Elftmann se trigger problems

Install and first time test are good. This replaced a RA that was having problems. I like the floor plate addition. This prevent the set screws from marring up your lower. I did not use the adjust screw to adjust pull weight. I purchased this along the KNS anti-walk pins. So first impression are good. Shipping time was as expected. This is place has the best price on this product. The Rise Armament trigger is by far the lightest and quickest reset of them all.

Timney and CMC are comparable, one not better than the other. For the price of this Efltmann trigger, I had much higher expectations than what came in this product. The adjustable pull weight is a positive and the trigger pull itself is outstanding. It's the reset that is disappointing. The reset travel is long and not as crisp as any of my other triggers.

I guess time and more rounds down range over a few years will really test the benefits of this trigger. As for now it gets 4 stars for its overall design and trigger pull, but until they improve the reset it really doesn't deserve full 5 stars.

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Elftmann Ar-9 Trigger Straight

Current Stock: 5. Quantity: Decrease Quantity of undefined Increase Quantity of undefined. Adding to cart… The item has been added. Facebook Email Print Twitter Pinterest.Effective date : An improved gun trigger unit for a rifle or the like.

The unit uses at least two spring biased moving members positioned one above the other. The members are pivotably mounted in relation to each other and pivot from a first engaged position to a second disengaged position.

At least one of the members has rotatably mounted thereon a bearing in engagement with the other of the moving members. A movement of the trigger lever will pivot one of the members to activate the other of the members by the bearing rolling from a first engaged position to a second disengaged position thereby releasing the rifle bolt to fire the rifle. It is generally known in the trade that triggers may generally operate with a single lever or a series of levers which in turn control "sears.

Because of resultant friction, wear on mating edges and dimensional changes in the respective parts, problems have been encountered in such prior art designs. Other trigger systems have been designed and used in the past which contain complicated linkages and also use much involved safety systems to prevent accidental discharge of the firearm. These linkages are expensive to manufacture and require unnecessary assembly time to assemble the various parts into the completed trigger mechanism.

In addition, the gun stocks generally require modification with such linkage triggers. The construction of various prior art trigger units of the before mentioned type also results in further problems inherent in the particular design relating to the safety system on the trigger. For example, the linkage type trigger requires a right or left-hand safety lever which necessitates additional tooling to have the desired trigger unit. The design problems in various prior art trigger systems also can cause latent safety problems.

For example, many trigger and safety systems designed with that trigger use a safety which blocks the trigger lever itself. Should key parts in the trigger malfunction or break, and inadvertent discharge of the rifle may occur which could result in injury or death. In addition, many safety systems are designed so that the safety is placed in a firing mode to open the mechanism which creates the possibility for accidental discharge of the weapon.

While prior art triggers and safety systems have functioned to the apparent satisfaction of their designer and manufacturer, the problems before described have led to a new and unique design of a trigger and safety system which eliminates many of these problems and in addition provides many new desirable features which are expected in a quality trigger and safety system.

The applicant's new and novel trigger design comprises at least two spring biased moving members with one of the moving members being positioned above the other. The members are pivotably mounted in relation to each other and are spring biased and pivot from a first engaged position is a second disengaged position.Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Forum list. Media New media New comments Search media. Install the app. Anyone ever have any issues with Elftmann Tactical? Thread starter One1Bravo Start date Oct 21, Forums Semi-Automatic Rifles.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. One1Bravo Ops4. Full Member. Jul 13, 1, 31 Baton Rouge, LA. Recently bought an Elftmann Tactical AR10 trigger. Dropped it in the other day and was having issues getting it to reset.

Also when I installed csc changer root upper back on to the lower the bolt wouldn't cycle; it was binding on the hammer. Called Elftmann and they were really helpful.

He asked for some pictures of the trigger, I sent them to him, and he was able to recognize that somehow during assembly I got an old style trigger shoe and disconnect with a new style hammer. He mailed me the correct parts and I was able to put them in today.

Completely solved the reset issue but my bolt still binds on the hammer and will not cycle. Any ideas? I will get with Elftmann again tomorrow; just wanted to see if anyone had this problem before or had any ideas how to fix it. Huskydriver Not here for a long time but here for a good time Full Member.Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jan Clarksville, TN. Opinons on them from people who use them. Dont wanna hear about other brands honestly Liberal Socialist Democrats and their voters are a bane to this Nation.

Joined: Mar I have a Velocity trigger in my AR. I like it a lot. When ever I hear single stage triggers might not be the way to fly in an AR I run downstairs and dryfire it about 50 times. That always makes me feel just fine about the purchase. I believe mine is the 3. Probably rounds on it at this point. I have not shot the Elf trigger. Yakima WA. Another Velocity trigger here. Put it in just to try it out and ended up liking it.

It's the only single action pull I got and don't mind it a bit. Most peoples' lives pass them by while they're making grand plans for it. Joined: Nov If the rifle slams to the ground by accident are they safe?

Depends on what ya buy, and if people have a habit of dropping weapons.

Elftmann Tactical Drop-in Trigger Review

Then i geuss it would be a concern to them. I dont havr that concern about mac single user mode commands list my weapon, i suppose if i was surrounded by a bunch of french army soldiers in a overwhelming fire fight then i would be concerned Wonder if the design is such that it can be safe.

I"d think a drop in unit single stage could be made to be lighter and safer. As it is, 2 stage trophy trigger use has never been asking me to be faster still But its nice to have options, as long as they are safe. We can keep Larry Root and all his idiotic blabber and user names on here, but we can't get Ralph back Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over The elf and wilson combat have half cock notches for people that drop their weapons.

The wilson has polymer rubber feet insted of set screws to take up slack from installation. Pretty good review. Google truth about guns 15 drop in trigger reveiw for those of you that are curious. I have done my research actually spoke witj both owners, the velocity guy worked for timney for a long time.The Elftmann Tactical Match trigger's hammer and trigger rotate on aircraft grade needle bearings inside the housing, and provide a crisp trigger pull.

I never share funny cat videos, and am not much of a "social" person, but I find myself on Facebook quite frequently — for business.

Because of being asked to "Like" certain companies, I have become aware of some firearms-related businesses and products I might otherwise never have known about. The most recent are the match triggers from Elftmann Tactical. Elftmann Tactical started out making a two-finger trigger similar to those found in paintball guns that allowed a close to full-auto rate of fire. Since then Elftmann Tactical has begun making more traditionally-styled triggers, and I recently had a chance to try two of their triggers — a Match unit as well as a 3-Gun trigger.

Unusually, both the hammer and trigger rotate on aircraft needle bearings for one of the smoothest trigger pulls you're ever likely to find. The hammer spring is full power, not reduced like you'll find with some match triggers. The hammer on the Elftmann Match trigger features a simple notch that prevents the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. The hammer in the Match trigger is solid, whereas the one in the 3-Gun trigger is skeletonized for faster lock time.

Other than that, the trigger units are internally identical, although the Match has a traditional curved bow and the 3-Gun sports a flat trigger.

Elftmann Tactical triggers are cassette-type triggers. These seem to be the most popular type of replacement triggers for ARs, as all you have to do is drop the whole unit into your receiver. The problem most cassette triggers have is walking receiver pins. Elftmann's solution? Two screws in the body of the cassette. Once it is installed, just tighten those pins down and they bind against the aluminum floor of the lower receiver check with Elftmann Tactical if you've got a polymer lower.

Any pins can walk if you shoot enough, but after several hundred rounds, I hadn't noticed any drifting with the Elftmann properly tightened down. Trigger pull can be adjusted using the screw behind the disconnector hook without removing the unit. Screws in the trigger housing tension the receiver pins. The trigger bows themselves are skeletonized, and it took me a while to warm up to their looks.

All of the triggers they make are available with either traditional curved or flat faces. I know a lot of people are getting to like the flat triggers, but I've just never liked the way they felt under my finger.

These triggers are user-adjustable for pull weight through the use of a single Allen-head screw at the rear of the unit.

Unscrew it to lighten the trigger pull — unscrew it too much and the disconnector won't work. Screw it in to make the pull heavier, and if you screw it in too far, the hammer won't fall.

Which pretty much makes it idiot proof at least until they begin breeding better idiots. This can all be done without removing the unit from the receiver if you decide you want to change the pull weight you initially dialed in. Tarr wasn't sure at first if he liked the skeletonized appearance of the Elftmann trigger, but he found he really liked the crisp, light trigger pull. Elftmann Tactical advertises that both their Match and 3-Gun triggers have pulls adjustable between 2. With the adjustment screw on my Match trigger set in the middle rexy roaring its travel the trigger gave me a clean, crisp 3-pound break.

These are single-stage triggers, with no take-up and as close to no overtravel as you can get. As much because of the reduced amount of trigger travel as the 3-pound pull weight, I was able to easily do. That equates to rpm for those of you looking for quick double-taps or simulated full-auto.

All of the Elftmann Tactical triggers are completely drop-safe, because of a stupidly simple ledge they machine into the bottom of the hammer that catches on the front of the trigger bar if the trigger is not pulled when the hammer falls. Give a Gift Subscriber Services. See All Other Magazines.Have you considered registering so you can participate in the discussions rather than just look on as a bystander?

Ditch the Anti-Walk Pins: Elf Tactical’s New PRO-LOCK Mounting System

Why not? If so, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page and let us know and we'll get you squared away! I have it adjusted to 1 lb. Their trigger adjusts from 14 oz to 3 lbs, which I think makes it more versatile.

It is cheaper too. A trigger such as the Savage uses, does not have the movement necessary for a bearing to make any difference in feel, let alone performance!

Therefore, using this trigger, one is left with the same gritty feeling of the uneven, unprepared surface of the stock sear. I don't think that is a company. I thought you might have a link or something.


No problem. Side note: if anyone has an old accutrigger laying around that they want to get rid of PM me, I need one for a project I'm doing for my nephew. Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Elftmann trigger. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Elftmann trigger. Has any buddy order one been thinking about it. I never heard of the capurso and looked up the specs Who has them for Elf is a new player to the trigger game.

Originally Posted by Robinhood. There was a million pages named Blackfriday.Buy Together and Save. While Elftmann Tactical is known for its drop-in trigger systems, we went with a component system for the VR80 shotgun. Component triggers have one advantage over drop-in cassette style triggers, the ability to shed dust and dirt and keep running because they dont have the tight constraints of the housing.

The combination of aerospace grade sealed bearings, precision ground threaded bushings, and screws instead of traditional pins provide a rock-solid trigger system. Because pins require some "play" for the hammer and trigger to rotate, there is always a little play in a traditional trigger system.

This new threaded system with sealed bearings adds a level of "solid" you need to feel to understand the difference. This is not your average forged steel component trigger - made of wire EDM machined, hardened A2 tool steel, this trigger is not only easy to keep clean, its precise, crisp break and positive reset will take a competition shotgun to the next level.

Installation can be done in minutes using the supplied installation screws. If you are looking for the finest, most robust and precise trigger upgrade for your VR80 box fed shotgun, this is the trigger system for you. We are at the mercy of Elftmann. Very popular product. Mark H. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

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Please add " opticsplanet. Government Export Restriction This item may be regulated for export by the U. Department of State or the U. Department of Commerce. Please see our Export Policy prior to placing your order. Color: Red. Color: Black. Click to select this item for your bundle offer! Select a specific model above to see the deal! A: 99% of the time this issue is caused by incorrect installation. Whether anti-walk pins are used or not, the set screws on the inside of the trigger body must.

Im having the same exact issue with my SE in my 80% lower. They replaced my hammer the first time, but the issue persisted. After a ton of troubleshooting, it. weika.eu › Forums › Semi-Automatic Rifles. Recently bought an Elftmann Tactical AR10 trigger. Dropped it in the other day and was having issues getting it to reset. weika.eu › calgunforum › showthread. If tightening it causes the failure, the likely cause is that the holes are not drilled square to the receiver and the trigger is binding on the.

Only 1 in every rounds would ignite, very light primer strikes. This is only one of the issues with the Elftmann match trigger I installed. 53 rounds of m did this to my elftmann tactical trigger. are they not replacing the product if defective?

The Remington Trigger

did they issue you an RMA? I installed the new Eftmann PCC 9mm trigger in my build and am having intermittent failure to reset. It can happen after one round or after. Has anybody had any issues with the elf three gun trigger or any Elfman trigger adjustment screw walking out. Everything I see about this. Issue w/ Elf trigger / Safety. So I got an Elftmann Match Trigger. I love the finger placement, the break it has all the hallmarks of a.

A: 99% of the time this issue is caused by incorrect installation. Whether anti-walk pins are used or not, the set screws on the inside of the. Fabric/Material: EDM Machined Hardened A2 Tool Steel ; Trigger Pull Weight: lb ; Gun Type: Shotgun. The ELF-SE Drop-In Trigger maintains the Elftmann reputation for Non-adjustable lb pull weight, non-skeletonized trigger shoe and no. Non-adjustable lb pull weight, non-skeletonized trigger shoe and no bearings. Ultra-Light housing is standard - Total physical weight of entire unit is just.

Also, it's faced with the same problem of every other trigger, save for the Jard. You are stuck using the same CRAPPY, STAMPED METAL SEAR! 15% OFF Elf triggers w/ code TRIG15 "SE" models start at only $ with coupon code.

making for an incredibly smooth and fast trigger pull. Applicants have disclosed an adjustable modular trigger assembly, and a related method, to avoid an unexpected firing of a long gun after an unintentional. Also note there is a trigger pull weight adjustment screw in the rear of the assembly which allows you to adjust the weight of the pull.

Elftmann Tactical Straight, Trigger, Black, Ar-9 Trigger Ars Elftmann Se Trigger Straight This replaced a RA that was having problems.