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Gronitz tubas are handmade in Bavaria, Germany in a small shop owned by Andreas Klingspor. The tubas are built to order and are hand assembled the old way. Every crook and bend is hand fit on the horn. This tuba is also very light, being made mostly of sheet brass bows rather than heavier bows made from tubes. The PCK has a velvety smooth tone, and it's the easiest to play large tuba that you can find.

This design defines the modern orchestral sound. Despite its large size, it's a very versatile tuba and is useful for smaller ensembles as well as large ones. The pistons are made by Meinlschmidt in Germany. This tuba is sold without case but is available with a hard case or top loading gig bag from Gronitz. A custom road case can be built upon request. We offer the standard mouthpipe or York style mouthpipe, which wraps slightly less around the bell.

The tuba then sits away from your body a little, but the reach of the right arm to the pistons is shorter. This is a popular option in Japan, less so here in the US. Who won an audition on a Gronitz PCK tuba?

Horn Guys is closed for vacation until Jan. Some trouble shipping to AU or NZ right now, so sorry. Call us: Enlarge Image Sale. Pin It.When I was in high school, back in the early seventies, my parents decided to purchase a tuba for me. Back then, the only option was to purchase it. The reason is simple: a tuba is a dent waiting to happen. Inwe have brass instrument mega super-stores, the manufacturers themselves, local retailers and the internet. The mega super-stores offer quantity but not necessarily quality.

They attempt to have an expert on every instrument — but he can only give his opinion based on staining douglas fir the manufacturer tells him, feedback from other players and his own play-testing ability. He is a salesmen, as are all people in the retail business, and as such makes a living by selling you a tuba.

Some manufacturers actually allow you to buy direct. Foreign manufacturers usually offer the greatest savings by doing so, but that ultimately depends on the strength of the dollar.

In some instances, you actually do better by flying to Germany, picking out and buying a tuba, and bringing it back than by going to the local store to purchase it! And while still on the subject of manufacturers, some offer a purchasing plan, usually at the going interest rate. Another plus is that they usually have a reasonable repair person on staff, ready for your slip on the ice while your beloved tuba is on your back in your nice comfy gig bag!


Most places will try to match mega-store pricing and some will be able to do so, but the majority will fail because of the mega-store advantage: the ability to buy in bulk. The internet is interesting. Mega-stores, and even many local retailers, are up on the internet and if you are looking for a used tuba, there is no better source of information — with the many bulletin boards, chat rooms and tuba-related web pages.

Knowledge is power, so your ability to research various brands and then find some people who actually play your top choice is very advantageous.

One more point on the subject of research: seek out local orchestral players, college professors and freelance players and ask for their advice. They will have opinions and experience and will usually be very willing to talk with you. As I have said, there are a couple of manufacturers who have finance plans and even a couple of relatively small retailers offer some sort of time payment plan. Personal bank loans are also an option, as are things like home equity loans.

Some universities offer student assistance when the instrument is proven to be part of the necessary equipment — in other words, if you are a tuba player majoring in your instrument and are in need of one. A word of advice, here. This could save a lot of confusion and possibly even a lot of money. Most players are fairly knowledgeable as to where to get a good tuba samsung m2070 toner cartridge not compatible a reasonable amount of money.Order by:.

Available to:. Ships Fast! Conn, King, Tuba. Top Cap Felt, Set of 3. Sousaphone Valve Stem. YBB Set Ventilfedern Valve Spring orig. Bach, Conn, King, Tuba. Brass, Fits Conn and others. We sell all band instrument Email for a quote! All prodcut not include battery due to the battery and the item which built-in battery is embargoed in air transport; 2. Buyers should If you have tax problem,please contact us before buy it.

Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer This is a Brand New great looking and sounding Metal mouthpiece for Tuba. And made from all new heavy gauge yellow brass material. Shipping Payment Returns About Us 1. Items will be shipped within business days after Paypal confirmed the payment.

Pls be noted that import duties. Martin Sousaphone Valve Stem.It all started with the prestigious conductor Leopold Stokowski from the Philadelphia Orchestra. Stokowski was known for being a progressive conductor and experimented with different instrumentation, lighting, and sound concepts. During his tenure, he eventually sought a larger bass presence for the orchestra and suggested the tuba player Mr. Philip Donatelli obtain an instrument more pipe organ-like in scope and breadth.

Donatelli consulted with the York Band Instrument Company which had already been making instruments for nearly 50 years and established a reputation for their remarkable bass instrument quality.

Donatelli, and the second was sold to the University of Oklahoma. Accounts vary as to why Donatelli got rid of this York tuba. Some sources say it was uncomfortable for Donatelli to hold, yet another source claims that Eugene Ormandy badgered Donatelli due to professional differences. Coincidentally, Donatelli helped Jacobs acquire the second York tuba after spotting it at the University of Oklahoma at a performance. During his tenure with the CSO, Mr. Jacob's tuba playing came to define modern symphonic tuba sound.

Since the York company was sold in and primarily making student horns, no other tubas of this caliber were manufactured or could be created for a new generation. Jacobs set about to consult with different companies on reproducing an instrument that mirrored his York.

Other private attempts were made by taking York model 91 tubas and shortening their length and adding newer valve sets to recreate the York sound. In the early 80's, Hirsbrunner was able to make an almost exact copy of Jacob's original York tuba.

Cooley was able to measure it during a rotation through the CSO. Hirsbrunner eventually obtained the measurements to this other tuba in and switched their production to copy that design. Arnold Jacobs eventually sold both original York tubas to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in retirement where they are still currently being played with the orchestra. Today, band manufacturers from around the world continue to try and recreate the York tuba sound by making copies of these famous tubas.

Please buy! CSO York Tubas. They were the first practical 4 valve plus 1 rotor CC tubas made.Well folks, this is probably the oldest Bach New York trombone I've ever seen for sale anywhere. Made in by Vincent Bach very possibly by the man himself.

It has some rather unique attributes, as you'll notice the hex style bracing, friction fit connector and decorative cork barrels. The original raw bronze inner tubes are in good condition without and corrosion. Specs on this trombone:. Along with the trombone, you will receive the original NY case and a copy of the shop card with certificate of authenticity from Vincent Bach.

Truly a piece of playable artwork and trombone history! It was built in and has been well played, and shows with a wonderful dark patina on the raw brass. A few small areas that are shiny from contact and some very small scratches and tiny dings but overall in excellent condition. This F bass sackbut is a base model without decoration but it is highly functional and has a really beautiful and warm sound.

VDH sackbuts are known for their "authentic" sound profile and I think this instrument captures that character, creating a wonderful warmth and depth that will surely blend well with strings, winds and voices. Raw brass inner slide tubes function well. Sold without case or mouthpiece. This is the orchestral model, based on the original Alexander design and features 4 rotary valves, with tuning options in Bb or C.

In excellent lightly used condition, the only flaw being a small lacquer scar from a dent removed in the bell flare. Plays very open and even for a bass trumpet. Includes the original case. It is in really beautiful condition showing little wear or signs of repairs. The valve register is terrific, slide action is great. Wonderful classic Conn sound, leaning towards the darker side. The silver gives a little bit extra threshold and this one seems like it can take a bit more sound than other Elkhart 88Hs I've tried.

The polished ferrules really pop with the satin silver. Comes with the original case. A lovely bell on this one, great sound with fast response. Silver-plate is in good shape. No major dents or trauma. Sold without case. This one has a really great blow and feel, sound is bright and focused with nice projection. Slotting is particularly easy on this 88H. The lacquer is showing wear and discoloration. There is a protective nickel patch on the neckpipe, I'm assuming it was getting thin there and this is preventative.

Some acid bleed around the valve knuckles on the F wrap. Original bronze outer slide tubes. I suspect its probably from the early s. The bell is made with one of my favorite techniques, where triangle pieces of brass are brazed into the flare and then hammered out, gives a unique sound and I absolutely love the sound of this contra.

It is old school, so its not the easiest contra to play but it does sound like large trombone and not a slide tuba, which is great for opera and classical work.Without dents, dings or damages. No signs of wear. All the top action keys and slides move freely. Used only as test instrument in music shop. The tuba is in excellent playing condi. Brand new stand for baritone or tuba.

Never used. I had shoulder surgery and ended up not needing it. This is a Conn 15J tuba. It can be converted to marching. Comes with a mouthpiece and original hard case. It also comes with a canvas case that has wheels. This case was only used a few times. Only selling because our daughter went to Interlochen music school for euphonium and trombone.

CSO York Tubas

Its in good. Brass lacquer With rolling case. Very good condition. Very collectable. Vintage Conn 2 Tuba or Sousaphone mouthpieces. Willing to shipMouthpiece. A few dings, no big dents. Finish is worn in places. Plays fine. A big horn with lots of music left in it. Call 70six David. For sale, one Bach 18 tuba mouthpiece, standard, original factory gold plate. Purchased used a few years ago I am an adult amateur tubist, clean household Normal wear and tear, no blemishes that affect playability or comfort.

No packaging. Mouthpiece has been sterilized. I will include shipping to any location in the 48 contiguous US states in the price. I will accept cash, paypal, and venmo, and w. For Sale, one Bach Megatone 18 tuba mouthpiece, originally silver plated but replated with a better than factory gold finish by Karl Hammond.

One adult owner, clean household. Excellent condition - has been well cared for. Original packaging. Offers will be considered. I will include shipping within the 48 contiguous US states in the price.One of the finest contrabass tubas of the late 20th century. Calman crack the mid s, the professional tubist looking to buy a new CC tuba, had fewer options than say, a tubist in the s or a tubist in our modern times of A certain tubist in the Deutsche Oper in Berlin was at that time considering his options.

In the quiet Swiss town of Sumiswald, the tubist found the small, but capable firm, Hirsbrunner, then run by Herr Peter Arnold Hirsbrunner. Swiss tubas read at a higher level than their german counterparts. Working together along with a number of other high profile tubists, Hirsbrunner introduced the HB2, the 5 rotary valve tuba you see here with 4 valves is an HB1.

Compared to the competition, this model was a clear leap in technology at the time. These advancements came at a price though, costing at that time far more than an Alexander or Miraphone, a price many were willing to pay. Later the design was modified with piston valves and also available in BBb, but for me the original is still the best.

Although most Hirsbrunner tubas were silverplated, this one was left in raw brass which allows one to notice the construction details. The thick walled bell is made in two pieces. Every other conical tube is seamed, including the leadpipe. Bracing is heavy nickelsilver rod stock.

The valve tubing seems to have all been bent in lead. As a testament to its quality, after 40 years, the tuba is still in regular use. Sadly, the original owner has passed away, however, I think he would be happy to know that his tuba is in good hands, having landed by a colleague of ours, where the HB1 is used almost daily.

As most of you have already noticed, I only write about tubas that are no longer made. Although the Hirsbrunner workshop is still in Sumiswald, such tubas no long come out of their doors. However all good things come to an end, the memory of their fantastic work will be around for quite a while.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Menu Skip to content Home About. Search for:. Lovely Meinlschmidt valves. Clean design. Like sitting on a throne, for your thumb. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading For Sale: CC Tuba Hirsbrunner HB6 5/4. img.

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Technical details: Bell diameter: mm. Size: 5/4. Height: mm. Bore size: 20,5mm. 5 Valve rotatorie. Hirsbrunner B Flat Tuba. Condition is used/very good. Recently cleaned and serviced. Local sale only Arlington MA. 4/4 size 'C' tuba *" bore * 18" bell * 4 piston valves - 1 rotary valve Hirsbrunner HB for sale. Great condition, only 2 previou. Hirsbrunner CC Tubas. Hirsbrunner HBS Bore size 19/20/23 mm Bell diameter mm Height mm 5 valves, 4 piston/1 rotary Big valve diameter Grand.

Built with uncompromising Swiss reliability, the Hirsbrunner tuba is the first choice of artists in prestigious performing ensembles throughout the world. I have decided to part with my Hirsbrunner HB-2 CC (five valve- rotary) tuba.

The instrument was built in and comes with hard case and. weika.eu › item › hirsbrunner-grand-prix-genevavalve-rot. Large bore BB flat rotary valve Hirsbrunner Tuba. One of the premier tuba brands in the world, made in Switzerland, this instrument has a full. HIRSBRUNNER B FLAT Tuba - $ FOR SALE! Hirsbrunner B Flat Tuba. Condition is used/very good. Recently cleaned and serviced. In the mid s, the professional tubist looking to buy a new CC tuba, had fewer options than say, a tubist in the s or a tubist in our.

Click below to view the "hirsbrunner tubas hb grand orchestral model" about this tuba and many others before you buy, sell or trade. Why buy one new for almost 3k when this is about half the price. Hirsbrunner is among the finest instruments ever made, and this f tuba is a beautiful. FS: Hirsbrunner Crown 4-Valve Compensating Euphonium · Navigation · Forum · Euphonium-Tuba and General Music · Tuba and/or Euphonium · For Sale /.

I've seen a number of similar tubas for sale on eBay but would rather advertise on. Hi I'm on the market to buy a used hirsbrunner Bb or Cc tuba ( HIRSBRUNNER 5 cilindros.

Prateada Tubagem: 19,5 mm. Campânula: 45 cm. Altura: 90 cm. HIRSBRUNNER 4 cilindros. Prateada Tubagem: 20,5 mm.

Hirsbrunner Grand Prix Geneva 4-Valve Rotary BBb Tuba Silver, large bore, Bell diameter 438 cc

For tubas, this is Miraphone, Meinl-Weston, B&S, Rudolf Meinl, and Yamaha. For euphoniums, this is Besson, Willson, Yamaha, and Hirsbrunner. Find Tuba in For Sale. New listings: Hirsbrunner Sumiswald Eb Tuba Model HBS, Tuba or baritone stand - $50 (Newburgh). 5/jul/ - Buy Kaiser Bb Tuba with 4 rotary valves Melton Meinl Weston /2-S - the best price at Elcoda Online Music Store. Hirsbrunner ! (HB21). This is a large 6/4 size five valve piston CC tuba called the Kaiser Model. it's similar to the Hirsbrunner Grand Orchestra tuba and and the Meinl Weston.

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