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Anonymous said: Hello, gorgeous! Your name: submit What is this? A flap of wings told you that an angel was here, simple deduction of the fact that Cas was already sitting with the group made you know it was him, Gabriel. You looked down at him growling a little as he moved away, clicking his fingers to let you fall free of your bindings and leaving him naked in front of you, of all the things that flew through your head you knew exactly what would get you what you wanted quicker.

You got up off of the bed moving behind the angel and knowing what you were going to do he showed off his wings to you making you smile as you stroked your fingers through the sleek whiskey colored feathers making him shudder. You moved your hands to massage the top of his wings, moving across until you were squeezing on parts you knew would drive him crazy and sure enough he suppresses a groan that makes you a little wetter, you smirk running your fingers through his feathers before moving them up a little to mess the feathers up making the man groan and turn to take you into a feverish kiss that you happily reciprocated as he guided you to the bed lying you down.

He moved away from your touch and lined himself up at your entrance smirking at you slightly as you nodded at him, encouraging him to carry on and he did just that, grunting as he seethed into you with one swift movement.

We accept works to be submitted to us! Please read our FAQ before sending us an ask or submitting a work. Search Posts. Good Little Girl Gabriel x Reader. Some kinky smut with Gabe aha :3 Your name: submit What is this?

Aug 3, pm notes.Words: 2, Warnings: struggles with self-acceptance, dark themes. This is the first season. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. She smiled at the sight of a black Impala on the entrance of the mechanic store. Political alliances were more important than feelings, or so she had been told.

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You stared at the house in front of you, the cobalt blue two story house was your own when you were six years old. That fact was cold comfort right now as her heart broke View Essay - 1. Open in … Sam asked, mouth dropping open in abstract surprise. Dean x OC. What if supernatural had another main character? What if that main character was you? Imagine you are one of the men of letters from London and you are responsible for the new prisoner. See search results for this author.

However, after a tense night at the boneyard, everything comes slipping out. He sent you a smile, "Morning, Cupcake. Title: Penalty on Ice Parings: Sam x reader! Similar to Angels, they require a vessel to walk the Earth, though they are able to roam in their smoke form. Why does that happen? Check out the recap to remind yourself here. V We drove f Season s 4 - 5, Note: This is supernatural with you nudged in.

After losing their mother to a demon, two brothers grow up fighting supernatural beings. Best Christmas Ever. Supernatural x Male! Reader Season 1 Fanfiction. After not hearing back from you, Spencer and the team start to panic. You wake up in the backseat of a strange car driven by two strangers.

Word Count: 8, Warnings: Language, injuries, Season 15 spoilers, upset! Better Call Saul. Such is the career path of a young woman named Scarlet, who dies and is delivered down to the fiery underworld only to find herself in an entry … To give context this story doesn't really take place during a season in either show. SPN spn fanfiction spnfandom spn final season spnimagine supernatural supernatural fanfiction dean winchester dean angst dean smut dean fluff dean winchester smut dean winchester fluff dean winchester angst sam and dean Sam Winchester The Winchesters separate for the first time in Supernatural Season 1, EpisodeTwo weeks past and Sam was still being overprotective, you had improved your skills as a hunter, training with Sam or Dean almost twice a day, but you were still barely let out of whatever place you were staying at.

Potty Training supernatural fanfiction supernatural sisfic supernatural imagine imagine supernatural sueprnatural imagine spn sister imagine reader imagine spn imagine imagine fanfiction spn fanfic fanfic Home Community TV Shows Supernatural Major Sam hurting. Supernatural Seasons. Unlucky for them many hunters of bmi 20 female pictures time want to rid the collector of his hoard - … Chapter 6: Cohabitation.

When Dean makes a mistake on a hunt, Perseus Jackson is left without a parent. Part One. Both Sam and Dean are related to the Winchester and Campbell families - a Letters family and a Hunting family respectively. Sam takes a few steps back and dean holds onto your handles. I am looking for a Supernatural Fanfic that had Sam taken by demons and he was convinced that Cas and Dean won't rescue him.

After Dean leaves again without saying goodbye, the reader finds herself Supernatural is an American dark fantasy drama television series created by Eric Kripke. Found the internet! Dean Winchester never knew he had a daughter.

Before reading: This is my first fanfic and is non cannon. Imagine attending school at Hogwarts with your brothers, Sam and Dean. Which of the two brothers do you have more in common with? Questions and Answers. Click for details! Of course, that doesn't mean things won't come up to stop them or distract them, or that they won't learn more about each other along the way.

At first it was hard, but it worked well. Because John had stepped up Sam's training. Lengthening the strength training was a pretty typical punishment in the Winchester playbook. On April 17,while Sam, Dean, Castiel and Eileen were about to enjoy a movie night, they received a call from Jody that a vampire hunt had gone … While the women of Supernatural have played vital roles in hunting monsters and putting an end to the various evils of the world, some women, even some of the same women, have committed truly villainous crimes.

Other versions of the … Sam Drabbles. Gold Weekend … While Dean might come off as a womanizing meat-head, according to his brother Sam, aside from being one of the best hunter's of the supernatural Sam's ever met, Dean is also one of the best educated in lore. Sam and her had just been cuddling and watching movies on the motel bed, but had left to get some fresh water.

Three hours. At only days old, he is able to open and close a gate to Hell. Weirdward: bordering upon the supernatural. Using the spell given to them by Michael, the Winchesters and Castiel were able to lock God away. Warnings for past non-con sexual slavery, eventual wincest, but nothing graphic. According to him, he would have had to be in school for at least four years … Sam and Dean Winchester are the two good-looking brothers who take on protagonists' roles in the hit US television series Supernatural, wherein they hunt down demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural entities.

Too many flings made him forget about Eleanor's mother. The Show.

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He is portrayed primarily by Jared Padalecki. In Season 15, the Winchester brothers take on their final demons when Supernatural reaches its end. The only thing written in the letter from John, is an address, a license plate number, and a phone number. It aired on October 8th, Sam And Dean Winchester. A collection of some of the best Supernatural stories here on ffnet.Originally posted by w-inchesterbrothers.

Request: Gabriel imagine where he tells you how nervous he is to be a dad and he has a mini break down but when the baby comes he instantly falls in love it. You could watch his face expression changing from numbness to fear. His eyes were looking at you and at your not yet grown belly and they were slowly filling up with tears. It was the first time that you were seeing Gabriel cry and it was terrifying you.

Thoughts started running through your head as he sat on the bed with his head in his palms. You were thinking that he will leave you alone with the baby and that he will be an absent father. I love you! In the next nine months Gabriel took care of you as well as he could.

He was always making sure you had everything you needed and that you were feeling well. He was always taking you for a walk and he was trying to make everything perfect. You loved the caring and loving side of Gabriel as well as you loved the sarcastic and wild side of him. The nine months went good and you were feeling like the happiest pregnant woman, but of course, it was all because of Gabriel.

When you started having contractions and your water broke, Gabriel called Sam and Dean to take you with the Impala to the hospital. Dean drove with tha maximum speed while Sam and Gabriel were in the beck with you. Sam, great job there. Come on! A little bit more! Pain was all over your body, but when you heard the cry you totally relaxed. You closed your eyes and some tears of happiness ran down your cheeks as the doctor shouted:.

He laid her in your arms and when you looked at her, you could see your whole future. The doctor left the room and Gabriel entered. He was walking slowly towards you and your baby. I am your daddy. Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily. Request: Hi! The bunker is six hours away.Jjba X Abused Reader. One of whom Yandere bully x reader tumblr Discover short videos related to orochimaru x reader lemon on TikTok.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our discussion page, or by contacting participants of the project. A new addition to the Sonic Team. Innocent Loss. She is a human working as an agent for the Guardian Units of the Nations and the partner to Rouge the Bat.

Bnha Oneshots!. Author's Note: Hello everyone. Amy and Sonic were about to kiss. Sonic Unleashed. The multitude of fake Chaos Emeralds and Sonic's intense anger allowed him to achieve this transformation. But it was the kind of rain that I found soothing and peaceful. You felt to lazy to get up,yet you still had to.

Eggman reunite with their families, their free will restored by the Sword of Acorns. Chris unintentionally managed to make both Sonic and Shadow come to tears. And if there were monsters around she would've kicked their asses, too. A yellow face with an open mouth wailing and streams of heavy tears flowing from closed eyes. Get inspired by our community of talented artists.

It was also the pilot issue of the overall series. You mind writing a Sonic x female reader where the reader is a formidable for of Sonic's and always gets the best of him. Jun 21, - Read human. By mestikabrsetiarini di June 28,He is best known for his formula for solving simultaneous equations.

View two larger pictures. Jean and Anne had three sons who all went on to academic success. Besides Gabriel, their other two sons were Jean-Antione who followed his father's profession and Jean who became a professor of law. Gabriel certainly moved rapidly through his education in Geneva, and in while he was still only eighteen years old he was awarded a doctorate having submitted a thesis on the theory of sound.

The magistrates who were making the appointment favoured the older man with more experience but they were so impressed with brilliant two young men that they thought up a clever plan to enable them to acquire the services of all three.

Clearly they were looking to the future and seeing in Cramer and Calandrini two men who would make important future contributions to the Academy. The scheme the magistrates proposed was to split the chair of philosophy into two chairs, one chair of philosophy and one chair of mathematics.

De la Rive was offered the philosophy chair, which after all was what he had applied for in the first place, while Cramer and Calandrini were offered the mathematics chair on the understanding that they shared the duties and shared the salary. The magistrates put another condition on the appointment too, namely that Cramer and Calandrini each spend two or three years travelling and while one was away the other would take on the full list of duties and the full salary.

It was a good plan for not only did it successfully attract all three men to the Academy, but it also gave Cramer the opportunity to travel and meet mathematicians around Europe and he was to take full advantage of this which both benefited him and the Academy.

Cramer and Calandrini divided up the mathematics courses each would teach. Cramer taught geometry and mechanics while Calandrini taught algebra and astronomy. The two had been paired in the arrangement and their friends joking called them Castor and Pollux.

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Had their personalities been different the arrangement might have presented all sorts of difficulties, but given their natures things worked out remarkably well.

Cramer is said to have been [ 1 ] We must not give the impression that Cramer just fitted into an existing pattern of teaching. He proposed a major innovation, which the Academy accepted, which was that he taught his courses in French instead of Latin, the traditional language of scholars at that time Appointed inCramer followed the conditions of his appointment and set out for two years of travelling in He visited leading mathematicians in many different cities and countries of Europe.

He headed straight away for Basel where many leading mathematicians were working, spending five months working with Johann Bernoulliand also Euler who soon afterwards headed off to St Petersburg to be with Daniel Bernoulli.

Cramer then visited England where he met Halleyde MoivreStirlingand other mathematicians. His discussions with these mathematicians and the continuing correspondence with them after he returned to Geneva had a big influence on Cramer's work. From England Cramer made his way to Leiden where he met 'sGravesandethen he moved on to Paris where he had discussions with FontenelleMaupertuisBuffonClairautand others.

These two years of travelling were to set the tone for Cramer's career for he was highly regarded by all the mathematicians he met, he corresponded with them throughout his life, and he was to perform many extremely valuable major tasks as an editor of their works. Cramer's entry was judged as the second best of those received by the Academy, the prize being won by Johann Bernoulli.

In the "twins" split up when Calandrini was appointed to the chair of philosophy and Cramer became the sole holder of the Chair of Mathematics. Cramer lived a busy life, for in addition to his teaching and correspondence with many mathematicians, he produced articles of considerable interest although these are not of the importance of the articles written by most of the top mathematicians with whom he corresponded.

He published articles in various places including the Memoirs of the Paris Academy inand of the Berlin Academy inand The articles cover a wide range of subjects including the study of geometric problems, the history of mathematics, philosophy, and the date of Easter.

He published an article on the aurora borealis in the Philosophical Transactions of Angelfire cb mods Royal Society of London and he also wrote an article on law where he applied probability to demonstrate the significance of having independent testimony from two or three witnesses rather than from a single witness. His work was not confined to academic areas for he was also interested in local government and served as a member of the Council of Two Hundred in and of the Council of Seventy in His work on these councils involved him using his broad mathematical and scientific knowledge, for he undertook tasks involving artillery, fortification, reconstruction of buildings, excavations, and he acted as an archivist.

He made a second trip abroad inthis time only visiting Paris where he renewed his friendship with Fontenelle as well as meeting d'Alembert.

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There are two areas of Cramer's mathematical work which we should highlight. Johann Bernoulli died inonly three or so years before Cramer, but he arranged for Cramer to publish his Complete Works before his death.My so-called 'boyfriend' before him didn't even care about me.

May I please request platonic yandere batfam with baby reader years old that can't sleep alone. Characters: Daniel Ricciardo x Fem! Until one day, a flashy, sexy Idol from his native country of Korea blows into town. Here is my new book. I will be doing the four former Robins of Batman. Not being listened to by a medical professional.

Batboys headcanons Zachary Webb was put into the foster care system at the ripe age of four and three months after an incident that claimed both of his parent's lives. The both of you are like 16, 17 i Reviews: 62 Content Rating: everyone See what Arthur Artoria lobe has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Sans X Depressed! The fics get increasingly less cringy I swe.

Willard Davis from Enid, Oklahoma who hit 2l. Todoroki x Servant Reader. Predictors of future self-harm included symptoms of depression or anxiety, being the victim of bullying, and recent alcohol experimentation. Likes Justice n2f4 shape x reader preferences Mermista x self harm reader.

A bright future - Loki x pregnant! She used to sneak. Like they all have a night for her to sleep in their room because the others have to go on. Yandere werewolf x reader tumblr Yandere werewolf x reader tumblr. So, let me explain: Basically in this one, you are a possessive, almost yandere-ish kind of lover, while Shouto is a needy partner. You crept near the tall building next to her target's apartment, and threw your grappling hook to the very top.

Samantha Miramontes. While Kylo was away, the reader found out something big. Coronavirus is chock-a-block full of social negatives, but at the same time, positive particulars prevail. Introduction My name is Skye and I am a writer. On a recent Saturday, at p. Bruce helped him to make her disappear. A bit of graphic detail of blood. Batfam x batsis angst Originally posted by ricciardoe. April 25, Whoops. In a bowl, mix the icing sugar, saffron and. I do not own these characters. BatBoys x … Bakugou x dying reader Bakugou x dying reader.

A Siblings Trust - Batsis! Currently has: Adam, Gabriel, Crowley, Balthazar, Samandriel and Castiel. adam balthazar castiel crowley fanfiction gabriel insert lemon nsfw.

Summary: Teasing Gabriel has its consequences. Pairing: Gabriel x Reader Ward counting: k words. Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, squirting.

Gabrielle [Part 1] (Gabriel x Reader). Image. GIF by lucifersagents. A/N: Hello! *waves* So I'M ALIVE!!!. It feels like it has been forever since. She never got the chance to meet her dad before he died, but that hasn't kept her from welcoming Gabriel with open arms. Sam and Dean are fully. said: Can I request a daddy-dom Gabriel fic where he takes care of the reader We'll write most things from fluff to smut and beyond!

I'm Khat, i'm 24yrs old and welcome to Underrated Characters Imagine Blog! This blog will be taking requests for imagines for a lot of. Having a Daddy kink with Gabriel would include: (Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it:3 Gif not mine/found.

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“By the way ” Sam turned his head to look over at Chuck. “How is the surprise coming along?” Chuck poofed up his 'World's Greatest Dad' mug and. Best dad ever Pairing: Gabriel x Reader Warnings: fluff, tears Word count: Request: Gabriel imagine where he tells you how nervous he is.

Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible. Gabriel x Daughter! Reader: Holloween with Dad Gabriel asked causing you to turn around and frown at him. "No one. Summary: After months of flirting, it takes a snowstorm on Christmas Eve to bring Negan and the Reader finally together as they take shelter for.

Dean and Sam though, only saw it as a reason to protect you more. They didn't care if you only shared a father, you were still their sister, and. Pairing: Gabriel x Dean daughter!reader (platonic) asked your dad, rounding the corner and causing you to jump.

“Sorry.”. Pairing: Gabriel x reader Word Count. “Let's not talk about my dad while we're having sex, honey,” said Gabriel, smirking as he leaned. Request: Well urm may i have a gabriel one shot where he is the readers dad and one night it starts storming terribly and the reader is.

“You should really tell Gabriel where you are, dad. Imagine Throwing a Christmas Party at the Bunker (Reader x Dean. “Ohh daddy ” You moaned, knowing all too well how much he liked it when you called him that, sure enough you were rewarded as he began to roll.

Daddy x Daughter Master List Sam Winchester: • Stressed: You get stressed Characters: Sam Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader, Gabriel. This was the first Gabriel story I wrote ^-^. Ever since you heard about Halloween you loved it kids dressed in costumes and went door to.