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Butcher blocks have taken over kitchen islands — and marched across Instagram feeds — but their kitchen cred often comes with a hefty price tag. Yet, there's good news: the best butcher block cutting boards on Amazon offer beauty and utility at a variety of price points. This end-grain walnut butcher block is my top choice for a cutting board because it packs a lot of functionality into a simple object, and it looks striking on the table.

At 17 inches by 13 inches, it creates enough workspace for basic meal prep without taking over your countertops and is matched by a hearty 1. One side features a deep juice groove — but if you flip it over, you'll reveal a trio of built-in compartments for corralling chopped vegetables and the like, which also makes it a brilliant serving piece.

It even comes with thoughtfully placed indented handles for carrying. Fans report: "I have been wanting a good cutting board, but when I finally settled on ordering from Sonder, little did I know I would be ordering the most beautiful and useful and may I say sexing cutting board.

Its like a piece of art, it just looks so beautiful on my counter [ At 16 inches by 12 inches with a solid 1. It has a juice groove on one side, and you can flip it over to work on a totally flat surface on the other side of the cutting board.

There are two built-in handles on the sides that make it easy to carry, and it comes in multiple shapes and sizes, including some round options.

The thick, solid oak wood is really durable for lots of chopping activities, and I love the look of it. The lightweight wood is exceptionally water-resistant, naturally antimicrobial, and almost maintenance-freeso it's a great choice for anyone who is just starting out in the kitchen or wants to test drive this type of cutting board before investing in a more substantial and heavier piece.

It features a classic drip groove and built-in indents for carrying, and it's backed by a five-year warranty. At 15 inches by 10 inches, it's smaller than other options on the list but for tiny kitchens, the compact size is a plus. Fans report: "Very sturdy and well crafted cutting board. Love the slick finish and the weight. Bought this as a gift for someone, and they love it!! This no-frills square butcher blockin stunning end grain acacia, is extremely high quality for the price.

While slightly thinner than a "traditional" block at 1. And since it measures 14 inches by 14 inches across, it still provides plenty of workspace for your knives to maneuver. Some shoppers noted that their board needed conditioning oil right out of the box, but added that the results are worth a little "wax on, wax off.

Fans report: "The Iron Gourmet cutting board is excellent. Easy to clean, stylish and durable. Much more sanitary than the sink counter cutting board. It would make the perfect house warming gift. You may want to preserve with a little coconut oil. I highly recommend it. This is my top pick for serious home chefs and entertainers. The large butcher block in end-grain acacia wows with a wide trench, for catching food scraps and runoff.

These features also make it brilliant for entertaining online earning withdraw jazzcash just think of the cheese board mastery at hand! There are also two built-in handles for easy carrying. I really like it, beautiful appearance and both sides of the board are useful.

One side has the grooves along the edge to gather liquid and the other is flat. I'm quite happy with my purchase. Serious foodies and sustainable-living mavens take note: This heavyweight round butcher block from a American heritage brand is an heirloom-worthy investment worth passing down. Psst — This also makes it a great gift registry item. It's made in the United States from ultra-durable, end grain, northern hard rock maple that's sustainably sourcedand spans a full eighteen inches in diameter, with a solid 3-inch thickness that exceeds most of the competition.Do you want wooden, plastic, or rubber?

What size works best in your kitchen? And do you need to get different ones for meat, veggiesand seafood? Before you get overwhelmed, know this: A lot boils down to personal preference.

But, she says, there are perks to using a certain style. The set comes with three sizes of cutting boards, allowing you to select the one that best suits your chopping needs in that given moment.

One of the most annoying things about food prep is figuring out what to do with the scraps. The Cup Board Pro has a special tray that hangs over the edge of your counter for food scraps and juices to land.

The board is also reversible and has a perimeter groove to snag unnecessary spills. Teak is known for its sturdiness, making it a great choice for carving meats and chopping veggies. Deep grooves around the perimeter allow you to get through plenty of prep without needing to drain your board. You can also use the wide, flat side for vegetable and fruit prep. Carved built-in handles help you get a grip when you need to carry it. A sizable handle makes the board easy to stm32 hid joystick and hang.

Using your cutting board as a serving tray can be risky: Tip your hand too much and you risk a floor full of perfectly sliced veggies, cheesesand meats. This bamboo board has got your back. It features three compartments to serve snacks that tend to roll around nuts, crackers, fruit and looks pretty, too.

It also includes all your go-to cutting board needs, like a groove around the perimeter and plenty of cutting space. This polypropylene board is infused with an agent that inhibits bacterial growth, keeping unwanted gunk away from your ingredients. Oh, and indents on the side make it easy to lift. It features an ergonomic non-slip handle, so you can easily pick up and hold the board to send ingredients into a dish.

You can even use it as a cheese board. The glass is heat-resistant, so no need to worry about cracks when you put hot ingredients on top, while the cut-proof surface keeps away bacteria, stains, and odors.

How To Choose The Right Cutting Board

Give it as a gift to your favorite foodie or keep it for yourself. This board is made from solid oak and is sturdy enough to tackle meat carving, veggie chopping, bread slicing, and pretty much anything else you can toss at it. Non-slip silicone feet help the board stay in place, while side grooves make for easy handling.

This set of three boards features a strong rubber border and handle to help prevent sliding on countertops. Deep grooves around the edges also catch spills. This set does it for you with handy little photos on the corner.

Add a little flair to your kitchen with these cute glass Kate Spade boards. While you can chop just about anything on them, you can also use these boards to display the final product on your table. Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Christine Giordano.A butchers block normally has the wood grain turned up on end and a cutting board has the grain running the length of the board.

However, the terms are used to describe both and are no longer exclusive. From what we understand, the moisture on the surface of the board is wicked into the interior, carrying bacteria with it.

Because wood dries from the inside out, the bacteria will subsequently die due to a lack of moisture. A type 3, waterproof cross-linked polymer glue that is FDA approved as food safe is the best choice. Yellow carpenters glues will melt with water contact, polyurethane glues are hard and will flake off and type 2 glues are only water resistant.

The rubber tips do four things: absorb shocks when chopping, keep the board steady and stable during use, allow for easier handhold when moving and gives a space for air circulation to keep the underside dry.

Cheese board

Using the holders gives the board a more finished look. The holders are somewhat difficult to make and require time to make properly. It takes absolutely no craftsmanship or ability to simply screw a rubber tip to the bottom of the board. If a maker takes the cheap route here, where else is the cheap route being taken?

Also, we use stainless steel screws to attach the feet where the other makers use the plated screws supplied with the rubber tips. Plated screws will rust, stainless will not. On the Janka hardness scale maple ratesblack walnut is next at and black cherry is But, the key here is the end grain construction which makes each very durable.

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More thickness equals more weight and makes the board sturdier. A guarantee of 60 days is included with each board along with the written return policy. View Our Full Return Policy. The general rule of thumb is to choose wood from a tree with an edible running sap or edible nuts.

Hard maple is the traditional wood used because of its very tight grain structure, weight and hardness.Cutting boards definitely say a lot about their owners. From the tradition of heirloom butcher's blocks to the practicality of lightweight modern designs, it feels like this indispensable kitchen tool is a strong form of expression in its own right.

This post collects cutting boards for every type of cooking enthusiast and professional chef alike - including bamboo, plastic, solid wood, composite, marble, and more, in every shape and size.

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See our disclosure policy. Follow Us Thank you. You have been subscribed. This board has handy guides for each one! While the engraved side would be too hard to clean, the other side often remains blank for everyday chopping needs. They make great housewarming gifts! There are fully engraved options out there too! Chemistry buffs will love the design, and ecologically sensitive consumers will appreciate the natural bamboo construction.

There are plenty of materials and styles to choose from, so pick out your favorite and get cooking. This piece is made of locally sourced lumber and coated with natural oils or beeswax as a safe and sustainable protectant. The house words may not seem appetizing to all, but it does sound about right for those who prefer their steak rare.

Get Free Updates by Email We will email you the download link for the book. BUY IT Laser Engraved Cutting Boards: Intricately detailed and covering some very distinctive themes, these engraved cutting boards serve as functional art for the kitchen. Modern art fans will swoon at the reference.

The tempered glass surface is durable but can be a little hard on your knives, but they make a wonderful display or general prep surface.My collection of boards: Small plastic cutting, medium wooden carving, medium compressed wood fiber cutting, large plastic cutting. Like any other barbecue tool in your kitchen, a good cutting board is an investment. It should resist cut marks, not dull or damage your knives, should not warp, and should be easy to clean and maintain.

Cutting boards are commonly made from wood or plastic, but also from glass, steel, and marble. Wooden boards are usually made from hardwoods, bamboo, or compressed wood fiber. Wood has the advantages of natural antiseptic properties and self-healing—shallow cuts in the surface tend to close on their own. Wooden cutting boards can also be a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment.

However, they require regular oiling and can be heavy to lift with the exception of compressed wood fiber boards, which are maintenance-free and lightweight. Plastic has the advantages of being dishwasher-safe check label to confirm and being able to withstand cleaning with bleach or other disinfectants without soaking into the material. Plastic boards also tend to be lighter.

Both wood and plastic tend to be easy on knife edges, while glass, steel and marble tend to damage knives because of their hardness. Recommendation: Choose wooden or plastic cutting boards and avoid glass, steel, and marble. Compressed wood fiber boards are durable, very lightweight, and virtually maintenance-free. Lean toward plastic if you value lighter boards, less maintenance, and cleaning with disinfectants or in the dishwasher.

The battle over cutting board material food safety has been raging for gerstenberger starter pistol now, thanks to some widely published research in that found fewer harmful bacteria could be recovered from wooden boards than from plastic ones when inoculated with live bacteria in the same way.

This called into question the prevailing wisdom at the time that plastic boards were the more sanitary option. Harmful bacteria can live as long as 60 hours on an unwashed cutting board, but washing with hot, soapy water removes almost all of the bacteria.

Recommentation: Buy whatever material you want, but clean cutting boards throughly with hot, soapy water and lots of scrubbing. Consider sanitizing with a diluted bleach solution. Most wooden cutting boards are built by gluing together small pieces of wood into large sheets, then trimming the edges and planing the top and bottom surfaces to make them smooth and level.This Walnut cutting board is both practical and beautiful.

Its end grain construction will preserve your knives since the blades go between the wood fibers instead of straight into the wood. The rich color of Walnut stands out in any kitchen. Use this butcher block cutting board as a serving board at parties or a centerpiece on your table, then put it to work in the kitchen.

It can handle all of your meal prep. Please Note : Because each piece of wood has its own unique character, grain and color will vary from the sample images shown. All cutting boards are custom made to order. Each cutting board is made-to-order, meaning we can make it to your specifications. Choose a size, thickness, and other features when you place your order. You may also enter custom dimensions for cutting boards outside of these measurements. Choose your desired thickness for your cutting board.

Our butcher block cutting boards come pre-finished with your choice of food grade mineral oil, fractionated coconut oil, or salad bowl finish. You can also order your cutting board unfinished. We offer these additional features for all butcher block cutting boards:. Upon receiving your order, it is recommended that you clean the board with a damp cloth, then apply another coat of Hardwood Lumber Company Butcher Block Oil or Butcher Block Conditioner before using your cutting board for the first time.

A water-resistant glue is used for all our Butcher Block Cutting Boards. Most of our woodworkers are craftsmen from the local Amish community, providing great attention to quality and detail at every step throughout the manufacturing process. Shipping may vary depending on your customization options. Please provide for a standard lead of weeks for processing, milling, and shipping of stair tread orders.

Note : Lead times may vary based on seasonal demand. Please contact our sales team online or by phone at for questions regarding current order lead times.

Nick Brush Company manufactures a complete line of consumer and industrial brushes and brooms. A sister company of the Hardwood Lumber Company, Sheoga Hardwood Flooring and Paneling offers quality, solid hardwood flooring in a variety of species, unfinished or prefinished.

Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Current stock: 0. Feet Pick one Juice Groove Pick one Finger Grips Pick one Laser Engraving.

File Upload Required Please specify in the notes section engraving size and where engraving should be on cutting board. File Upload File types are: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff, txt, pdf, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, accdb, mdb, one, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, pub, odt, ods, odp, odg, odf Maximum file size is: 0KB.Made in Germany.

Available in different colors. Zassenhaus - Serving board rubber tree - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun. In 2 sizes available. Zassenhaus - Serving board oak wood - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun. Zassenhaus - cutting board rubber tree - 26 x 17 cm - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun.

Zassenhaus - bread cutting board rubber tree - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun.

Each board is unique. Zassenhaus - bread cutting board acacia - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun. Zassenhaus - Cutting board acacia - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun.

Zassenhaus - steak board acacia - With the right toolsthe preparation of delicious food twice as much fun. Zassenhaus - Cutting board with stainless steel handle, rubber tree - It runs lubricated at every snack. Particularly resistant. Zassenhaus - serving board with handle - slate - perfect companion at the table and for the buffet.

Zassenhaus - serving board with handle - marble - perfect companion at the table and for the buffet. Zassenhaus - serving board with handle - bamboo - perfect companion at the table and for the buffet.

Zassenhaus - cutting board with bowl 40 x 30 cm - With this work board by Zassenhaus, meal prep is child's play. Zassenhaus - steak plate "Worker" round - perfect companion at the table and a real eye catcher. Zassenhaus - steak plate "Worker" square - perfect companion at the table and a real eye catcher. Zassenhaus - Breakfast board - With the breakfast boards it runs like lubricated with each bread time.

My Account. Sign in. Comfort Line Wooden Boards Plastic. Zassenhaus Cutting boards Cutting boards Display per page. Sort by. Relevance Name Price: ascending Price: descending. Browse Product Pages. VAT, plus delivery. Our other brands. Zassenhaus - Profi cutting board - 36x23 cm Product no.

Made in Germany Zassenhaus - Serving board rubber wood Product no. Zassenhaus - Serving board oak wood Product no. Zassenhaus - cutting board rubber wood - 26 x 17 cm Product no. Zassenhaus - bread cutting board rubber tree Product no.

Zassenhaus - bread cutting board acacia Product no. Zassenhaus - Cutting board acacia Product no. Zassenhaus - steak board acacia Product no.

Cutting boards can measure anywhere between 4 and 6 inches and 20 by 30 inches. The most common sizes range between 10 by 14 inches and 15 by 20 inches. Keep.

Wood Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks

In terms of thickness, professional grade rubber boards are thinner and lighter, typically between ½- to 1-inch thick, while a well-crafted. The majority of online stores sell four cutting board sizes: small (8×10 inches), medium (10×14 inches), large (18×24 inches). Standard Size Boards · 18x 24 Blue Cutting Board · 18 x 24 Basic Blue Poly Cutting Board · 18 x 24 Tan Cutting Board · 18 x 24 Basic Brown Poly Cutting Board · Categories · Teakhaus Teak End Grain Board 24 x 18 x · Teakhaus Edge Grain Teak Board 20 x 15 x · Montolivo Olive Wood Cutting Board 18 x 9 x The one tip you need in picking out the perfect size cutting board is to lay your knife on your board diagonally and make sure that you have at least one to two.

What Size Cutting Board Should You Use? It all depends on the knife you're using. Here's a good rule of thumb: When the knife is laid.

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Cutting board · 20xcm Serving Board - Maitre D' · 25xcm Carving Board - Maitre D' · 30xcm Carving Board - Maitre D' · 30x30cm Chopping Board - Classic. mostly the ones that sell for me are 14X16” some 16X18” and a few over that size. Thinner boards seem to sell best as squares, 12X12, 14X14, etc. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Standard Chopping Board | The Cutting Board Company uses % natural, solid timber.

This board is solid single slab and perfect size for most kitchens. K BASIX Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle 3 Pcs, % Organic Wood Cutting Board for Chopping Meat, Butcher Block, Veggies & Cheese, Ideal Size Natural Cutting. The BoardSmith offers its maple boards in a variety of sizes, starting at 12 by 18 inches and going up to a hulking 18 by For most folks, I'd suggest.

They range in size from large enough to carve a turkey to small enough to cut a lime for garnish, come in materials like wood, plastic, or glass. Wood cutting boards in three different sizes. A large main cutting board can be augmented with smaller boards.

A 15 x inch cutting board will provide ample. Medium-Large Wood Cutting Board: x Inches - Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen - Just the Right Size Wooden Chopping Board - Butcher Block 2-day.

Check out our 12 x 8 cutting board selection for the very best in unique or Ready to ship cutting board/chopping block wood Butcher block trivet size Set of 3 cutting board mats in a range of sizes · Lightweight cutting boards made from polypropylene for durability · Dishwasher-safe cutting boards offer easy. Check out our cutting boards. We have a big choice of different cutting board colors and sizes.

You'll find everything from thick, solid wood butcher's. Materials. Polypropylene ; Dimensions. ” x ” ; Weight. lbs ; SKU.