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Applications are invited for the positions below: i. Medical Officer iii. Medical Laboratory Scientist iv. Dental Consultant Restorative Dentistry v. Director, Shared Services vi.

Paediatrician viii. Director, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation x. Assistant Director, Community Health xii. Assistant Director, Epidemiology xiii.

How to Check the Edo State Civil Service Commission Shortlisted Candidates

Assistant Director, Disease Control xiv. Assistant Director, Reproductive Health xv. Anaesthetic Technician xvii. Environmental Health Superintendent xviii. Pharmacy Technician xix.

Medical Laboratory Technician xx. X-Ray Technician xxi. Plaster Technician xxii. Prosthetist and Orthopaedic Technician xxiii. Director, Public Health xxiv. Medical Records Technician xxvi. Dental Technician xxvii. Dental Technologist xxviii. Environmental Health Officer xxix. Public Health Officer xxxi. Medical Laboratory Scientist xxxii. Pharmacist xxxiv.

Physiotherapist xxxvi. Nursing Officer. I love surfing the web and providing great information for my readers. I am an Editor At Myscholarshipbaze.The new College has three schools, namely: School of Agricultural Technology and Engineering at lguoriakhi which doubles as the main campus and administrative headquarters of the College.

Requirement Candidate should possess a degree in any of the disciplines of Social Sciences or Humanities from a recognized institution plus at least 3 years post-qualification cognate experience.

Method of Application Interested and qualified candidates should submit thirty 30 copies of their Applications with up-to-date Curriculum Vitae, which must include the following information: Full Names, surname underlined Marital Status Number of Children; indicating the age of each Date and Place of birth State of origin Local Government Area Geo-Political Zone Nationality Current Postal Address Permanent Home Address Educational Institutions attended with dates Academic and professional qualification and distinctions with dates Work experience in chronological sequence Present employer - status and salary Extra-Curricular activities Names and address of three 3 Referees Each applicant must have three 3 Referees who should be requested to forward their referee's report under confidential cover by courier to the address below.

All Applications should be submitted by courier service under confidential covers in sealed envelopes to: The Hon. Find your dream job from s of vacancies in Nigeria posted and updated daily - click here! Click here to post comments. Join in and write your own page!

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It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Job Vacancies in Africa. Site Search What is New? I promise to use it only to send you Advance Africa Newsletter. Com All Rights Reserved. Then Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.Grade-level 08 salaries in Nigeria Details and Analysis. Nigeria has a variety of salary structures which are determined by the levels of professionalism.

As of now, the country adopts a newly-introduced grading system for paying fresh graduates. This new system popularly known as grade level 08 comes with salary levels that range from one profession to the other. For example, entry-level military officers are expected to be remunerated better than their police counterparts.

Generally, it takes commitment and extreme diligence to get elevated to a higher position and due to this, some Nigerians hardly believe that the civil department enderal spells one of the lucrative sectors they can engage in.

Regardless of the existing circumstances, it is good to persevere and aim for higher positions. In point of fact, your first monthly income at grade level 08 salary in Nigeria, might not be the actual sum you need to maintain a reasonable standard of living but if you can compromise yourself and instil intense commitment in your profession, you will surely have the reason to smile about your salary someday.

In reality, the civil department is one of the appropriate places for the Nigerians who are committed to serving their fake email template and swearing due allegiance to the nation they were born into.

In that case, this article will be of great importance to the Nigerian graduates who are thinking about venturing into public services such as the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Communication Commissions NCC. If you have a flair for either of these professions, you will surely love to find out the salary structure applicable to the grade level Broadly speaking, this article is a breakdown of the grade level 08 salaries in Nigeria for members of different public services. Basically, grade 8 entry-level members may have a salary level ranging from 53, As implied earlier, we have collated the level 8 salaries for various public services in this article.

So, check out the various salary levels below:. Members of NCC are one of the highest-paid civil servants in Nigeria. Based on the height of your position, you can be rewarded with a monthly salary as high as This is really a considerable amount to earn as a civil servant.

Also noteworthy is that your status as a staff member must have been authenticated before you can have this. Although many Nigerian citizens do not regard police officers in high esteem, the police service is obviously one of the high-paying professions in the civil department.

For the Nigerians who are inclined towards the administration of fairness and justice, the police service is surely one of the right places to be. As a police member, your level 08 salary may vary depending on your position. And if we are to calculate this on a yearly basis, you may have a total of 1, And on a yearly basis, this gives you a total of 1, Alongside the police service is the Nigerian army and too many Nigerian citizens, the Nigerian army is much preferable than the Nigerian police.

If you belong to the grade level 08 in the Nigerian army, you can expect to be paid the monthly salary of Within the civil department, the Nigerian Civil Defence is one of the interesting options you can choose.

In fact, many Nigerians now prefer to be Civil Defence officers than playing a role in the Nigerian police force. It is often said that officers in the Nigerian Civil Defence are trained by soldiers. With regard to this, Civil Defence officers command respect and are even regarded with the esteem that police officers hardly merit.

If you belong to step 1 of the grade level 08 within the Nigerian Civil Defence, you can expect to be rewarded with the monthly salary of This is a considerable salary to earn as a Civil Defence officer.

N-Power Salary Scale | N-Power Monthly Stipend 2020

Above this, you can have the grace to be elevated to a top rank. In short, higher ranks guarantee higher salaries. Share this: Tweet. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.The polytechnic lecturers in the country have expressed disappointment on both federal and state governments for leaving them on the salary structures they had been since 12 years ago, saying they were fed up with the situation.

They also accused both levels of government of consistently paying lip service to the education sector from primary to tertiary levels, saying such attitude would continue to thwart the progress of Nigeria and its people. According to him, the polytechnic lecturers have been on the same salary structures which are even very small for the past 12 years and this situation is killing us.

He said the increasing inflation which is pushing up the prices of goods and services each day in the country and coupled with the devaluation of the Naira has made complete nonsense of the real value of their monthly salary. According to him, our take-home monthly pay is not taking us anywhere as the naira has been devalued by up to per cent or more of what the value was 12 years ago and this is making our survival difficult.

He said ASUP expectation from the government this New Year is to complete particularly in this first quarter the renegotiation of their last agreement made in by reviewing upward the terms and conditions of their services and start the implementation without delay. While noting that up till now Federal Government had not released the revitalisation funds and also about N5 billion minimum wage arrears owed the federal polytechnic lecturers nationwide several months after approval, the ASUP boss explained that the condition of state-owned polytechnic workers is worse.

He said only two out of the 36 states of the federation are implementing minimum wage for their polytechnic workers while the rest are not many years after the policy had become a law.

He said the major problem with the people in the corridors of power is not lack of money but because they lack the political will to invest significantly in the education sector. He said the government at both the federal and the state levels would need to get their priority right this year by stopping spending on what he called frivolities and giving deserved attention to education, saying that is the only way for Nigeria to attain genuine economic prosperity.

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Entertainment 21 mins ago. Entertainment 27 mins ago. Politics 33 mins ago. News 33 mins ago. Politics 43 mins ago. Local 53 mins ago. Politics 53 mins ago. News 55 mins ago. Entertainment 57 mins ago. Entertainment 1 hour ago.Your salary is determined based on the UFO system see below. In addition, on this page you will find information and links about all payments. After taking into consideration, among other things, your education and experience, we have arrived at an appropriate salary within this scale.

Should you not yet be able to fully perform all of your duties, a salary in a preliminary salary scale can be agreed on for a maximum period of two years. In addition to the salary and the corresponding holiday and end-of-year bonus, the UT may also grant an allowance or one-off bonus.

There are eighteen general salary scales. In pregnancy viability chart, salary scales for youths and separate scales for specific jobs have been developed. Each scale has a minimum and a maximum, with a number of gradually increasing salaries steps or increments in between. An allowance is a supplementary financial reward which is normally granted once a month. The UT applies the following allowances:. You may be eligible for a performance bonus if your faculty or unit is of the opinion that your performance in your position is 'very good' or 'excellent'.

You do, however, need to have reached the maximum of your salary scale. A very good or excellent performance means that across the board your performance extends far beyond the set requirements, and that you achieve demonstrably excellent results. In principle, the performance bonus can be granted for a maximum of one year, but may be extended if the faculty or unit is of the opinion that you still fulfil your position in a 'excellent' or 'very good' manner. By contrast, the faculty or unit may also decide to terminate the performance bonus on the interim if your performance is no longer 'excellent' or 'very good'.

If you are granted a higher salary scale during the time that you receive a performance bonus, the performance bonus expires automatically effective from the date on which that higher salary scale becomes applicable. Every building has its own BHV team. In case of emergency fire, accidents, the release of dangerous substances, explosionsthese teams try to limit the negative consequences for those in the building as much as possible.

Helping out in life-saving, yet not threatening, situations is also one of the responsibilities of BHV staff. The BHV teams act as a first response unit: they act from the moment the emergency arises up to the moment the professional emergency assistance arrives to take over.

Being a member of a BHV team is not without obligation. Staff who are a BHV member have to follow courses, attend refresher classes, complete the corresponding assignments and have to maintain good physical condition.

They also need to take on duties once or twice a year during UT-wide evening or weekend activities. These obligations are rewarded with an allowance.

If applicable to your position due to mobility requirements, labour market scarcity or bottlenecks, or indispensable expertise, your faculty or unit may decide that you are eligible for a labour market-related bonus. It is granted for a maximum of three years, but may be extended for a maximum duration of two years five years in totalif the reasons of mobility, recruitment or retention are still in effect. You are entitled to an on-call allowance when your job duties fairly regularly require you to be accessible and available on an on-call basis, as agreed upon in writing.

It is up to the faculty or unit to decide whether or not you are eligible. You are not allowed an on-call duty allowance if your job is classified under a job profile which is part of the Education and Research job family or if you are granted salary scale 11 or higher.

In the event that urgent work needs to be carried out to be determined by the faculty or unit concerned an overtime allowance may be granted instead of the on-call duty allowance. The on-call duty form can be found here. You are entitled to an allowance for work performed outside of standard working hours allowance for work at unsociable hours if you are ordered to do work during the times listed below and this does not count as overtime.However, during a 21 October telephone interview a researcher with Human Rights Watch stated that Bendel State no longer exists in Nigeria and that it had been split up some time ago with one of the resulting states being that of Edo.

In some background information to the situation of trade unions in Nigeria, the International Labour Organization ILO stated in April that the "Government ofNigeria had repeatedly ignored calls" for the ILO "to examine trade union rights in the country. In a November report the ILO noted that the Nigerian government had indicated in an August letter that it did not object to a visit by the Commission.

The conclusion to this report stated that:. The speed of developments in the matters visual basic guide to the mission since June has been remarkable. The impression received between 17 and 21 August was already an entirely different one from that gained by examination of the previous history of Cases Nos. Such impression -- which is distinctly positive -- has been sustained by subsequent events; and the mission notes the continuing work of the ILO Office in Lagos nirankari baba daughter monitoring developments, as well as the International Labour Standards Department, which has maintained relations with the Permanent Mission of Nigeria in Geneva up to the moment when the present report was finalised.

The mission found a number of points in respect of which positive developments need to be consolidated, in order to respond more fully to the various comments of the ILO's supervisory bodies.

It would like to emphasise the symbolic as well as the material significance of the release of trade unionists and the reopening of dialogue -- not least at the international level ibid. The report also noted that while some decrees involving trade unions had been repealed, others still remained and therefore needed to be addressed ibid. The researcher for Human Rights Watch stated that a considerable number of decrees pertaining to trade unions have been repealed since the death of General Abacha but that one that still remained places a limit on the number of trade unions in Nigeria and directs that they must all be affiliated with the NLC 21 Oct.

In view of the substantial progress noted by the supervisory bodies as regards the trade union situation in Nigeria, the Governing Body decided to discontinue the procedure that it initiated, under article 26 4 of the ILO Constitution.

This procedure provided for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry on the question of the effective observance by Nigeria of the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention, No. The following brief chronology, beginning in Mayprovides some information on the NCSU and its activities at the federal and state levels, but there is little information on the treatment of its representatives and members by Nigerian authorities.

Abdullahi Musa Wamba, stated on May Day that he was "optimistic that General Abacha's administration would do something good" to ameliorate the economic situation of Nigerian workers 1 May He stated that the various unions which made up the Nigerian Labour Congress NLC would soon negotiate with the government.

He also called on the government to "democratise" the NLC while also "expressing optimism that workers would give the government the needed co-operation" in its "transition to civil rule programme" ibid. Another "faction" led by the Secretary of the Edo state Public Service Negotiating Council, criticized the move for its apparent disregard for the "plight of workers" ibid. Post Express reported on 15 Augustthat the Chairman of the Kano State chapter of the NCLU, Mohammed Zango, had called on the government to restore withdrawn housing allowances for workers in order to avoid a "possible confrontation.

On 19 September Post Express reported an "imminent" "labour crisis" in Borno State that involved the state NCLU and the "non-payment of retirement benefits to workers and the fate of those affected by the current re-organisation of the civil service. On 29 November Post Express reported on "wide-spread criticisms" of the introduction in Lagos of increased road tolls and the statement by NCLU leader Musa Wamba that the increases were "unfair" and that workers' salaries should be increased.

Chuks Josiah, had issued a statement "appealing to the Head of State, General Abdulsalam Abubakar to immediately halt" nationalization plans that could result in the layoff ofworkers. According to the article, "the federal government at the beginning of the year, promised a review of workers salaries but stressed that a nationalisation exercise must be carried out before the implementation.

The situation has since sent panic in the public sector" ibid.This study gives a suitable detail of wages and salary administration in Imo State civil service, with their performances.

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The work entails how civil servants of Imo State can be motivated through their pay services they render to the organization because if they are adequately paid, they will put in more effort in their performance. There are some commissions set up by government to look into the salary system of workers, these commission come up with recommendations towards improving the salary structure of civil servants.

Also income polices are made as a restraint measures to pay of civil servants. Wages and salary are determined by some factors which have to be considered in the payment of civil servants. Civil servants when compensated in accordance with the services rendered, put in more efforts to make sure that the set goals and objective of the organizations in achieved. In conclusion, suggestions are made on him best to ensure that Imo State civil servants are motivated and fully compensated for increase in performance and greater productivity.

In a public sector organization, individuals are employed to carryout various activities to achieve the organization stated goals and objective. These individuals are the civil servants or bureaucrats who work in the civil servants is the life wire of the state machinery and an essential factors for initial development also he further stated that civil servants is a large scale organization of per market government paid official who are reunited in a civil capacity by the civil service commission, executive authority of government, and whose activities are guided by certain rules of procedure and operation in a systematically interrelated pattern, to achieve the complex objectives of its government.

These government officials who are reunited in the civil service have at their disposal knowledge skills, attitude, experiences and qualification in order to meet with the goals of the government.

These pay is the wages and salary that are been paid to the civil servants. The primary purpose of wages and salary to the civil servants is to motivate her in order to provide high performance for the service and organizational efficiency and increased in productivity. The development of wages and salary assumes the availability of accurate jobs description, are use in two activities, job evaluation and wages and salary surveys.

These are designed to ensure that the pay system is both internally equitable and externally competitive. Wages and salary play role to the civil servants, in that it serves as a way of acquiring the necessities, luxuries and needs of the civil servant, also it makes employee feel that his efforts have been recognize and may derived a sense of achievement from the job.

Moreso, on effective wages and salary policy provides guidelines for compensating its employees. These policy used tillers for sale address some issues which can aid in increasing their civil servant efficiency and effectiveness. Civil servants are noted for their inefficiency and hence most government parastatals are considered as dead woods.

The problem is how can employee performance, behaviour be on-sit syndrome engaging in private business during official hour be cured enhancing their enumeration. The civil servants are also faced with the problems of no uniformity of salary and wages in the state, differences in salary structure of civil servants among the various levels of government.

Furthermore, do wages and salary boost civil servants performance be behaviour when paid. All these that bedevil the civil services gives the researcher a source of concern and will properly be addressed, one would be able to stand firmly on the state of affairs of the civil service in Imo State. Wages and salary administration is a major and often controversial issues in civil service.

Indeed, success in labour compensation management has become an acid test for managerial efficiency, salary and wages of civil servants has impact on the economic, health and stability of both the civil service and the civil bureaucrat. Attract potentially skilled employees to the service and return best hands available in the economy for its work.

Pls i need details of the salary structure of edo state civil service. Pls pls and pls. Pls any info on the subject enquiry? Help a brother biko. weika.eu › salary › edo--l. Employees Salaries in Edo, Nigeria · Entry Level Salary for employees in Edo, Nigeria.

(0 - 2 years experience); employees. ₦76K · Mid Level Salary for. Distribution of Staff of Edo State Civil Service By Ministries, Departments and Salary Grade Levels ; Civil Service Commission, - 4, 3, 7. Apply now for / edo state civil service recruitment.

salary structure, chairman Edo State local government service commission. Civil servants in Edo state will have every cause to smile on receiving the alert for January salaries which will reflect the new. Edo State Civil Service. Jul 13, — Anonymous Employee. Recommend. CEO Approval. Business Outlook. Pros. The salary is constant and pensionable. Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at Edo State Internal Liase with private and government offices with soft skills training.

Job Opportunities at Edo State Government with 39 positions in Edo, Nigeria for job seekers and professionals in December, Table 2 shows the remuneration paid to employees at the FCS from salary grade Gberevbie () found that Delta State Civil Service (DSCS) uses various.

Lagos State Civil Service Commission Salary Structure Lagos State is the most popular state in Nigeria, it is also by bennyp. Benin City, Nigeria - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education.

Accurate, reliable salary. The Bini speaking people who occupy seven out of the 18 Local Government Areas of the state constitute %; while others are as follow: Esan (%). The Nigerian Civil Service consists of employees in Nigerian government agencies other than the military and police. Most employees are career civil.

Nigeria has a variety of salary structures which are determined by the levels Despite the complaints that the federal government doesn't. Some primary school teachers and local government workers in Kogi have since the state government tampered with their salary structure. The total costs were compared to the salary structure of the Edo state civil service, and the CONTISS salary structure of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT. HARMONISED PUBLIC SERVICE SALARY STRUCTURE(HAPSS). The Government of Edo State invited the general public who were interested in the application of Edo State Civil Service recruitment to apply. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Edo State Government wishes to acknowledge the fact that some See more of Edo Youths on Facebook salary structures.