How do you decode a johnson outboard serial number

Wiki User. The R is a Evinrude. Model numberwould be a year model, 6hp Evinrude outboard. Its a Evinrude Mate. With that serial number it would be a The year model of an Evinrude outboard cannot be determined from the serial number, but rather from the model number.

In order to determine the year model for a Evinrude, or Johnson outboard, the engine model number is used. I have am Evinrude 9. Its a The year model of an Evinrude outboard engine is determined from the engine "model number", rather than the serial number. That is a model. Model number H, would be a year model Evinrude outboard. The year model for a Johnson or Evinrude outboard is discerened from the engine model number, rather than the serial number, as a Mercury would be.

To determine the year model for a Johnson or Evinrude outboard, the model number, rather than the serial number, is needed. The Evinrude outboard, model MQR, would be a model, 9. Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors use the engine "model" number to determine the year model. Model was manufactured from to It is a Hi there this outboard was made in hope that helps you. Log in. Boats and Watercraft. Watercraft Engine Maintenance. Study now. See Answer. Best Answer.

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More answers. Number is Eo Q: What year is evinrude 9.


Write your answer Related questions. What year is a evinrude outboard motor serial number R-E? What is the horsepower of this evinrude outboard motor with serial sj ?Click to see full answer.

Keeping this in view, how do I find the model number of my Yamaha outboard? Fortunately, Yamaha has made it easy to identify this information. Yamaha outboards manufactured between you must first locate the Model Number located on a label on the outboard's transom bracket. The top number is the model number. What you are looking for is the last letter in that model number. Secondly, how do I find out what year my outboard motor is? Your Johnson outboard model number can usually be found on the nameplate located on the motor or the mounting bracket.

The nameplate should contain a model number and a serial number. The model number will identify the year and certain details of that motor.

The serial number is your key to obtaining accurate parts information and availability for your Mercury Outboard. The number will start with a 0 or 1, then a letter eg. A, C, D, T then 6 numbers. Identify the Yamaha engine number.

Stamped on the right side of the crankcase while sitting on the motorcyclethe crankcase engine number is alpha-numeric with a prefix followed by the general part number. The three-position prefix identifies the Virago model, with the following digits being the general part number.

How do you read a Yamaha VIN number? Decode the meaning of your Yamaha motor vehicle VIN by breaking down the unique pattern of numbers and letters. Locate the third VIN digit. Notice VIN numbers four through eight. Observe the ninth figure on the VIN. Look at the 10th figure of the VIN. What year is my Yamaha ATV?

Read the tenth digit. This digit represents the year that the ATV was made. This letter or number can repeat the "A," for examplebut the codes of the other digits in the VIN allow you to know in which year the ATV was made. What year is my dirtbike engine? Locate the serial number or VIN on the dirt bike head, motor or on the title. Check to see if the number has dashes or spaces. If it has dashes or spaces it is a pre dirt bike--this number is a serial number. If it doesn't have dashes, it was manufactured after and this number is a VIN.

Where is Yamaha piano model number? You are looking for the piano's serial number. If your model is a grand piano, this will be located on the gold plate, usually on the lower right hand side. On an upright model, the number will be on the same plate but will be located at the top right. Make a note of this serial number and go to the Yamaha website. Where are Yamaha outboards manufactured?The year is encrypted in the serial number or model number on almost any Johnson outboard. From to present the year is coded in the serial number.

If the Johnson or Johnson Evinrude is older thenyou can find the year of the outboard using one of several methods. Your Johnson outboard model number can usually be found on the nameplate located on the motor or the mounting bracket. The nameplate should contain a model number and a serial number.

The model number will identify the year and certain details of that motor. Find the year of manufacture for your Evinrude motor with an eight-character model number by looking for the sixth and seventh rinker 242 swim platform of the number. An eight-character model number indicates an engine made between and the present.

The serial number will usually start with a 0 or 1, followed by a letter, then followed by 6 numbers. The model identification plate can be found on the engine valve cover. The model number usually starts with 3 numbers followed by a sequence of letters. Look for the 10th character of your Yamaha VIN for finding the year of the model. If it lies between J to Y, the year would be to respectively. The number at the top right is the Yamaha model number and year.

Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket area of the engine. The latest serial number labels display a 2-digit number in a box at the lower right portion of the label.

These digits coincide with the last two digits of the year in which the outboard was manufactured. The serial number is printed on a plate that is attached to the clamp bracket on the motor.

The form of the serial number is a five-digit number followed by a hyphen, then a six-digit number. On the through models, the part after the hyphen starts with a letter, followed by five numbers. Mercruiser sterndrive engine serial numbers are formatted as follows—0W The first character is the number 0, not the capital letter O.

Serial numbers that do not follow this format, rather have seven numerical digits, were manufactured before Engine serial numbers are specific numbers assigned to every individual engine. No engine that exists has the same serial number as another engine. If you know your engine serial number, you can find out the exact parts your engine was built with when it was first made.

In this group, the first digit or letter identifies the country of origin. The serial number can be seen by opening the toplid of the piano and looking inside.If you have a question about Evinrude you'll most likely find the answer to your question or concern right here. If your question is not answered here, please contact your local Evinrude dealership. Thanks for your interest in Evinrude!

Please select a category below to obtain a list of related questions. Then click on one of them to read the answer. Evinrude E-TEC includes both new technologies and improvements to existing technologies.

We've built these technologies onto existing omron e2 error proven - durable, reliable platforms. For example, our 2-cylinder 40 through 60 horsepower Evinrude E-TEC outboards are built on the mid-section and gear case of the 55 horsepower Commercial series outboards.

In fact, the Commercial outboards are the basis for the outboards the U. Navy Seal Teams and U. Marine Corps Recon Teams rely upon during their assigned missions. E-TEC is not an acronym, it doesn't stand for anything. E-TEC is the name we have chosen to apply to this new technology. Evinrude E-TEC is the best of both technologies. It provides the quiet, efficiency and cleanliness many customers associate with the 4-stroke outboards, combined with the torque, throttle response, quick acceleration and raw power associated with the 2-stroke outboard.

The technology is considered 2-Stroke, Direct Injection. Evinrude E-TEC uses several new technologies. It is not a solenoid type injector, like the Evinrude DI models Bombardier began producing for the model year. This injector design requires less operating current to activate, meaning we are able to use smaller electronics which operate at cooler temperatures. Cooler running electronics equates to durability. The injector has fewer parts and requires fewer tight tolerances, which lowers manufacturing costs.

This alloy has proven to be 2 to 3 times stronger at operating temperature than the aluminum alloys pistons are traditionally made with. The internal design of the block the intake, exhaust and transfer ports doesn't require machining "port windows" into the piston. This combined with the new alloy, increase the piston strength and durability. We still use the time-proven method of lost-foam casting our engine blocks, which are then CNC machined for accuracy.

Chrome faced piston rings, Boron-Nitride Honed bores, micro-ground crankshafts and large over-sized bearings contribute to the low-friction design. The connecting rods are taken from the 60 degree engine family. As stated earlier, there are improvements too. Additionally, our Engineering Team has incorporated diagnostic LED's into the housing, allowing basic troubleshooting to be performed without diagnostic software. Our Engineers designed a new air intake system for these engines.

The intake system serves to quiet engine noise. An idle air by-pass tube supplies air to the crankcase at low rpm. There are no holes machined into the throttle plates, therefore no whistle sound at idle. Innovative baffling in the air silencer box cancels resonant noises. Unlike other manufacturers' outboards, there's no distinctive "pucka-pucka-pucka" sound of an air compressor, or any belt whine, or any cam chain noise - we don't use them.

The through models are available in a 20 inch shaft version which weighs pounds, a 25 inch shaft version which weighs pounds and a 30 inch shaft version which weighs pounds. On 40 through 90 models, the system will supply 3 to 5 amps at idle speed and can provide up to 25 amps at higher rpm. On the V6 models, the system provides 10 amps at idle and up to 50 amps at higher rpm.

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The next two letters to the left are the part of the code that determine the year. Centrally located just northwest of Tampa Bay, we ship worldwide on a daily basis.

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If your Mfgr.Over the years, manufacturers have changed where this information is located on an outboard. I'll try to be as complete as possible below, while keeping this reasonably simple. On older Mercury outboards, going back into the 50's and possibly even earlier, the serial number would generally be viewed at the leading edge of the swivel bracket, as seen in the image below.

If for any reason that number may have been changed, removed, or can no longer be read, every Mercury had a freeze plug, which is on the powerhead and about the size of a quarter. That freeze plug will have a serial number on it.

So long as you know your HP and the serial number, you can identify the year of your outboard. On later model Mercury engines, the serial number was located on the swivel bracket, as shown in the picture below. First, these would be on a metal tag and stamped with the numbers.

Later, the numbers were printed on a vinyl tag. Unfortunately, you'll often find that the vinyl tag has washed out.

How to Read Johnson Outboard Model Numbers

Johnson and Evinrude outboards both work with model numbers for identification. In most cases, the model number is located on either the transom or swivel bracket. It can usually be found on a either a metal plate on earlier models or a sticker on later models. Once they switched over to the tags, this was another number that often washed out and could no longer be read.

In this case, the powerhead freeze plug can be located and will have the serial number. The serial number itself won't do you much good, but an authorized dealer can use the serial number to match the engine up with a model number again. Chrysler outboards work by a model number. There are 2 locations where you may find this number.

Early Chrysler models stamped it on a metal plate and it was placed under the carburetors, inside the lower cowling, or pan. Later models used the same plate, but you'd find it on the side of the transom bracket.

Force outboards used model numbers on vinyl tags, many of which washed out. If the number washed out, you may find a small sticker either on the cylinder head cover or the starter bracket.

If that fails, all is not lost. There are numbers stamped on your carburetor. Take those numbers and google them or email us.

Evinrude Johnson Outboard Motor Model Year Lookup Guide

Those numbers will usually nail down a year and HP for your engine. That tag can almost always be found on the side of your transom bracket, as shown below. Skip to main content. Mercury On older Mercury outboards, going back into the 50's and possibly even earlier, the serial number would generally be viewed at the leading edge of the swivel bracket, as seen in the image below.

Find the serial number or code number. It will be found on the nameplate located on the outboard itself, on the mounting bracket or on the silver core plug on. Johnsons built in and later, however, have two letters from the acronym "INTRODUCES" at the end of their serial number, not the model number. In this. Your Johnson outboard model number can usually be found on the nameplate located on the motor or the mounting bracket. The nameplate should contain a model.

Johnson has changed how they indicate year in the model number several times. Depending on the year range your motor falls into, you will find your Johnson. The model number tag is on the top-outside edge of the clamp bracket.

It is also on top of the swivel bracket housing (port or starboard). It is either a. How do I decode my Evinrude serial number? Where is the serial number located on a boat motor? How do you. Find the year your Evinrude Johnson outboard motor was manufactured using our model & serial number look-up guide.

Johnson, Evinrude, and Bombardier Outboard Serial Number Guide. September 18, by dennis crowley. Newer Post. Leave a comment. All Evinrude, Johnson, OMC, Evinrude BRP Product. Model number as shown on the model identification tag. All Mercruiser Sterndrive Products. Serial number. MODEL YEAR CHART FOR JOHNSON AND EVINRUDE OUTBOARDS Evinrude/Johnson Outboards Model Number Code Information Outboards YEAR BUILT (match letter to number).

4, = Four-Stroke Motor, I N T R O D U C E S. AE, = Electric Start (Alaska Model), 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. The nameplate should contain a model number and a serial number. The model number will. Johnson & Evinrude outboard motor model code explanation commercial 25hp Johnson, the model number could be AJ25RL3EEM.

Answer: Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket. Started by noopara in IDENTIFY Year + Model Number: My Johnson Sea Drive motor has no model number or serial number on it - or at least none that I can. Johnson & Windows 7 themes deviantart. Johnson and Evinrude outboards both work with model numbers for identification.

In most cases, the model number is located on either the. Take the hood off and look for a silver aluminum plug on top of the block toward the cylinder head. It should have the serial number engraved on. JOHNSON OUTBOARD MANUAL EVINRUDE SERVICE MANUALS.

EVINRUDE MOTOR IDENTIFICATION IMPREMEDIA NET. JOHNSON. OUTBOARD PARTS BY SERIAL NUMBER WORDPRESS COM. How to Decode Evinrude Outboard Serial Numbers ※ Download: Evinrude Serial Numbers Johnson has changed how they indicate year in the model number. Re: how to decode serial numbers (ChampioNman). ANYTIME I have a Johnson motor on my boat, Model #EL76D also says 4 Seahorse on the motor cover.