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Browse through detailed information on dozens of careers to discover what scientists, engineers, and other STEM professionals really do and what it takes to prepare for these careers. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter.

Chemistry helps us make sense of the world around us and connects to the main social, ethical and cultural issues affecting our lives today. Chemistry paper 2.

Natural resources are all around us and provide us with the materials we need for shelter, food, warmth and transport. Stage 7 sample on writing to argue and persuade. Binary system They act as a guideline on your ability to complete further study and your competencies across a wide range of subjects.

Find notes, lesson plans, classroom activities and more, divided by syllabus and topic. Create your own individual study planner and revision timetable to help you plan your revision. If your answer looks horrendous eg. A number that is expressed in significant figures These comprehensive resources are updated for first teaching of the new Computer Science GCSE specifications from Septemberconsisting of high quality content related directly to each specification.

Digital Money for Local Communities covers three examples of country-wide c Hash function A hash function takes arbitrary sized input data e.

This material is suitable for all. Compounds and Mixtures. Exam Tips - Questions on unfamiliar contexts. Prepare your GCSE students for success with our accessible and engaging Student Books, digital resources and revision support. Watch our study smart pods. Forms of assessment 60 3b. If you have any suggestions to make them better please do not hesitate to contact me at srshaw89 gmail.

Acids, Bases, Salts, Electrolysis. How do I access Higher? They've just misnamed them - if you download the documents you'll see half of them are actually higher hence why there seem to be two foundation sets for each unit. Keep on top of all your work and plan your day with this to do list.

We keep the library up-to-date, so you may find new or improved material here over time. Search resources: Filter. These resources can be: Living: plants and animals. C8 Chemical Analysis. Enrol Now ». June questions have been added to Exampro for AQA schools and colleges to help teachers create high-quality, tailored assessments for evidence gathering for teacher assessed grades. The AS only topics are labelled AS.

Learn Computing is a site made by teachers of Computer Science specifically to aid other teachers of Computer Science. Easy to edit student worksheet. Whether your students are working to GCSE Separate or GCSE Combined Science specifications, you'll find what you need right here to get you, and them, essential support as you work throughout key stage four. This is an update on a previously written blog post about some wider reading for Chemistry. S-cool provides revision guides, question banks, revision timetable and more.

Some of these you will have to pay a subscription for. Chemistry paper 1.Igcse biology powerpoint presentation. Gay Lussac. Topic 6: Plant Structures and their Functions. Secondly, a Power Point presentation that I print out on coloured paper and then laminate.

Similar ideas popular now. You can also text your essay writer directly and ask them anything about your project. This is where teaching and learning resources can be downloaded and added. At Slidesgo we propose you today this editable template that is perfect if your research is about biology and monster theories.

Molar Volume. Click Adaptations. In plant and yeast cells, anaerobic respiration produces different products. It is aimed to last 10 minutes but can be edited and adapted to the particular needs of your school, the courses you offer and your presenting style. How does it work? IGSCE Biology will incorporate these Cambridge learner attributes while teaching students an overview of the chemical, physical, and cellular basis of life.

It gives a Food chains. Each presentation contains between 15 and 38 slides with a set of multiple choice questions. Select All Download. Topic 7: Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis. Biology of Molluscs: Nervous System Cephalopods Most complex of invertebrates Brains coordinate and store information Complex eye reflects development Octopi and cuttlefish can learn Biology of Molluscs: Nervous Amafoto tuba Cephalopods Display rapid color change coordinated with behaviors and moods, from sexual display to camouflage Cuttlefish The shared area includes a folder which contains a power point on each of the required practicals.

They can pause, rewind, and replay the lesson as many times as they like. Tissue fluid is a fluid surrounding the cells of a tissue. This is a presentation designed to help explain the section of the Edexcel IGCSE Biology course about classification in the variety of living organisms section.

If you have any questions or need any help contact me via email: gemma. Chapter 1 - Characteristics and Classification of Living Organisms. This document is highly rated by Class 12 students and has been viewed times. Genetic engineering is a process of taking a gene from one species and putting it into another species. And yeah good ppts! Helps me a lot with my studies. By placing an order using our order form or using our services, Gcse Biology Coursework Evaluation you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Download boardworks gcse science biology evolution how PPT for free. Biology Syllabus Syllabus The official CIE syllabus can be If you are starting the iGCSE course this is a good one to cover the first chapters with 4 lessons covering all the previous topics mentioned in the last few posts. Boardworks ppt for edexcel igcse biology A-level Boardworks Presentations a girl out!!

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Science Resources. Start with a hand-picked tutor. On Slideworld one can search for PowerPoint presentations to help them save time and prepare an informative presentation in no time. Paper 2 Topics. Research paper. Psychology A Level. In this centre, we have other subjects too apart from science.Sign in. Don't have an account?

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Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! The NaOH is a colorless solution.

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HCl is also a colorless solution. The test tube heated up immediately after adding in the HCl. The reaction involved in this test is between copper ions and peptide bonds in an alkaline solution. During the reaction, a red-brown precipitate is produced. This means either copper metal or magnesium sulfate is insoluble.

The solubility tables show that m This experiment tests for reducing sugars. For this test, a The acidic phthalimide molecule gets deprotonated by a strong base. The strength of an acid depends on the stability of the conjugate base. The negative char The first compound that was added to p-Phenacetin was Hydrochloric Acid, which completely dissociates in water due to it being a strong acid. During this rea This is a test to see if SO4 is present in the solution.

If the mixture has a white precipitate of Barium Sulfate, then the solution has a sulphate ion pres The easiest liquid to identify was Ammonium hydroxide 5due to its characteristic pungent smell. The solid 7, copper sulphate was also easy to identify du Since ammonia is a weak base, it combines with acids to form salts. Liquid ammonia is commonly reacted with hydrogen chloride to form a cloud of ammonium chl Test: add aqueous sodium hydroxide then aluminum foil; warm carefully.

Test: acidify with dilute nitric acid then add aqueous silver nitrate. Aqueous sodium hydroxide: white ppt soluble in excess giving a colorless solution. Aqueous ammonia: white ppt. Soluble in excess giving a colorless solution.

Aqueous ammonia: light blue pot. Soluble in excess giving a dark blue solution. Test: acidify with dilute nitric acid, then add aqueous barium nitrate.

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Best Energy management Software service. Enroll today for IB Tutions. Really a very helpful article thanks for sharing and keep on sharing! Post a Comment. What more does this blog need? Powered by Blogger. About Me JD46 View my complete profile. Resources for Physics:. Cambridge Students: Resources, Links, Simulations and a lot more!

An overview of the papers and also what you should know. Model Answers-"Nothing's more important than knowing what the examiner wants from you":. Paper 2 Model Answers. Paper 3 Model Answers. Paper 6 Model Answers. The site is a must its very helpful!! Creative Chemistry: This website is rather limited in content, but has a lot of worksheets worth exploring. Their interactive periodic table is very convenient. If you'd like to learn details I often did then you can check out her IB notes since details help clarify partially explained concepts.

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This book was an invitation to join a wholehearted revolution. Size: 5 to 8 feet. If these lessons add value to your life, consider joining the contributing members who help make them possible. By applying oil, grease, paint or varnish on the surface. Doc Brown's detailed chemistry revision notes for schools and colleges. Move forward, backward, or sideways. Underground drainage is the general term given to the system of pipes and fittings that is installed below ground level to transport foul drainage or rainwater flows to a sewage treatment facility or, in the case of rainwater, a soakaway or water course.

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Chemistry Presentations Set 1 (iCHE1XST)

Sheridan Center for … 1. Effective facilitation of a discussion involves the recognition and employment of different perspectives and different skills to create an inclusive environment. Know Your Audience: Focus on who you are writing to — but more importantly, focus on what problem you can solve.Work and Energy Equations. In the vertical direction, the gate- Cell phones are an extension of the human mind. Find the work the spring did on the toy. Tell students that during the lesson, they will work with a partner to design an online roller coaster.

Physics — Atomic structure. All of Chapter one is free to sample. Check them out now! For each of the exam boards below, there are revision notes, factsheets, questions from … The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded "for groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex systems" with one half jointly to Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann "for the physical modelling of Earth's climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming" and the other half to Giorgio Parisi "for the discovery of the interplay … Work.

BS —Physics Educational Background From his earliest days, Aaron wondered how everything worked, and was drawn to physics because it helped him Whenever energy is transformed, some of the original energy usually ends up in an unwanted wasted form. Presentation on AC Fundamental. Pearce, Email: profpearce gmail. Each worksheet can be printed out for use in class or viewed on mobile devices - they also include a set of answers and a video with explanations and how to approach that style of question.

Which areas of physics deal with the following? In physics, work is the amount of energy required to perform a given task such as moving an object from one point to another. The download link is given at the bottom of the page. Rubbing Palms produces heat energy. Teaching by inquiry in context. Work is done when a force is exerted on an object, and the object moves from one place to another.

All PowerPoint backgrounds here are free to download and ready for use. Energy is the capability for doing work. Content Times: Work done by a constant force. The oPhysics website is a collection of interactive physics simulations.

IGCSE Chemistry PPT

The seven colors of light are split up into a line that is giving an attractive look for the audience.It is based on the requirements of the AQA specification but is suitable for other examination boards.

Individual students may use the material at home for revision purposes and it can also prove useful for classroom teaching with an interactive white board. Permission must be obtained for their use in any commercial work. All diagrams and animations in this Powerpoint are original and created by Jonathan Hopton. The greater the concentration of hydrogen ions in solution, the lower the pH It extends beyond those values, but is not as relevant; e.

Weak acids have higher pH values than stronger ones of the same concentration. The colour you see depends not only on how many drops of indicator you add but also on your perception of colour. Having calibrated the apparatus against a solution of known pH, you place the probe in any solution and read off the pH value on a scale or digital read-out. Its pH will consequently be higher. This occurs when dilute acids react with metals, oxides of metals, hydroxides of metals, carbonates, hydrogencarbonates and ammonia.

This occurs when dilute acids react with metals, oxides of metals, hydroxides of metals, carbonates, hydrogen carbonates and ammonia. Log in Get Started. TAGS: alkaline solutions ph solutions alkaline solutions neutral solutions ph neutral substance neutral hydrogen ions ph scaleph scale alkalinity of solutions bases salts salts. Download Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x Presentation on theme: "IGCSE Chemistry."— Presentation transcript: 29 Understand why chemical reactions occur KEYWORDS ionic, covalent.

Jun 28, - Explore Dorcas Chiang's board "IGCSE Chemistry PPT" on Pinterest. See more ideas about chemistry, additional science, physical chemistry. Chemistry revision IGCSE.

1. Chemistry Revision; 2. Atoms All chemical elements are made up of atoms Every atom is made up of smaller particles. This is a reproduction of a resource page for IGCSE Chemistry students that used to reside on my homepage. It contains links to online PowerPoint slides on. IGCSE CHEMISTRY LESSON 1. Content. The iGCSE Chemistry course. Section 1 Principles of Chemistry. Section 2 Chemistry of the Elements. organic chemistry igcse View Online - Download. 3 - main powerpoint title ppt.

Added: 1 year ago in-service teacher training. CIE iGCSE Chemistry Grade weika.eu You can join my iGCSE class on Seneca Learning Objectives; Powerpoint; Learning Grid; Vocabulary. iGCSE Edexcel Lesson Slides. Section 1 - Particles and Mixtures. iGCSE Chemistry Lesson 1 - States of matter. evaporation and filtration lesson weika.eu IGCSE Chemistry. Rates of Reaction. Contents. Introduction. Effect of temperature. Effect of concentration.

Effect of surface area. The four assessment objectives for cambridge international examinations (cie) business igcse explained. we see real examples from cie igcse exams. INTRODUCTION TOIGCSE CHEMISTRYMR. REX SZETO AND MR. ANDY CHEUNG IGCSE CHEMISTRY• Cambridge Examination entry• weika.eu• Format of. PowerPoint presentation following the IGCSE Cambridge textbook for teaching the IGCSE Chemistry course.

Subjects: Chemistry. Grades. The whole Chemistry syllabus in one powerpoint.

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2 Replies CIE IGCSE Chemistry – Paper 6 flashcards from Samiya. IGCSE CHEMISTRY SECTION 3 LESSON 1 Organic Chemistry Upper layers Shale Rock Natural gas Crude oil Rock Crude oil is a dark viscous. Full lessons; notes, PowerPoint and questions for the entire topic. iGCSE Chemistry - Edexcel. ELECTROLYSIS IGCSE Chemistry - Mr. MARK. This slide is skipped in slideshow mode. HTML view of the presentation. Turn on screen reader support.

Slides Help. ALCOHOL PPT - IGCSE / O LEVEL. Sunday, 31 January Edit. Share this post. Related Posts. The Reaction of Alkenes-ppt (IGCSE Chemistry). Negative Result: No white ppt. Test for Sulfite ions. Test: Add dilute Hydrochloric acid, warm gently and test for the presence of.

Sulfur. CIE IGCSE Chemistry - Paper 6 flashcards. Aug 11, Author: Samiya. Category: Education. Transcript: PowerPoint Presentation. Sulfur dioxide is produced from burning fossil fuels (power stations). SO2 causes respiratory problems but more significantly it cause acid rain.