Cardmatic tube tester

As [Usagi] has been working on some tube-based projects, he decided he needed a tester so he built one. You can see the results in the video, below.

He does have a traditional tube tester, but it uses s of volts which is a different operating regime. We think of punched cards as old-fashioned, but still squarely part of the computer age.

Turns out, cards were in use way before they got conscripted by computers. Jacquard looms are one famous example. The U. But in the s, you might have had a punched card machine on your electronics workbench. The Hickok Cardmatic was a tube tester with a difference. While you, as a Hackaday reader, might tear into a busted TV at your house and try to fix it, most people today will either scrap a bad set or pay someone to fix it. TVs are cheap and rarely break, anyway.

Most of the parts were reliable, but the tubes would wear out. If you were lucky, there was a diagram glued inside the cover that showed where they all went back. Then you took them to the drugstore.

It can be difficult for modern eyes to make much sense of electronics from the s or earlier. The good news was that the machine had nearly all of its original parts, down to the Hickok branded tubes in the power supply. Unfortunately it looks like a few heavy handed repairs were attempted over the years, with a nest of new wires and components intermixed with what [Cat0Charmer] actually wanted to keep.

After undoing ham-fisted repairs, replacing the dud components, and installing some new old stock tubes, the tester sprung to life with renewed vigor. With a DIY calibration cell built from the schematics in an old Navy manual, [Cat0Charmer] got the tester dialed in and ready for the next phase of its long and storied career.

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Learn more. About Tube Testers While you, as a Hackaday reader, might tear into a busted TV at your house and try to fix it, most people today will either scrap a bad set or pay someone to fix it. Hiding new capacitors inside of the old ones. Search Search for:. Hackaday Links: December 26, 11 Comments.User Name Remember Me? We appreciate your help in keeping this site going. Today was the music city vintage radio club swap meet in Nashville. As nice as that is, there are a whole lot of tubes that i don't have cards for.

I've seen blank cards for sale on ePay but need a chart that tells you where to put the holes for each type of tube.

Hickok Cardmatic Tube Testers

Does anyone have that chart or database? Electronic M. One can replace the card reader interface with a computer and run every setting it was ever made for and much more There is a company that does these conversions. What I want. Way too much money. I probably have a need for around tube characteristics, just different from most of the ones that came with the tube tester. Hey all, the ebay seller who says they have a info manual on test conditions for tube testing.

I was expecting a manual, that gave a x-y coordinates for the punch cards. The manual only states the test conditions "filament voltage, screen voltage etc etc. Doesn't even list the pin out of the tube. Reason: Making it more concise. Does the manual not list a procedure for punching your own cards for new tube types? I have a Western Electric version of the Hickokand it explains exactly what each hole location controls, and how to translate desired test conditions and tube pinout into which holes to punch out.

The tester also came with a supply of blank cards and a special hole punch for this purpose. An involved process, that takes a good bit of figuring out, but it works. May give you some ideas.

Tube Tester Parts

Also you need to dl the stupid djview program to open the file, there's a dl for that in the fine print. Other than that, my recommendation would be to use existing cards to determine which holes do what. Google for Hickok test data or tube test sheet, and you can use that data to cross-reference what you have on the cards for a given tube, and then determine what hole does what.

Knowing that, you can then make your own cards. And maybe test some known-good tubes first to make sure your new cards work right. Last edited by MadMan; at PM. Originally Posted by MadMan. Maybe some good news, Today while performing my mandatory Google searches. I found a post on the tubetesters forum of group. I have emailed him and told him about Videokarma and hopefully we can see what he has. He hasn't gotten his working yet so maybe bandersonb can give him some tips?

Cross your fingers!Jackson tube tester. By clicking "Accept All Cookies", you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Don't have an account? Sign Up. Already have an account? Here is a Hickok model A tube tester that has been setting in a shop for a while.

I have not tested it so I am selling it as is. I do not know how to use it. My uncle passed and had many tubes and testers in his possession. This has about calibration cards with it. They are all sold together and AS IS. The cards are nice condition.

Vtg HICKOK US Navy/Military Tube Tester AN/USM 118B Test Set/Cardmatic J0291

This item weighs about 46 pounds. Condition: For parts or not working: An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational.

This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components. Accept All Cookies. Validation code. Confirm password. Contact Seller. For parts or not working: An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational.If you would like to place an order, please contact me. Shipping is additional and calculated by order. A 6L6 standard tube. The 6L6 is a new tube, burned in for 12 hours to 96 hours as required to ensure it is operating within its most stable parameters.

The tube is used to check accurate calibration on any tube tester and used to calibrate the tester. Note on tube specifications and tube tester testing values: Except for laboratory tube testers and a very few three or four service models, most all service testers are proportional testers! This means they operate at voltages below the maximum tubes voltage ratings, but at proportional voltages that will produce the same correct test results proportional to the printed specifications of that specific tube!

This tube is measured with two laboratory testers to an accuracy of 1. I can provide a correctly designed solid state replacement for the 83 mercury vapor tube and the 5Y3 rectifier tube also. These devices are designed specifically for the Hickok tube testers, and are not the typical 83 or 5Y3 solid state replacements seen on the web and on other tube web sites. These are only available to customers who want refurbishment services.

This is due to the age and condition of the power transformers in these vintage testers. This is the original large meter used in all early models of the B and C series except theand A. I can have your old meter rebuilt to proper specifications. I have only a few of these meters in stock.

The housings are from the original meters. New housings of this size and type are no longer available! Other meters available by special order. AC line and DC bias meters also available. Contact me for more information on models, limitations, and requirements for other meters, movements and retrofits.

Please contact me for availability and current pricing. For volumes please contact me for special pricing. Shipping Address: Elgar Ave. Torrance, CA Contact Email: vrte msn.

Popular Articles Which tube tester should I get? How to test tubes accurately. You can also visit my eBay store. All meters are new. Stock levels vary and meters are produced in small production quantities! This new power transformer direct replacement was designed with the latest transformer materials to allow it to last much longer than the original models. It has also been built with higher current capacity to improve the AC regulation capacity of the transformer. Much better performance is achieved in the Hickok series testers.

Various lamps for Hickok tube testers, including discount kits. Parts specifically for Cardmatic tube testers.I'm trying to Can't find knoppix file stystem - Toshiba S11 - Ok, I'm trying to get knoppix 5. All versions pssibly? Knoppix 9. However, I didn't use mkimage when I ran it initially. I don't know Samba and older windows systems I still like to use my older systems, and I want to access some smb shares and vice versa.

Now remember that older systems are a "security risk" They only become visible when viewed Code number In good condition. Plastic binding is cracked. Can be seen in photos It was copyrighted in All pages are complete and none are missing. The manual is 11" x 8. I made19photos click on the photos to enlarge.

Please view the photos below carefully, to see the condition of what is being sold. Please scroll down to bottom of the listing, there might be answers to questions I get asked about this item. Combined shipping is available;every next item you buy is half price shipping. If shipping all together will be even cheaper, then I will return the difference to your account.

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Anyone can sell on Reverb List your item today to get it in front of thousands of eyes, quickly and easily. Learn more on the Seller Hub. Sell Yours Now. Similar Listings. Parts Amp Parts Hickok. Used — Fair. Listing Ended. If you watch the listing, we'll notify you if it becomes available again.

Shipped From. Preferred Seller Quick Shipper. Message Seller. Secure Checkout At Reverb, your safety and security is our priority. About This Listing. Full Set of Cards. I did not count or check but looks like a completely full set to me. No space for anymore cards in the case. This was owned and purchased from a genius Western Electric Employee who took excellent care of his machines and passed unexpectedly- he most likely used this on a daily basis.

It powers on but unfortunately the lever mechanism for the card insert function is jammed and needs some kind of repair. Could be easy-peasy. Unfortunately, there is no manual. There are a few ransoms sheets of unimportant card data however. Cosmetically in ok shape. Reviews of this Shop. Product Specs. Listed 2 years ago Condition Fair Used Fair condition gear should function but will show noticeable cosmetic damage or other issues.The is a great little tube and there are so many equivalents and substitutes you'll never run out of tubes to try with this series!

All data being displayed was generated by the column manufacturers after evaluation of the chromatographic phase. After cleaning the chassis and servicing the tuning mechanism, I hooked it up to test again as shown What tube did you replace with the ECH81?

Paul P. Brand: Shanghai. Versions that should work interchangably are the 6C33B, 6C33C, and the 6C18C, but check with your equipment dealer first! Country: China. Radio tubes are valves.

According … All tubes have been tested and found to perform within specifications, including the magic eye tube EM81 see pict. I think it is a German tube type radio of the 's. The triode section of the 2nd tube works as BFO, preferably cristal controlled. Also, the EBC41 is a 8 pin rimlock type; that is, it has a sleeved socket and a nub on the side of the tube acts as a locator.

There is a heat deflector mounted on the back panel, which is intended to direct the heat from the output and rectifier valves and dropper Tube linup: ECC85 dual triode RF amplifier, ECH81 pentagrid converter and triode in one tube envelope, EBF89 duodiode second detector and pentode IF amplifierECC83 dual audio triode for tone controls, ECC83 dual audio triode for first audio stereo amplifier, two EL95 beam power tetrodes for speaker amplifiers, EM84 "tuning eye" indicator.

There is a mix of new and used valves, most non workers are discarded upon receipt, a quantity of stock has not been tested but all have been visually inspected. Whether you need vacuum tubes for industry, hi-fi applications, ham This was the henry h001 firing pin of the TX with a 12" MW ion trap picture tube. OTK stamp on each tube. Osservato da 2 persone.

Bridge - tremolo screw 3x25mm oval, chrome, 6 pcs lot. Collection of Ekkehard Pfau D. However, the pinouts of the two tubes are different, and the tubes are not substitutes. Just arrived! The unit is completely original and just got thoroughly cleaned. It can also be used to replace 12AX7 tubes in position 1 to reduce gain.

To do this, you need to either install the jumpers according to the layout of the board or solder them in the underside of the board depending on the type of the used tube. The diodes share the same cathode as the triode.

Base: Noval, B9A. Price is for a Single Tube. Recall that the radio is functional. The filament draws mA, so one could expect a battery life of hours with alkaline D cells. The VT is an variant with a Wait about 30 seconds for the tube to warm up, then test for shorts according to direc-tions in the tester's instruction manual. In this video, you will learn the equivalent statement of the contrapositive of inverse or converse, the converse of inverse statement.

Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. When installing the ECH84 you might have to change the R11 nominal.

The following should be direct substitutions. If you need more than the quantity available, please Email us at worldtubecompany. In Stock. “This listing is for a Vintage Hickok Model A Cardmatic Tube Tester, with a huge lot of cards, including many desirable audio cards, Calibration card. Very easy to use, and it is by far the fastest way to test tubes on the planet!

· Turns your tester into an exquisitely sensitive curve tracer. · Your tester is. This particular tester has the computer wiring harness installed. After inserting a tube and calling up the proper test on the computer, normally you.

The Hickok Cardmatic switch sets up all tests automatically and eliminates fussing around with adjustments. You can accurately check a tube for. There was a time when people like us might own a tube tester and even if you The Hickok Cardmatic was a tube tester with a difference. Hickok Cardmatic Tube Tester Cards. Post by nv3g» Jul Fri 23, pm. Does anyone know where I can find a complete set of cards for the Hickok. Vintage Hickok Model A Cardmatic Tube Tester, with a large lot of cards.I purchased a Service Manual some time ago which is also included.

Cardmatic Tube Test Set A Equipment Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.; Cleveland, OH, build ??, 8 pictures, 4 tubes, United States of America. Aug 10, - One of several Hickok Cardmatic tube testers at Leeds.

Here testing a custom color RCA 6L6 vacuum tube that I created for posting on Etsy. In the test set case there is a compartment which contains program cards for testing West- ern Electric tubes. The cover of the color shift pearls case. My first attempt at OCR was the hard-to-find instructions of how to program a Cardmatic by punching your own cards.

Hickok CardMatic Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester FOR PARTS/CARDS OR REPAIR. Used – Fair. $ + $50 Shipping. Listing Ended. Make an Offer. Hickok Cardmatic R Tube Tester. Hickok Cardmatic R Tube Tester. Double click on above image to view full picture. Cardmatic Parts (No Longer Available).

Parts specifically for Cardmatic tube testers. Solenoid with plunger (Card Activation): $ Card. Hickok Relay USM or Western Electric Cardmatic Tube Tester FR unless the item was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging. Buy Hickok Cardmatic Tube Tester Instruction Manual w11x17" Wiring Diagram online at an affordable price. Ubuy is the leading international shopping. One Very Rare HICKOK Model CARDMATIC Tube Operated Tube Tester Made in USA You are bidding on One Very Rare HICKOK Model CARDMATIC.

The manual contains the procedure for the calibration of AN/USMA and the Hickok Model A Cardmatic Tube Testers. It is divided into six functional. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HICKOK Cardmatic Tube Tester B KSL2 Blank Data Punch Cards at the best online prices. Description: Large portable black case with removable top holds an electric Hickok Cardmatic dynamic mutual conductance tube tester model A.