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I like using a smart projector because it has all the apps on it which makes it less complicated than running two different devices. Simply power it down using the remote, the power button on the projector.

Power it back up, and see if Netflix works now. If not, you should force close the app, and clear the cache. A smart projector that has an operating system such as Google Android. Each operating system is unique, but the general steps are the same. In some operating systems you need to go to the App store, to access the additional options to force stop, and clear the cache for the Netflix app.

In the app store there will be a place where you can see your installed apps. Then when you select the Netflix app it will show the additional options.

Each smart projector operating system is slightly unique. For example, Samsung smart projectors use the Tizen 4x4 vanagon system which is slightly different to Android.

The operating system of a smart projector is also generally the same as the operating system used on the same brand TV. So, you can also look for the instructions for how to do it on the smart TV. For Netflix to work it needs a strong internet connection. Internet connections are prone to slowing down, or having intermittent issues.

The easiest fix is to simply restart your Wi-Fi modem by turning it on and off again. If the video loads and plays fine then your internet connection is running fast enough.

I love the ability to cast my different devices to each other around my home. First verify that your Wi-Fi has a fast and stable connection. Finally, the devices you are using to cast should be restarted, such as the casting device, and TV. It covers how to check the antivirus and VPN, as well as how to restart all of the devices, and check your internet connection. Access the app store via the home screen.

Netflix will show up, and then simply select it, and select install. It will take some time to download and install. After that, sign in using your Netflix account. Each operating system is slightly different, for example, a lot of projectors use Android, and instead of the app store, you select the Google Play store. But, the general procedure is the same. As not all smart projectors come with Netflix pre-installed. But, there are a range of additional fixes to try if the internet is working fine below.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Thread starter sg Start date Feb 12, I get no sound but I get video. I have tried changing different settings but nothing. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. First change the audio settings to stereo in the firestick and try. The you can change the settings to best available and sound should be automatically be decoded in the receiver. Try to select the proper input in the receiver sometimes the improper input is selected.

Finally check if the receiver is ok by switching to different sources i. Tried changing audio to stereo and back to best available and it didn't work. The input is correct as well. Anything else I can try? Could it be that TX NR doesn't support it? No the should be able to support the same. I think the problem is something different and we are not able to pin point the same. You can try with another HDMI port. Further you can try to connect the firestick to the tv and connect to the receiver using a optical cable and check whether multi channel audio is being output and sound plays through the TV.

I have tried 3 different ports. I am lost. I may just try to get a replacement stick as i just got this one.

Click to expand So I ended up factory resetting my Onkyo NR and it now works. There is a wierd clicking sound at times where audio cuts off. Need to see why that's happening. I don't know what I had previously done over the years which made it not work.Dear Chris, I have a problem, can you help me to find best way to connect Amazon Firestick to my projector for video signal Benq PE and to my home theatre for audio signal 5.

Both conversion and extraction can be handled by a single device see below. Of the video input plugs on your Benq projector, the best option is the pin VGA port the one with the blue insert, not the black one. You should obtain good video quality on the projector screen, and you should obtain Dolby 5.

Nota Bene: I found an online manual for your Benq PE that shows a DVI-I connector which is digitalbut your picture shows an apparently earlier version of that model.

This circuitry is designed to protect content from being used unlawfully and came about years ago with Digital Rights Management legislation. The idea is that artists musicians, film makers, etc. This handshaking usually occurs when equipment is first powered up or connected. Go to Top of Page. Hi Chris, you seem to be an amazing font of knowledge so I hope you can help me.

I also have a Firestick to Projector query but with the added complication of a 5.

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Everything was working fine in my cinema room in London until Amazon pulled their Prime app from the Sony system in Nov They offered a discount on a Firestick but I already had two. Will this allow 5. Would a converter which also provides an optical output to connect to the Sony system be a better solution? Hope you can help advise on how best to connect up my equipment.

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Many thanks, Neil. Hi Neil, thanks for providing lots of detail and links to the online manuals, saves me a lot of time researching your situation! The optical IN port on your Sony system is the one to use, as it passes Digital 5. If the Firestick is and will be your only video source, then the other box will do.

Power on your projector, and power on your Sony system.The Amazon Firestick is a versatile streaming device that goes from strength to strength. We all know how well it works on a TV, but what about if you wanted to play the Amazon Firestick on a projector? How you put everything together depends on the projector you have. Some will have multiple HDMI input ports where you can connect the Amazon Firestick directly into it and play from there.

If you have a small home cinema setup with a projector and amplifier, you may be able to connect the Amazon Firestick directly into your projector. As long as the outlet is close enough for the Firestick power lead it should work fine.

The projector will just see the signal from the Firestick, which is will be able to display without any problem. Connect the projector output to your audio amplifier and your amplifier to your speakers. Make sure the Firestick is on your home WiFi network and you should be good to go. In this case, the Aux input could be a video signal amplifier for the projector if you use one of those. If you have an audio amplifier, connect the output from the TV to the input on the amplifier.

Connect audio out from your amplifier to your speakers. Your main limitation here is cable length and what outputs your TV has. You can do much the same thing with a laptop or computer media server depending on what you have. Laptop is probably easiest as you can place it close to the projector. Again, much depends on what connectors your laptop and your projector has. Connect your laptop to the projector using DVI, connect your amplifier to the audio jack on the laptop.

A laptop easily has enough power for the Firestick or you could use the power connector that comes with it. Those are the three ways I know of to play the Amazon Firestick on a projector. Which you use will depend on the hardware you have to hand. Do you know of any other way to get a Firestick working on a projector? Tell us about it below if you do!Projector sound issues can be very frustrating to deal with. Nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of an audience because of technical difficulties.

Nothing is more annoying than having to look at a projector screen without any audio. This is something that most of the projector owners have gone through at some point in their lives. If you are also facing this kind of problem, you need not panic. This troubleshooting guide will walk you through the process of fixing any projector sound issue you have been facing. We will try to provide solutions for the following key problems with the projector audio:.

If you find yourself cursing the projector for being useless and a waste of your hard-earned money, be sure to take a moment and run some troubleshooting tests. If you are in front of an audience, try not to panic.

It might just be a minor glitch. Most of the time, common projector sound issues are a result of basic mistakes being made by the projector operator due to a lack of experience. Start off by ensuring that the volume option on your projector is not muted or turned down.

If it is, turn the volume up to check if it solves the problem. Secondly, if your projector is connected to an external device like a laptop or a tablet via HDMI or USB Type-C cable, check the volume settings on the external device to make sure that the volume is turned up. If you have connected a loudspeaker to the projector to improve the sound quality.

Ensure that the audio jack from the speaker is properly plugged into the projector portal. Also, remember to turn up the volume settings on the external speakers. Lastly, if you are running a program on the projector screen via a third-party app, you should check the volume controls inside the app to make sure the audio is not turned off or disabled. If you have your phone or laptop connected to the projector, go to the audio output selection setting on your device and ensure that you have selected the projector as the audio output.

With improvements in technology, a lot of projectors are now equipped p320 x5 kit Bluetooth support settings. If you have an Apple TV, you can adjust the audio settings via the following steps:. Ensure that all the apps installed on your projector are updated. Outdated apps can sometimes be a cause of a few common projector sound issues. One of the most common complaints that we receive from our customers is that there is no audio transmission after they connect their fire stick or Amazon Fire TV to a projector.

Although, these queries have questionable grammar, the issues mentioned in these phrases are pretty familiar to Firestick and Fire TV users. If you own an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick and are experiencing similar problems, try following the given steps to rectify the issue once and for all.

Before rushing to the audio settings menu on your Firestick or Fire TV, try following a few troubleshooting steps:. If the problem still persists, go to the menu on your firestick and then press audio. You will get two options Language and Audio output, select Audio output and change the default settings from Dolby digital plus to Stereo. You can also check to ensure that the Firestick is not linked to an external Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Have you tried connecting your laptop to the projector using a VGA cable? Are you frustrated because, despite the perfectly clear visuals on the screen, there is absolutely no audio? Have you run out of patience trying to get some kind of audio from the projector by constantly removing and inserting the VGA cable into your laptop? The following information might just blow your mind. Contrary to popular belief, a VGA cable 15 pins D-shaped connector is not capable of carrying sound.Turn on screen mirroring on your TV.

If you use a TV, you can use the following features or applications as an alternative method to display the screen of the Apple device on the TV. Step 3. Mirror iPhone to Mac. Then select your device name and watch your iPhone being displayed on your PC. Does Netflix allow screen mirroring? The Netflix app on your mobile device has the ability to sync to select TVs and streaming media players, allowing you to control your Netflix experience from your phone or tablet.

Share using To mirror your screen to another screen. Should doing only with wifi and the app need to install inside the stick driver or chrome cast whatever. I have been streaming Netflix downloads from my iPhone to my tv successfully through a lightning adapter and an HDMI cable male-male. Step 5. That should work.

Adjust the streaming settings. Is this normal? Please have a look at the picture below. Put Siri in charge of your TV. Select the media icon, which has the appearance of a box with three arched lines crossing through the bottom left side. Turn back to your iPhone. The tool is super simple to use. Connect using Netflix 2nd Screen. Projector audio comes in two flavors: the projector will either have onboard speakers, serving as its own audio solution, or it will have no on.

This projector does not support Dolby sound. So there will be no sound when you play Dolby sound videos, (Amazon fire stick, Netflix, Blue-ray movies, and so on). a HDMI Splitter so he will be able to flick from Xbox to Firestick but i have no sound going through the Projector from the firestick. › threads › how-to-i-get-my-fire-stick-to-work-with.

When it's plugged into the projector no audio or video but when it's plugged into the Sony surround system I get audio and no video which I. › Streaming Devices › Fire TV. What to Do if Fire Stick Has No Sound? · Turn on your speakers.

· Unmute your TV and Fire Stick. · Press Up on the Fire Stick remote's circular. 1. Buy a HDMI audio splitter. Firestick plugs into splitter. Splitter to projector using HDMI cable. Splitter to receiver or sound bar using.

I'm trying to use my Fire Stick 4k with a projector (Vivitek). When its hooked up to my TV (Sony), everything works fine. But when I try to use with the. If you try to play a movie on Disney Plus and no sound plays, If you still want to be able to watch Disney Plus on your projector with full sound.

Want to listen to your favorite audio and watch movies through Amazon Fire TV Stick without these sound problems? You have landed in the right. Solutions for No Sound After Connecting to Fire Stick. One of the most common complaints that.

If there's no audio carried in that cable, you get no audio. When the projector input is switched to HDMI 2, you get both video and audio from input 2. If you get no sound while playing a TV show or movie, use this article to fix the problem.

I am trying to connect my arc to my projector screen to stream with my. I can see my firestick is working off the projector but no sound. The projector has an HDMI in and a vga in slot, along with connections for speakers that I thought it did and plays no sound of its own. Stuck wondering “Why is there no sound on my Amazon Fire Stick”? Wonder no more and solve your audio issue once and for all.

Read on!

Firestick 4K and Onkyo TX NR626 - no sound

Plug the Firestick Power. For audio connection I'd like to use optical signal for taking Since your video projector uses analog video, there's no digital rights. I have my Fire stick 4K connected to one of the HDMI IN ports of the Onkyo and the HDMI out from the receiver is going to a EPSON Projector. When amazon firestick no sound then Restart Firestick> Check for Muted Audio> Turn off dolby digital output> Attach HDMI Connection to.