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K Rowling. But she was known as one of the nicest Slytherins in Hogwarts. I looked at my schedule; I had potions with Snape. I rolled my eyes as Snape would always pair us up with people we didn't like. As I walked into the Slytherin common room, Draco was waiting for me. I smiled at his silver eyes and he smiled back at mine. Draco's expression went from happy to disgusted. I chuckled at his expression as we made our way to the dungeon. I shook my head in disgust as we entered Snape's classroom.

Two minutes later, the trio walked in. First Ron, then Harry and lastly Hermione. As Hermione walked past I gave her a smile. I slapped his arm and he gave me a look of hatred. Snape then walked in, with the same blank facial expression as always. Five minutes before the end of the lesson, Snape had given us home work:.

Everyone groaned as he spoke. He went through the list until he reached my name. My eyes widened at what he just said. I looked over at Draco who's jaw was clenched.

Possessive (Draco)

My heart was beating as I knew the hatred Draco had for Harry, I knew it would cause a huge problem. As Snape dismissed us, Draco walked straight past me in rage. My heart sank as I hated seeing him so angry. Harry smiled at me and I smiled back. I walked to the Great Hall to find Draco, I couldn't find him anywhere. Then it clicked, I made my way to the astrology tower where I saw his platinum blonde hair. I gave him a hug, he hugged me back surprisingly.

Premios Watty. Crear una nueva historia Mis historias Writing contests. Prueba Premium. Draco Malfoy x reader: Mudbloods and Purebloods.The following week was exhausting. The truth was you were scared.

You were terrified, to say the very least. You had no clue what to say to him at this point, afraid that you were just going to make him even more upset than he already was. You also distanced yourself from Ron. You knew the whole situation happened because of your friendship with Ron, and the only solution you could come up with was simply to stop being friends with Ron.

He had approached you multiple times, asking you if you were free and wanted to go study, but you had declined each offer. You felt absolutely terrible, you truly did like Ron and you enjoyed spending time with him. It felt so hopeless. Today was no different. Everyone was in class, everyone but you. You knew you would have to face Draco sooner or later, today was just not the day.

You were sitting in the library, trying your best to distract yourself by reading a book. Suddenly, a warm hand was placed on your shoulder, making you snap out fo your thoughts. In front of you stood Ron. You shut the book close as the red-haired boy sat down in the chair next to you. You were still staring at your hands, nervously playing with them.

You felt your bottom lip starting to tremble. That was when you noticed the tears that were welling up in your eyes, making you shut them close to prevent the tears from hitting your cheeks.

You took a deep, shaky breath as you turned around and fell straight into his arms. You could tell he was surprised, but quickly wrapped his arms around you.

You let the tears fall silently down your cheeks. The feeling of someone holding you and being there to comfort you finally made you feel a little bit better. He slowly wiped the tears away using his thumbs, making you nod. You nodded once again, giving him half a smile. The halls were empty. You slowly walked down the hall, taking your time as you looked out each window you passed.

The weather had somewhat cleared up, dark clouds still covering the sky. And there he was. Hi s eyes were dark, not the usual bright blue color they always used to be.

As soon as your eyes met his, your heart dropped. You felt your throat tighten up as you felt completely paralyzed. You felt your eyes widen as you suddenly realized that you had to get away, quickly. You turned around, quickly making your way down the hall without saying a word to the blond boy. Your wrist. The same wrist he had grabbed that night. The same wrist that now had a bright red mark from his tight grip.You let out a hefty chuckle as you listen to Collins whispering something witty in your ear with Kai sitting on your left.

The velvet sofa is a little too small to fit three people, but Collins sits down beside you anyway, one thigh dangerously close to yours. One minor movement and they will brush each other. Not when you can glimpse a glaring Draco, whose relationship with you consists of ambiguous flirting and Merlin-knows-what, by the corner of your eyes.

The latter collapses on the floor with a thump. Now tell me manjaro black screen with cursor do I owe you? Perhaps a drink? You pull your sequined grey mini dress down that slipped up from your previous movement, the two boys watching your move closely. You turn just in time to catch them looking away, blushing.

You wink before heading for the drink table. You are uncapping the glass container when a firm hand scoops your waist towards its owner. A tinge of rage flickers in them, and you smirk. The white-blond boy does not respond as he hauls you away, leading you outside the room where the party is held. You can smell him this close, a mixture of jasmine and crisp air. The first two buttons of his white shirt are unfastened, his pale skin slightly exposed.

You drag a hand down his chest, and he holds your wrist with his free hand. As you expect, he snaps. He darts his eyes to your lips, and you gulp, not knowing where to look.

A strange sensation tingles in your lower abdomen. And you make it so hard for me to stay away. Your back against the wall, you run your thumb over his lower lip.

He wraps his hand around yours, keeping your fingers against his mouth as he presses a kiss on your knuckles. His other hand on your waist feels hot against your body. He begins to stoke idle circles on your waist. He fixes his eyes on you like a predator hunting for a prey.

The intensity in his eyes almost makes you grab his face and just kiss him. You pull your hand away just to cup it against his jaw. It is all you need to say before he slams his soft lips against yours. He devours you, a hand tangled in your hair as the other moves to grip your hip. You hook your leg around him, closing the rest of the gap between the two of you. His hand travels along your skin, lower and lower and lower so slowly that you groan until he grabs your thigh that wraps around him, his fingers brushing the inner side, only making you wanting more.

His tongue sweeps its way into your mouth, and you make room as he claims the space to himself. You stroke his jaw, the other hand resting against his firm stomach.

You spare a glance over your shoulder and find the Slytherin prince grinning and catching up. It will be a long nightyou smile to yourself. Like a child jealous of a favorite toy.S] by Mimi. Consisting of a large desk and a looming bookcase, it held no personal items. The corporal suddenly leaned up and placed his hand on the back of your neck, bringing you in for a rapid peck on the lips, which you returned with a surprised reluctance.

Armin x reader lemon This is the song I was listening to when I thought of this one-shot: youtu. You only wanted some extra college credits. Manga add. This belief leads her to befriend Marin Tachibana and Aki Tezuka, two girls who exclusively talk about their boyfriends.

There were things that annoyed Levi to the point of insanity. You know what'll happen. Todoroki te besa y te empieza a quitar la ropa. Conquering Levi [LevixMikasa fanfic] photograph. The Top Ten. Warning: Contains steamy material. Ongoing, First published Dec 02, Looking quiet scared jeff Jason the Toymaker is a monster that appears in the creepypasta of the same name. Selever X Reader Wattpad - realestatefind. Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge.

Subscribing and managing your subscription. Itty-Bitty Crush [H. Fifty Shades of Ereri - Intensity. If you register for Wattpad via third parties like Facebook and Google, they send us information that is necessary for your use of our Services, such as your name, email address, gender and birthdate. The mighty first-born. Nobara is a relatively short girl with a slim figure. We've spent a diversity worksheets Haikyuu x reader lemon jealous Nightmare x killer forced lemon.

You were going to fire at her but that would probably just antagonize her. Harry finally bought his first flat after he turned eighteen and moved out to be on his own next to this Indian Family of five. V You feel your face getting hotter as Masky takes off his mask, revealing his sharp nose, bright blue eyes and small pink lips. Well, Bakugou thinks they are much better than the others.Wash was protective with all the team, and most with Caboose for obvious reasonsbut when you arrived, all his attention was on you.

She and Ted have met before, and not under pleasant circumstances. Word Count: The students of U. You and Draco are in a relationship. Overprotective x reader. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Words: 2, A little secret. You have just bought a new outfit, what does your boyfriend say you look like. See more. Or boyfriend Gunil headcanon? Fem or gn reader Answer: Of course you can! So there you go.

Sorry if this is confusing. Gender neutral reader. You politely took off your sandals and entered, whispering a small, "Pardon my intrusion" while sliding the front door open. But you were getting to a point where his overprotective nature was limiting you from doing things you want to. Chapter Text. If the request doesn't say which one then I'll pick, but am most likely going to make the reader gender-netural.

She peeked over her shoulder at her sleeping boyfriend, dark hair fluffed and messy, face peaceful if not a little drool-y. You called him by name Boyfriend! Super flexible in tight spots, climb walls and can blend in with her surroundings Limit: You can camouflage with anything within the span of 30 minutes Weakness: Large bodies of water Being able to have the Dc x reader tumblr. Warnings: Profanity, Underage drinking. Felix x Male reader.

Draco Malfoy X Reader

Bnha X Reader Cheating Download!. Summary: You and Sirius have a run-in while both at Hogwarts for the holidays Non-house specific Reader.

You should never be selfish and that your best friend is not a possesion, you do not own hi In Safe Hands - Draco Malfoy x reader. Overprotective Boyfriend. Steve x Reader. The pink-haired boy glared at his rival.Which is weirdly filled to the brim with boys, and more boys on top of that. Warnings: toxic traits from everyone, nobody is perfect. Reader tries to save face by not letting on how cold they are which ends in comforting fluff Drawn Together-Newt and the reader are friends, but Newt wishes they could be more.

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He sat on a park bench, letting the gentle wind soothe him … Straight up, I read something titled "x reader" and then the character has a their own name I don't mind if it's a nicknameskin colour, hair, … A new student joins Hogwarts, a young girl sorted into Hufflepuff, nothing special you would think, a completely ordinary witch, but how ordinary can you be when you grandfather is famous book writer Newt Scamander and grandmother is an Auror.

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Kirishima X Listener Lemon. Originally posted by hardyness. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. Thomas is then put into the Box and lifted into the Maze. He offered to help cook but all his requests were shot down and he was made a cup of coffee and took a spot on the couch with your grandmother and great aunt.

See a recent post on Tumblr from timbertumbr about underfell-sans-x-reader.Originally posted by evansmaximoff. Draco stared at you fondly from across the Great Hall. Blaise, who was in the middle of a story that Draco was obviously not listening to stopped. I could never, I mean I would never even want to why would I do that?

It was frustrating to say the least. Blaise had tried everything, which left him with only one more option. You were on your way to the library when Blaise stepped in front of you.

You collided with him and nearly fell to the ground but at what seemed like the very last moment you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist. You looked up to see Blaise staring at you. Blaise removed his hands and gave you a kind smile. The next time you saw Blaise was dinner. You waved at him and he simply nodded at you. Draco looked between you and Blaise before his eyes remained on Blaise.

harry potter imagines ! — jealousy, part 2, draco x reader

You just nodded at her! What was that?! Stop talking, now! Okay listen to me very carefully. You know what? Extremely happy! Draco had to sit there quietly and watch as Blaise went on. His head moved in the direction of anyone who entered the common room hoping it was you. When you finally entered the common room you and Blaise were hand in hand.

Draco closed the book he was pretending to read and stared at you. Blaise had hoped that at this point Draco would be on his feet, confessing his undying love for you. However, Draco was still sitting down and glaring at him.

Blaise sighed at the realization that he would have to move on to his very last attempt. He made eye contact with you before pulling you in for a kiss. Almost immediately Draco was feet. He ripped Blaise away from you and punched him in the face. Blaise fell down and Draco stepped towards you. Read Draco Malfoy X Reader: Jealous from the story Draco Malfoy X Reader by omfgMalfoy (Khlo) with reads.

ronweasley, hedwig, draco. Read jealousy☠ draco x reader from the story Harry Potter Oneshot! by Erikachan1 (alien king) with reads. angst, ronweasley, fluff. Jealous - yay! so i had an idea for draco x reader where the reader is in gryffindor and friends with the trio, and while she always stands. Let me know what you thought? Harry Potter Harry Potter imagine Draco Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy imagine Draco Malfoy x reader Draco imagine.

Jealous Draco Malfoy x Reader | ☁️ | 1k | Slytherin!Reader Set in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban You stared across the Great. Jealous/// Draco Malfoy x Reader A/N: Hey! I had a snow day today so I thought I might as well finish this.

Yes, Draco is jealous of Harry Potter. But when has he not? Jealousy takes over (Draco Malfoy x Ravenclaw! Reader). 2nd Person POV. I Promise You (Draco Malfoy x reader) Summary: Draco gets jealous of Y/N and Harry.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader Title Reference: I. Maybe Just A Little Jealous. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader. Genre: Fluff!! Just pure fluff!! Universe: No Voldy:) Word Count: K. Jealous, Draco Malfoy x reader Request: Hii can i request a Draco imagine where hufflepuff (y/n) likes to help neville when he gets himself. Jealous! Draco x fem!reader Prompts: “Come back here right now” - “Do I make myself clear?” Warnings: Angst to fluff! Enjoy! draco imagine please?? just how he would be jealous & what causes him to be jealous?

thank u in advance!! Warnings - strayed from the request a. A Very Good Reason To Be Jealous Draco Malfoy x Reader Words: Plot: Gryffindor reader and Draco really have a sexy rivalry that you. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader. Genre: Fluff!! Just pure fluff!!

Universe: No Voldy:) Word Count: K. Warning: Some injuries described. jealousy, part 2, draco x readerpairing: draco malfoy x reader word count: 1,6k summary: you and ron becomes closer as you help him study. Jealous (Draco Malfoy x Reader) daydreaming-away-reality: “ Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!Reader (Set in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) You stared.

“You're just jealous some of us have more opportunities than others,” he snarks back pompously. “Unlike you, I hardly believe you would be. Possessive (Draco) Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy x reader Requested- Can her housemates and Draco gets jealous because they were all over her.

As the crowd slowly started to disappear you waited for Draco to come meet you so you could walk to the castle arranged - r.b x reader. Jealousy Request: @fiveisadorable If it isn't too much, can I ortec chemical a draco x reader where the reader is a Slytherin who all the boys like.