Behringer wing vs midas m32

The WING offers a substantially different perspective by focusing on the sound source as the reason for any mixing. The 48 inputs and channel bus mixes are given more properties than just a number.

They can also be given a color, icon, name, and several tags for grouping and filtering purposes. Additionally, you can label sources using the WING Co-Pilot app while patching onstage or to a channel, or to an SD-recording, or to any other output, you will always see and refer to that source. Three separate fader sections and a custom controls section can be tailored easily and intuitively for meeting your personal requirements.

These come in handy should you need a specific bus send fader next to the corresponding channel fader, or a dedicated money channel always at your fingertip, or even the ability to share the surface with two engineers.

All buses, matrices, and mains feature 8-band parametric EQ. Other processors include a wide array of modulation, equalization, dynamics, and nonlinear effects; there are even four iconic guitar amplifiers with cabinet simulations.

A maximum of 16 stereo inserts can be used for applying internal FX or outboard processing to any input channels or buses. The channel editing section has been designed from ground-up for immediate channel status overview and flow of operation.

It allows working on the selected channel processing, even when the main display is used for something completely unrelated. Touch-sensitive rotary controls allow you to display the most relevant information, all at your fingertips.

The control configuration also includes predefined functionality for USB and SD-card recorder transport, show control and mute groups. Delivering up to 32 channels of low-latency input or output over a single standard XLR microphone cable if needed.

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Behringer WING

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A After logging into your account, go to your Shopping Cart. A Users are expected to receive their orders within five 5 to ten 10 working days upon payment verification depending on the volume of orders received.The WING control surface utilizes a large capacitive touchscreen interface with touch-sensitive rotary controls for a new ease of operation.

Three separate fader sections and a Custom Controls section can be tailored easily and intuitively to meet your personal requirements. You can even replace and customize the massive wooden armrest with something funkier if you like. The technical drawing can be found in the Downloads section of the product page. What is the purpose of mixing in the first place? While considering the signal path of audio production for live or studio applications, we were stunned to find that much of the terminology is still driven by historical technical implementation, rather than its actual purpose.

Normally, consoles focus on input numbers assigned to channels and auxes. WING is offering a substantially different perspective by focusing on the Source as the reason for any mixing, say a bass drum signal or the lead vocal.

Inputs are therefore given more properties than just a number. Sources can be in mono, stereo or mid-side mode, own headamp parameters like gain and phantom power, with specific source mute and metering. They can also be given a color, icon, name and several tags for grouping and filtering purposes. All of this describes the actual Source first, before channels are used for processing or mixing. The beauty of this is that you can label Sources using our WING Co-Pilot app while patching on stage and no matter if the signal is patched to a channel, to SD recording or to any other output, you will always see and refer to that Source.

All 48 input channels and 28 bus mixes can be used for mono, stereo or mid-side sources. The console does not need a reboot to apply any mode changes. Their channel, bus and subgroup configuration can be changed any time on the fly. See why it is a WING?

It allows working on the selected channel processing even when the main display is used for something completely unrelated. Touch-sensitive rotary controls allow the most relevant information to be displayed at your fingertips. A central section offers user-assignable controls, i. The control configuration also includes pre-defined functionality for USB and SD card recorder transport, show control and mute groups.

All buses, matrices and mains even feature an 8-band parametric EQ. Alternatively, WING offers 8 meticulous emulations of famous hardware equalizers for use in each and every channel, whenever you need that special vibe on your signals. Fantastic delays, voice doubling, chromatic pitch correction, tape saturation and there is way more to it…. Another set of 8 true-stereo processors provides a wide array of modulation, equalization, dynamics and non-linear effects, and even four iconic guitar amplifiers with cabinet simulations.

If push comes to shove, a guitarist can just DI his guitar or pedals straight into the stage box, which is especially useful on quiet stages and house of worship applications. With inputs and outputs, a lot of digital connectivity is required. The brand new Klark Teknik StageCONNECT interface allows transmission of 32 channels bit audio with sub-millisecond latency, together with control data and 18 W of power over a single standard microphone cable.

Given its flexibility and ease of use, this may well become the future of XLR.One of the applications you will find here, X32ReaperAutoMate — is shown below in action:. The AutoMate programs are essential for modern workflow requirements! The only thing on the desk beside the console, was the remote control for the multitrack. Like those professional production environments, the AutoMate series of programs put transport controls on the User Assign or DAW buttons so you do not have to touch your computer to do the following operations :.

Start the application, connect, and the transport controls are right at your fingertips. They did a few minutes and split. Now you have to make adjustments from your DAW tracks. This is the part you dread because you have to go back and forth between the computer and the console. But, now the transport controls are at your fingertips. Need to mark and move between marks? Got it! Need to create a loop and turn on Repeat and delete the loop and turn it off later?

Now for the cool part:. You record the entire show along with automation, with a press of the Record button. Later, the band wants a mix of the show. You recall your saved file from a previous AutoMate session, and start mixing with full automation! And, your starting point slate pencil eating right where you left off, with full EQ, Dynamics and FX and all mixing moves you made during the show!

The mix is fully adjustable and editable too. You could find yourself with a new revenue stream by recording and professionally mixing artists you supply sound for. Given the fact that your engineers have mixed these shows dozens of times, the recorded automation is going to be very close to the final production mix.

Typically, the engineer loads Scenes or the scenes are loaded by MIDI commands at appropriate times along the timeline of the show. Simply automate those scene changes, and concentrate on the live inputs! Your production will be repeatable and consistent, show after show. Save and Load functions allow an unlimited number of variations on the same show. You never really know that your MIDI connections are not working, until they fail on you…. Many HoWs record services and provide them to the congregation members after mixing.

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The AutoMate programs proposed here are just what you need! Your job just got easier! Whether cutting tracks, or mixing them down, the transport controls alone are worth the price of the product.

People like me who have lots of professional mixing experience would rather work with a console than a mouse and keyboard. Plus, dealing with plug-ins, licenses, dongles, etc. Now, nothing at all is stopping you from applying whatever plug-ins you want in Reaper while mixing with your digital console. You simply Solo the tracks you want recorded and run the song with Automation On, and record to a stereo mixdown track. You now have a stem that is faithful to the entire released track.

It pays for itself on your first mix! This is just the beginning — new features are being added continuously. Continue Shopping Checkout. Autosave function: You set the interval between automatic saves in the.Topics: behringermixerwingx32 By: Chris Huff December 12, While this is very cool, at the same time, the mixer lacks a dedicated main output fader — not cool.

Today, I cover the important questions you might have about the mixer and the one huge workflow change with the WING. Traditionally, input configuration on a digital mixer consists of picking a mixer channel, assigning the input, and editing the settings of that channel.

The WING takes a different approach in that everything is at the input level. On the WING, pick the input, assign it to a channel, and then makes your channel settings, When you save those settings, they are saved at the input level, not the channel level. The idea is the user can configure the mixer however they want. Maybe they want channel 12 to be vocal 1 and someone else wants it to be guitar 1. When the other person is mixing, they can easily change things around.

There is a standard method to optimal channel assignments on a mixer for good reason, both for workflow and for ease of use between people. I think it should be used to build out a mix, not personalize workflow.

For example, it would be great for duplicating channels for fancy effects work. I do think it gives us the ability to be more creative. Also, you can watch a minute overview of the mixer, watch the below video.

Ignore the second cameraman that occasionally shows up on the right edge of the screen. You do need digital stage boxes. Per Behringer, the processing power is 4x to 5x that of the X The mixer is a bit funky with channels.

If you want to learn more on mid-side mixing, check out this article on Isotope:. Yes and no. However, we are in an age of digital emulators. For example…. I would like to think these emulators sound great.If you have not read it, you can click here. Now you are pretty sure you would like to choose Behringer WING as your next mixing console but there is one more model that confuse your decision, the Midas M WING is a 48 channels mixing console while M32 is a ps2 games on han channels mixing console.

If you need more than 32 channels, WING is simply the best option you have right now. Second reason will make you happier with your decision is that WING channels come in stereo while the M32 come in mono. This means that you will save a lot of channel with stereo inputs.

In another perspective, the more stereo inputs you have, the less channels you have in M All these plugins are available for every 48 stereo channels.

M32 being 8 years older does not have the processing power for these plugins. Everyone love effect for the vocals and room simulations. Again, this is double of what M32 is capable of. For multiple mic deployment for conference and meeting, this feature make mixing become much simpler. Sixth reason will be the ability of the WING to fully customized the layer.

Any important channels within the 48 channels and can be fully rearranged and customized into USER layer. Access to these important channels happen instantly. There is no option for customization in M Not only the screen is in high resolution, it is also very responsive to your touch.

There is a nice balance between the usage of screen, knobs, buttons and faders in the mixing workflow, making it a very enjoyable mixing experiences to you. Channel assign and patch assign is a separate workflow now. The channel assignment does not follow what you physically patch at the IO. The console channel follow what the sound engineer need. In single event, there could be multiple sound engineers working on the board. With WING, every engineer can have his own channel assignment according to their workflow.

M32 make a tremendous leap in the routing flexibility too in recent v4 firmware update but it still does not come close to what the WING can do. Dedicated Section for instant overview. This is pretty crazy especially the fact that this particular section provides you 50 LEDs and three 8 segments LED VU meter to indicate channel overview and routing.

Because it is all shown here, an instant glance will get you all the information you need for that particular channel. That will save a lot of time as most info need to be access from Home and other pages from the screen with the M Last and not least, the final reason you should own WING. Sounds pretty crazy for a feature. Most mixing board in the market include Midas M32 has one single EQ per channel. But at stage, you are having problem with feedback frequencies. Here come the second 3 band EQ available at the bus-tap-point to remedy issue.

If you would love to purchase a WING, kindly contact us. Well, if after reading all these reasons, somehow in a little corner in your heart still have a soft spot for the Midas M32, then we have good news for you. We have another article for you.

Since no one product can fit all needs and every individual has different need, M32 still have its own strength. Click here the link.The offline mode can be tested without any payments. It does not play any audio! It is for remote controlling only. Changelog v1. This is definitely the best mixing app for the mixers it can control. The long faders are a huge improvement compared to most other apps. As a working musician, I need my gear to perform every time.

This app is fantastic for me as when we do smaller gigs, I prefer not to hire someone to do sound for the band.

At smaller shows, we use the X-Air 18 and run the sound ourselves. Being able to control everything from my iPhone is really the best of both worlds. I do NOT understand all the whining on here about price and in app purchases. Thanks for all your hard work in this app and please continue to create!!!

After the official app for the x failed to connect, I tried this app and it works flawlessly. After entering the ip address of the mixer, it connects immediately and all the features of the x are available remotely. We like the layout better than the official app because the controls are bigger and easier to manage especially if you have larger fingers. The layout of the controls are very intuitive and after flipping through all the buttons and tabs it is quickly clear that all the features are there and easily controlled.

All the level meters work giving essential feedback for proper mixing. It even has its own added features. The cost is very reasonable for the full-featured app that it is. Thank you developers for all your hard work in bringing this well-developed and thought-through app to us.

Thanks for your detailed review! Yes power consumption is a bit higher due the app always being connected to the mixer.

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:.

Behringer WING 48-Channel Digital Mixer with 48-in/48-out USB Audio Interface, 24 Faders, 8 Preamps

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Nov 14, Version V1. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Information Seller David Schumann. Size Category Utilities.So, what business do they have releasing two digital mixing consoles that offer many of the same features, and in fact have almost the same name? So, it comes as no surprise that the 32 microphone preamps in the M32 are nothing short of fantastic.

Still, they offer 72dB of gain, which is seriously impressive considering most preamps are around 55dB or so, and they are transparent and open. Maybe nothing to write home about, but far more than good enough for live sound reproduction. To sum it up, both consoles are built with excellent preamps, but the ones in the M32 are simply several notches more luxurious. On its own, the X32 is a seriously durable and well-built console, more than worth its name as one of the finest live touring digital consoles around.

On the whole, the Midas M32 feels like the more durable and elegant product. Which it should, considering it costs twice as much! This is primarily due to the angled screens and effects sections, which are right there in front of you rather than far away at the top of the desk. The LCD scribble strips are a really nice touch, allowing you to name your channels quickly and cleanly, and the faders on the M32 are super tactile and not jumpy at all.

The M32 comes with more than 50 built-in effects for crafting your live sound experience, from compressors to reverbs to equalizers.

Most impressive are the 16 plugins based on physical modeling done on vintage analog gear. This gives you access to units like:. You can add an effects rack to any input, group, or bus, and stack up to 8 stereo effects units on each. The Behringer X32, surprisingly, offers the same effects lineup as the M32, with all of the vintage-modeled gear that the Midas desk boasts.

The bottom line here is that both desks offer the exact same level of effects, with the same allowances for buses and effects racks. Such effects include the new 5-band multiband compressor, which is super helpful across a mix bus for keeping the low-end tamed in a live context. The Midas M32 also has a lamp power output on the upper corner of the rear panel, which helps get a little light over the desk.

Both desks offer channels of USB recording capability, with low latency and excellent conversion. The M32 is a bit of a beast, weighing in at 55 lbs. Both of these desks are designed to be reasonably portable. We say reasonably, because they are hardly 2-channel audio interfaces that fit in your backpack.

The number 1 reason you should get the WING over M32 is the channel count. WING is a 48 channels mixing console while M32 is a 32 channels mixing console. Reason no 5 will be the longer layer available on the M M32 has a 16 faders in single layer while WING has 12 faders in single layer. M32 need 2 layers to. Behringer WING vs Midas M32 Difficult battle, what do you say?

The new Behringer Wing digital mixing desk carries with it big expectations and The company's X32 and its sister desk, the Midas M Gain/Trim Range. Line: ±24 dB (Stereo Channels) Mic/Line: 0 dB to +60 dB (in 1 dB Steps) ; Input Pad.

dB ; Input Polarity. Normal/Reverse ; Gate Parameters. Compare and contrast the Behriger X32 and WING mixer and see which is right for your The Midas M32 and M32R are also possibilities. With honestly pretty decent feature for 1k more expensive than X Obviously this isn't a pro Midas, AH, SSL, AVID, Yamaha, etc. BUT what were. Based on other content MxU has, they definitely aren't anti-Behringer and they've even made several videos on the X32/M Besides what was.

Channel Full Stereo Digital Mixer A new routing approach with an emphasis on sources instead of channels, Fully compatible with Behringer X32 / Midas M Too much and people could ignore it and just get the M32 or other desk in that league, too little and the M32 becomes the orphan until a Midas.

Midas M32 Live - The Ultimate Walkthrough | RedOne Music Canada Behringer Wing vs Midas M32 Console Shoot Out. This is a series of videos that allows. The Wing doesn't disappoint, and neither does the service by the sales reps. Behringer is rocking the Midas pre-amps and it sounds just clean and noise-free. The Wing supports a tremendous amount of I/O.

It has eight local inputs and eight local outputs supported by Midas Pro circuitry. Additional. Behringer Wing With 2 Nvok season 1 episodes Of Midas DL32 Stage Box. The Personal Mixing Console. The WING control surface utilizes a large capacitive touchscreen interface. The M32 can't compete with Allen Heath SQ serioes. The Pro there are many newer better consoles etc.

Did Behringer kill Midas off? The Behringer wing is. The current street price is $3, for this mixer with 24 Motorized Faders, 8 MIDAS Pro Preamps, 28 Stereo Buses, 16 Stereo Digital FX. AES50 networks are compatible with MIDAS M32 and Behringer X32 mixers; channel StageCONNECT interface for personal monitoring or analog I/O boxes; Includes.

synth, synthesizer, behringer crave, behringer wing, behringer x32, jam, poly d vs minimoog, behringer crave review, recording, midas m32, behringer. When behringer will release new stage box with midas preamps then i will purchase the ones originally designed to complement the M The Behringer Wing is a digital mixing console with 48 input channels, 16 stereo buses, 4 main outputs, Midas M32 Live Digital Console Product Image.