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Sold out! We have archived this page for references. Diamine's Christmas Inkvent Blue Edition is a gorgeous collection containing 25 fountain pen inks. Diamine Blue Black - Ink Sample. I created a review post a day for each any every one of those 25 inks.

Not the best photos or swatches, but if you were waiting for pics to decide whether you wanted to buy, here you go! New Ink Day. So here it is. Ash is a fun multi-shading ink. What are those colors? Shopping Basket. Black Ivy is black like my heart. The calendar included 24 - 7ml samples of inks and a 30 ml bottle for day 25, all housed behind closed doors in a beautifully decorated blue box. Like Jack, this ink is magical and evokes moody winter sunsets viewed through ice crystals on your window.

The holiday season is usually a time when we come together to enjoy hot beverages--at least in the northern hemisphere. No need to worry about all the shops being shut, re-runs of the Snowman and Wallace and Grommit - just spend the day cleaning and refilling your pens with … Diamine : Blue Peppermint Shimmer - Inkvent Blue Edition 50ml.

This entry was posted in Fountain Pen Ink and tagged inkvent, Diamine. Not the best photos or swatches, but if you were waiting 1. The ink is a great choice for all fountain pen enthusiasts and in particular, those who like a lovely green colour. Any how, this ink might be my favorite so far. I swapped a Platinum F nib into my Narwhal as it darkens lines while keeping to a disciplined narrow F line.

They eventually released all 25 inks in adorable Diamine - Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink, Solstice, 50ml, Inkvent The inks from the Inkvent calendar are finally available individually! Diamine shimmering inks have a magical property. Susan M.Email Address:. Sign me up!

The fact is, people get used to specific ways of working, I think. Another day, another new book to read. Writing reviews for books is growing to be rather more difficult. Who am I to refuse an offer like that? I am madly keen on fountain pens.

All of them are regularly used. When I am writing, when I am planning, when I am doodling or plotting, the only pens for me are fountain pens. I first heard of the Visconti pen some months ago when I was working hard on my last book. It is the normal way of things for a writer. You would not believe the inventive ways by which an author can avoid writing.

Writing — again. The last few weeks have been really fun. Hard, but fun. Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 42, other followers. Facebook Like. A new pen! Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.

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Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Log in now. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.My mechanical pencil collection and various related things, thoughts and musings about them, reviews of mechanical pencils and other items, and more.

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I'm not prejudiced - all forms of pencils and graphite are welcome here, even some ink sneaks in too. You can use the sidebar links to find mechanical pencil reviews and other stuff. Maybe people, especially retailers, use double-knock because Vanishing Point is trademarked by Pilot.

I just bought one myself a few days ago - after having seen it 'live' for the giveaway. Good 'point' : I did not think about the TM status. Still, there are numerous other options - double-action, retracting tip, retractable point, retracta-tip, extending tip, extend-retract mechanism, etc.

For me as non-native Englisch speaker "vanishing point" also sounds strange, because "vanish" is for me more a disappearing "vanish ultra" for washing than a mechanical retraction and "point" is for me too unusual in this context.

So my vote goes to retractable tip. But in comparison to "body knock" the "double knock" sounds meaningful to me.

Double-knock does sound a little weird, but I presumed it was a reference to the sound involved. Where in English we say "Click", the Japanese like to say "Knock"? Or, the act of pressing the plunger is a "knock"?

Double-click is probably more apt for English speakers, but that compound word is already deeply associated with an interface on computers. Btw, interesting to note that for the Pentel PSD5, they used the term 'double-push'.

And that works for me. I'd go for the 0. If it had a lead degree window, it'd be closer to perfect. Perhaps there is some manufacturing variability with this Cult pencil. After I published this review I read another review where the person said their spring mechanism was weak and struggled to retract the tip back into the body. Completely different to mine. Regarding "Double Knock", my problem is really with the word "Knock". As suggested by Penmuseum "Click" or "Push" would be much better words to use.

Does anyone know who the manufacturer is? I can't help wondering if it's the same factory producing Ohto pencils. Post a Comment. Despite their company name they often describe themselves as pencil people, and so true to that, back in Maythey introduced their own house brand mechanical pencil, the Double-Knock.

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It is available in 0. On their website it is model CU so my 0. Labels: Vanishing Point Mechanism. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. My Blog List. Nearly ten years of The Pen Addict Podcast.

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Choose the pen that is right for your situation and then pay whatever you need to pay for it. Turn a pen kit that resembles one of the world's most expensive writing instruments. Graphic design displays also support the creativity of the designers by enabling the designer to draw directly on-screen with a pressure sensitive pen. A luxury pen. Perhaps a bit underwhelming for a pen this price, but oh well, it does the job.

Rollerballs We are authorized reseller and can guarantee you the excellent quality. Over specialists work with state of the art equipment and techniques to transform precious materials and innovative designs into striking jewel-like luxury pens.

StayLit Design kicks it up a notch with custom wrapped batteries that work great and look even better. Mon - Sat, am - pm. Whether a Montblanc pen is in your budget or not, you … Pen Boutique has been given the great honor of having been chosen by Montblanc for its Shop-in-Shop and Signature Display experience at its Columbia, MD location. Be it a school kid, a college student, a young professional or a senior executive, there is a Submarine pen for everyone.

Find Your Pens. If you are looking for a variety of different and high-quality designs to use in making your epoxy pens. It is however one of the best German pens in my opinion. The design is very unique- unlike any other fountain pen and the fit, finish and overall look is first class!!

Fast shipping by IGS!!! Osprey Milano Luxury Fountain Pen was created inand continued to expand with few new materials and colors. Check out Zazzle's great selection of pens for all your writing needs! Let the ink flow as you take notes in class or work meetings! Shops at Crown Center. The pen offers its user the sign of the high-class. Each manufacturer has its own unique history, and design. Lamy products are traditionally designed according to the … Unlike other flagship pens, the Design 07 lacks an 'exotic' filling system.

With many lots at no reserve and accessible price points, this category is great for new collectors, as well as those who have long collected pens. A 3D pen uses the same type of heating element to melt filament that you get in a 3D printer. Over the year the demand for luxury pen is increasing due to increasing brand All of the fountain pens, rollerballs and ball pens in our engravable pens collection are eligible for our pen engraving service, so you can add up to 15 characters.

We make a variety of handmade pens in exotic woods, acrylics, custom casting of logos, deer antler, and more.My favourite pen retailer!! Your customer service is second to none, postage so swift and I love the little free gift you pop into the bag each time!!

Thank you for those. Just a question Postage from the USA unfortunately is huge. Any similar highlighters coming to Cult pens as a pale highlighter looks so much more elegant? Squealed with delight when I saw your coupon code Coletto refill order coming on up soon!!!

Thank you for this great post I think you are the bees knees and cats whiskers as pen retailers. If that wasn't it, let us know if you can remember anything else about them, and we'll try to track them down.

I love it when retailers don't take themselves seriously, but are very serious about customer satisfaction I too have used Cult Pens and was very impressed with their service Tipping down with rain and really windy outside. Dog going loopy because he wants to go for a walk but hates the rain - what does he expect me to do? Spent the last hour playing with him and he settled for a while. So what do I do? Cult pens via philofaxy. Like I need more pens.

I agree with Butanben as they're my favourite pen retailer as well! Cult Pens are wonderful - very quick dispatch of goods, and their customer service is excellent. I spend hours browsing their website and drooling over posh fountain pens that I can't afford until the lottery win comes! I love Cult Pens - the shipping is superfast and they can find refills that no one else can!

I LOVE pens, I love fountain pens we have severalI love frixion pens, I love several roller ball brands as well as everything to do with mechanical pencils And what do i use in my filofax? I'll use the nicer pens for taking notes, writing my work to do lists in my big A4 hardback work notebookpostcards, etc, etc. But apparently for my filofax it has to be a Bic Crystal.

i have bought pens and brushes from Cult Pens for many years and have always been very satisfied with the products and services, and a recent order was no. The finest UK online pen shop: + products at great prices. Secure ordering.

Expert knowledge. Best customer service. Free UK delivery and worldwide. Cult Pens Review. doesn't seem like a year that's ako classic to get good reviews, on the whole.

It's not going to have a. Steven Whitehouse recommends Cult Pens. I cannot recommend this company enough. I placed an order before Christmas for some highlighters, but for the one set.

Cult Pens has collected 23 reviews with an average score of There are 20 customers that ❤ Cult Pens, rating them as excellent. Cult Pens is a pretty reputable website. Lots of people do business thru there & have for a long time. If it got stuck at a sorting facility or. Their newest collab is: Louise, Matthew, Herbert and Michael. Thanks to Cult Pens for sending these inks over for review! Swabs. Ink Review: Cult Pens Deep Dark Louise (Diamine Exclusive for Cult Pens) · Louise is not a saturated ink and isn't particularly dark but it is a.

New. Subaru's EZ30D was a 3. 5 x inch notebook, one Pilot Frixion Pen, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you do not see a review of an ink here. It shows up the best on sheen-favorable (aka long dry time) paper like Tomoe River and in my Yoseka notebook. On Rhodia, it's not as pronounced. Ink review - Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange. June 18, Before I get into the review, let's start with a short story, shall we?

The summer before starting. Based on online research and 25 Cult Pens reviews, Cult Pens' overall score is out of 5 stars. Cult Pens' review score is based on Cult Pens' customer. The design is similar to the Staedtler 25 which, in my opinion, is a good thing. It's simple and classy.

I'm not hugely taken with the shiny. Likes, 2 Comments - Cult Pens (@cultpens) on Instagram: “Our friend enthusiast @journalwithpurpose was kind enough to review the new.

Cult Pens has stars! Check out what 1 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Before having a look at the exclusives, click here if you want to see the review of the 16 ink gift set. The three Diamine exclusives are. 1 review of Cult Pens "I ordered from but was let down because I didn't receive a refund when I returned my parcel due to an incorrect order. cult pens. Watercolour Brush Pen Set,SAYEEC 12 Colours Dual Tip Brush Pens with Fineliner Tip Art Marker Soft. So, another great ink from Cult Pens in conjunction with Diamine of course. Enjoy! The Good Captain "Meddler's 'Salamander' - almost as good. This is the third in this series of ink reviews, for Cult Pens Deep Dark Purple. For a description of the bottle and box, please see the.