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Our Lazyfisho premium wooden barb eye floating stickbaits were designed by us and then hand crafted by Asian craftsman to bring the best quality to the market. As we buy direct from the manufacture this enable us to pass the savings on to our customers. These all come with full through wire harness and crane swivel to ensure they hold the fish and have amazing strength.

These are especially deadly on the flats to entice the fish to strike. These are extremely easy to walk across the water, just vary speed to get the fish to bite. All types of fish from GT's to Tuna will be enticed to have a bite at our new range. Our Lazyfisho designed stickbaits do not come with hooks giving you the ability to choose to put on treble hooks or single hooks depending on your personal choice and of course your meshpy github species.

Add to Cart. Description Our Lazyfisho premium wooden barb eye floating stickbaits were designed by us and then hand crafted by Asian craftsman to bring the best quality to the market.

Features Lazyfisho floating wooden stickbait Full through wire harness with crane swivel Blue, Orange and Black have lumo paint Pink and Silver has highly reflective tape Well balanced for shallow fishing Awesome quality Hard epoxy Highly reflective Wooden Stickbait Great for night and day 4 colours 80g 20 cm long Patent and Trade marked barb eye to attract fish.GTs are angry predators that stalk these shallow coral reefs, eating and fighting other fish with a power and speed that is famous around the world, so much so that they have appeared on blue planet eating birds from the surface of the lagoon.

Fishing for GTs is a highly technical, high endurance and action packed kind of fishing, full of insane surface strikes, fish that nearly pull the angler overboard, and a true battle between the fisher and the fish. GTs are famously caught by casting surface lures close to coral reefs and working them slowly across the water.

Many a GT has been lost to inferior gear, bent hooks, poor quality line, and poor quality lures, so it pays to get some good quality gear, particularly when taking a charter where you are paying by the day and every lost fish hurts all the more. Gear advice: Rod — The rod must be strong enough to cast big lures all day and to fight a big fish when you hook up. Nothing else is up to the task. Start with a good popper and a good sinking stickbait until you are confident in working floating stickbaits.

One thing that is super important is to ensure your lures are good quality with through-wire connecting your line to the hooks just in case the lure breaks. Some lure makers like IMS use multiple coats of epoxy resin to seal their lures and make them last longer. It is worth finding a lure maker you can trust when purchasing your lures. View Larger Image. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Related Posts.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.Small Large. The lure of a utilitarian piece of gear that is well designed, not overthought, and just simply works is always an attraction in my book.

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This article is based on a Japanese article and has been machine translated. Welcome to the Fishing Tackle Shop warehouse, where we stock the finest selection of fishing equipment available on the market today. It is designed for super long casts in most conditions and can handle a small chop very well.

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The Madscad is an amazing all round stickbait, and is ideal for a huge range of species such as tuna, mackerel, kingfish, tailor, salmon, coral trout, queenfish and Dennett Metallic Eiye creed Lure Kit 5 Pieces Jig Rock Beach Spinning Fishing Bait.

The first thing you need to know is the way they work. CNN —. A key feature of the Lure We are a Service based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Heavy duty plastic buckles. Weight restmessagev2 example. Otherwise, you're just waving around an empty hook like a pirate. Jigs and Lures.

Cookie use on this website. We supply various kinds of fishing lures, such as minnow, shad, crank, vibration, spoon, spinnerbait, pencil, popper and so on.

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Check out our range of Spinning Reels and Fly Reels for fresh and saltwater use. ITMAT symposia enlist outstanding speakers from the US and abroad to address topics of direct relevance to translational science. Our web developers create high-performing websites using state-of-art website development practices. The thin body shape of the Perch simulates many of the baitfish found in rivers and lakes of North America. Single reversed hooks with center treble and eyelet, this bait can also be bottom bounced, yo-yo style off the bottom with unbeatable results.I recently wrote a two-part article about GT fishing which includes rod and reel selection and also lures.

Based on my personal experience, I have narrowed down my list of recommended lures to about ish. No, they are not magical lures that will pull fish up from a desert, but these lures are probably my go to recommended lures for those who are just starting out in the GT fishing world.

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Crack open a beer, sit back and try to enjoy and, not kill me, by the end of this article. The Cubera poppers are one of the best value wooden poppers in the market. I always recommend those wanting to venture into the popping mania to get some of these as they are extremely fun and easy to work!

They have through wire construction with an NT belly swivel for piece of mind when hooked up.

GT Ice Cream Cone 4.0 oz

They are not the most durable lures though. Go get some now! Alright, the Skipjack is from the same manufacturer and have the same paint durability and water absorption issues but still a great lure for beginners. The Skipjack is a more versatile lure as you can chug it and create a great bubble trail, and also burned fast like a pencil popper to imitate fleeing baitfish.

And due to its streamlined shape, they cast really well, making you look like you know what you are doing most of the time. Why are you recommending these to beginners?

Not as expensive as the Napalms, but they have a similar profile and swimming action. The Urpekari is a floating-diving popper that leaves an S-shaped bubble trail behind it every time you make a nice long pull and sweep. Hand made these bad boys are, without any automation involved.

Amegari prides themselves of the build quality, focusing on performance AND durability. Only downside after price is that they are always out of stock. Send me an email if you wish to sell me yours. Here we go. More value lures! These bad boys are not only some of the most affordable lures out there but they are very beginner friendly as well! A nice solid pull and sweep will cause its head to dip thus the name and glide side to side.

It is also a great casting lure as the wizards at Shimano have balanced this lure really well. Get a bunch of these and keep them in stock. If they are good enough for Fukui-san, they are good enough for me.Search Rods.

Load Lures Instigator F - Mullet. Load Lures Instigator F - Nebula. Load Lures Rekluse S - Bonito. Load Lures Rekluse S - Mullet. Load Lures Rekluse S - Nebula. Gaudo Lures S - Black Flash. Gaudo Lures S - Blue Scale. Gaudo Lures S - Garfish. Gaudo Lures S - Mullet. Gaudo Lures S - Purple Tiger. Gaudo Lures S - Fusilier.

Gaudo Lures S - Yellowfin. Strategic Angler Genesis - Blue Back. Strategic Angler Genesis - Bubblegum Pink. Strategic Angler Genesis - Herring. Strategic Angler Genesis - Olive. Strategic Angler Genesis - Pink Back. Strategic Angler Genesis - White Back. Strategic Angler Bullit - Herring. Strategic Angler Bullit 80 - Black Back. Strategic Angler Bullit 80 - Blue Back.

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Strategic Angler Bullit 80 - Pink Back. Strategic Angler Bullit 80 - Silver. Strategic Angler Bullit 80 - White Back. Tailwalk Gunz Slim F - Black.

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Secure yourself this amazing deal while stocks last Back to Top. Please tell us about the issue. Which part of the page? Images Product Name Other product details. What's the issue?These MagBay Stickbaits are fast sinking, but create commotion on the surface through splashing, popping, and jolting action, all with a quick rod pull.

Made from pure resin molds with abalone shell inlay, these baits come in a variety of colors and are perfected for beauty. Anything from big tuna to giant trevally will be attracted. The MagBay proprietary Stickbait can be popped on the surface through splashing, popping, and jolting action with a quick rod pull or used to torpedo and pop up to the surface.

These are weighted baits that sink fast and made from pure resin and abalone shell inlay. The colors are dynamic and the shine attracts fish to the likes of Giant Trevally. Their weight distribution is perfect for long casts on medium tackle.

Alacrity High Speed Jig. Tuna Tidbit Tuna Lures. Mini Meat Mahi Lure. Flurry Glider Saltwater Fishing Jig. Ocean Motion Rainbow Jig. Currican Vallarta. SQ 65 Hybrid Jig. Remember me Log in.

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Lost your password? Add to Wishlist. Hyperpop Stickbait Lures quantity. Description Additional information Reviews 0 Hyperpop Stick Bait GT and Tuna Lures The MagBay proprietary Stickbait can be popped on the surface through splashing, popping, and jolting action with a quick rod pull or used to torpedo and pop up to the surface.

Length 8 Inch Width 1. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related products. Quick View. Discover the best stickbaits for topwater fishing. GT, Tuna and all other predators - check out our collection of the best brands! Shimano Coltsniper Rock Splash Floating Stickbait with Treble Hooks OTQ Carpenter Strike Eagle SE - mm Topwater Stickbait Fishing Lure.

Sinking stickbaits will traditionally be heavier than a floating stick bait. Your selection of floating and sinking stickbaits to suit your rod may vary.

Fish Head bringing you GT Poppers and Stickbaits, where we have a wide selection of GT popper lures and other GT fishing tackle available. Order now! Gumi Bait GT Stickbait Pencil. Fishing Style: Stickbait. Fish Species: GT, Giant Trevally, Mahi Mahi////Dorado, Marlin////Sailfish, Baracuda, Tuna.

Manufacturer and distributor of top quality, % handcrafted saltwater GT popper lures, stickbaits, and jigs for big game jigging and popping. GT Lures. Big Topwater Pencil Blue Popper Lures Floating Saltwater Wobbler Hard Stick Baits Handmade Fishing Lure.

Read our 10 must-have GT fishing lures now and catch that fish of a lifetime! cheap plastic stickbaits catching the most GT on a trip. GT Lures is an Australian based fishing tackle supplier specialising in saltwater fishing lures and freshwater fishing lures including soft baits, hard baits. Pelagic Stickbaits Fishing Lures - Some of the popular sick baits on the market are the Nomad GT Ice Cream Needle Nose Clear Fishing Lure. The Fish Inc Flanker 85mm stickbait in Natural colours. Dynamite little stickbait that is versatile to be used for casting or jigging.

Poppers,Stickbaits, Top Water Lures - GT Fishing, Kingfish, Tuna, Bream, Whiting, Cod etc. Floating stick baits by Lazyfisho in our Barb Eye collection. Full through wire harness with crane swivel, these are amazingly reflective and have a quality. Oceans Legacy Keeling Stickbait Pacific Flying Fish Load Lures Instigator F GT Floating Stickbait Nebula Silver Foil.

Wooden Abalone Stickbaits GT Popper; Andrea Pellegrini | Best web articles; Giant Trevally On Surface Lures; Topwater Fishing Tactics - Where \u How. stickbaits Philippines - Buy for best stickbaits at Lazada Philippines HOOFISH 1PCS Stickbait GT Surface Trolling Wood Pencil Fishing Lure 80g. Kamikaze - GT STICK BAITS (Timber grmm- 4 PACK VARIETY COLORS) product introductions, and excellent fishing results for all GT Popper fishermen.

No reviews. $ CID GT Ice Cream Cone oz - Tackle West. CID GT Ice Cream Cone oz. CID. No reviews. $ CID GT Ice Cream Cone 1oz - Tackle West. Asari GT Stickbait Lures · Built tough for tackling big blue water species from Kingfish, queenfish, tuna to giant trevally. · Ideal for casting from the boat or. Lures and colours for GT fishing. Where ever you go in the world you will usually be looking at the same thing, Poppers, stickbaits both sinking and.