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Real estate is a vast industry. It has various sectors and these sectors use a plethora of terminology. A few terms are explained in this blog and they will help to add-on to the vocabulary. If you are investing in a plot or a land parcel, it is necessary to know about a few terms that may ragnarok stat calculator across the deal.

One should have sufficient vocabulary before landing into a field. Words like Khasra, Khatauni, Khata are used in the land records sector. Similar words create confusion. A Khasra number is a plot or survey number that is allotted to a particular piece web api authentication land in villages. In urban areas, they are named as plot numbers or survey numbers. Khasra is a Persian term and has been in use since a long period. In urban areas, a plot number is assigned to each piece of land; similarly, a numerical identification is assigned to agricultural land in rural areas.

Authorities of a village assign a Khasra number to each and every land parcel in that particular village based on the village map. A land parcel may have more than one owner. All states have the records of rights, popularly known as Jamabandi or Fard. Khasra number plays a specific role when it comes to buying and selling or doing any other activity on a specific piece of agricultural land. It is very important and remains constant throughout the entire life but changes if the land is divided and sold.

Khasra number serves as a special document to establish rights over a property. It is an important part of a document known as Shajra which consists of the complete map of the entire land in the village. A Khasra number provides various details of the land parcel like the total area of the land, if it is fertile, the kind of crop cultivated on it, the quality of the soil, and the number of trees planted on that particular land parcel. One can get the history of about 50 years of a particular Khasra number and can also get the entire ownership and the pattern about the land for the last 50 years.

Khasra number is very necessary as it provides a lot of information about a particular parcel of land. It tells us about the number of people who own agricultural lands and if these lands are cultivated by the owners or by others.

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This number also tells us how much share does the land laws have on these lands and how many people are generally involved in cultivating a piece of land.

Khasra and Khata are two similar sounding terms but they differ in meaning and functioning. The Records of Rights include many details; one among those is the Khasra number. This is a plot or survey number given to a particular piece of land or a land parcel in a village.

Khasra numbers of rural areas are equivalent to plot numbers of urban areas. Land parcels may have a number of owners. Khasra number provides every detail of all the plots like their areas, measurement, details of owners and cultivators, type of crops and soil etc.

This is a part of Shajra.The same procedure should be adopted to verify FMB and Village maps online. Firstly one has to visit www. The land records whatscall mod apk project is implemented at Tehsil level in the State of Chhattisgarh.

The Project is named Bhuinya. Visit www. This information is available in Gujarati. Jamabandi Nakal can be verified online by Owner name or by Khewat number or by Khasra number and then select District, Tehsil and Village and click submit to verify land ownership online. Subsequently type the code number appearing on the Screen and Click OK and the information on the owners of the Property on the basis of the search request shall appear online.

The Screen opens to the District Maps of Jharkhand. Search can be based on the following basis name of the owners of the land in that respective Mauja; Khasra number; Khata number; name of the owners of the land based on Khatadari. Also Register II Extract can also be verified online. Search can be based on the following basis page number, name of the owner, khata number; Plot number.

The Screen will open to Select District. Moreover the details of any encumbrance if any created in favour of the Banks can also be viewed online in the Khasra Extract. The same information can also be obtained by visiting www. Select the District and Tehsil and the details of various villages with respective hulka and Rajasva Nirakshak Mandal will appear on the screen and click select and then the information for Khasra Extract, Khatauni and certain other details can be choosen and finally click select and the details of the land owner along with the respective Khasra number and land extent will appear online.

The Screen will then open to a map showing all the Districts of Maharashtra.

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The information relating to total irrigated and non irrigated land area, waste land, land revenuename of the owner and the rights created over the land can be viewed online. Likewise to verify Form 8A Extract online, in the same website, click Form 8A appearing on the Screen and the map showing all the Districts of Maharashtra will be reflected.

The information relating to he respective Katha number, total land area and the name of the owner can be viewed online. The extent in Sq.Site optimized for Internet Explorer 6. Better viewed in X resolution. Site Contents belongs to Haryana Government. NIC does not take responsibility of contents and data. View Mutation Orders. View Cadastral Maps. Revenue Court Cases.

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Sharma OSD rajender. Gangadharan Finance Expert k. Hood Advisor uw. Dhawan Consultant sunil. Luthra Consultant luthrakl gmail. Chief Engineer Ashwani. P Shrivastava Land Officer dp. CE-I sanjay. CE-II vijayant. Ishaque Sr. Azharuddin Dy. New Delhi — Phone: E-Mail: contactus ncrtc. Vinay Kumar. Managing Director. Rajender Kr. Anil Kumar. Yogesh Chandra. Krishan Auvatar.

Naresh Kumar. Company Secretary. Saket Kumar. Harsh Raj. Kamal Kumar. Finance Expert. Sanjay Singh. Ashish Kumar. Sukhdeep Singh. Human Resource HR.This website has been developed to help people to access official land record of Haryana such as Registration, Mutation and Jamabandi.

People can now view details of sanctioned mutations and jamabandi of any land in Haryana using Owner name, khewat number and khasra numbers. This site also provides information about property registration and necessary documents required for it. The knowledge base to educate people about revenue terminology is also available. It is a document prepared as part of record-of-right in every revenue estate.

It contains entries regarding Ownership, cultivation and up-to-date of various rights in land. It is revised every five years when a Jamabandi is prepared by Patwari and attested by Revenue Officer.

Two copies of revised Jamabandi are prepared. One copy is consigned Mutation indicates the changes that have to be brought about in ownership and title of the land. It contains the information about the khewat of last Jamabandi, which are proposed to be corrected Column No 1 to 7 and information contained in Column no 8 to 12 is proposed to be established. These columns are self explanatory Skip to main content.

Main navigation. Latest News. Previous Pause Next. Halris Haryana. Read more about About Us. Read more about Jamabandi. Read more about Mutation Register. Subscribe to Halris Haryana.Land ownership in India is presumptive.

Land records are poorly maintained; they do not reflect the on ground position. Policy responses have addressed modernisation and digitisation of land records.

दिल्ली भूलेख: ऑनलाइन जमाबंदी खतौनी नकल, Delhi Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni

It seeks to achieve complete computerisation of the property registration process and digitisation of all land records. Computerisation of land records. Mutation computerised. Issuance of digitally signed RoR. Cadastral Maps digitised. Spatial data verified. Cadastral maps linked to RoR. Real time updation of RoR and maps. Area surveyed. Note: RoR is Record of Rights.

Data is updated till September Moving to a system of state guaranteed titles will be challenging. Land as an asset is unique because it is immovable, its value depends on its location, and with growing population, its demand keeps increasing, while its supply is limited. Access to land or land rights has a wide-ranging impact on livelihoods, industrial, economic, and social growth. It has been noted that people with extensive rights to land are better off than the landless, due to better access to markets and other economic opportunities that come with land rights.

Land ownership is broadly defined by the access to a land title. Land title is a document that determines the ownership of land or an immovable property. Having a clear land title protects the rights of the title holder against other claims made by anyone else to the property. In India, land ownership is determined through various records such as sale deeds that are registered, property tax documents, government survey records, etc.Khasra number is the Persian term that refers to a survey number.

The survey number is given to a specific rural land or piece of property. But in urban areas, land parcels are assigned to the survey numbers of the plot numbers, and this concept is similar to that of a Khasra Number. This term is ubiquitous for properties that are located in India. These lands were accompanied by Persian and Arabic origin, and a lot of them have been revolutionised in the Mughal Era. Even 6though so much time has passed, they still are essential in the legal and revenue system.

The Khasra no.

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This is third. This is fourth. This is fifth. This is six. This is seven. This is eight. The person responsible for arranging the documents for local land revenue is known as the Lekhpal, and the village Patwari helps him while maintaining the upkeep of land revenue papers. So, in turn, it is the lekhpal and the village Patwari that assigns the numbers for the various plots of land that come under the village. The Khasra number is part of a document named the Sharja.

The Sharjah is a complete map of the village land. It is essential because using the Khasra number you can get land ownership history as far back as 50 years ago. The khasra number; we get information about the size of the plot and the type of crop that has been cultivated over the years, and it gives us an insight into the history of the land so that in the future we know what to expect. Thus, new buyers or owners know what the land has gone through and the changes that have taken place throughout the years.

The survey number is given to specific rural land. But in urban areas, land parcels are assigned to the survey numbers or the plot numbers, and this concept is similar to that of a Khasra Number.

This term is widespread for properties that are located in India. Khasra Number - Khasra Number is. › Home › Research › Guides. A khasra number is an identity provided to a land parcel. To access any information about your land, you will have to provide khasra number. A khasra number is a survey number given to particular pieces of land in villages. Similarly, a survey number or plot numbers are allotted to.

The Khasra no.

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gives us intricate details about the region and the area around; it also gives us information about the types of soil, crops. Khasra no is a plot number provided to a specific piece of land in a village. Khasra/ dag no is nothing but similar to the survey number. These are two. Khasra is a type of field book or record which includes the details of the land like the survey number, area of land, land revenue, address details, source of.

Using the number, you can get the details of owners and their total Using the Khata, Khasra, and Khatuni numbers you can know the. ROR Details under e-District Delhi.

e-District Registration Id*, OR e-District User Id*. Registered Mobile No.* By Khasra No By Name. Khata No*. Owner Name Wise · Khewat No. Wise · Khasra No. Wise · Khatouni No. Wise · Mutation · Mutation No. Wise · Roznamcha · Rapat No. Wise · Waqiati No. Wise. People can now view details of sanctioned mutations and jamabandi of any land in Haryana using Owner name, khewat number and khasra numbers. VILLAGE NAME REC NO KHASRA NO. AWARD NO. AWARD. DATE.


What is Khasra (ख़सरा) number and its importance in checking land records?

GAON SABHA. LAND. HASTHSAL. 75 (48,12). 05/05/ MAY(0,2). Select Details. Select District Select Village. To check the Mortgage of the Land, Please see column 12 of the Jamabandi Nakal (highlighted in Red).

The disputed khasra number was described in the suit agreement to sell dated the details of khasra number was not mentioned though khata No. by Rosi Reddy Madhirala; April 15, ; No Comments A Khasra number provides various details of the land parcel like the total area of the land.

No. of Districts: 30 ; No. of Tahasil: ; No. of RI Circles: ; No. of Villages: DOLR,MORD,GOI. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter. Description. Page no Khasra), which form the basic record of revenue administration. Every citizen can easily check information about their land record from their homes. They no longer have to head. Khata No. Department Name.

Chhaitana. Chhaitana Rasta. Education Department. Education Department. Badagan. Badagan Gharawari. Khasras traditionally detail “all the fields and their areas, measurement, “Khasra” is a survey book and “Sajra” is the village map.