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The World Health Organization WHO chief says he is optimistic that the coronavirus pandemic will be defeated inprovided countries work together to contain its spread.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu warned against "narrow nationalism and vaccine hoarding" in a new year statement. His comments come two years since the WHO was first notified of cases of an unknown pneumonia strain in China. Global Covid cases now stand at m, while nearly 5. Across the world people are marking the new year but celebrations are muted, with many countries wanting to discourage crowds gathering.

Coronavirus remains part of daily life: a disease that has shut borders, split families and in some places made it unthinkable to leave the house without carrying a mask. Despite all this, Dr Tedros sounded a positive note in his speech, noting that there are now many more tools to treat Covid But he warned that continuing inequity in vaccine distribution was increasing the risk of the virus evolving.

In his comments, Dr Tedros also alluded to low vaccination rates. Dr Tedros has previously criticised wealthier nations for "gobbling up" the global vaccine supply, fully vaccinating much of their populations while others wait for their first doses. Percent of people fully vaccinated. Please upgrade your browser to see the full interactive.

This information is regularly updated but may not reflect the latest totals or vaccines administered for each location. Total vaccinations refers to the number of doses nybba brim history, and may include booster doses in addition to those required for full vaccination. The definition of full vaccination varies by location and vaccine type and is subject to change over time.

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Full vaccination can refer to one dose of a one-shot vaccine, two doses of a two-dose vaccine, etc. Definitions have not yet been updated to account for booster campaigns to control the spread of new variants. Covid vaccines: How fast is worldwide progress? Avoid cruises even if vaccinated, CDC says. This video can not be played To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser. What went wrong with vaccinating the world?

Three experts explain. Live updates: Scaled-down celebrations around the world Covid vaccines: How fast is worldwide progress?

Covid map: Where are cases the highest? In other developments:. South Africawhere Omicron was first reported, has lifted an overnight curfew after announcing the country is likely to have passed the peak of new infections A German virologist, Christian Drosten, told ZDF television he expects a "relatively normal" winter, pointing to data suggesting that Omicron cases are not as severe Several countries, including the UK, Italy and Greece, reported record cases Thousands more flights have been cancelled, nearly half of them in the USas airlines struggle with crew sickness Health officials in France have said Omicron is now the country's dominant variant.

President Macron said the next few weeks would be difficult, but he was "optimistic for the year to come" Israel has become one of the first countries in the world to approve a fourth Covid vaccination.

Dr. Phil devotes Thursday show to Daybell case

Global vaccine rollout Asset 2. Percent of people fully vaccinated No data. Location Percent fully vaccinated Total hex to char in c World Show more. Related Topics. Published 30 December United Arab Emirates. Palestinian Territories.After retiring from 36 years of medical practice, I still have a steady stream of people asking me if they should take the COVID vaccine, and how to survive it. My recommendation could not be any more clear: Take the vaccine and wear a mask!

These directions are absolutely clear, and I urge that you have significant anger and mistrust for anyone that recommends against these two actions. It is not a case of personal choice. Who are you willing to lose? Who is willing to lose you? It is incredible that some of our leadership has not only raised the question of vaccine and masks, but they have held such foolishness and stupidity up as "the way to go.

Eric A. VothM. Congress members and Kansas legislators: As a daughter, caregiver, wife, mother, sister, friend and child of our living savior, I have been graced to have the opportunity to vote since I was It wasn't until I began reading about voting history that I learned it was in the s that the right to vote was changed from age 21 to 18, thus enabling me to vote at As an African-American woman, voting was not a longtime history that my people had as others had in the United States.

It was only through blood, sweat and tears that my people were able to enjoy the privilege and rights that so many others enjoyed and worked feverishly to keep us from casting a vote. And the efforts to keep us from voting still continues today! That is why I am writing to support H. I was so proud as I read this resolution for the people because it was truly reflective of my year-old desire to vote as consistently and as often as I was able. I support and stand behind those voting for H.

Vote for the People by voting for the passage of H. Glenda Overstreet Vaughncommunity Advocate and supporter of voting empowermentTopeka. Republicans have shown in so many ways they care more about Donald Trump and their party than they do about We the People. Even after the Jan. In my opinion, not only is Trump responsible for the injuries and deaths on Jan.

He kept repeating that it was the China virus. The Republicans who support him are just as responsible as he is. InWe the People need to vote for candidates who actually care about us and America. The marked increase in hatred and violence directed toward Asian-Americans stems from three words: Donnie John Trump.

His spewing hate-filled rhetoric against minorities, except for the likes of neo-Nazis and the Proud Boys, reached a fever pitch when the pandemic arrived, thereby giving him a new focus on Asian-Americans. He found a receptive audience among Republicans, who have long tilted toward right-wing extremism, white supremacy and low-grade evil. He essentially gave a license to kill to innumerable nutcases running loose in society. Fie on Donnie John and all who support him.

In another example of retaliatory partisan politics of Republicans, the Kansas Legislature recently created a Legislative Coordinating Council to oversee the governor's actions during an emergency. It is gratifying that such actions will be subject to group think, even though serious damage could occur while the group is convening. Perhaps this legislation doesn't go far enough.Survivor star Todd Herzog is claiming that before an intoxicated appearance on the Dr.

Phil show inhe was left unattended in the show's dressing room, where he found and drank an entire bottle of Smirnoff vodka. Phil set and lifted into a chair in a dramatic televised moment. Phil her problems stemmed from being 'flung into menopause'. Herzog's claims come as part of an investigation into the popular daytime program by The Boston Globe and the health news website STAT.

The report says the health of Herzog, who was appearing on the show to discuss his drinking problem, and other Dr. Phil guests was put at risk. He says he detoxed in his Los Angeles hotel room over the course of two days before his Dr. Phil appearance and wasn't drunk when he arrived at the studio — but Herzog says he was intoxicated and on Xanax by the time he left the dressing room. More: Dr. Phil 'interviews' Shelley Duvall to persuade her to get psychiatric help.

Herzog, who says he's sober now and working at a restaurant in Utah, says he's thankful the show gave him opportunities to enter treatment.

At the behest of a Dr. Phil producer, he wrote a letter thanking McGraw for his help. For getting me help in the nicest places in the country. There should not be liters of vodka in my dressing room. The report included other guests' accounts of alleged endangerment.

Marianne Smith, who contacted the show for help in breaking her niece Jordan's heroin addiction, said Jordan went through drug withdrawal before appearing on Dr.

She said there was no medical supervision during the stay. Greenberg denied that in the report, saying all guests have medical supervision. Phil spokesperson released a statement on behalf of the program about the article:.

Phil, the TV show, or its mission to educate millions of viewers about drug and alcohol addiction. The show does not give drugs or alcohol to its guests and any suggestions to the contrary is errant nonsense. Phil show has provided valuable information to viewers by telling compelling stories about people who are fighting the battle to overcome alcohol and drug addiction. Unfortunately, addicts often lash out at the very people who are trying the hardest to help them break the cycle of addiction.

Although terribly unfortunate, this is an understandable part of the behavior of addicts on their journey to recovery. Deception, dishonesty and denial are hallmarks of addiction.By Chris Gardner. Insiders are raising eyebrows about Dr. The syndicated series kept production running amid widespread pauses and shutdowns in Hollywood on other films and TV shows. Production ramped up Jan.

Disney, Warner Bros. Sources close to the show say they were concerned to see it resume while other shows and competitors proceeded with caution. However, the production period the week of Jan. Adding to concern on Dr. The L. County Public Health Department issued a mandatory directive Dec. Per county health guidelines, quarantine is not mandated for personnel of a film or media production operating in the county when traveling here solely for the purpose of employment on a film or media production, and per intel received by THRshow guests qualify for special consideration which places them under the production and thus, exempts them from a mandatory quarantine.

A version of this story first appeared in the Jan. Click here to subscribe. Sign up for THR news straight to your inbox every day. January 21, pm. Logo text. Related Stories. Related Story L. Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved. Close the menu The Hollywood Reporter homepage.But a bottle of vodka appeared in his dressing room and a show staffer gave him Xanax before the taping began, Herzog said in a joint investigative piece by STAT and the Boston Globe.

Herzog said he was flown to Los Angeles for the taping and put up in a hotel room for two days, mirroring stories from other former guests who said they were provided no medical supervision as they waited to tape their appearances.

Marianne Smith, who appeared on the show in with her heroin-addicted niece, said she alerted producers that her niece began to suffer withdrawals and a producer advised her to go to L. Joelle King-Parrish appeared on the show in with her daughter Kaitlin, who was addicted to heroin. Phil McGraw Photos. Forbes looked at earnings from TV shows, book sales as well as interviews with agents, managers, producers and lawyers.

Even though he was fired by Fox News earlier this year, the veteran host earned plenty from his network gig as well as his series of best-selling books. The comedian earns big from his daytime talk show as well as his hosting gigs on shows like "Family Feud" and "Funderdome. Judge Judy not only earns from her own longtime syndicated courtroom show but also from producing other legal series like "Hot Bench. Even in a year in which "American Idol" was off the air, the hardest-working man in showbiz joined Kelly Ripa on her daytime show, launched a men's fashion line, hosted hit radio shows, produced eight TV show and hosted gigs from the Rio Olympics to New Year's Eve.

The comedian not only gets a huge take from her hit daytime show but she also executive produces shows like "Little Big Shots," developed the mobile game Heads Up, and earns money from an endorsement deal with CoverGirl. The top-rated daytime host takes a cut of advertising revenues, and also earns money from product endorsements. Forbes ranks who earned the most before taxes and management fees for the year ending June 30, What TV host reigns supreme in income?

I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. View In Gallery.

To continue reading for free, provide your email below.Drama for his momma! Philwhere he called out Brandi Glanville as a bad influence. Preview clips from the formal interview — along with excerpts — were released to Us Weekly on Monday, April 27, and revealed how the incident first started. According to Richards, she poured herself a "good-sized [drink]" and started to drive home when she thought she would swing by the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

As previously reported, it was at the swanky venue that Richards caused a scene and was taken into custody. Phil said to the former child actress, who told the psychiatric expert that the bar was closed upon arrival. According to the police report, the star, 50, "was displaying symptoms of alcohol intoxication including slurred speech and belligerent insolent behavior cursing at the officers and passively resisted arrest.

Phil then called out Richards for setting a poor example for her four kids, three of whom were present for the intervention. In fact, eyewitnesses told Us Weekly that Richards' erratic behavior was on full blast the night of her arrest.

Richards, however, claimed sobriety to Dr. Phil in her daily life. The fans are very hard on me, and I went on Twitter to see what people were saying and it was just horrible. Her kids, however, had different opinions about their mother's state of mind. Meanwhile, the reality star's son Chad called out Glanville, who has evolved into one of Richards' close friends in season five of the franchise.

While Richards has become pals with Glanville this season, the same cannot be said about her relationship with her sister Kyle. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews — Subscribe on YouTube! More News. Account My Account Sign Out.We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better.

Phil wastes no time kicking off his new show — what he calls Truth TV — by getting real with stressed out parents. If your kids are kicking, screaming, calling you names or saying "I hate you! Michelle says her two boys are so out of control, they've even taken a bite out of her! Her husband blames her for their bad behavior, but what's really the problem? Then, Kyle and Jill say their 4-year-old daughter is obsessed with kissing. They even found her in a closet smooching a sweater!

Is this normal? Plus, advice for dads about when and how to have the sex talk with their daughters. After spending more than two years working on his latest book, Family First, Dr. Phil shares his step-by-step plan for creating the phenomenal family everyone wants. Dr Phil highlights three custody battles that see innocent children being caught in the crossfire of bitter fueds. First, recently divorced Heidi and Will are arguing about Heidi's decision to take their three children and move to Alaska.

Next, Twelve-year-old Dillon is caught in the middle between his grandmother, Robin, who raised him, and his mother, Jamie, who is desperate to regain custody.

Last, model Bridget Marks' talks to Dr Phil about the high profile battle that made the headlines when she had to hand over her twin daughters to their biological father after a court deemed that she falsely accused him of molestation.

Both families have been dealing with the arrival of new babies in the aftermath of their time on the show. Phil and Robin give away amazing gifts to honor deserving and caring mothers.

One mom will even be driving home in a new Mercedes Benz! She says she couldn't have managed without support from her mom, Debbie.

Robin comes to his rescue with gift ideas, including favorites she received from her sons, Jay and Jordan. Her condition is now terminal, and Nicole worries that this could be their last Mother's Day together. Her year-old daughter, Kate, says she hasn't smiled in nearly 10 years. Phil checks back in with some of his install pgp key linux memorable guests to see if they took his advice, and if they were able to turn their lives around.

Have you ever felt like you had to walk on eggshells around someone, constantly worrying about how they would react to anything you said or did? What if you were married to that person? What makes a good wife? Is it cooking, cleaning, raising the kids and having great sex? Kelly puts Grant to the test.

What happens when she hands him the dish rag and spatula? Diana says a good wife can hold the baby, answer the phone, correct homework, make dinner and feed the dog — all at the same time! She also says women must serve their men instead of trying to balance a career with family. Joy wants to stay single because she thinks getting married means giving up her independence. Chad insists that Lindsay is six months sober, but his mother and sister say they believe she's still using drugs. Woman Claims Daughter-In-Law 'Is. › slideshows › bad-influences-amber-and-chad. Dr. Phil Staff. Dr. Phil speaks with guests who say someone they love is a bad influence. "I think Chad is a total loser," says Amber's father, Craig. Chad joins Dr. Phil, Orlena and Brent onstage. "Tell me what happen. ed when you came back from Iraq,". Chad insists he had no idea that his wife, Lindsay, How does Chad respond when Dr. Phil asks him, “Do you feel a divided loyalty here?

Chad insists he had no idea that his wife, Lindsay, was a heroin addict until she overdosed while she was three months pregnant with their son.

Brittanee Drexel's family on Dr. Phil: Parents relive horrific last days (videos)

#DrPhil. Kim Richards' son Chad Davis described his mom's RHOBH castmate Brandi Glanville as "toxic" on Dr. Phil. M subscribers in the PewdiepieSubmissions community. The subreddit full of 19y/o fans of Pewdiepie aka Felix Kjellberg. of her two children during a new episode of Dr. Phil. Two months after Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow married and fled Idaho.

Chad Ochocinco > Dr. Phil If the NFL counted Tweets as receiving yards, then Chad Ochocinco would have been the greatest single season. Virgin Dr Oz vs Chad Dr Phil Comparing People The LAD Dr. Bob, Dr. Vess, Dr. Fayge, Dr. Thunder, Dr. Snap, Dr. Pop, Dr. Topper, Dr. Perk. Dr. 38, Dr. Dr. Phil (TV Series –) Chad Bantner as Blueman. Lynda Tomlinson Bulloch; son, Chad (Mark) Bulloch; granddaughter, at Shiloh Baptist Church in Ft.

Gaines, GA with Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil has been talking to Amie, who is terrified of her 7-year-old son Jayden because of his violent outbursts. She also claims that Jayden's father, Chad. Show Chad Nathan Cupido's up-to-date emails & phone numbers. Find contact information of Chad Nathan Cupido, Dr. Phil-afel Plant Powered People's. Chad has worked in productions for the Columbus Blue Jackets, Dr.

Phil, and the Big Ten Network. He has also assisted in various other corporate productions in. View Chad Nathan Cupido's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Dr. Phil-afel Plant Powered PeopleESDES Lyon Business School. Dr Phil () stops by to talk about his new podcast, the Gypsy Rose murder case, getting blown out in college, and launching Bhad Bhabie's career.

Bebe Rexha Shares Emotional TikTok About Body Image Struggles is a daytime talk show host who is a disgrace to America. He constantly pretends to help people, Chad: Cause its dicks out for day. Phil McGraw, more commonly known as Dr.

Phil, has devoted his professional career to changing the way people view and talk about mental health.