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These rules we can apply in NADI astrology as discussed in previous posts. When counting the number of children, such as the first child being represented by the 5th house cusp, the 2nd child being represented by the 7th house cusp, the third child being represented by the 9th house cusp, etc. Do we count that as a child? Mistakes made here will give mistakes in predicting correctly the sex of each child and the number of children.

When an abortion takes place after 3 months from conception, the fetus is counted as a child because during that abortion, the sex of the child was clearly developed, but when abortion takes place before the completion of the 3 month gestational period, this pregnancy is not taken as a child birth because the sex of the child, prior to that time, is not clear. So this factor must be clearly known for an astrologer to fix both the sex of the child, and the correct number of children that the mother will deliver.

Consider houses 8 and 12 for accidents: 8 th serious illness, accident, suicide; 12 th — self-undoing, confinement in bed or hospital, defects, deformities, amputation or mutilation of a limb, bodily injury.

Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu cause accidents. If the sub lord of either the Ascendant or the 8th house cusp is posited in the star of the occupant or the owner of the 8th or 12th house, there will be an accident. The individual will survive the accident if the sub lord is in the star of either the occupant or owner of the 2nd, 7th, and 11th. An individual who has been denied children will opt for adopting a child if the 5th cuspal sub lord and Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Moon, are connected to the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses.

The badhaka houses are houses that are harmful to life, and badhaka houses are more harmful for life than maraka houses. The badhaka houses are the 11th for those born in Cardinal moveable signs, the 9th for those born in Fixed signs, and the 7th for those born in Mutable dual signs. Barren signs on the cusps of the 5th and 11th houses 11th being 5th to the partner and the lords of these not posited in fruitful signs, the Moon not in a fruitful sign, the lagna not in a fruitful sign, the lord of the lagna not posited in a fruitful sign, and no fruitful planet in the 5th or 11th house, are indications of no children.

If the cuspal sub lord of the 4th is the significator of the 4th, 11th, or 12th, one will have his own building during the joint period of the significators of the 4th, 11th, and 12th. When Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu simultaneously transit in the stars and subs of the badhaka and maraka significators in the birth chart — during a particular year in question — the native is likely to suffer from serious illness. The sub lord of the lagna rising is known to have a mysterious link with death.

While judging death, it is invariably found that the sub lord of the lagna rising — whether it be for a horoscope cast for the birth time or for a prashna withinit has an intimate relation with the time of death — for example — its period, sub period, or sub sub period must be connected with the time of death.

If the sub lord of the 6th cusp is in the star of the occupant or owner of the 6th or 1st, the native may suffer from disease.

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Consider houses 1, 6 and 10 for separation or divorce being 12 th from 2nd, 7th, and 11th respectively. These houses denote absence of married life. Houses 4, 9, and 11 are for education or studies, while 3 and 8 address completion, negation, or denial of studies. If the sub lord is the occupant or owner of the 4th, 9th, or 11th; or is in the star of the occupant or owner of the 4th, 9th, and 11th; or is in conjunction or in aspect with the significator of the 4th, 9th, or 11th, it is said to be harmonious to the matters of the 4th, 9th, and 11th.

In other words, if the sub lord is the significator of the 4th, 9th, or 11th it is said to be harmonious to and connected with the matters of the 4th, 9th, and 11th. If the sub lord is the significator of the 3rd or the 8th, it is detrimental to the matters of the 4th, 9th, and 11th and it is said to be connected with the 3rd and 8th.

If the cuspal sub lord of the 6th or 10th is the significator of the 2nd, 6th, or 10th, service or earning ability is promised during the joint period dashas of the significators of the 2nd, 6th, and 10th.

Consider the 2nd right eyethe 12th left eye; defectthe 6th diseaseand the 8th danger. If the sub lord of the 12th cusp is the significator of the 6th, 8th, or 12th, then only during the joint period dashas of the significators of the 2nd and the 12th, the eye sight becomes defective. Sun is the chief governor of profession. If the sub lord of the 12th cusp is the significator of the 3rd, 9th, or 12th, and especially binary signals telegram the 9th, then foreign travel will be promised during the joint period dashas of the significators of the 3rd, 9th, and 12th.

Fruitful signs on the cusps of the 5th and 7th houses and their lords posited in fruitful signs, are indications of an early union. Barren signs on the cusps of the 5th and 1st houses indicate that the native is not likely to marry in time provided other testimonies also point to the same view. Fruitful signs on the cusps of the 11th and 5th houses, and the lords of the 5th and 11th posited in fruitful signs, promise children.

Barren signs on the cusps of the 1st, 5th, and 11th, or the lords of these posited in barren signs, lessen the chances of children. The 12 th to any particular house denotes non-existance of the matter signified by that particular house. So the houses 12 12 th to 17 12th to 8 and 2 12 th to 3 are known as the maraka death dealing houses.

The house 11 is badhaka harmful to life to those born in Moveable signs as their Ascendants; the 9 th for those born in Fixed signs and 7 th for those born in Common signs. The Badhaka houses are more harmful than the Maraka houses.How to calculate sub sub lord in kp astrology.

The sub lord is the deciding factor in all cases and kp attaches importance to the sub lords of different cusps and their star deposit. The significator gives the results of its star lord. All kp readers have given importance to sub lord only. If you want to see an enlarged table please click. The proposed theory is yet to get statistically significant accuracy of predictions. One of my dear reader abhijeet has asked me to post the nakshatra table and the kp star lord and sub lord table.

You can notice that there is no name given to a sub like we have given the names for signs and stars. So the star lord becomes the indicator of the matters of the house occupied and owned by it. Star sub lord table table. In the analysis of any chart the cusps exclusively indicates the matters of that house alone. Learn kp astrology how to calculate. Star sub lord table.

Kp astrology yahoo forum. In kp the star lord gives results as per the houses whereas good or bad is decided by the sub lord. If sun is in the sub of jupiter 12th lord or mercury 6th lord then sun will not only oppose marriage but cause ego clash with spouse. Sub sub lord is being proposed by some astrologers as corollary of original kp system for more accuracy.

Find sub lord of your moon without kp system. The matters especially of the house or houses owned by it serve as the source. Sign star sub sub sub lord with horary number. E k dhilip kumar views. Magi astrology index star lord and sub lord table kp stellar index khullar kcil vedic index blank chart templates profection solar return research index.

If bharani is the star which is owned by venus the first sub lord in bharani star will be venus the second sub lord will of sun the third sub lord will be of moon and so on.

Calculation of nakshatra and sub lord astrology umang taneja. Order of significators shows the source of an event. Please click on the images below to open them in a new window and then you can either save them on your local hard drive or you can take a printout of the same which would come as a handy tool for all of you.

Ruling planets elaborated.I did not understand anything from here, i read you first article basics i understood. A cusp exists in a cuspal chart bhava chalit chart while we see houses in the main chart Ascendant Chart.

So, for a Leo ascendant person, fifth house is always going to be Sagittarius how? You can call it cusp of the fifth house or fifth house cusp. Yes, correct. For a Leo Ascendant chart, Sagittarius is always going to be the 5th house. Here Sagittarius only indicates 5th sign from the Ascendant sign and hence it never changes. A zodiac sign always has a width of 30 degrees but wideness of a cusp varies.

Do not get confused that a single sign will own multiple houses due to zodiac sign and cusp. Cuspal chart is only used to find out what houses a planet signifies, ones we are done with that we do not sg3525 vs tl494 to see the cuspal chart at all. Then all the predictions are done by looking at Ascendant Chart. For Eg: Sun owns your 7th house and sits in the 11th house in Ascendant Chart. In Bhava Chalit Chart you see that Sun owns your 6th house and Occupies the 10th house, just assume this is happening.

Sun signifies 6th and 10th. These houses are bad for marriage, so we conclude Sun is negative for marriage here. Now forget the cuspal chart and come back to Ascendant Chart. There will be problems and delay in marriage and in the Sun time period separation can happen. Hope you understood with this example. Astrology is not as simple as looking at planets in houses and making quick predictions, most content you find online only misguide you and give you wrong predictions.

Can you tell me my 9th Cusp Sub lord if I give you my details? I heard that it can indicate family kul devi or kul devtha. I will be pleased if you help me in this. In the above example then, wherein you have replied to the queryif the cuspal chart is the one going to give prediction, then why at all look at the Ascendant chart?

Shouldnt the Chalit chart suffice? Post a Comment. Chetan Jindal October 23, For eg: Second house signifies a number of things but we cannot pinpoint anything unless we see the other houses that the planet is signified through itself, star lord or sub lord.

Your Name. Chetan Jindal March 10, Now, it is time when you come down from skies and understand some of the basic concepts used in astrology to analyze an astrological chart. Zodiac signs are important and they do have their own set of characteristics as mentioned in the previous article but what actually plays a major role in deciding the fate of a person is the houses a planet signifies.

Similarly, the constellation in which a planet is present is capable of changing the nature of events. The planet may not give its own result but starts giving results of the constellation if the constellation lord strongly opposes what the planet is signifying but the Sub Lord holds the final say.

There are 12 houses in an astrological chart each having its own importance. Houses are also knows as cusps. There are 12 zodiac signs each having a width of 30 degrees but the houses cusps are of different width. Due to this a single zodiac sign can rule over maximum two houses while some other zodiac sign may not rule over any house.KP Astrology is a system born out of the Vedic systems based on the nine planets and twelve houses.

It has further fine-tuned the method of deriving houses known as cusps. In Vedic astrology, a planet rules each house which is 30 degrees. These houses are further co-owned by nakshatras.

5th house in vedic astrology

Therefore a planet when placed in a house or a sign will be placed in one of the stars as per its current location in degrees also named star lords. Each house is 30 degrees and is divided into 3 parts as each star gets 13 deg and 20 min out of degrees. For example in the Aries sign, Ashwani, Bharani, and Kritika, telegu andhra aunty bhuthu kathlu nakshatras or stars will be included.

And further, each star has four padas or charan, and each pada is 3 degrees 20 minutes. The Vedic concept is that a planet in the house gives the result of the 3 stars allocated to the house. Here the house and 3 stars are fixed due to the equal house concept. Here the cusp starts at 0 and ends at 30 degrees. The KP system has adopted a Placidus system of house division.

The range of a house could be less than 30 degrees and hence the sign linked with the cusp will be restricted to the span of the house and at times a sign may be completely missing or two houses may have the same signs. Here the houses are calculated as per the signs calculated by the Placidus system. This is the main difference between the Vedic and the KP system. According to Prof. Krishnamurti the Ascendant and cusp of the houses move faster than the planets.

In fact, it is the ascendants and cusp of houses that describe such fast changes. The natural zodiac consists of degrees of ecliptic path, and this further is divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees. It is additionally divided into 27 divisions of 13 degrees and 20 minutes. These divisions are known as Nakshatras or Stars.

According to the KP system, all planets give results as per the house, owned and where the star lord is placed. Next, there are favorable and unfavorable combinations, classifying the houses and position of star lord in the cusp chart.

Shri K. These 13 degrees and 20 minutes are further divided into nine subdivisions. These subdivisions are called sub lords. The span of these subdivisions is in proportion to the Dasha years that are allocated to planets as per Vimshottari Dasha.

Traditional Astrology uses stars to fix the balance of the Dasha given at the time of birth time whereas KP uses the star lord and the sub lord to predict events of different spheres of life.

In fact, the sub lord changes very fast, this makes the chart show absolutely different coordinators due to the variation of a few minutes. In Vedic Astrology, the house and the lords give results whereas in KP the cusp house, its star lord, and sub lord give results. So while analyzing a horoscope a planet is as powerful or weak as its star. But at times there are 3 planets in the same star, nonetheless, they give different results.

Here Shri K. Therefore these subdivisions play a significant role in KP Astrology. It is the cusp and cusp alone that emits the matters and it is the sub lord of the significator of a cusp that decides the favorable or success of matter and it is the Cuspal sub lord of the respective cusps that reveal and promise the quantum of the matters of the particular cusp. All the important houses, their supporting and opposing houses have been explained in my mini guide Simple Steps to learn KP Astrology.

Remember Me.It indicates sickness and disease and the real state of the disease, or recovery from the ailment, whether it is of long or short duration. He is my only son. Saturn is lord of 9th house and co-lord of 10th house for Taurus ascendant.

Fifth House in Horoscope Santhana Bhava in Vedic Astrology The fifth house mainly indicates the ability of the native to have children and his relationship with them and their wellbeing. Oftentimes, pleasure is the result of a creative act. Creativity is important to the person and they may be a 1.

While making predictions he also combines System-Based Vedic Astrology with modern astrology. It is a divisional chart and has been given immense importance in Vedic Astrology. According to personality prediction, there is not much of social life they enjoy but still manages to build a decent bond with As per Vedic Astrology discourse fifth house represent innovation, love marriage, progeny, creative expression, love affairs, children, mental intelligence, childbirth etc in horoscope.

As 2nd house is 7th from 8th house of inlaws it shows business partner of inlaws. It co rules the sign of Aquarius and represents foreign things and foreign places. Mars 5L,10L in fifth house in Scorpio. Below, we have tried to cover all the points that shows the significance of fifth house in astrology.

What is 5th house, Leo and Sun in Vedic Astrology?

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Home: Astrology: You are here. Here Amsa means division. It is a shadow planet and does not exist physically. Houses in astrology and their lords in Kundli. Jupiter is known significator of children and so is the 5th House and 5th Lord. Pluto in fifth house people are often attracted to powerful, or in some way Plutonic partners. Having a sense of thrill, joy, and pleasure at work would be important. Mercury 3L,12L in Seventh house in Capricorn.

Joining dating sites as a hobby. The simple act of creating is, essentially, giving of oneself and making something — making another? Rahu, the Shadow planet in Astrology fumes to its complete operation when it comes Sun in 2nd House. How to read D24 chart to know about native EducationPeople with this position of Saturn often are plagued with guilt and it is difficult for them Answer 1 of 21 : The 12th house in astrology provides separation from people that the planets invading the house represent such as parents, siblings, neighbours, colleagues, and families.

Profession : Jupiter's aspect on the 10th house i. Just call us on As in the past years, Pluto transits the 12th house.

You will get full result of your labor. Your father may face health issues. Further, the higher level students, too, might be required to put in more effort and focus on their lessons, and also enhance their memory power.

Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous and prominent names in the Hollywood and the name is synonymous with beauty, grace, charisma, acting genius among various other star qualities. As per yearly horoscope Virgo, this year has brought great hopes for you. Sun and Saturn Conjunction 11th house is good for Financial Gain. Very often students of astrology overlook this special result of Saturn in the 12t h house.

The fun-loving Sagittarius Personality enjoys making and spending at the same time. Saturn is a unique planet. A favourable debilitated Saturn in twelfth house of a horoscope can take the native to foreign lands and accordingly some natives under the favourable influence of this debilitated saturn can go to foreign countries for professionals purposes and they can stay there for very long duration of time whereas some other natives can settle permanently in some … Important planetary influences in the near future Saturn sub period in Mars major period will end on 12th Augustafter which Mercury sub period will rule till 8th August Legal matters may cause anxiety, predicts Ganesha.

Pluto in twelfth house can indicate a fear of isolation and exile. Both move to the 11th house in the Bhava Chart. The native lives an ordinary but struggling life.

After getting curved, he will resume his 12th House of Capricorn sign on September 14, and Jupiter will enter the 1st house in Ketu is in the Pisces sign, 4th house, in D 9 and in Leo sign, 1st house in the Bhava chart.

Jupiter is in a Moolatrikona position in the 7th House of her Natal … Saturn in the 12th house in Libra — In the sign of Libra, this placement signifies someone who tries to exercise restraint in all areas for the sake of maintaining harmony and balance especially in their relationships.

Moon Sign born Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn will have good results of this transit. The 12th house is known in some astrological circles as the zone of bed pleasures. As per vedic astrology, impact of Ketu in 11th House in Horoscope of Males and Females are both good and bad. When the emotional and creative Moon enters the 12th house, it leads to emotional attachment and sensitivity to the ethereal, physical and non-spiritual. The native is handsome and good looking but lean and thin. Now my doubts about reality are kind of just there but don't really affect my every day life, but I still worry about it coming back to bite me in the ass sometimes.

This is not dell optiplex 7070 mt datasheet logowanie. Sothida M:: nnan. Jyothish Marthand Late Prof K. In our K. The cuspal sublords decide the fate ofthe Native in a chart. Planetary sublords indicates whether it is beneficial or not. Subramaniam Late of Perambur and a senior most K.

P Scholar in the Magazine K. In my research, not only planetary sublord, but, the cuspal sublords also plays a major role in predictive portion of K. I strongly recommend this book to all practising Astrologers.

P Students and research scholars to master their knowledge in our K. I thank Mr. Subramaniam will always be there to him. With great respects to our Great Guruji Shri. Chennai l00 Dated: Supposethere are two planets inthe same constellation, then there canbe som modificationinobtainingtheresult So, to assess the correctresult, SriKSKhad divided the constellationin a mannerandcalled it a sub, inthe proportioninwhichtheyareallottedthetotalnumberof yearsinVunshottari DasaSystem.

Andalso, SriKSKemphasisedthatwhatmatteractuallyone willenjoyorexperience,depends onthe lordofthe constellation; butthese canbe felt withdeviation inthe result, in terms ofthe signification ofthe lordofthe subtenented bytheconcernedplanet.

It is also imperative to note, that it isthe SUB lord which decides whetherthe results as obtained through the constellation lord, is favourable or unfavourble and any departure from it. Ipied lf owned. The planet is notonlycolouredbytheconstellation lord butalso bythe subdivisionoftheconstellation, accordingto the signification'ofthesub-lordbyhouse-lordshipandoccupation; andsothesubdivisionhasan importantroleinmodifyingandeven deviatinginthematter, asobtainedbythestar lord.

Cuspal Sub Lord Theory states that if the Sub lord of a chief house denies the corresponding occasion then the occasion is just not going to. Cuspal Sub Lord Theory states that if the Sub lord of a prime house denies the corresponding event then the event is not going to happen even if the time. 1. MARRIAGE: If the sub lord of the 7th cusp signifies the 2nd- 7th-and 11th and connected (signification) with inflicted VENUS, ones marriage is promised and.

What is Cuspal Sub lord? Cuspal sub lord simply means sub lord of the cusp, in this case sub lord of the house. Who are untenanted planets in. But the Cuspal Sub Lord, its Star Lord, and its Sub Lord, also Rahu or Ketu, are found to be "connected with" the principle house or houses under review in any. If the Cuspal Sub Lord of a house promises the matter pertaining to that house, then only during the joint period (Dasa) of the significators of the matter.

Description In Krishnamurti Paddhati, great importance is given to Cusp Sub-lords. In this book, the results of all the twelve Cusp Sub-lords are given in. Sub-lord is part of Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP Astrological Technique). In KP technology, dashas are divided into Sub-Dashas called Bhugti and the planet that.

Role of Sub Lord

Sub lord of a cusp is referred as cuspal sublord which decides whether the matter indicated by the constellation lord is favourable or unfavorable with.

KP astrology sub lord chart: Sublord methods is the most important in KP astrology. This methods of mathematics if we understand how this. 4.

KP Astrology for Beginners

If the sublord of the ascendant is connected fully to Saturn, mars and Venus and 5 and 11 sub lords connected to either of these planets one will be. In astrology, a cusp is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or houses in the horoscope.

Because the solar disc has a. Step 2: The native will be able to produce a child if the Sub-Sub lord of the 5th cusp is linked through its Star lord to favourable cusps along with 2nd or.

MARRIAGE: If the sub lord of the 7th cusp signifies the 2nd- 7th-and 11th and connected (signification) with inflicted VENUS, ones marriage is promised and. Any event will take place or not, it will be predicted through the cuspal Sub Lords and promise in Kundali based on significators. And the cuspal sub lord is very different to tell the quantum and density of such matters as sanctioned by the strength ofthe sub lord duly controlled by its.

d) If the 8th cuspal sub lord is significator of 8th cusp itself long life is indicated. 2. Unexpected sufferings – death, serious sickness, accident.

Sickly native: if the sublord of the lagna cusp is in the constellation of If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is mars or in the star of mars spend thrift. g 7th Cusp is the main cusp for marriage. 7th Cuspal Sublord if signify 7or 2 or 11 then the marriage is promised for the native7th Cuspal sublord if not at all. The KP house system is different from the one used in Vedic astrology. This report gives you the details of the KP houses in your birthchart.