Great wall v200 wont start

The Great Wall Steed has a lot of attractive attributes, and is the cheapest and highest-specced entry level pickup on sale. Supplies of the Great Wall Steed dried up in late due to the lack of a Euro 6 emmissions compliant engine, for more details click here. The engine produces a maximum power of hp at 4,rpm with maximum torque of Nm spread over a broad rev range of to rpm.

The driving characteristics are very poor though. When the Steed does start to turn, it generates an unnerving amount of body roll. On the motorway, the Steed performs a lot better. The engineers have done a great job to reduce road noise and, while noise from the engine bay is low because of the sixth gear, which also helps with fuel economy.

Four-wheel drive, with the option of low range, is engaged via a switch unusually positioned next to the radio, but is only available when travelling up to speeds of 12mph. The Steed performed well off-road, thanks to respectable ground clearance and a high angle of attack. Even the specification on the entry level models is impressive.

Indeed an official Australian crash test found the Steed called V in Australia performed poorly in a frontal crash test. Fuel economy is quite poor for such a small engine, and returns around 34mpg on the combined cycle. The six years, ,mile warranty is only for drivetrain standard warranty three years, 60, miles but should provide reassurance for potential customers.

The 2-litre engine has been developed in conjunction with Bosch and is only used in European Steeds.

Great Wall Steed Review

It does feel fairly solid on the open road with minimal rattles and squeaks. Daytime running lights, remote central locking, immobiliser, Thatcham approved category 1 alarm and driver and passenger airbags are fitted as standard. Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3. Six gears Quiet on motorway Spacious cab Lots of kit as standard Very cheap. One year or 10, mile service intervals Poor steering Cheap and tacky interior Double cab only. How much to insure this van?

Compare quotes at. Show Me. Enlarge 5 photos.

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Skip to our full verdict on Driving Interior Costs Reliability Safety. Great Wall Steed driving experience. Which Great Wall Steed is best for me? Back to top. Parkers beta preview You are viewing the Parkers beta preview. No thanks - take me to Parkers.Please Note: O ur covers do not suit factory hardware - which is why we provide a full fitting kit.

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Privacy Policy. Terms of use. Safety at a glance. P-plater restrictions. Active Safety Features Active safety features can help to prevent or reduce the severity of a crash. Auto Emergency Braking - Interurban. Read more about this feature. Electronic Stability Control. Lane Keep Assist. Driver Attention Detection.

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I'm a mechanic, never had such a problem with a air lock, I've had the water pump off, changed the thermostat, used a vacuum pump to pull all the air out of the system even have fitted a small auxiliary pump which helps a bit, done a compression check and all good so rules out head gasket, will idle all day without getting hot, no hot air from the heater which makes me think it's a airlock.

Hit klm it gets hot with a cold bottom hose like Paul has mentioned, I'm getting rather annoyed with the car now, I'll keep you posted once I get to the bottom of it. Just had this same problem, changed water pump, flushed radiator and new water pump. It was a massive air lock in the cooling system, took forever to bleed out I didn't have vacuum.

I also had this problem before and assumed it was the head and replaced the whole engine with a second hand one, I think this was the past issue again. If you own a Great Wall diesel and do your own work then a vacuum pump could be a good investment. I did mine without one and it took forever to bubble all of the air out. It seems these engines are prone to hairline cracks which lets small amounts of combustion gas get through into the coolant system.

My mechanic's gauge confirmed presence of co2 in coolant. Once an engine is warm the Thermostat needs to be fully open to allow full flow of coolant. He swore by it and would recommend no other sealer other than Seal Wel. So i thought worth a try before going down the expensive route. At the same time we removed Thermostat and drilled hole through it to allow full coolant flow. Been over a year now. No gurgles in coolant reserve tank after switching off engine.

Good temperatures on pipes. No overheating. I not going to bother reinstalling a new Thermostat, as I reckon I will just get the same pocket of gas build up. I'll just put up with a engine that takes a few minutes to warm up. Recommend you try the hole through the Thermostat trick before any other more expensive options. But as with any cold engine, you'll need to drive gentle for the first few minutes until it warms up. Hope this helps someone. Hi Stephen i am going to try what you have posted about the overheating problem to fix the bugger can you tell me what size the hole you put in the thermostat or did you completely remove the centre.

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Great wall v 2L turbo diesel no start It may have developed an air leak on the fuel supply pipe from the tank to the engine. The engine has. Other possible causes are many and varied and include incorrect ignition timing, out-of-phase valve timing, poor fuel pressure, the cold-start. Great wall v new pump and injectors. slighly on cranking but only 2 earth side switched pules each crank so it wont fire wont run. V diesel Ute do not want to start after engine head have Ben It doesn't work Neville on the greatwall V I have the same model ute as yours.

I have a Great wall x will turn over but will not start can someone please help - Oldsmobile Intrigue question. Starts when cold, once warms up(30mins) just dies. I've replaced thermostat and its still 6th gear wont engage,Great Wall V 4x4 ute. (h) Start injection pump up and down several times and check if there is any leakage of fuel.

Attention: Original fuel filter produced by the Great Wall Car. I have a Great Wall V turbo diesel. I knew that it may have sucked in water, so I left it and didn't attempt to start the car. Hi I am after a camshaft vs crankshaft waveform for a Great Wall X with a GW4D20 Delphi controlled engine. My v diesel loses power at revs service light comes on feels like limp mode slows down and recovers repeating the cycle.

Plenty of speculation has surrounded the Chinese-made Great Wall utility range since its launch in Just like the South Koreans were. Harness safety: The latest safety recall for the Great Wall V so it didn't charge the battery and the car didn't start,” he said.

Driving a Great Wall V? How you use, or don't use your Great Wall V could save you lots. Call us, or start a quote online for your Great Wall V Apart from running out of DEF (Diesel Exhaust fluid), there are many other issues that will cause a SCR equipped great Wall to enter either a limited start, or. Most likely the fuel is not getting into the cylinder as a small “bubble” of air will not pass injector “pump" causing engine not “firing”.

Great Wall Motors, the car manufacturer is China's latest success story and is really starting to make an impression on the international market with cars. Although the Great Wall V is yet to be assessed by crash test consumer guide ANCAP, the petrol equivalent Great Wall V scored a "poor" two. The first boatload of diesel-powered Great Wall utes arrived in the past Diesels typically don't start to hit their straps until about.

The Steed is Chinese company Great Wall's entry into the UK market.

They have come a Long Way

Decent specs and a low price are attractive, residual values less so. When the Steed does start to turn, it generates an unnerving amount of body roll.

Great Wall Steed full review on Parkers Vans - on the road.