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Markup language is part of the structure of any SSG. It is a system to write documents print payslips online free them somehow syntactically distinguishable from text.

Lightweight markup languages have a simplified and unobtrusive syntax, designed to be easily written within any text editor. That's what we use to write our content. The majority of SSGs use markdown engines for this purpose. Read through our blog post on Modern Static Site Generators to understand how they work. For about. If you never have written a single line in markdown markup, don't worry, it's easy to learn and even easier to use.

You'll probably be surprised how handy it is once you get used to it. And you'll miss it whenever the tech you're using doesn't support markdown. In most of GitLab text areas you'll find markdown support. Not all of them run with kramdown, so the markup will not behave equally "GitLabwide". For GitLab. Here you can find the markdown style guide for them. This guide has been made to make it easier for everyone to use kramdown features and save a lot of time writing content for about.

There are different possible syntaxes for most of the markups described below, but this guide is to be considered the standard for about. Note: this document is maintained by the Technical Writing Team. For our Blogeverything in this guide can be applied. Read through the Blog Formatting Guidelines for further information. SEO Guide. The six heading elements, H1 through H6, denote section headings.

Although the order and occurrence of headings is not constrained by the HTML DTD, documents should not skip levels for example, from H1 to H3as converting such documents to other representations is often problematic.

Regular paragraphs are obtained by just writing text lines. If you hit enter between two lines, both lines will be joined into a single paragraph, which is called wrapping text. But, if you leave a blank line between them, they will split into two paragraphs. In some Git tools, diffs in future MRs may be easier to understand with additional line breaks, however GitLab's web interface as well as many desktop Git tools feature substring change highlighting within lines and side-by-side or similar version comparison so there is no need for artificial line breaks.

Splitting long lines preferably up to characters can make it easier to provide feedback on small chunks of text. A sequence of three or more dashes will produce a horizontal line, but let's use always 4 as standard. Leave blank lines after and before it:. To display bold or italic text, wrap it in 2 stars for bold or underscores for italic.

For both italic and bold, wrap it in 3 stars:. Markdown doesn't natively support underlined text. There are a few different ways to display links with markdown markup, but to keep some standards, let's try to use the following options only. We'd rather use inline links, such as [Text to display] linkas they are easier to maintain. Use relative links when referring to links found on about. Remove everything from the https through about.

For links to GitLab. If you're adding an email address to a page be sure to format your link with mailto to avoid creating broken links.With game resources taxing even the highest end PCs, preserving resources is a must for creators.

If you want to save on CPU resources and have a great looking stream, look no further than StreamElements. Today, we are going over all of that and how you can integrate StreamElements with OBS quickly to save on CPU resources and allow you to stream at an even higher quality overall.

StreamElements is unique because it handles alerts, overlays, images, video, widgets, and more all through the cloud. From there, you will be directed to the dashboard. The first thing we want to do is run the setup wizard.

When you get to the Overlays section, you can create your own, browse premade templates, or import the overlays from other services like Streamlabs OBS. This opens up the widget area where you can select things like Alerts, Static Images, Labels, Goals, and more. This is where the majority of your overlay creation is going to happen. When you select one of the widgets, the left sidebar becomes the settings area for that widget. For example, if we add an alert box, the left sidebar now shows different alerts for different events.

You can also adjust how the animation will bring the alert in and out. There are a lot of settings for each widget, so we recommend going through each setting and applying what you need to make it look great. Resizing your overlay assets can be tricky though.

Sometimes, stream overlays are made in Photoshop at the stream resolution i. Therefore, the asset may look small when you first apply the widget to the overlay. Make sure you go to the Position, Size, and Style section to change the width and height to the correct dimensions. This will display the overlay asset properly and allow you to place it exactly where it needs to go. This will give you a background to line up your StreamElements overlay widgets onto so its an exact rendition of your current overlay that you are using.

Once you have created the overlay in StreamElements, make sure to click the save button at the top right and rename it to whatever you want at the top left.

If you have multiple scenes, this will make it easy to identify which one you are editing. The coolest part of StreamElements, besides saving a ton of CPU power, is that your overlay is stored with a simple browser link. Navigate to the link icon at the top right and click. This will copy the link and allow you to place it in OBS. It makes it very nice if you are changing setups, have to reinstall OBS, or you are streaming from another location.

Just grab the link from the Overlay Editor and you have your entire stream ready to go! In just a couple seconds, you have now added your overlay to OBS and all of the assets are now being hosted on StreamElements! It adds docks and additional features directly in OBS for you like a chat window and an activity feed. This allows you to reduce the number of browser windows you have open.

Usually, a streamer has their dashboard open, an activity feed if someone tips or follows, and a chat window to interact with the viewers. This plugin is light on the CPU, but does take a little more power away.Fonts: Show outlines:. Outline size:. Outline color:. Show avatars:. Avatar size:. Font size:. Line height 0 for default :.

Owner color:. Moderator color:. Sponsor color:. Show badges:. Show colon after name:. On new line:. Show timestamps:. Background color:. Use bars instead of backgrounds:. Message background color:. Owner message background color:. Moderator message background color:. Sponsor message background color:. First line font:.Learn more. Ive seen some other posts about similar issues but I haven't seen any comment or update. The font shows correctly in the overlay editor but when….

How to add custom overlays and alerts to your livestream

The font shows correctly in the overlay editor but when i import into OBS, OBS displays a different font looks like some generic default font. I've tried refreshing the source, shutting down OBS, Shutting down my PC, duplicating the overlay in Streamelements and adding the new overlay, nothing works.

This one i can't seem to make work though The only thing different about this widget is it's a custom CSS widget, but as far as I can tell the font-family is set correctly in the widget plus the editor displays the right font with no problem. Every other widget was automatically set to pull from google fonts, however this one widget is custom coded, so the 'font-family' was instructing OBS to look for a font on my PC.

My fix was just to install the right font, but i'm sure theres a way to pull the google font through CSS. Leaving this here for anyone else who might run into this problem. Our support team will be there to help! Save Cancel. Are you sure you want to mark this as spam?


Are you sure you want to delete this? Font shows up fine in the overlay Editor, but resets to some default in OBS Ive seen some other posts about similar issues but I haven't seen any comment or update. Topic is closed for comments. Reply Cancel. Comment Cancel.The ability to make a rule specific to a post, page or group of posts is really useful and much easier than you might think.

Locate the body tag, just below the closing head tag. There are two body classes we could use to target this particular page, either home or page-id The footer background color is defined by the following CSS rule:. If we add the above rule to our Custom CSS and change the background value, the rule will be applied to the entire site. The two body classes we can choose from are home or page-ideither can be used.

The above rule will change the background color of the site footer from a43 to 2fb and will do so only on the home page. Note the period before the home class name.

Creating and Sharing Custom Widgets: How I Became a StreamElements Code Guru

Class names are prefixed with a period when writing CSS. This list is to give you an idea of some of the common class names used but is by no means complete. Home: home Targets the static home page assigned at Settings Reading. Blog: blog Targets the blog posts page assigned at Settings Reading.

Pages: page to target all pages or page-id-x to target a single page. Posts: single-post to target all posts or postid-x to target a single post. Archive: archive Applies alpine install package all archive pages such as category, tag and author archives.

Category: category to target all category pages. Either can be used. Tag: tag to target all tag pages. Author: author to target all author pages. SiteOrigin Premium offers a huge array of additional functionality for Page Builder, the Widgets Bundle and all of our themes. SiteOrigin Premium also includes access to our next-level email support service, perfect for those times when you need fast and effective technical support.

Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to new replies. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments, please, let us know in the comments section below. Hi Boyd, thanks for posting. If not, try getting in touch with theme support. Good luck :. Great article. So thanks very much.Have you started streaming with OBS Studio but have no idea how to view your chat while your streaming?

Have no fear, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to integrate your chat into your OBS. In the past you may have had your browser open to view your chat directly on Twitch but this can use extra resources especially if you are using Google Chrome. OBS Studio is a great base software that we can use to stream and then there are hundreds of additional add-on tools we can use to customize it specifically for our own streams.

To add a chat box to your OBS you will need to pick a chat add on of your choice. Below are some of the most popular options. Below I am going to outline how to install each chat option above. Feel free to use the one that best suits you.

If you want chat and no other features I would recommend just going with the Twitch native option. Click this and a pop out chat window will appear on your screen like below. Next we want to copy the URL in the pop out chat box. Now we want to dock our chat into OBS so we can view everything related to our stream in one place. To do this just click and drag your dock onto the section of OBS you want it to site. As you can see below I dragged mine to the right hand side of my scene.

Kapchat is a third party extension that allows you to view your chat in OBS. You can get Kapchat by clicking here. Once you are on the Kapchat website getting set up is simple. Enter your channel name and select the settings that you want to have for your chat. Then proceed to clicking Generate.

If you want to preview your chat you can click the preview button. Streamlabs also has a chat box that you can add directly into OBS Studio. If you have Streamlabs Prime they have quite a few themes you can apply to change the look of your chat box.

First off you will need to create an account on Streamlabs. Once you have done that you can then go directly to the chat box page. As you can see below there are lots of options here you can configure to make your chat box work the way that you want it to.

Give your browser dock a name and paste your URL. Once you click apply you will be able to see your Streamlabs chat box widget. You can then drag this to the position you want it inside OBS Studio.

How To Add A Chat Box To OBS Studio

You can also add any of these chat boxes as overlays to your stream. Below is a quick step by step on how to do it but we have a more comprehensive guide to adding chat as an overlay. Hopefully you can now view your chat much more easily inside OBS Studio while streaming. You can also use this method to add the chatbox as an overlay on your stream. James is a marketer by day and gamer by night.

He loves sharing his Marketing background in the world of streaming. When he's not working on campaigns he's likely to be spotted in Verdansk.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Do you ever wish you could tweak your stream overlay to perfection with your unique ideas? This raw power is brought to life with a feature called the Custom Widget. You can access all custom-coded widgets in the widget-share area of the Discord.

Plus, keep an eye out for their release in the just-launched Community Widgets area of your overlay editor for even easier access.

Writing a custom widget for the community comes with its perks! Whenever you or another StreamElements community member shares their first widget, the title Code Guru is bestowed in the StreamElements Discord.

Word on the street is that some sweet swag may get sent your way as well. These may sound like foreign languages to you! In fact, you can even reference existing examples of previously coded widgets by downloading them to your overlays or viewing the examples available at the StreamElements Github widget repository. You can check out the documentation for custom widgets here. Simply put: If you have a new overlay feature idea, you can try making it yourself.

If you can find a widget someone else made that does something similar, you can use that as a head start! Start by tweaking their code to do whatever it is you want it to do. My favorite secret sauce is the amazing StreamElements community and support team. Simply join the Discord and post your ideas and questions to the developer-api channel. I started making custom widgets based on what I wanted to use on my own stream. As I got into it, I became addicted and branched out to build widgets that the community requested.

The important part is that you get started. What will you build first? Sleep advocate. Contagious smile. Combating anxiety with chaotic good. Sign in. Anne Dorko Follow. Tech Community Coding Streaming Streamelements. Written by Anne Dorko Follow. More From Medium. Scott Chacon. Carol B. Michelle Lawrence in Lumavate. Cinto in Level Up Coding. Mat David. It's actually more related to OBS and belongs here anyway.

TwitchAlerts CSS example for OBS/OBS Studio (a simple copy/paste example) Chat Box. Simply copy 1946 international pickup code from "Types" into your chat's custom CSS. png. Types Remove background. This will remove the background/make it.

But when I try to overwrite the CSS with that exact same code in OBS it doesn't do anything. More interesting, I'm able to apply changes to body. The Browser Source in OBS Studio has an option for loading a custom CSS file.

I want to use that to change the font in the chat box overlay. › watch. OBS Studio allows you to add custom CSS layouts to your Youtube Live chat. This allows you to fully customise your chat space on Youtube and. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO, IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTION OR QUESTION JUST COMMENT DOWN more STREAMING TUTORIAL. lot is 'when interacting with browser sources in OBS, how do i scroll? Source FAQ's - How to Scroll, Fix Invisible Page, Custom CSS. “obs custom css” Code Answer.

custom properties css. css by Dull Dingo on Nov 30 Comment. 0. // get variable from inline style Example 1: css custom properties /* create */:root { --variable-name: variable-property; } /* use */ selector { property: var(--variable-name); }. I've been using Streamlabs OBS to stream and their chat on-screen widget comes with a very useful "hide bots/users and messages started with!".

QUESTION Custom CSS to Twitch Chat on OBS. Is possible add my own CSS file to the chat? (Like BTTV do with him). Originally posted on dev. A few days ago, I decided to give a try to live coding on Twitch. I developed a bot for one of the forums I visit. If you ever wanted to customize your chat appearance on your stream, you probably know that you can select from multiple themes Restream Chat offers.

Custom CSS Generator for OBS. Please follow the steps below to use it: Add a browser source in OBS (create a new one); URL: Set the URL of this page. Custom CSS Request - Hey team, Please integrate the Custom CSS feature for browser sources like in OBS! I have recently converted to using. How to display parse on OBS. You can use the Custom CSS feature of OBS to modify your overlay. For a list of useful custom CSS, check the advanced.

Did you know you can build Twitch overlays using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

CSS inconsistencies when dealing with Fonts

but then allow OBS to handle the, you know, the chromakey part of it. choose heart and BPM styling in the Dashboard; add custom CSS in your Browser Source settings in OBS (Streamlabs OBS, Twitch Studio, XSplit). If a black border appears around the video, check that the custom CSS settings in the browser source has not been modified from the default setting: · If you.