Beetlejuice musical libretto

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‘Beetlejuice’ Musical Team Hopes to Attract New Audiences to Broadway

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Description vii, 64 p. Euripides 1. Warren, Harry, 2. Lippa, Andrew 3.When Lydia calls on Beetlejuice to scare away anyone with a pulse, this double-crossing specter shows his true stripes, unleashing a Nether world of pandemonium, and the biggest sandworm Broadway has ever seen. Estimate the approximate cost of your licensing fees by providing a few details about your production.

I am a Junior in high school and don't have much time untill I'm a senior. It would be a dream come true to do Beetlejuice my senior year. And I know it's coming back to broadway, and that may cause some issues, but I would just like to know if it may be available to license by next year.

Thanks in advance. We are preparing for the new school year and really want to do Beetlejuice, but if it doesn't come out by the start of the school year we won't be able to perform it and it will be too late to change to another show. I read that the rights for the show were acquired last year and since the broadway one closed a couple of weeks ago I hope that this show will be available for purchasing and licensing for school performances.

Skip to main content. Music Theatre International. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. This title is currently restricted. Expected general release is unknown. Click "Follow" to be among the first to know when this title is released. Eddie Perfect. Book by. Scott Brown. Anthony King. Full Billing. Prologue: Invisible.

The Whole "Being Dead" Thing.


Ready Set, Not Yet. Dead Mom. Fright of Their Lives. Ready Set Reprise. No Reason. Say My Name. Girl Scout. That Beautiful Sound. Barbara 2. What I Know Now. Creepy Old Guy.Beetlejuice Original Broadway Cast Lyrics. Yes I do! Girl, the way I see it Your daddy should be leavin' And you should stick around! Go ahead and jump but that won't stop him Here you got a solid plan B option I can bring your daddy so much pain All you gotta do is say my name!

Girl, just say it three times in a row Then you won't believe how far I'll go I'm on the bench, but coach Just put me in the game All you gotta do is say my name [Lydia:] I don't know your name [Beetlejuice:] Well, I can't SAY it [Lydia:] How 'bout a game of charades?

You are tougher than you look [Lydia:] Just wanna make sure I know who I'm working with Got any references? Lydia, this is a dangerously unstable individual [Beetlejuice possesses Barbara and Adam] [Barbara:] Beetlejuice is sexy! He can help We found him on Yelp Our troubles all ended on the day that we befriended him Every word is the truth Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Beetlejuice: The Musical The Musical The Musical

He was already dead And you heard what he said, any ghost can do that possession stuff [Lydia, sung:] We don't need that demon The three of us alone can wreck dad's evening Together we can make a grown man weep Guys got a dinner date to keep [Adam:] Okay, so what's the plan?

I'm gonna make him say my name Make him say your name I'll make him say my name Make him say your name I'll make him say my name Make him say your name Not running away! I'll make him say my name! Submit Corrections. Prologue: Invisible. The Whole "Being Dead" Thing.

"Say My Name" lyrics

Ready, Set, Not Yet. Dead Mom. Fright Of Their Lives. Ready, Set Reprise. No Reason. Say My Name. Girl Scout. That Beautiful Sound. Barbara 2. What I Know Now. Creepy Old Guy. Jump In The Line. Lyrics licensed by.Thanks to its bonkers blend of comedy and horror, Beetlejuice became an instant hit with audiences when it was released on March 30, —and even more so in the 30 years since, as younger viewers have discovered it on television, DVD, and streaming.

The movie also helped to establish Tim Burton, who made his feature directorial debut with Pee-wee's Big Adventure inas one of Hollywood's most unique new artists. But there were plenty of obstacles that came with bringing this ghost with the most to the big screen, as well as some stellar benefits to its success. As the news continues to spread that a long-talked-about sequel to the film is finally, actually hopefully happeningwe're looking back at some fun facts about the cult classic that started it all.

Screenwriter Michael McDowell's original script was far darker than the final script, which was rewritten by screenwriters Larry Wilson and Warren Skaaren. Originally it imagined Beetlejuice as a winged demon whose human form was that of a small Middle Eastern man, and his plan for the Deetzes was more about rape and murder than mischief and marriage. Instead of sharing their home with the Deetz family, they move into the model house and renovate it to look like their full-scale version did before the family arrived.

Producer David Geffen suggested actor Michael Keaton, who was ultimately chosen and would go on to appear in two other Burton films: Batman and Batman Returns. Anjelica Huston was originally cast to play Delia Deetz, but had to bow out due to an illness. O'Hara met— and eventually married —production designer Bo Welch while working on Beetlejuice.

Both Geena Davis and Michael Keaton immediately signed on to the film after meeting with Burton, but he allegedly had to beg Golden Age Hollywood star Sylvia Sidney to play the afterlife detective, Juno.

Sidney would go ad5940 layout to work with Burton again on her last film, the alien invasion comedy Mars Attacks! Sidney passed away in Juliette Lewis auditioned, but Winona Ryder won the part once Burton saw her performance in the teen dramedy Lucas. Warner Bros. Burton jokingly suggested Scared Sheetless as an alternate name, and was appalled when Warner Bros.

Beetlejuice only appears in Test audiences responded to Keaton's green-haired ghoul so well that Burton's team went back to create an upbeat epilogue that featured Beetlejuice hassling a sawed-in-half woman before being hexed by a witch doctor. An earlier draft had him stuck in the Maitlands' model town and plagued by sandworms. A cartoon spinoff of Beetlejuice ran for 94 episodes. The show completely reimagined the relationship between Lydia Deetz and the titular character, with Beetlejuice taking her on wild adventures in the "Neitherworld.

The box office success of Beetlejuice inspired the development of a sequel in called Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. However, Batman Returns became Burton's priority at the time, and the sequel's prospects went cold untilwhen Warner Bros.


I think there is now a better chance than ever … I miss that character. If he said it, I can say it. As of latethe project was at a bit of a standstill, but had just brought on a new writer to rework the script. Much like its title character, this project may not be quite dead yet. BY Kristy Puchko. Warner Home Video. Subscribe to our Newsletter!An original musical based on the Tim Burton film of the same name. NOTE: Includes explicit language. When Lydia calls on this ghost-with-the-most to scare away her insufferable parents, Beetlejuice comes up with the perfect plan, which involves exorcism, arranged marriages and an adorable girl scout who gets scared out of her wits.

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Once the musical opens, the full schedule will be posted here. NOTE: Opening dates are subject to change. Most shows have special holiday dates and times. Check the official website for more information. Cast and Creative Team. Songs, Videos, Sheetmusic and More. Musical Numbers. Prologue: Invisible.

The Whole Being Dead Thing. Ready, Set, Not Yet. Dead Mom. Fright of Their Lives. No Reason. Say My Name. Girl Scout. That Beautiful Sound. Maitlands 2. The Seance. What I Know Now. Creepy Old Guy.It is based on the film of the same name, directed by Tim Burton with story by Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson, about a deceased couple who try to haunt the new inhabitants of their former home and call help from a devious bio-exorcist ghost named Betelgeuse pronounced "Beetlejuice"who is summoned by saying his name three times.

The musical premiered at the National Theatre, Washington, D. Act I 1. Prologue: Invisible — Lydia 2. Dead Mom — Lydia 6. Ready Set Reprise — Barbara and Adam 8. No Reason — Delia and Lydia 9. Barbara 2. Good Old-Fashioned Wedding - Betelgeuse 7. Home — Lydia 9. Beetlejuice the Musical Songs Lyrics. Title Filter. Display 5 10 15 20 25 30 50 All. Article Title. Prologue: Invisible Lyrics. Beetlejuice - Dead Mom Lyrics. Beetlejuice - Fright of Their Lives Lyrics. Beetlejuice - No Reason Lyrics.

Beetlejuice - Say My Name Lyrics. Beetlejuice - Girl Scout Lyrics. Beetlejuice - That Beautiful Sound Lyrics. Beetlejuice - Barbara 2.

Beetlejuice - Home Lyrics. Beetlejuice - Creepy Old Guy Lyrics.Such roles do not have to be evenly divided between genders. For Approved Musicals with both a book and libretto, a Qualifying Role must, at minimum, include:.

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Contact your local Regional Awards Program for more information. Please do not submit appeals for roles listed here. This information is intended as a reference for our Regional Awards Programs. Students, parents and teachers with questions regarding role eligibility should contact their local program directly. More in This Section. Site designed and developed by Blenderbox. BEETLEJUICE Hi! (a beat.) Do not be afraid. You are dead. I am also dead. Maybe, we can help each other!

What's up? ha rd. BEETLEJUICE A musical. Music & Lyrics by Eddie Perfect ic. Book by Scott Brown & Anthony King R COMPLETE DRAFT 3/30/ Hi! This is actually my first post ever on reddit, and I was wondering if anyone had the original Broadway script to the musical Beetlejuice. › document › beetlejuice-script-pdf. What if Lydia sees us? Delia: ​She won't. #music stops# -pink light turns to background light. / Extras enter carrying Lydia on. So I kinda found the original script for the DC run of Beetlejuice. All Rights Reserved. beetlejuice · beetlejuicebroadway · broadway. The ghost-with-the-most comes to the stage in this edgy and irreverent musical comedy based on Tim Burton's dearly beloved film.

Beetlejuice tells the story. Barbara is starting to paper the walls already. She frowns at the MUSIC. Goes to the door. Script provided for educational purposes. More scripts can be found.

This matching folio to the Broadway musical based in the film of the same name features 15 vocal arrangements with piano accompaniment.

Songs include. He's back and deader than ever! BEETLEJUICE, the dearly beloved musical, returns to Broadway April View from THEATRE at Ohio State University. s ha rd BEETLEJUICE A musical Music & Lyrics ADAM. I don't think it says. Page Some sort of music I guess.

BARBARA. That stupid book. Check out our beetlejuice musical selection for the very best in unique or custom, Beetlejuice autographed script reprint w/ autograph key. RatedNerdy. BEETLEJUICE's Lynn Spector talks dramaturgy · The job of a dramaturg can sometimes be unclear to say the least. · She works mostly as a script. Beetlejuice The Musical. BOOTLEGO. [LYDIA] Hey, Delia [DELIA] Huh? (SCREAMS) [LYDIA] Ha! That's a good one! Really captured your essence! [DELIA].

Title from disc label. Compact disc. Program notes by Jerry Portwood, synopsis, and libretto (40 unnumbered pages: color portraits) inserted in container. Richards Script from the musical's DC run. Includes some cut songs and dialogue. dc production beetlejuice. Here the full early script of the beetlejuice play. beetlejuice the musical beetlejuice script!!! YES · notes.

notes. Feb 2nd, Information about Eddie Perfect's Broadway musical, Beetlejuice, including news and gossip, production information, synopsis, musical numbers, sheetmusic. Beetlejuice is a musical with music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect and book by Scott Brown and Anthony King. It is based on Tim Burton's film of the same.