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Reasonable delivery prices or pick-up by appointment. Call to place order, a confirming return call will be given. Call for delivery charge. Benefits of Coal Heating Anthracite's low sulfur and high carbon content makes it an extremely clean-burning fuel.

It produces virtually no smoke or polluting emissions Coal is an economical source of heat. Pound for pound, coal is extremely high in BTU content, yet remains reasonably priced. Using this measurement as a comparison, the cost of anthracite can be significantly lower than gas, oil, electricity, cord wood, wood pellets, or propane. We sell all sizes of anthracite coal from rice to chestnut, either bagged or in bulk. Delivery is available at reasonable rates.

Another bonus with anthracite is that there is very little ash to be disposed of with no creosote build-up in the chimney. Key points:. Occasionally empty the ash container. Easy to use: Simply add coal to the hopper every two to three days, set the variable temperature control, and empty the ash pan every days. Coal Stoves should be installed by a qualified, licensed heating technician. The installation must comply with your local building codes.

Install coal stoves in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. View the stove owner's manual for installation instructions. Coal stoves should be operated in moti lae chikeko with the instructions in the Coal Stove User's Manual. Never leave small children unattended in the room where the Coal Stove is located. Barriers can be erected to insure that small children and family pets do not come in contact with hot surfaces. Coal Stoves require that you always use a high quality carbon monoxide gas detector.

Your carbon monoxide detector should either run on batteries or have a battery backup system to insure that the carbon monoxide detector continues to work if power is disrupted. Test the carbon monoxide detector for proper operation on a regular basis. Batteries should be replaced at least semi annually. Make sure you have a high quality smoke detector in your home. Make sure that the smoke detector either runs on batteries or that there is a battery backup to insure that the detector works if power is disrupted.

Test the smoke detector on a regular basis. Replace the batteries in the smoke detector at least twice each year. Make sure your chimney or direct vent is clean, clear and in good repair. Have your chimney inspected by a competent professional. Always use low sulfur, low ash Anthracite Coal of the quality specified in your stove owners manual.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby and handy and make sure everyone in the household knows how to use your extinguisher. Have the fire extinguisher checked annually by a qualified technician. Many times your local fire company provides this service. Coal stoves should be cleaned according to your Owners Manual. Read your owners manual to gain a total understanding of your coal stove.Forums New posts. Parts Counter.

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I was planning on just using it, but after moving it out of the truck with a not so soft landing, and then moving down the basement I noticed the top was loose and the corner sealant is cracked. So we get to turn it into another project.

The Pros & Cons of Coal Stoves

Going to pull it apart and reseal it. Looks pretty basic, but time will tell. Going to have a place come out and inspect the chimney, just for piece of mind.

Chris vetteboy79 and I both got the black lung shoveling the coal out of the guys bin into buckets! Last edited: Feb 20, A few buckets of coal Joined Jun 20, Member Number Messages 3. Thats the size you burn in a kitchen coal stove. I burn bigger coal then that in our parlor stove. Of course they might have had big lumps and cracked them into 4 pieces for profit.

The big ships and foundrys burn egg coal.

What is Coal?

Coal is sold by the size rice,buck,pea,nut,stove, and last but not least egg. I live right in the heart of the coal region and always have. If i wasnt so tired i would go take pictures of buck i burn that in a stoker and some stove coal i burn in the parlor stove. Click to expand Joined May 25, Member Number Messages 1,Anthracite coal is NOT the same coal that many in the Pittsburgh area are familiar with.

And there is no build-up of tar, creosote, carbon, etc. You have probably burned anthracite and did not even realize it. Most brands of charcoal contain a significant amount of anthracite coal which improves the heat value of the charcoal while burning cleanly. During a very cold winter day, the automatic stoker stove models could burn approximately 40 lbs.

On a more typical winter day, you will use less than a bag to heat a well insulated sq. Normally the stove is vented in an approved flue or a power vent can be used which eliminates the need for a chimney.

Click here for more information about the power vent. It takes Click here for bulk coal storage ideas and delivery information. A modern 3 or 4 bedroom house with about 2, sq. Another way to look at it, one ton of anthracite coal produces as much heat or BTUs as gallons of oil or gallons of propane.

Keystoker coal stove gear motor

The stoker stove needs tended only ONCE a day. The coal hopper is refilled and the ash pan is emptied requiring about 15 minutes or less and the stove is ready to operate for another 24 hours. If you go away for the weekend stoker stove models from the Reading Stove Co.

Anthracite nut coal will burn smokeless, longer than wood or soft coal, and will create a very hot, even heat. HEET, Inc. We also have many coal distributors in Western PA. See our complete list of coal yards for the location nearest you. Stove Models. Coal Sales. Energy Cost. Frequently Asked Questions F. Isn't Coal Dirty to Heat With? How long does a bag of coal last?

What would it cost to heat my house with anthracite coal?Hundreds of thousands of homeowners already enjoy anthracite, and many others are converting to it for comfortable, cost-efficient home heating. Anthracite is easy to use, store, and dispose of, and produces the least smoke, ask and sulfur of all coal types.

Because it burns so cleanly, anthracite leaves little ash for disposal and unlike wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, anthracite requires little tending or cleaning maintenance. There are other key advantages to using anthracite over other fuels. Unlike wood pellets, anthracite can be stored outdoors and is not affected by weather conditions such kapci tinting guide moisture.

And disposal of used anthracite is simply a matter of removing the residual ash. These factors combined with the cost-effectiveness and long burn times make anthracite the best choice for your heating needs.

Cost-Effective — Because anthracite burns so slowly, it produces more heat for less cost. Use our Fuel Cost Calculator to see how much anthracite coal can save you in heating costs. Convenient — Our anthracite is produced entirely in the United States by American workers. Clean — Anthracite coal is environmentally friendly. It burns with virtually no smoke or emissions, producing no soot or creosote buildup. Blaschak Coal Corp takes special care to see that your coal is quality-assured by providing a product that is:.

Blaschak takes pride in processing and preparing our coal at our own facilities, ensuring our bags are consistently sized. Click here for manufacturers website. Not all anthracite is created equal Blaschak Coal Corp takes special care to see that your coal is quality-assured by providing a product that is: Cleaner; no wood or cinders Consistent Evenly sized Prevents clinkering Produced in America Right fusion qualities Blaschak takes pride in processing and preparing our coal at our own facilities, ensuring our bags are consistently sized.

Clean, long-burning Easier to use and lasts longer than cord wood when used in a coal stove or fireplace insert Even heat and high level of BTUs compared to other fuels Little ash to dispose of; what ash there is can be used to aerate soil Lower cost than other fuels Minimal fireplace or stove maintenance No creosote buildup in the chimney No smoke or emissions Only natural source of carbon; highest purity carbon in the world Very hard; low sulfur content Widely traded commodity.Anthracite is one of natures cleanest burning solid fossil fuels and carbon sources known to man.

Since it's discovery in Eastern Pennsylvania inAnthracite hard coal has been providing clean affordable heat for homes and is an economic and environmentally friendly fuel source. SinceBlaschak Coal Corporation has been in the forefront of the Anthracite industry by using the latest technology, equipment and mining innovations.

We sell clean pound, poly bags. These bags have a convenient handle and are ideal for use with coal stoves. Its even heat flow and high level of BTUs compared to other fuels, make anthracite the warmest, most steady, comfortable heat source available. Anthracite is very different from coal-burning of the past.

When anthracite is used as the primary source of heat in a home or business, its modernized furnaces with coal-feeding and ash removal systems require little effort by the consumer. About ten minutes a day during the coldest months is all it takes to tend the furnace. For supplemental heating via a coal stove or fireplace insert, anthracite is much easier to use than cord wood. Unlike a wood stove which needs to be refilled every 6 to 12 hours, a modern anthracite stove heats evenly without tending up to 36 hours.

Another bonus with anthracite is that there is very little ash to be disposed of with no creosote build-up in the chimney. Anthracite's low sulfur and high carbon content makes it an extremely clean-burning fuel. It produces virtually no smoke or polluting emissions, a major problem with wood burning stoves. In fact, it is a good alternative to wood stoves where wood burning is restricted due to air pollution problems. Blaschak Coal Corporation is currently operated by the second generation of Blaschaks.

Eleven family members are all actively involved, collectively bringing in excess of one hundred years of mining experience. The family based organization has a long-term personal and financial commitment to producing premium Anthracite products. The company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to compete and succeed in this capital-intensive industry.

Blaschak Coal Corporation's passion for quality, dedication to customer service and commitment to the environment have established the company as a leader in the heating and industrial carbon fields. Warehouse Hours : Wednesday 8am-3pm and Saturday 8am-Noon. Toggle navigation. Quality, Convenient, Economical, Environmentally Sound Its even heat flow and high level of BTUs compared to other fuels, make anthracite the warmest, most steady, comfortable heat source available.The Super Magnum Coal Stoker breaks the barriers of heating with coal.

The Patented Verti-flow Feeder System boasts 22 years of reliability and is the heart of the super Magnum. Loaded with unique and convenient features, this stoker heats like no other. The Leisure Line Pioneer LE top vent stove with its attractive styling, brass pins, brass handles and ornamental top door will make for a welcome addition in any den or family room.

Using the technology that goes into all Leisure Line Stoves, the virtually indestructible feeder system has put this unit head and shoulders above all others. Comes standard with Digital Coal-trol temperature control system, always maintaining the temperature you desire. Set it and forget it. Without a doubt, this stoker was built with the homeowner in mind in every way. In addition, the TLC requires no electricity, guaranteeing its performance through a power loss. Top loading to make it as easy as possible for you to add coal to your fire, the TLC is the ultimate in convenience.

Nothing beats the ambiance and warmth of a real log fire, and the TLC can be easily converted to a wood-burning fireplace. A blower system and a specially designed baffle circulate heat throughout the home, not up the chimney. Both models can burn coal for 24 hours plus on one load. Reduce your utility costs even more with the optional stainless steel residential hot water coil. The Mark III features a large single glass door with a built-in air wash system.

You can burn pea, nut or stove coal and easily remove ashes with the patented Harman Grate System simply by shaking the ashes into the ash pan.

The SF is a heating workhorse, and the most powerful coal stove available. A quiet blower pushes air out into the home, and reduces heat loss to the outside by up to percent.

Leisure line pioneer LE back vent. Harman TLC wood and coal stove. SF Tribute The original, the beefiest best coal stove! Features: Up toBTUs—heats 1, to 5, sq.However, according to the EPA, wood may be used to start a coal fire. Wood is safe and effective to burn in this unit, during the start-up phase.

Please refer to the product listing on our website. Legacy Stoves sells through authorized dealers, all pricing is suggested retail. We operate primarily through dealers. Please refer to our Dealer Locator page.

Please Contact us, we will provide a Qualifying Dealer Form. Once you have completed the form, we will send you a Dealer Application. Please refer to the specification on the individual product you are interested in.

Burn Time is dependent upon the specifications of the house, various factors about the house, and the load size of the fuel. The Burn Time we give is a balance of all of these, and is only an estimation. All of the units have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Firebox and Heat Exchangers are replaceable up to ten years.

These time periods reflect the minimum expected useful lives of the designated components under normal operating conditions. Inspecting and cleaning glass with non-abrasive cleaner weekly. Inspecting the firebox, and cleaning and removing any debris with a cloth or stiff brush monthly. Inspecting the door and lid gaskets every heating season.

Inspecting the blower, exhaust path and all venting components for blockages, build-ups or debris, and removing any obstructions every heating season. Shaking should be done only when there is a hot fire. The frequency of shaking will depend on the rate of burning. Shaking should be done at least once per day but best results will come from shaking twice a day. Keep the ash pan emptied twice a day.

Coal should never be added unless there is a reasonably hot fire. The coal bed should be bright and vigorous. If the fire is burning hot and there is a deep bed of hot coals, full loads of coal can be added at any time. However, if there is not a deep bed of coals, it is best to add in small batches as during lighting.

General Questions Can this unit burn wood? What does this unit cost? Do you sell direct? How do I become a dealer? How long is the Burn Time on this unit? What kind of coal may I burn? Stove coal will burn better with lower draft than nut. I would experiment with both before making a commitment.

Don't experiment like Al Gore. › keystoker › coal › keystoker-hand-fired-hopper-coal-stove. The Hand Fired Hopper coal stove from Keystoker is a top loading hopper that holds up to 75 pounds of clean burning anthracite pea or nut coal to produce.

Rice Coal Furnace on October 22, Heat guns are expensive. I have one but it was about $ I use real hard wood charcoal (looks like. Btu/Hour range. 80, Heating capacity. 2, sq. ft. fuel. Pea, nut, and stove-sized coal firebox Size. Patented Stoker System; Wide Fire View Door; Easy Out Large Ash Pan; Contemporary Style; 4/1 Warranty. Fuel: Anthracite Rice or Buck Coal. Most airtight, European-style coal stoves burn pea-size (13/16ths to 9/16ths of an inch) bits, although other stoves may burn nut coal (13/16ths.

I'm searching for some input from other Hand-fired coal stove users. I've been in a new house for about year and used PEA sized coal for my.

Our Selection of Coal Stoves

This model of stoves burn either anthracite nut or pea coal. The last Model is the Stoker with the Integrated Coal-Trol Thermostatic Control(which allows. Engineered for cold winters with a hopper capacity of lbs of rice coal for extended periods of hard burning. Body is made from durable gauge steel to. Keystoker is most economical and efficient using anthracite rice or buckwheat coal. The savings on fuel bills alone will pay for your Keystoker in the course of. The Hand Fired Hopper coal stove is a top loading hopper that holds up to 75 pounds of clean burning anthracite pea or nut coal to produce lots of heat for.

grate system enables pea, nut, or stove coal to be burned to a fine ash, shaken into the ash pan (with the doors closed to eliminate dust). WE OFFER ANTHRACITE COAL IN 50# BAGS OR BULK. WE CARRY CHESTNUT, PEA AND RICE SIZE COAL. WE ALSO OFFER RED ASH SOFT COAL IN BULK ONLY.

Did a thing last weekend and bought a Saey Hanover 1 coal stove, and ~1/2 ton of coal Coal is sold by the size rice,buck,pea,nut,stove.

Get the best deals on Coal Stove In Heating Stoves when you shop the Coal pellet stove Keystone mfg company Pennsylvania Keystoker rice coal stove. Tips on Starting a Hand-Fired Anthracite Stove. Stoves Take about eight sheets of newspaper, crumble into balls and place on top of grates.

Next, lay fine. Anthracite nut coal can be used in any wood/coal stove or furnace that has cast iron grates with good airflow and control. Anthracite nut coal will burn. Our Selection of Coal Stoves. Our stoves are one of visual beauty and strength. The inspiration was to offer the homeowner innovative, functional design and. PREMIUM ANTHRACITE COAL. From Lehigh Anthracite. STOVE | NUT | PEA | BUCK | RICE. ​. Fall Pricing effective.

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