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Loved it Drunk arnav was cute esp gaon walo Keep Arshi 2gether always Plzzzz update all of ur ff once in a week Thank you so much and yeah I know I was little irregular because after exams I went home for 15 days holiday to Kolkata and then the vaccation was cut shot due to my Dad was called back earlier. Getting back, Dad was too busy in office work and I had to do everything along But now its more or less back to normal schedule, so you can expect regular updates I'm so happy u finall updated.

Lovr this story to the moon and back, just can't get enough of it. Coming to the update, awesome!!! Loved this update. A drunken Arnav and his act of Sholay. Khushi saying I love u jaana speechless. Love Arnav's parents for loveing Khushi so much. Good Ishani record all Arnav's antics waiting to see his reaction Neev and Amaya are really cute. Loved the end how both Arnav and Khushi confessed how much the love each other.


Please update soon Thanks 4 the holi part. Khushis explanation about chasing on holi was funny n cute. The way he introduced khushi n suicide drama to make khushi confess her luv was do cute. Finally khushi confessed her love by calling his pet name given by her. Neev amaya scenes were damn cute. La thinks that arnav values khushi more as she failed to express her luv.

Awesome I just loved it Arnav was soo cute Loved the way he Lavanya evil red queen And Lavanya is such a stubborn fool why can't she understand that Arnav moved onKavya message Arnav : Di got to know my marriage truth. She suspects you did it but jijaji is taking blame on himself. Reading that message arnav felt as if his world sank down.

The day which he feared the most had arrived. He cursed himself for hiding it from her. He look down. Everyone started knocking the door. Shyam : rani sahiba this is not a way to behave. I know you are disappointed we can sort it out talking open the door now.

Truth : unfold story chapter 1 Return Home

Kushi : di. Aapko humari bacche ki kasam darwaaza koliye. Hearing it Anjali open the door. Her eyes all red still tears flowing from them. Arnav is standing in a corner lowering his head. Kavya : di. Look am I not happy today. That marriage was meant to be broken di. He doubted me di. If he ever loved me he would not have left me alone in mandap. He accepted me with my past.

This is my fate why are you getting angry on bhai. Its not his mistake. Anjali : not his mistake.? How could you say that.

He broke a marriage that too his own sisters he defamed you infront of everyone.Next morning Arnav woke up first.

At first he saw his sleeping wife in his arms. He remembered their last night love making and he smiled. He took off the blanket from their nude bodies. The sexy body of his sleeping wife came into his view and his desire for having her again started to awake.

Her nipples became erect as he blew cold air on them. He was dying to devour her full boobs and pussy again. His throat seemed dry with the craving for tasting her boobs and pussy. He licked her both boobs gently.

Truth revealed

Khushi shivered in her deep sleep and moaned almost inaudibly. Arnav pinched her pink nipples gently and Khushi moved in her sleep. She woke up from her sleep with the new pleasing sensation given by her hot husband.

Her husband took her soft nipples between his teeth and bit on them hardly. As he smelt her arousal, he smirked. She was completely aroused now as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her whole body. She was continuously dripping her juice. She was wet and ready for him. She arched her back and her fingers went into his thick hairs to pull him for thursting his mouth to her boobs.

He was happily devouring her both boobs. His mouth left her boobs.After three hours…. Arnav was sitting in his cabin staring at the drive deep in his thoughts. He inserted the drive in his laptop and waited for the driver to install. After a minute he opened the content only to reveal so many untold truth and hidden information from him. He was composing himself with the truth which was indigestible for him. Each and every bit of information had turned his life upside down.

He knows, he gonnna face a very hard reality when he saw Khushi with Shyam. He expected to get some truth out of them, but not like this. He needed to confront them, with determination, he made a call to particular person and spoke something with a plan running behind his brain. In a hour, he was sitting in a posh and secluded restaurant, with him Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha sitting before him.

ASR was not the one who beat around the bush. He is anything, but Straight forward. Abhishek Malik? Am I wrong? Where is my Jijaji? ASR came to his point. Too late Mr. Arnav Malik. The ball is in my court Let me tell you. Its because of your father I struggled life with penniless.

Your father cheated my mom, left her on the road. When she was about to die two years backe, she revealed all the truth to me. I want him to taste his own medicine, but found him to be dead.Part Part Part Epilogue Part Part Part Part Epilogue. True Love Is Eternal. Arnav-Khushi This story is about pure and true love and we all know True Love Is Eternal "Happy birthday sweetheart" he said while pecking on her forehead.

Both were on their bed and covered with a sheet. The woman opened her eyes with a moan yet with a smile and said "thank you" "so what does my princess want today? Her life had turned up and down just in matter of few minutes. The guy who promised to love her forever, to never hurt her, had thrown her out of his life and that too when she was carrying his baby.

Currently, Khushi was in prefecture seeking for some help concerning her accommodation. The woman continued with sincerity "I found a good apartment for you, the only problem is that you'll have to share the apartment with a man but I can assure you he won't be a problem for you as he is a really great friend of mine" Khushi smiled at least something was better than nothing "thanks Mrs Modi" she was indeed really thankful to her as she had no other place to go "when can I go there?

Part 16: Half-truths and Dangerous Lies

Saying thanks Khushi left the office with address and made her way to her new apartment. She entered in the building where she was going to live. No doubt, the building was beautiful. As Mrs Modi had told her on which floor she was, she took the lift and went on the second floor. Reaching there, she looked for the number of the apartment and when she found it, she rang the bell. A soft voice came from the other side "Wait, I am coming" Khushi waited till the person opened the door.

As soon as he opened, she couldn't control but burst out laughing, it felt that she hadn't laughed since ages. But she soon controlled it not wanting to piss of her roommate. Meanwhile, the guys was confused "what happened? He smiled sheepishly and wiped her face. He came back and thought for now an introduction would be better. He led her in the sitting room and both sat down "well, I am your roommate Now she was sure that what the precture lady Mrs Modi said was right, 'he was a indeed nice guy' "no problem, If I ever mind I'll stop you" she said with a smile, she was feeling good and that day after so long she had smiled and laughed.

I won't mind" she replied casually "how many months are you pregnant? She was carrying her baby and there was no limit to her happiness. If she was alive that was because of her baby. Her sorrow faded away just by the fact that she had her baby with her. He came back after a while, with a tray containing pepsi, sprite, juices and glass.

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He placed it on the table and asked "so what would you like to drink? He then handed her off the glass of water. Khushi stood up and followed him, he showed her the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, his room, the sitting room, a guest room and finally her room.

The apartment was quite big and beautifully decorated. If anyone would have come there, they wouldn't have guessed it was guy's house as it was clean.

He truly was a chatterbox but she didn't mind "ok then let's started" During the cooking, Arnav helped Khushi in every way, he cut the onion, tomato, green chillies and what not. Even though, Khushi told him that she'll do but he clearly refused saying 'I am already letting you cook so no argument' listening that she sighed and did the cooking part. He picked up the remote control from the table and gave her "here, watch TV" "I'll become useless if I keep watching TV all the time" she said sadly He shook his head and went in the kitchen.

In the way, he was thinking 'she is a nice girl, I wonder what happend to her but I guess I can't asked her well at least not right now as she would mind' She grumpily picked up the remote control and checked the channels.Post a Comment.

Chapter 14 Day 3 - A Piece of Truth. After the morning incident, Khushi didn't see Arnav again. The group decided to have an easy day and to chill out.

Payal and Anshu went to the hotel spa while Yuvi slept till late. On the other hand, both Khushi and Arnav have been working on their designs. Arnav was worried about the sudden reaction of Khushi but he thought of giving her some time alone. The girls came to Khushi at lunch time and she told them to go ahead as isx injector adjustment had some more work.

Time passed by and she didn't realize when it was already 3 in the afternoon. She closed her laptop and put aside her sketch book. She went to the bathroom and after a quick shower she stepped out of her room.

Tapping her foot to the floor impatiently, she was waiting for the lift when suddenly she turned to the familiar voice. Karan: Hey beautiful! Need any company. Khushi looked at him angrily while he smirked. Karan: You know what. Fortunately, he stopped his disgusting words as the lift reached their floor and the sliding door got open.

Karan's face changed into terror when he spotted a smiling Aman getting out. Aman: Oh hi Miss Gupta! Khushi noticed a sudden fear in Karan but she brushed off her thoughts and smiled at Aman. Khushi: Hello Aman, how are you? Finally you are here. Aman: I'm fine Miss Gupta! Karan realized that Aman has not notice him yet and he tried to move away. But his bad luck, while talking to Khushi Aman's eyes suddenly fell on him. Karan panicked while Aman was shocked.My kids will love this.

You two take care. Smile appear on her face again. She cut the call and went outside the shop and started crossing the road for her car which her driver has parked the other side of the road and then…….

But what happened why the car has stopped?? Garima : jijiI think there is some kind of traffic jamm. Garima : jiji, now you only tell what will happen to this khushi after her marriage,she is so careless. I am very much concerned because I know payal is mature enough to handle a family now but this girl always dances on my head.

Khushi : jiji are u ok????. Well agar humara bas chale to hum kabhi bhi aap logon ko chod ke na jaye, na abhi or na shaadi ke baad. Badi maa: well Garima, khushi is right, If would ever get a chance then I would never leave her or send her away and always keep her with me. She kept her hand on khushi as if blessing her and also asking something from Devi maiyya.

Well by this chit chatt and scolding of khushi the traffic jamm was over and they move further for Delhi. Sir: I will go home because u very know what will happen if I will reach home at night?? And also this time I have to do some important work which is as important as my deals. Aman : yes I know u will call me and ask to book a room in a hotel as Di is not allowing you in the house. Arnav and Aman both came out the plane.

Some security greeted them for which only Aman replied Arnav is not even concerned. Arnav dropped Aman and went to RM where his di was waiting for him desperately. So that she can see his brother happy face and can feed him by her own hands.

Bell rings in RM and HP ran and oped the door. And there was his Arnav bhaiya. He took his laptop bag and his coat and went inside. With this Arnav saw his maami and di. Maami : hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa, how are u?? You look look tired, go and freshen up yourself. This ff is inquest of trust who claims to be there between them forever. The wrote is memoir of a girl who was happily living her each moment with her husband. › arshi-ff-pyaar-impossible-truth-revealed.

Truth revealed · Hey guys · Arshi Side · "How are you bitiya??" Garima asked her with tears in her eyes · "I'm fine Amma" Khushi replied hiding her tears · "How this. What if Arnav had come to know about the real truth of Shyam during his stay in Lakshmi nagar? What if Arnav realised his mistakes and asked. chapter 3 making a plan In manorma room Manorma was sitting on sofa while nk,khushi,payal were standing silently.

Khushi told whole truth. Hi friends presenting first chapter of arshi ff truth. The story starts from end of kidnapping track, when arnav and khushi return home safely. Thirty: The Whole Truth Twenty Nine: Di's word left the entire. Her name was Mrs Anjali Shyam Jha and a Business Tycoon Son Mr Arnav Singh Raizada Who was not just a Young, dashing and Talented Hunk.

But was equally. Truth is always bitter! But distrust and its acceptance to your beloved will change lives drastically.

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Will love overpower all these? Free Read Chapter Part (The Truth) from the story Arshi FF: Love always finds its way written by shagun_, total chapters: Arnav slid his aviators back on dropping Khushi at her kitchen.

His eyes mirrored the torment he felt within. Why was every meeting with. Arshi ff, ‎Arshi Stories, ‎Arshi कहानियाँ, ‎Arshi SS, arshi ff new stories, Arnav stood stunned when Khushi told him the truth. Anonymous said: Hi PS, when Kushi tells Arnav the truth about Shyam, Arnav asks her FAQ · IPKKND Episode Recaps · IPKKND FF · Archive. He was left speechless and dumbfounded when he had found out what he had found out this evening, the truth behind the lies of Shyam. My life involves a whole load of drama so the twists and turns in my stories will show the effect of that.

Anyway hope you enjoy the Arshi fanfics I send. Part 1*FLASHBACK*"Bhaiya this doll, teddy, helicopter, and also this football kit, pack it. My kids will love this. He was composing himself with the truth which was indigestible for him. FF - The Sword of Destiny Chapter 6.

THE SWORD OF DESTINY. ' Khushi smiled at him saying 'they will not complaint about you to mama because they love you already; in fact they will be scolding me to not. FF: AN UGLY TRUTH PROLOGUE It was her 22nd Birthday today. SHe waited for 12 long years for this day. A day when she would be told a truth. A truth of her. Recap: Harish spill half truth to Anjali. Anjali is suspicious on Arnav Shyam: Anjali please. Come we will talk in room not here.