gradually picks up pace, resulting in a plot that demands a bit of patience from its viewers but rewards them equally with unseen twists and cliffhangers.

My Cultivator Girlfriend is set in a modern world, with not so modern rules and traditions. The strong trample over the weak and the weak have no choice but to obey. The story follows the adventures of Ma Yingxiong, a security guard, as he steps into the world of cultivation after saving Lu Zi, a female cultivator. There are 15 episodes, with each episode having a duration of 13 minutes, making this a very short watch.

The characters are well defined with intriguing backstories and qualities, and the overall hilarious outla y of the donghua makes this a very enjoyable experience. This movie revolves around the legend of The Monkey King, an all-powerful being who upon breaking several divine laws, is imprisoned in an ice pillar.

A small boy who was lost happens to come across the prison of the Monkey King, who upon touching the prison breaks the curse and frees the almighty being. The movie is endowed with a well-paced story that manages to keep the viewer engaged throughout the run time. Based on the wildly popular manhua called Tales of Demons and GodsYaoshenji follows the adventures of Nie Li, who was once the strongest demon spiritualist.

Upon losing his life in a battle against the Sage Emperor and his minions, Nie Li is brought back in time to when he was just 13 years old. The donghua is done with 3D computer animation, giving it a different style than most of the genre and therefore might not suit the tastes of all fans. However, enriched with a well-developed storyline and complex characters, Yaoshenji manages to hook viewers who give it a chance from the very first episode.

With general themes of romance and magic, Lan Mo De Hua is a light watch that'll leave viewers' hearts fluttering. The donghua follows the stories of Lan Mo, who finds a magical hairpin that helps her change her appearance. TEN MILES OF PEACH BLOSSOMS. Ten Miles of Peace Blossoms is God tier when it comes to reincarnation dramas for me. · ETERNAL LOVE. This drama. Time Travel / Reincarnation / Immortals ; 1. Splash Splash LOVE. Korean Special -2 episodes ; 2.

The Eternal Love. Chinese Drama - 1. The Gingko Bed. Korean Movie - ; 2. Until We Meet Again. Thai Drama -17 episodes ; 3. Love of Thousand Years. Chinese Drama - Reincarnated is a episode wuxia television series and was produced and aired by Rediffusion Television in Hong Kong and also a series of books.

Check out this list of the top 22 Chinese historical dramas for you to start reincarnation of a powerful being destined to bring chaos. A lot of drama adaptations had to remove the time traveling part so they could pass the censoring laws in China. Other dramas are based on. 18 Best Time-Travel Chinese Dramas: · My Assassin Girlfriend (24 episodes) · Hello Dear Ancestor (24 episodes) · Love & The Emperor (24 episodes) · Suddenly. Reincarnation-themed dramas?

· Orange Marmalade(Bonus it has vampires) and · Hello Dear Ancestors (This one is more of a time travel but there are. Reincarnation Movies and TV Series. Present Bajie Subdues Demons 2 () China A Chinese Odyssey Poster, Chinese Fantasy TV drama Series. Favorite Drama Trope: Reincarnation · The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Add to Collection · Orange Marmalade. Add to Collection · Extra-ordinary You. Add to Collection. May 10, - REVIEW 4/5 - Moonlight and Valentine (Chinese drama ) Satisfying for the reincarnation of his true love, played by Victoria Song. watch the lastest chinese movie Love in Reincarnation with English subtitle on iQiyi | undefined. :Romance ,Action ,Drama. 7 Time Travel Asian Dramas from Korea and China.

for a rich business heir and he finds a girl who may be the reincarnation of his wife. “The Eternal Love” (not to be confused with “Eternal Love”) is a 24 episode time-travel romantic-comedy drama. It tells the story of Xiaotan, a modern-day. Reincarnation Love () Episode 1 English Sub Kissasian Korean watch the best Korean and Chinese dramas and shows with English sub. Hi, I am wondering if there are any reincarnation dramas where the main couple r/CDrama - Best current Chinese drama: Sword Snow Stride.

The drama depicts the love story of deities Bai Feng Jiu and Dong Hua Di Jun that spans Based on the Chinese classic "The Legend of Deification. Here are 10 South Korean dramas about reincarnation you should watch: · () · weika.euo Typewriter () · Knight: The Man Who. The Chinese drama series is based on the novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. who has been reincarnated after a troublesome past. New Reincarnation TV Series 30eps-Cantonese/Mandarin Audio-Chinese Subtitle: Wu Jing, He Mei Tian: Movies & TV.