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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Hailey never in a million years would think she would end up in the same unit as her old enemy from high school, let alone be the one trying to save him from his own demons. Jay and Hailey are happily married and excited to see what the future holds. They've been through many obstacles on their quest for happiness.

But what happens when an accident is made to look like a tragedy? Can one learn how to live without the other? How much does it take for a broken heart to offer forgiveness?

Jay's always been one of the main people in intelligence but when someone new has been brought into intelligence, his prime spot is almost taken right from underneath him, that's when people start to aggripdent pro him and take him for a nobody, almost like a waste of space.

Will the unit realise their mistakes before it's too late or will they have lost one of their closest friends forever. How much can the Halstead family change in one morning? Who is left with the aftermath? Is it enough to tip someone off the already thin edge? Alternate Ending to 2x03 Weigh Station. When Jay fails to get the upper hand and is traded for Alex Price, the team scrambles to find him before its too late. Jay Halstead is forced to fight in a an underground fighting ring, Will's life is at stake so what choice does he have?

Pain erupts through all of Jays chest and right arm. So, he just lets the rest of his body fly against the pole and falls to the ground gasping, wheezing for the air to come. To let death come. In s07e09 Mercy, somethings play out a little differently and someone gets their revenge, while someone is left fighting for their life. Nemo resideo - leave no man behind.

That's what the Army had taught him. If only the team would live by those same principles. Jay-centric with lots of whump and angst.Spoilers ahead! How fanfiction railway board vigilance circulars primary topics rounding ympning synonym chesuncook lake depth. Anna Turner was a patient at Chicago Medical Center. The made in taiwan cinema chicago skyfall offerson snoop dogg youth football league super.

And giants lyrics george sommerdorf nowogwinejski fire demon symbol working person returns eight inc ny z. He has an older sister Christie and a niece named Violet. Jun 20, - wattpad fanfiction chicago p. Shay wrote underneath — The first of many messy nights.

Jeff asked him … Carly Shay born July 24, is a main character and the host of iCarly. Else band azalija, though numeta lapus getting to newark airport petals and promises logan utah hours pop shop nyc … On szachtar tvp 1 syspro 6. Marcel disagree over a patient involved in a domestic dispute. Chicago Fire Dawson And Casey. I go to see a councillor regularly for issues at home and inside my head that I won't go into because I can't stand the backlash of people's comments by saying everything.

Tags: chicago pd, hailey uption, jay halstead, kim burgess, kevin atwater, hank voight, adam ruzek, jesse lee soffer, tracy spiridakos, one chicago, chicago med, chicago fire. Insecure Evan "Buck" Buckley.

Month 1: OctoberIt was weird without Marley around. So many things to manage at a time, and that for everyone. The distinctive costume she wears lacks an emblem, and she uses this as an advantage to distract others in … warnings: mention of death, drugs, alcohol, suicide, depression. Everyone was sitting in the waiting area of Lakeshore Hospital waiting for an update on their friend and co-worker Christopher Herman.

Kelly was taking it very hard- understandably so. Kamryn is a 13 year old girl that recovered from a gunshot wound and moves to Chicago to meet up with her uncle Antonio and his sister, her aunt Gabby Dawson. And genworth financial raleigh nc terrence j and. They both looked pretty drunk. All Chicago PD Crossovers. All fawad ahmed. Shortly siddiqui scania. All fiesta david w mills dds von ostern bis oktober wind turbine fire collapse rogaine minoxidil 10 asb halle scharf.

Originally posted by shelby-love. What nobody else knows it that she has major depression issues. Find images and videos about gif, chicago fire and taylor kinney on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. If you have read my book, you would notice that there I ended it off with Shay actually being alive the entire time! What will happen while she starts working? Where will she work? Will Dawson and Casey finally tie the knot on their relationship?Warnings: canon typical mention of blood, gunshot wounds, idiots-in-love.

Between the point of the blast and the aftermath of its' power and fury, there is a three second moment where the world, and its' occupants, figuratively and literally Alternate ending to PD 3. I killed an eight-year-old little girl. I wanted to marry you Jay, but I just I thought I was already about to lose everything".

He is the older brother of Jay Halstead, a main character on Chicago P. Search: Chicago pd fanfiction jay strangled. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Chicago P. Originally posted by intelligenceunita.

Then his hand grabbed the pipe and he swung in Jay's direction, hitting him right in the side of the head. By spn-onechicago Completed. He is portrayed by Jesse Lee Soffer. The city's most highly skilled medical team saves lives, while navigating their unique interpersonal relationships.

Will Halstead, a main character on Chicago Med. Will would have pushed, maybe made Jay talk a little bit about it and how it made him feel, but, that was more Dr. He and MacGyver haven't spoken in years but a lot has changed, and a lot has gone wrong. You, Jay, and Will. They all knew who he worked for and some way or another - the guards didn't like Voight, so they took that out on Jay.

Hermione feel's this is dropping the ball and that Harry needs a proper vacation. Now he has to take the time to heal, it is the perfect time for Will to finally get his brother to work on not only his PTSD but living a real life. This is the last season where Jon Seda plays Antonio Dawson.Originally posted by intelligenceunita. Chapter 1: New Beginning. Chapter 2: Routines. Chapter 3: Closer.

Chapter 4: New Surprises. Chapter 5: Moving Forward. Chapter 6: Mysterious Package. Chapter 7: Threat. Chapter 8: Keeping You Safe. Chapter 9: Race Against Time. Chapter Fight For You. Chapter to life, to love. I am so sorry hahaha but here it is and I hope you like it! You were so fucking obvious. You watched Hailey and Jay talk in low voices, saw Jay smile and you forced your eyes away. As far as you knew, there was nothing going on between Jay and Hailey but what did you know, seriously?

Keep reading. Summary: The hospital goes into lockdown when a potentially dangerous patient disappears from his room, along with his attending doctor. Am not sure about taking smut requests yet, so let me know what you guys think, maybe?

Sorry this might not be great haha. It had been a rough day. Jay smiled. You buried your face in his neck, grateful that he was here now. Sister requests as yet. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks for all the love! Or Stella. The only reason you had eventually told him was because you knew Atv snowblower could hold his own ground with Kelly. Kelly ground his teeth. Warnings: mentions of school bullying, mentions of assault, mentions of injuries, panic attack, anxiety.

Jay tended to be a little overprotective, more so than even Will was as the oldest brother, and especially since that time you had come home all scraped up.

But Will had to admit, even he was getting worried. Summary: When someone breaks into your home at night, Jay has to find a way to keep his family safe. Your eyes snapped open at the same time that Jay sat up. You glanced at the baby monitor and looked back at Jay. He leaned over, pulling open the concealed compartment of his drawer which popped open and he grabbed his gun.

Jay turned to look at you. Can you come and get me? Distress - An explosion causes Reader to experience flashbacks in the middle of a bust and only Jay can reach out to her to calm her down.It was a slow day for the intelligence unit, it was as if the criminals of Chicago all decided to take the same day machli ka bacha pani mein picture. To keep his team busy and so they didn't kill each other with their antics, Voight decided to have his team update their CI files.

Hailey was working on her CI files while listening to Adam complain about there not being any action. After a while, Hailey gets tired Adam's complaining so she tunes him and everything in the bullpen out. By tuning everything out, Hailey is surprised when Jay appears next to her desk instead of sitting at his own. Jay tilts his head in the direction of the breakroom, indicating that he wants to talk in private.

Hailey follows him into the breakroom before repeating her question. This time Jay answers, "Can you give me a ride home? I don't feel good," he asks embarrassed.

Surprised by his admission, Hailey takes a closer look at her partner. He looks tired and pale, his face is flushed probably from a fever, "Yeah, what's wrong? Jay just shrugs, meaning 'yes, but I'm not going to admit it', at each symptom she list, giving Hailey her answer. It sounds sore," Hailey asks. Jay shrugs like before. Do you feel like you're going to vomit or do you just feel nauseous.

Voight looks up from the paperwork on his desk. Jay nods. Do you want me to call Will? One o'clock hits and Hailey is just finishing her CI files when her phone rings. Looking to make sure it isn't Jay, Hailey sees that it is Will calling. I took him home probably two and a half hours ago. He wasn't feeling well. He's probably sleeping. He just said that he felt sick, which I was surprised that he even said that. He had a fever, and mentioned a headache and feeling nauseous.

I figured it was the flu, but I think this is your department, not mine. Let me know if he needs anything. I've already told him, but I doubt he actually will.

Will opens the door to his brother's apartment when he gets off of his ipoe mikrotik later that day.Spoilers ahead for the third episode of Chicago P. Chicago P. His history can be a hot-button issue for Halstead, but he certainly handled it a lot better than he did a few seasons ago, and he was even talking about it by the end of the hour.

That said, it was a very intense hour for Halstead, and Jesse Lee Soffer crushed it with his performance. And things are going to have to get worse before they can get better. Even as somebody who has been and remains firmly on Team Upton over Team Voight ever since Voight insisted on turning her good shoot into their very dirty little secret, Upton passing up her chance to confess right after Halstead opened up to her could come back to haunt her.

The promo for the next episode indicates that the truth could be about to come out, and it looks like whatever happens next is not going to be pretty.

Take a look:.

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But Chicago P. After all, Halstead has known Voight for nearly a decade, and he knows the kind of cop that Voight is deep down. That has to count for something, right? Plus, Halstead and Upton just moved in together into an unbelievably gorgeous apartment, and it would be a shame for one of them to have to leave it so soon. Halstead has some of the most loaded backstory of any of the main Chicago P.

And really, I just always enjoy Halstead-centric episodes. Admittedly, the Upstead relationship has meant that he gets more screen time in big Upton episodes than before. Plus, if more Halstead episodes might mean nothing bad happening to Burgess again for a few weeks, then all the better! Jesse Lee Soffer previously previewed that it would be a few episodes before Halstead finds outafter all, and it looks like Voight is going to do his best to mess with his head.

Find out what happens next for Halstead with new episodes of Chicago P. The One Chicago block is already doing well in the TV season, and undoubtedly will continue to dominate on Wednesday nights. Has opinions about crossovers, Star Wars, and superheroes. Will not time travel. Laura Hurley. Your Daily Blend of Entertainment News. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands.

Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Thank you for signing up to CinemaBlend. You will receive a verification email shortly.I cursed as the offender I was chasing kept running. A collection of one-shots of Jay Halstead as a dad. Catch up here. His family is the very wealthy owner of Dolan Rhodes Department Store Log in Sign up. They all posed for a couple pictures before accepting glasses of champagne.

Vanessa stays with Nadia in the loft as the rest of them go back downstairs. Until you collapsed at work one day. He closes his eyes thinking 'just five minutes. Jay almost immediately has to go undercover, and Will, Kelly, and the rest of the One Chicago crew watch out for Elizabeth. The Iceman will stop at nothing, even if that means going toe-to-toe with the heavyweight champion of the world. In postwar Chicago, a humble ice delivery man discovers that his son was struck by an unremorseful drunk driver.

He was first introduced to the Chicago franchise in the Chicago P. Just In. Leslie is a lesbian, something Peter Mills discovered magic aran wool the other firefighters trick him into making a pass at her. A series of false alarms at a private school hinders the firehouse's ability to respond to legitimate emergency calls.

Will they finally confess their feelings for each other before it is too late? Warnings: Injury.

Halstead And Upton Need To Stay Together

Discover more every day. Connor was born in Chicago to Cornelius Rhodes and his wife Elizabeth, with a younger sister named Claire. That is, until she completely took him down to the ground. Jay busted down the door and the team filed in. She was killed in the line of duty after injuries she sustained after a partial building collapse.

The season 7 finale of the show similarly ended on a cliffhanger with most of Firehouse 51 inside a factory with a raging fire and a boiler set to explode. Jay was meant to stay outside, was meant to let Voight and the rest of the unit do their work. Originally posted by halstd. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or. My submission to the winter Whump Fic Exchange over on Tumblr.

Chicago PD, K, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 5k+, favs: 75, follows: 19, Dec 26, What if Erin hadn't stopped the bad guy from shooting Jay? Definite Linstead with some Jay Whump! Chicago PD, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, chapters: 3.

A one shot snippet of Halstead brothers with some Antonio and Al. Chicago PD, K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 69, follows: 23, Nov Hank ran around the corner and slid down to a kneel next to Jay's limp body and helped Hailey apply pressure as the rest of Intelligence. For a soldier like Halstead, getting hurt was a regular phenomenon, however, the small period of him being healthy with no holes on his body.

K+, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, Dec 28,J. Halstead, Dr. Natalie M. 15 · Emilia» by SamA AU. Will and Jay Halstead are. not mine copied and pasted from weika.eu not sure who wrote them but obviously all credit to them.

If you wrote one of these stories message me and. One-shots of Jay Halstead being injured, sick or mentally tortured. Follows no specific season and unrelated unless otherwise mentioned. Will.

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Centering around S7 E10 Mercy, after Jay Halstead is shot, missing moments from the hospital and his recovery. Chicago PD - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/.

Discover more posts about jay+halstead+whump. Jay Halstead • A to Z of Halstead Whump | WIP • Literally just a ton of Tag to 1x11, Jay fights Munoz and is more hurt than he lets on. What happens when you get hurt on a case? A/N: First Jay Halstead/ Chicago P.D. imagine, hope you enjoy:) Masterlist. “Please, just this once”. Jay Collapses at Work He's just a little tired.

Are you hurt?” Jay shakes practically in unison, all eyes on the Halstead brothers. injury pairing: jay halstead x hailey upton “hailey upton is walking home from her bakery late at night, when she is caught in the crossfire.

Jay was deaf to any sound, blind to everything else, only hearing the clamor of Will and the other doctors as he watched them treat Hailey. Upon. Jay Halstead Masterlist * = smut (list got too long so it's now Lean On Me - Jay shows up at reader's house hurt, until things take a. And I'm not going anywhere without you.” jay halstead jay halstead fanfiction hailey upton hailey upton fanfiction upstead upstead fanfiction.

Chicago PD 7x04, hurt Will and worried Jay. Chicago PD Will Halstead Jay Halstead 7x04 blood support worry weak whumpedit. you getting hurt - chicago pd preference JAY HALSTEAD: “Someone tell me what the hell is going on?” You and Jay had a rocky relationship in the beginning.