Merkury smart camera troubleshooting

A2 : One power adapter only supports 1 x 6M strip light, we do not recommend extending it. A3: Quickly, repeatedly plug and unplug the striplight 3 times on-off-on-off-on-off-on till the strip light enterstrobe mode.

Enable the broadcast and do not allow to hide Wi-Fi. The audio is savedto your USB storage and can be deleted or modified through the app. On top of photo file access, you can also choose totake an instant photo for the app to capture the color for lighting.

Forthese photos taken by the app through the camera, they are saved toyour USB storage and can be deleted or modified through the app.

A7 : Yes, there is a music function. If they are not in thesame network, Echo or Google Home is unable to detect the lightingdevice. In thiscase, please wait and try to reconnect the devices later. A9 : Yes, there is a white light mode. The whitelight is made by mixing red, green and blue LEDs. As a result, the mockwhite light looks similar to solid white light, but still there isslight difference on brightness and CRI. A11 : There is a scissor mark between every 3 LEDs onthe strip.

Please find those marks and cut the strip along the marks. For any right-angle position, 4-pin L-clips of 10mm width not includedin the package are needed for connection. Free Expedited Delivery within 3 days. Q1: How to change your WiFi network to 2. A1: This smart light only supports connection under 2.

If your current WiFi network is 5. Different router brands might have different setting menus, you can search the specific instructions of your router brand on Google for more details.I purchased 3 Geeni security camera from Canadian Tire to set up a small security camera system for my house.

I purchased 2 Vivid p HD smart indoor wifi cameras for inside my house to view out and I also purchased a Sentry p HD smart floodlight security camera to view the back of my house.

Go to Solution. I bought some Geeni plugs and had trouble hooking up through my Hitron router as well. Called Geeni support but they are useless. I managed to connect by doing the following:. View solution in original post. I bought one of these a couple weeks ago. I had to mess around with the wifi encryption and other settings to get it to connect.

I'm going to contact Shaw anyway since my 5Ghz seems to be randomly cutting out anyway. After I got it connected, I moved it to a different location and now have audio artifacts when viewed live.

I didn't expect much when I bought It, but I think their firmware leaves a lot to be desired. It seems like the audio playback comes through the earpiece on my Samsung Galaxy S10e and not the speakers. And now after updating to Android 10, the app isn't even in the app store?? I might try other apps, since merkury makes the camera and there are other apps by them.

Might come back to update this. Wow no edit button?? Forgot to mention that the box says Geeni Vivid, like pfpmb does, but a Google search doesn't show anything with the same name, even on the Geeni site.

Maybe the LOOK model has been replaced by this and it hasn't been updated? I just switched to shaw and they gave me the Hitron modem but the problem is, some of the devices won't connect and the 5G wifi won't even appear on some devices so I am using the non 5G. My question is, does the Cisco modem works with any devices you have?

Thank you, it took a few tries for me but your fix worked. This is going to sound obvious but if you are doing this do it from a computer that is connected to the internet with cable, not wifi.

Thank you thank you thank you! I screwed around for hours trying to get my Geeni wifi cameras to work with the Hitron router, and always ended up with "flashing blue" lights, and no connection, even though I followed all the instructions. Sushi roll reversal pattern worked perfectly.

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How to fix: WiFi IP camera not working / can’t connect to WiFi

I could not get the cameras connected to my WiFi network. I called the company, they could not help as all the settings were correct.Meet Geeni. Your wish is Geeni's command. Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, schedule a smart switch, check in on your cameras, and track your weight, all from the same app!

Compatible with all Geeni-enabled smart devices. No complicated hub required; each Geeni device is smart enough to connect directly to your home wifi network. So we bought three new cameras for our house recently.

Well in this case that is not true I got a lot more than what I paid for! I could not be happier with these cameras,they were very easy to hook up and I installed the app and within minutes I was looking at all the rooms I had placed the cameras in.

What surprised me the most was how clear the picture was and the colors were bright! I am pretty sure the picture was in HD as well.

I love the fact that it has the motion detector and sound attacked her and the one thing I was also very happy with was the wide angled view I can see the whole room!

Robot or human?

I was constantly having that problem in my kids playroom which is a very big room I could not find a camera that would be able to view the whole entire room. It would normally only do half of the room and I would have to buy two camerasJust to be able to see the entire room. Butbnot with the cameras! I actually recommended these cameras to my sister who also went and purchased a few of them and she is also very happy with them as well! I keep the Chargers and batteries, for all my electric tools, inside our home in my hobby room so the batteries do not overheat.

Anyone that has ever had to buy batteries for power tools can tell you they are not cheap! The only problem I had was forgetting to remove the batteries from the charger, or unplug them when I finished a project.

If you leave the batteries charging constantly, it is very hard on the battery cells and eventually destroys them.

Why Your Brand-New Smart Home Devices Won’t Work, and How to Fix Them

I bought one and took it home to install it, which was a breeze, and set up an automated schedule for all my battery chargers. I have it set to turn on every few days to charge any dead batteries that are on the charger, and even set up a schedule to power off everything nightly in case I forget. 2014 ford escape wiper fuse location full version loved all the features of the app and charger so much, that I quickly went back and bought several more plugs for the house and garage.

When my wife noticed them, she had me install one under the couch that controls multiple lamps in the living room. I soon connected the app to Alexa so she can turn the lamps on or off through it rather than always stealing my phone!

Great product and very easy to install! I wanted something cheap and easy to use until we can afford something better and saw that this model had good reviews. I formatted it through the app at least 3 times. Restarted the app. Restarted my phone. Restarted the camera. Preview which is live stream is working fine, but the main reason I bought it is so it can record and playback so I can see what is happening with our packages.

Until this gets fixed or until customer service responds to my request I sent them yesterday I will be leaving a 1 star review. Update: within a few days of posting this review the playback issue has been fixed.

Guess there was an issue with the app because we stopped trying to mess with it. Never received a response from customer service but overall just glad the issue was fixed. Thank you for your feedback.

Rest assured that we take all your feedback seriously and we're working it out to improve our products and services.There are several reasons this may occur. Your camera has only just been switched on. The camera may be unable to connect to your network. Your Internet connection may be offline. Your Internet speed may have been throttled. If it's an infrared IP security camera, you are able to see small red lights around the lens of the security camera in the dark, when this security camera is on.

It's also a quick way to tell if a security camera has night vision. You can use a book or any covers to block the light falling on your security camera.

Your wireless ip camera may lose connection with our servers or the internet on some occasions. There are several reasons why your camera may be offline, including a depleted battery, high bandwidth usage, updated router settings, or wireless interference. The camera is designed to automatically re-connect once there is internet available. If this does not happen, you can try the following: If your Soliom camera is offline, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Important: Before you begin troubleshooting, you should make sure you have physical access to your camera. If you are using your camera on battery power, its battery might be depleted. Plug the camera into its power adaptor and cable to start charging it. The camera should turn on as soon as the power cable is connected. If it does not, wait at least ten minutes to give the battery a minimal charge, then try turning your device on while it is still plugged in.

Check your Wi-Fi and internet connections. Connect another device like a smartphone or a laptop to the same Wi-Fi that your camera is using and verify that the internet is working by visiting a website like www.

Use a paper clip to reset the camera by inserting the clip into the tiny hole right next to the micro USB power connector in the back of the camera. This will delete the Wi-Fi settings. Check settings on your router and modem. Improper settings on a Wi-Fi router can cause your camera to disconnect or show as offline in the soliom app.

High firewall security or strict parental control settings can block communication with Ooma servers. If your router has device priority enabled, it could be limiting the amount of bandwidth available for your Soliom Solar Cam. This would cause your camera to disconnect.

Turn off other devices connected to your Wi-Fi Router. Low bandwidth allocation can make camera go offline 9. Your internet service provider ISP may limit your bandwidth after you reach a certain usage threshold.This topic has been marked solved and closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

Why all of the sudden the night vision is not working on my camera, I've had it for about 3 months and no problems and now it's so dark you can't see anything. Please help, thanks. Go to Solution.

View solution in original post. Do the red IR lights on the front light up in the dark? I'm guessing no. Try a battery pull reset and see if it fixes it. Also how low is the battery level?

I'll will let you know what happens. Very interested to hear the results of the re-sync, I'm having the exact same problem with one of my three cameras after only 3 months. I tried the battery disconnect thing as well to no avail, and ensured that night vision was enabled. I had to pack up the entire system and exchange it. Then I got an add on camera. You should not need to disconnect and resync regularly. How often are you noticing this behavior? Visit our support page for answers from simple setup to security optimization.

Search for something specific or select a product or category for helpful articles and videos. Simply login to your Arlo App, go to Settings, Support, then select the Arlo product you would like support for. We are working on resolving this issue.Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Get started using your new devices by downloading Geeni, one convenient app that manages everything straight from your phone or tablet.

Easily connect to your home Wi-Fi, and control multiple devices from the touch of your fingertips. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Page 5 Toll-free To explore our full selection of products, visit us at: www. The illustrated product and specifications may differ slightly from those supplied.

Register an account on your Geeni App. Enter your mobile phone number or email address Enter the verification code and create a password. The indicator will remain solid red when starting up, but will begin to blink red when connected.

The Geeni app will attempt to connect. This may take a few moments. When the blinking light turns solid blue, connection was successful! The indicator light will turn solid blue when device was connected successfully! Page Questions, Troubleshooting, Notices Qu es t io n s. You can share access to all Merkury devices— cameras, plugs, bulbs, doorbells, etc.

Page 14 Troubleshooting Cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network. Make sure you entered the correct Wi-Fi password during the Wi-Fi setup. Check whether there are any Internet connection problems. If the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, reset your Wi-Fi router and try again. Reset the device Camera can be reset by holding down the reset button for seconds. Make sure your devices are already set up using the Geeni app, then follow these steps.

Your video device is able to stream video to these leading smart assistants. Make sure your devices are already set up using the Geeni app.

Authorize your account with Google Assistant using the username and password from your Geeni app. You can rename your devices in the Geeni app, and Alexa will refer to them by the same name.Your Wi-Fi network is not displayed in the app during the installation. The camera is offline and does not seem to reconnect. Video is blurred, grainy, discolored or contains glare.

You won't hear any sound from the camera in the app. People can't hear you through the camera or there is a delay. The smart doorbell sounds when no one is at the door. Why the smart doorbell feels warm and what you can do about it? If your smart doorbell is not connected to Wi-Fi, it appears Offline in the app.

Here are a few quick solutions to get it back online:. Try going online with another device and visit any website. Check on a mobile phone with only wifi and not the mobile data connection. If the whole network is down, you'll need Tcpa settlement check find the cause of the problem before you can get the Nest Cam back online.

After restarting the camera, a solid green light on the front means that it is connected to Wi-Fi. After starting up, wait until the lights on the router for the power supply and the connection no longer flash. Then wait a few minutes for a green light on the front of the camera.

This means that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi. Temporarily disconnect other devices from the internet one by one and then check if your camera is back online. If bandwidth is the problem, you may need to limit the bandwidth usage of other devices or upgrade your Internet service. Turn off other devices in your home that may cause problems. Examples debian allstarlink install cordless phones, baby phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices and wireless video systems.

This can have various causes: your camera may be too far away from your Wi-Fi router, the wireless signal is disrupted or there are other problems with your Wi-Fi network. During the installation, your camera searches for Wi-Fi networks and forwards the information to the Nest app. That is why you may not see your network immediately. If the network has not appeared after a few minutes, follow the steps below to solve problems. If you only have a problem with what the images of the camera look like and you think this has nothing to do with the wifi connectionplease read the following remarks:.

There is a translucent sticker on the lens of your new Nest camera to protect it during transport and installation. You need to remove this sticker. Glare is usually caused by the sun shining into the camera lens or being reflected from a nearby surface. Try one or more of the following solutions. Then check the video stream of your camera to see if the problem has been solved. Cut out the surfaces and objects that are likely to cause the glare.

For example, aim the camera down slightly or provide some shade to protect the lens from direct sunlight. To Save a Certain Day of Footage From the SD Card. 1. Go to your camera on your Geeni app. 2. Tap on Playback (Choose the day to be saved). I purchased 2 Vivid p HD smart indoor wifi cameras for inside my I talked with one of the support staff and we tried troubleshooting everything.

Merkury Innovations Smart WiFi P Camera. by Merkury Innovations How do I disable the music that the camera makes when it turns on? Answer. 2. If the camera is still offline, there may be a problem with your home network. You can reset your home router and/or modem. A. The Merkury Smart WiFi Camera is an affordable choice for adding a security camera to your home.

But these issues don't seem to affect most folks. Nice security camera that's inexpensive. it's not wireless, works great. I'm kind of techy so setting up the app and the cameras was not a problem for me. p. Questions, Troubleshooting, Notices. What's in the Box. Get Ready. • Smart Wi-Fi Camera. • Mounting Screws. • USB Cable. • Mounting Adhesive. Contents Start Guide Download & Register Plug In Connect (Easy Mode) Connect (QR Mode) Settings Questions, Troubleshooting, Notices Voice Control Guide Google.

Video / Cameras · Logitech has released a firmware update for the Logitech C camera that ships with the Mercury AV kit. · This message will. Troubleshooting. Make sure you're installing your camera in a well-lit room. You can always move your camera to the desired installation. Sometimes you might notice that there's a delay between your camera's live video stream and what's happening in real-time. As with any video streaming.

Learn more >> How to set up the Wi-Fi network? 3. Remove the micro SD card, try to reconnect power cord.

How to Solve the Problem About Camera is Offline?

4. Try to change to another USB wire (problem could be. Questions, Troubleshooting, Notices. Thank you for purchasing your MERKURY smart home product. Get started using your new devices by downloading.

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The light on the front of your Doorbell Cam 1 is a helpful diagnostic tool setup instructions to configure your Doorbell Cam to your August Smart Lock. Control all Geeni smart home and smart health devices in one easy app, the picture to be very clear or to be able to see the cameras at night do you. How to troubleshoot "camera is offline"? Your wireless ip camera may lose connection with our servers or the internet on some occasions.

There. I've got 2 f the Merkury WiFi Cameras and they work just fine. to hear about the problem you're experiencing with your smart-home devices and Alexa. Especially for Argus (the old generation) camera, please make sure you didn't mix up different cameras' rear covers, and please click here to troubleshoot. Security camera hackers can compromise your safety and privacy., that doesn't mean your smart cameras are totally secure.

CNET Home. Buy Merkury Smart Wi-Fi Camera from Walmart Canada. Shop for more Wi-Fi I tried looking up troubleshooting to get it working again but it just was dead.