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In the meantime, the guidance provided and the application forms accessed via the CAA website portal will continue to be valid. You must hold an existing Part 66 aircraft maintenance Licence and have met the full requirements of the UK conversion basic examination standards, and the appropriate experience requirement. If your experience has been gained outside an EASA Maintenance Organisation then you will be unable to proceed with your application at this present time.

If you require more information or guidance on what to do next please email eldweb caa. NB: If you are applying for a change of name and or nationality you will be required to supply evidence in support of your request, e.

If you are also applying at the same time to lift any limitations from type ratings there is no further fee required. The above service will also incur a Rolling Renewal fee. To calculate this fee you will need to have the expiry date of your current Licence to hand when completing the online application form.

The expiry date is normally found on page 6 of 8 of your current Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence, depending on the size of your Licence.

EASA Part-66 License

An additional fee will be payable if you wish your documents to be returned by secure courier. Please see the Scheme of Charges Personnel Licensing for full details. Otherwise this will generate import duties in the UK which will be re-charged to you. Therefore the application fee should not be stated on the import declaration form that a candidate completes when posting supporting documents to CAA UK. Same day, special delivery and other customised services are available at an additional cost.

This service is on request, which should be made at the time of initial application. Documents are worked to a same day turnaround from receipt of customer request by to completion of the processing of the application by on the same working day.

The customer will be able to collect the documents by on the same day or the documents shall be sent by Royal Mail special delivery, where this is included in the service. View same day, special and customised delivery charges. Economic regulation of Heathrow Airport Limited 27 April, Major safety boost for offshore helicopters moves closer 25 March, Safety first 13 May, International Civil Aviation Day 7 December, Screen Reader Navigation Skip to main content Skip to content summary Skip to section navigation Skip to site navigation Skip to site search Skip to footer.Normally the AML is referred to as being a Part licence.

From the Part company you will get a Company Authorisation, which allows you to work and release aircraft for that specific company. No, your release priviledges are company specific. Normally after an Assessment by the Quality Department of the new Part they will grant you similar priviledges.

There priviledges are printed on te Company Authorisation which you normally wil receive. You must renew your AML before it expires. An approved Part organisation is allowed to perform Part module examinations at other locations.

Only after a dedicated re-training by the ACC you are entitled to retake an examintion after 30 days. The maximum number of retakes is 3 consecutives attempts, after the third attempt you must wait for at least 1 year.

This is regardless if these examinations were taken at other approved Part Maintenance Training Organisations. When you have succesfully passed all the EASA Part module examinations you must first gain a couple of years of Experience. With this priviledge you are allowed to release aircraft for service.

Basically Yes, there are exemptions, for example the smaller "Part-M subpart F Maintenance Organisations" or inside the airforce. But in general the officials of the NAA National Aviation Authorities of an EU member state demand that the experience is acquired in a aircraft Part approved maintenance organisation.

This official document is issued by the aviation authorities of an EU member state. On this document is stated for which category the holder of the AML is approved. There is a significant difference between passing all Part Module Examinations or passing a Part Basic Training. The difference is the expierence requirement number of years before you can apply for a Part AML. In general it can be stated that the experience duration requirement is significant shorter after following a Part Basic Training mjsxj02cm firmware. The experience requirements depend on the Category you apply for.

A good preparation is the most important. You need to be present at the examination location, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the examination. You must be able to officially identify yourselves before the examination starts. If the Examinor can not establish your identity, you are not allowed to participate inside the examination. Also should bring a ballpoint colors black or blue. You only have to register as a Examination student no costbut you will have to pay for each Part Module Examination.

The cost per Examination is published on the website. If you are going to work for another Part, does your AML remain valid? If you are going to work for another Part, do your priviledges remain the same?

How often am I allowed to re take and Part66 module examination? What is Release Priviledge? What is EASA? What is an AML? What is an approved Part Basic Training course? Can I register myself for just one 1 Part Module Examination?From the moment you start in the aeronautical maintenance industry, the main goal is to obtain an aircraft maintenance license that allows you to certify maintenance tasks performed on the aircraft, but what steps you must follow to do so? Satisfactory application for an aircraft maintenance licence will require compliance with the requirements of EASA Part 66 regulations regarding basic knowledge and basic experience requirements.

These exams will be test type with three possible answers of which only one is correct. The time limit for the examinations is 10 years from the date of the first success exam. The exams to be taken depend on the category of license you wish to obtain, as you can see below.

To know the different categories of license in aeronautical maintenance read my previous post where I describe each category. Noticed that modules 2, 6 and 7 of Category B1 are at a higher level than the equivalents for Category B2.

In Category B2, Modules 4, 5 and 7. If you wish to take the exams for categories B1. If you hold a licence in one category, example B1. Category B2 to Category B1. The basic experience requirements will depend on the aeronautical training that has been completed, for example, for a B1 or B2 licence. If aeronautical maintenance studies have been performed at an EASA certified centre, the basic experience requirement will be 2 years.

If aeronautical maintenance studies have been performed at a non-EASA certified centre but the competent authority of the country of application recognises the centre as valid, the basic experience requirement shall be 3 years. In the case of no aeronautical maintenance training, at least 5 years of basic experience will be required. Following the previous example for AESA Spanish Air Safety Agency the student does not have the sufficient requirements to apply for a maintenance license after two years of demonstrable experience, even if he has taken and completed an EASA approved course.

Therefore, he would only be entitled to apply after 3 years of experience since AESA does recognize the training as relevant. The basic experience must be carried out in an EASA certified centre, on civil and operational aircraft.

During the time required as minimum experience, the technician must keep a record of the work performed. Depending on the country where it applies the content of the record may vary.

The basic experience record or Log Book is a memory of the maintenance tasks carried out throughout the professional career. The possession of an updated Log Book is a requirement to apply for an aeronautical maintenance license.

IKAROS Aircraft Maintenance Training - Certified Aircraft Maintenance Training Center

It will be vital when looking for a job as it shows the professional experience gained. As you can see, the Log Book is a fundamental piece in the professional career of the aeronautic maintenance technician, so from tenali rama 164 moment you start performing maintenance tasks you should record the tasks performed in the basic experience record.

Example 2 Irish CAA queried the signature and stamp from the certifier staff.Maintenance Training is without doubt vital to protect the sustainability of resources and Quality throughout the industry, SofemaOnline provides support and guidance to prospective Part 66 Maintenance Staff. SofemaOnline offers Part 66 Candidates the opportunity to self check readiness for Part 66 Modules with an opportunity to take part in an online examination experience which is timed in compliance with Part Exams are automatically generated from a large question pool so no two examinations are the same.

If you fail the exam you can resit a further 2 times without waiting. A total of 3 exams in any module is permitted EASA requires a wait of 90 Days before you resit a module examination. By practicing your knowledge level in a given module subject with Sofema Online you are able to take personally control of your readiness and to know when you are ready for the real exam.

The Purpose is to provide confidence that you have achieved the required standard, so as not to face a formal failure and mandatory waiting period, which could be up to 1 year.

By having the assurance that you are able to achieve a satisfactory result you may enter the module exam with the confidence to succeed. Once completed you lose access to the applicable module. Time allowed 40 minutes - Time allowed 65 minutes - Time allowed 65 minutes. Time allowed 90 minutes.

Time allowed minutes. Time allowed 25 minutes. Time allowed 50 minutes - Time allowed minutes - Important: Once purchased the courses will be available in My Courses tab, or use the links provided on this page. Login Register. Aviation Abbreviations Glossary.Home » Courses. Broad Aims of This Course. Please refer to the Shop page for the course fee.

On the completion of the EASA Part 66 Review Course, participants will have gained theoretical knowledge in below modules B2 participants will have to do M13 and M14 and will be exempted from M11, 15 and 17 :. Different learning material will be used:. Skip to content Home » Courses. Current Status Not Enrolled. Get Started Take this Course. Course Structure. Language of Instruction. The language of instruction for this course is English.

The Teacher is fluent in English and Tagalog. The Teacher will communicate with students in English only and all activities including assessments will be conducted in English.

Course Fee. Pre- requisites. Course Outline. Integrated Circuits Multiplexing. Final assessment will be in the last session of the course. Important information. The entire administrative co-ordination of the examination schedule for any location will be through our office in Dubai. Kindly direct all queries to us. It does NOT include any transportation, accommodation, visa and dream market app gta 5 costs of any kind to, from and at the exam venue.

It also does NOT include the shipping fees for the module certificates. To register for the exams, participants will need to send us a copy of their passport and fill an Information Document. No show on the scheduled exam dates will mean that the participant forfeits the fees paid for corresponding exams conducted on the given dates.

The exams for complete set of Cat A1 B1. Participants will need to put themselves at our disposal as per our examination scheduling. Please get in touch with us if you can propose a group of minimum 28 participants and we will be happy to organize the EASA Part66 exams for your group. For any additional information feel free to contact us.

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WhatsApp Chat.E-learning courses produced by Avia Educon provide easy and simple, yet effective and efficient way of learning the content of EASA Part basic training syllabus as preparation for a successful pass of Part module examinations and demonstration of the required level of knowledge for the issue of the category B1. Each e-learning course consists of colourful visualisation, easy-to-understand English narration, book notes, glossary, search, quiz examination for checking the gained knowledge and links to additional resources videos which complement the basic content.

Avia Educon appreciates your interest in aviation maintenance training and gives you the e-learning courses below for free for your private non-commercial usage. We are working hard to produce e-learning courses for all technical basic training modules of category B1. You could be a part of these efforts. We would like to hear from you how do you like it, does it help you in your learning and what do you suggest to improve it.

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Free E-Learning. Module 11 Sub-ModuleThe participant will acquire the technical knowledge and principles necessary to fulfill the requirements for the application of an aircraft maintenance licence and conditions of its validity and use, for maintaining turbine powered airplanes. The participant will also acquire the basic technical knowledge and principles necessary to perform maintenance tasks permitted to be carried out as certifying staff category B1. EASA Part 66 Licence is a common and mutually acceptable standard for the certification of aircraft maintenance mechanics worldwide.

The main aspect of the Part 66 AML is the demonstration of strengthening knowledge and competence. Our course offers this combination according to the relevant EASA licence category and subcategory. Category B Licences are available in both mechanical and avionics disciplines:.

By obtaining the Category B1. Our customer satisfaction department will arrange for this in our partner maintenance company Aviaseven and other affiliated maintenance organisations. Once the B1. Attend type rating courses for Boeing, Airbus or other type of aircraft, and thus increasing worldwide employment opportunities. Enroll in a foundation for a Master's degree which will provide the holder with additional advantages of pursuing a managerial position in the aviation industry worldwide.

Aerospace engineering never ends. The technological progress is so fast that the aviation industry is continuously seeking for the best professionals. E-mail info aviatec. Mission Vision Quality Policy Certification. Course Outline.

Course Duration 2. Number of Participants Recommended A list of each module taught for B1. And after that, what? Follow the wind and become one of them. Mechanics. Statics. Kinematics. Dynamics. Fluid dynamics. Thermodynamics. Optics (Light). Displacement of waves and sound. How to get an EASA Part Licence (Category B1 or B2)? I have completed my EASA Part modules for B1 and I have passed all the exams. F. Cross-reference between Part requirements and syllabus' contents modules in accordance with Appendix I to the Part (for.

EASA PART MODULE · MODULE 2: PHYSICS · MODULE 3: ELECTRICAL FUNDAMENTALS · MODULE 4: ELECTRONIC FUNDAMENTALS · MODULE 6: MATERIALS &. M01 - Mathematics · M02 – Physics · M03 - Electrical Fundamentals · M04 - Electronic Fundamentals · M05 - Digital Techniques electronic instrument systems · M06.

How many questions will I get on my EASA Exam? · 1. Mathematics · 2. Physics · 3. Electrical Fundamentals · 4. Electronic Fundamentals · 5. Digital Techniques. EASA Part 66 – Module 5 – Digital Techniques / Electronic Instrument Systems – 4 Days. 5-Day Training. Part 66 – Module 10 – Aviation Legislation for. EASA part 66 modules MODULE 1 – Mathematics. MODULE 2 – Physics. MODULE 3 – Electrical Fundamentals.


MODULE 4 – Electronic Fundamentals. MODULE 5 – Digital. EASA PART 66 Exam Questions · 1. Mathematics ( Questions) · 2. EASA Part 66 Exam Physics ( Questions) · 3. Electrical Fundamentals ( Questions) · 4. AST offers a flexible, short, modular programme that provides the theoretical knowledge and EASA Part 66 Approved examinations required for the full Part Full EASA Part Module List · Module 1: Mathematics · Module 2: Physics · Module 3: Electrical Fundamentals · Module 4: Electronic Fundamentals · Module 5: Digital.

This module provides the fundamental electrical knowledge required for an aircraft maintenance engineer and the basis for the electronic fundamentals module. EASA Module Question Bank,Papers, Part66 Question Papers, EASA all Modules, Easa Part66 Online Test, Books for AME,weika.eu Propellers, EASA Syllabus Module 17 (B1).

Essay, EASA Syllabus Essay Paper. EASA Knowledge levels. Part Module Question Numbers, Part Exam Question.DALC - Dutch Aviation Learning Center, English, M15, B&B, Multiple Choice.DALC - Dutch Aviation Learning Center, English. SofemaOnline offers Part 66 Candidates the opportunity to self check readiness for Part 66 Modules with an opportunity to take part in an online examination.

Test your skills for the EU PART 66 modules exams with this neat traning app. There are more than questions divided into all the different modules for.