Archon parasite removal

This is militarized psychotronic warfare technology that is primarily sourced from Orion Groups consortium of Black Sun Program. They are mind and body parasites that can be individual or in clusters that attach to the bio-neurological system and are a Mind Control technological warfare.

It has been observed that after a sequence of deeper layers of infection in the Lightbodythe SPE will harvest genetic material out of the human DNA host to form a type of Cyborg. We believe this is apart of the transhumanist agenda to create cyborgs in the human population through AI, to be used for a variety of purposes slave labor on earth and to be taken to other planets by the NAA.

It appears that through insertion of holographic images with the intention to control the individuals Consciousnessthe SPE is also creating astral delusions that the person believes is real, becomes addicted and attached to on the Astral Planethus acting as Consciousness Traps. SPE 's are aggressive Artificial intelligence parasites that invade the central nervous system to monitor a persons thought patterns so that they can mimic them.

They monitor thought patterns and emotional behaviors and search for weaknesses within the human host body so they can aggressively use that weakness against the person to plummet them into very low frequency thoughts of the Predator Mind.

See the Houses of Ego. When a person has weak spiritual-energetic development, weak moral character along with a weak mind, this makes it much easier for the AI parasite to control the human being and prepare the body for dark force or Imposter Spirit Possession. The way to gandhi baat 4 7starhd and deactivate artificial intelligence and nanotechnology Alien Implants is to develop your heart center and spiritual human qualities such increasing deep emotional feelings of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

The Archon is defined as a False King of Tyranny Ruler that controls through masks of deception promoted through warring technological abuse, such as Mind Controlfrequency implants, and military strategies and can be applied to human or non-human alien sources.

It is both the military human and non-humans shared greed for domination of which they both employ hidden advanced frequency technologies designed to perpetrate and promote the Archontic Deception Strategy of the NAA. See Archons and Archontic Deception Strategy.

June Newsletter. Inorganic and unnatural energy is defined as that which exists as an artificial structure to replicate or generate energies discordant with the Universal Natural Laws. Inorganic energies are generated by artificial systems, therefore are Artificial Intelligence Alien Machinery that is replicating forces to replace natural laws, and ultimately bring death, disease and destruction if not brought into balance. This person has put up artifices and deception in order to exploit others by representing the opposite of what he says he is representing.

This is inorganic to the natural laws of energy. One may note that things in nature represent themselves as what they are and do not hide what they are not. A bird in its natural state does not act like a dog, as the bird responds to its natural blueprint of creation.

If the bird is exposed to synthetic chemicals inorganicit may mutate to inorganic states of disease, which will rapidly deteriorate the breed from its original blueprintpossibility causing extinction. In another example, if a Negative Alien Implants a human being with Mind Control and manipulates his thoughts without his conscious awareness or consent, this is a violation of the natural laws.

Because it is not organic it can create disease, pain or immense trauma that create schism in the person. The more schisms a person has blocking Self Awareness, the more soul fragmented they become. Continued violation of natural laws, brings genetic deterioration, physical and mental sickness, and eventual extinction of a species of not corrected. Most commonly these will be located and palpitated for on the temporal areas of the skull, either left or right side of the cranium, above the ears.

When palpated for, they may throb or pulsate, when being physically "observed". They become more pronounced when they are being energetically "fed" by Mind Control thoughts that the unaware person is looping within their mental body.

When SPE's are fed via the subject's mind looping and obsessive thoughts, they will replicate themselves into pods that look like seeds. These pods will form longer tentacles that attach themselves throughout the spinal cord and spinal nerves, in advanced stages. They first appear to cleave onto portions of vidmate apk download install 2021 energy body that have etheric or nadial damage in the lightbody from unhealed trauma.

These also will be felt as physical body blockages or physical pain by the subject. The primary function of SPE appears to generate thought-forms that are replicated by the person's own cloned genetic material, so that the person believes these artificially produced thoughts are of their own making. This is to trick the person to believe what they are "hearing" is their own inner voice, when it is not. Emotional clearing, possible EFT Emotional Freedom Technique will help clear and release this pattern in the Wernicke's, and in the meridians.

The Secret History of Democracy

It is known SPE's are vibrationally sent through frequency thought control carrier waves into the meridian systems to run codes to the neurological system, which materializes in the Person through its frequency substance when they are gripped in mind control.

They are first lodged into the gallbladder meridian, runs in all 44 pointswhich starts at the top of the ear, on either side of the cranium. The gallbladder meridian relates to the 4th dimension and is the only meridian in the body that has a interface which allows a point in and out of the astral dimension that goes directly into the cellular matrix of the physical body itself.

This purpose is to infiltrate the physical body to be controlled and to slowly take over the nadial and central nervous system, therefore the subject's brain.

As insidious as these are, they can be defeated through reprogramming thoughts and taking command of one's space in GSF.If you would like to be involved in its development let us know. We're moving to ukri. Some links may take you there. If you can't find what you're looking for, try ukri. The Toxoplasma gondii parasite can only reproduce in cats, so it causes infected mice to lose their fear of cats. Credit: Pixabay. A team of scientists working at the Central Laser Facility CLF have made a key breakthrough in understanding how a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii reproduces with its host.

The work is a major step towards developing a cure. Take the mouse for example: mice are pretty low on the food chain and, as such, are hunted and devoured by a veritable army of predatory nemeses — one of which is the humble domestic cat. If there is one animal that can be guaranteed to steer clear of anywhere a cat might be, or might have been, it is the mouse.

One pretty big clue that there might be a cat in the vicinity is the presence of feline urine. So mice are hardwired to avoid anywhere they detect the heady aroma of cat pee. But every so often a mouse will come along that has lost its fear of cats and, rather than being repelled by the smell of cat pee, is attracted to it — actively seeking it out and then hanging around until the cat suddenly finds itself presented with a remarkably compliant snack.

So why would an animal with countless generations of predator avoidance programmed into it suddenly break that programming and offer itself up as a meal? The answer is a singled-celled microscopic organism called Toxoplasma gondii. Other animals can then become infested by making contact with the faeces directly or, more likely, when the oocysts make their way into soil or water, where they can survive for months, or years — making their way into the food chain and into the next host.

If the next host is not a cat, they make their way through the body until they find a nice cosy cell in which they make a new home to settle down, replicate and wait for their host to be eaten by a cat. Although T. In the case of small prey animals such as mice, T. It is thought that T. In fact, according to some estimates, as much as half of the all the people on Earth could be harbouring the parasite, with infection rates being much higher in countries where sanitation is poor or people eat more raw meat T.

In healthy people, toxoplasmosis causes a mild flu-like illness or no symptoms at all but, for those with weakened immune systems the disease can, occasionally, be fatal. Without T cells to control the spread of the parasites they may multiply uncontrollably causing brain damage or even miscarriage.

It may also be that even those of us with healthy immune systems are not entirely immune to T. As it stands, there is currently no cure available for toxoplasmosis because, until relatively recently, it was believed that, with the exception of a few cases, the disease was pretty benign. Now, however, T. In order for a cure to be developed it is important to understand how the parasite infests its host cells and how it replicates.

It is known that T. Once inside the cell, the parasite divides multiple times until the mature parasites are fully formed and able to burst the host cells. What is not understood is how the parasite divides in order to produce a mature parasite that is capable of infecting new host cells.June How do i connect my carrier thermostat to wifi is so much activity going on in the fields with interplanetary shocks, electrical peaks and geomagnetic storms see Geomagnetic Jerkwhich when we remain flexible give us the required momentum to catalyze some major transformations that progress us forward.

This is a time of being exposed to proverbial shocks and literal electrical shocks, as the Universal lighting rod moves us into the next stage of spiritual activation. Our bodies may feel like a live wire, with the electrical stimulation just pulsing and tingling through our nerve endings. Some of these shocking waves may come in behaviors that form from perceived betrayals or relationship conflicts, to surface previous hidden issues that have not yet been seen.

To see something that was hidden when it was always in front of you, yet was being perceived differently, can be greatly alarming. Yet the empowerment and wisdom is in recognizing the object, event or being for what it really is, when it is newly perceived in this changing energetic terrain. The geomagnetic shifts on planet are making us look at things much differently.

We are also able to sense energetic blueprint structures and geomantic codecodes that direct energies in a certain pattern or frequency in the field more than before. In this way we can reconcile conflicts and pain, when we can begin to recognize what it is, a program control code or implant, and perceive it accurately with neutrality and non-judgment, to clear or alter the code for beneficial impact. How much we are willing to know through non-judgment is the counterpoint that measures how deep the rabbit hole goes.

That measurement is left to the self determination of what is spiritually ethical for your core soul being. As we face the nature of spiritual ethics inherent in the Cosmic Sovereign Law, Universal Law of One, we go deeper into facing its mysteries. The time cycle we are entering on planet earth is able to Purge the Archontic Deception.

In this layer of comprehension the larger truth is in humanities extraterrestrial origin, and it is in what has been hidden and left unsaid that has done the most spiritual damage. A Lie of Omission is a method of deception and duplicity that uses the technique of 12x16 gazebo hardtop remaining silent, when speaking the truth would significantly alter the other person's capacity to make an informed decision. To better understand how lies of omission are used as a loophole to gain access to control our planet, let's define what we know to be lying.

A Lie of Omission is the most insidious, most pervasive and most common lie that is perpetuated on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie have tricked themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up, is not a lie at all.

In spite of overwhelming evidence that their silence deceives, misleads, and often causes untold grief and misery, they refuse to speak the truth.I have an hour today to use the Internet.

The quotes are below. People, please take the information about these entities to heart. In this way, they feed off the energy generated from the negative emotions of humans such as pain, fear, anger, revenge, etc. Attached to humanity are unseen beings that also are an organ of the earth.

They share the metabolism of the earth, just as humans do. These beings form a spectrum from benevolent to harmful. They have been present alongside the human race from the beginning.

The destiny of these beings and that of humans is intertwined. The Allies lack a brain, which means they have no factory to create emotions, but they need the ethereal energy of emotions to sustain their life. Allies push humans to create traumas in order to create fear, which they feed upon. He pointed out that humans take in energy from sunlight through food already processed by other living beings, such as plants and animals.

Our brain then transforms the material energy into the ethereal energy of our emotions. This emotional energy then supplies food for our minds and for the Allies. The Allies must then convert emotion into the negative emotion on which they feed.

He explained that the Allies had no mechanism to produce the negative emotional energy themselves. They had to turn human emotional energy into negative energy before they could harvest it. In order to turn human emotion negative, the Allies are capable of putting fearful thoughts into the minds of humans which in turn generates the negative emotion on which they feed. Ruiz went on to explain that in order to resist the coercion of the Allies, people must become aware of them as this very moment they are feeding off the negative energy and fear generated by us.

He warned that humans should be very careful of the kind of emotions they transmit and pointed out that these entities are attracted to negative emotional energy much as sharks are to blood.

Ascension Avatar

Further, partly to ensure that nothing I write gets lost, and partly because at times siemens s7 java library their is an element of archontic interference involved in this too, my desire, inspiration, to write what I know goes dead — so I will write in very disconnected spurts, and I will share the knowledge I have, not in any organized fashion, but in whoever memory serves me, or how one idea sparks another.

This is not the most efficient way to work, as we all know, but it is the only option I have, for the time being. Please do not do me the disservice of discrediting anything I have to say — if — it tends to come across as the ramblings of a mentally ill person. Our world is world of lies, and anyone speaking out today about the archon and matrix control system know this as well as I do.

There are other similiar topics in which I remain skeptical, but these are two of the biggest. The reason why is that I believe everything of the fantastical that those of us have been subjected to as contactees, abductees, begins and ends with the archon. I believe the sole purpose of their givining certain experiences is in order to further the agenda of divide and conquer.

If we can wiko factory mode trust our own governments, then we can trust nothing. And in seeking to maitain their control over this world of Ours, it serves the archon well, not only to divide us against ourselves, but erode any trust we may have in government. That said, I know hosting and possession of other humans by these archontic entities is an undeniable fact. The archon maintain their control through divide and conquer, they are cowardly, and thrive through their hidden manipulation and control of others, and escape the consequences of their behavior through this kind of scapegoating.

What I am trying to say, and this my be the most difficult of all circumstances to overcome in regard to dealing with archontic interference and abuse, and in our effort to oppose their authority, is that like Jesus said, no man does evil, turn the other cheek, and Buddha said, that we all suffer, all deserve compassion, to you will understand the true meaning of these words, if you realize that many of us are enslaved, possessed and puppetted by these beings.

Can it get any more horrible then that? The most frustrating circumstances that I find myself under, each and every day, is that as much as I would like to punish the archontic entities for the abuse they have subjected me to, it is impossible to do so when the enemy is so cowardly and hidden, that the only way it can toy with and abuse us, is by using against each other, via divide and conquier.

If you understand this, then you pretty much understand everything, in regard to how these archon have us locked down. From this, you can also begin to intuit how hard it is going to be for us to communicate collectively, in response to archontic opperssors, especially since there are seeded among us untold agents of influence, for lack of a better word, that serve these entities, uwittingly and I believe is the case in the majority of cases and wittingly.

Sadly, my money will soon ran out, and even though it only costs5K and hour about 20 cents to use the internet, no money equals just that — no money, and my archontic handlers know it, enforce it, feed on it, play with it, and seem to derive some kind of satisfaction, in allowing moments like this one, only to strip me suddenly of anyway to impart the knowledge I have.Post Your Comments?

An Archontic infection begins by the parasite lowering your vibration to lock you in an astral plane; there you are much more easily influenced and controlled. AnArchonticAstralAreAnd. Spiritually abusive behaviors disconnect you from God and Christ and are promoted in the Archontic Deception or AD behaviors.

AbusiveAndAreArchonticAd. The Archontic Deception Strategyis used to socially engineer the Death Culture, a culture of fear, dishonesty and deception. ArchonticAnd. The Archontic infection is very difficult to diagnose as these entities are incredibly tricky and have the ability to directly affect our mind and can talk with a voice and words that you think are your own.

AdjectiveArchonticAr. Archontic s from archon, prince, rulera Gnostic sect which existed in Palestine and Armenia about the middle of the fourth century. ArchonticsArchonAndArmeniaAbout. Being possessed by an Archontic parasite than others. AnArchontic. The Reptilian genetic makeup which creates a reptilian mind matrix is easily infiltrated by these Archontic parasites.

Circle of the Dolphins

Many of the wars fought in our galaxy in past and present eons were first triggered and then nurtured into being by the Archontic …. AndArchontic. The " Archontic " dimension refers to the aforementioned archons, keepers, guardians, and interpreters of the archive. ArchonticAforementionedArchonsAndArchive. The Place of Consignation, or Memory and Writing in Derrida's Archive Derrida calls this the Archontic principle an act of consignation that combines depositing material with "gathering together through signs" Archive Fever 3.

AndArchiveArchonticAnAct. Archontic definition: relating to an archon Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. ArchonticAnArchonAnd. Recently, I knowingly participated in my first Archontic implant removal. I say knowingly because, in retrospect, I am aware of having helped remove other Archontic implants, one of which appeared to be a giant black squid.

AmAwareArchonticAppearedAnd. The result of Archontic neurological infection of both lobes of the human brain is to render the human animal incapable of reasoning from evidence or discerning clearly between alternative paths of synaptic firing. ArchonticAnimalAlternative.

The Archontic heaven comprises our solar system exclusive of the Earth, Moon, and Sun which form a three-body dynamic of autonomous and cooperative properties, as Gaia theory confirms. ArchonticAndAutonomousAs. Archontic copy cats just following orders from their controllers of course…. ArchonticallyAnd. Comprehension of Archontic Deception Systems.BoxNarok, Kenya.

About plants reviewed showed a variety of bioactive properties, namely, being toxic, repellent, antifeedant, and antiovipositant and ability to immobilize target tick species. These ethnobotanical substances are potentially useful in developing sustainable, efficient, and effective antitick agents suitable for rural livestock farmers. Majority of these plants are holistic in action, economically affordable, user friendly, easily adaptable and accessible, and environmentally friendly and help develop community-driven tick control interventions well suited to local conditions and specific to different livestock communities.

Such a multipurpose intervention best fits the recent ascendancy of individual livestock owners as the key players in tick control programmes, particularly following the withdrawal of subsidies accorded to tick control programmes by most African government agencies since mids.

However, scientific validation of antitick ethnobotanicals on their efficacy and formulation of packages easily handled by local communities is necessary to achieve a significantly increased use of such remedies. It is envisaged that the results of validation may lead to the discovery of effective and affordable antitick products.

Animals worldwide are externally infested by a number of parasitic insect and acarine species, collectively called ectoparasites. Ectoparasite, a word originating from the Greek words, ektos meaning outside and parasitos meaning parasite, refers to an organism that lives on the exterior of its host and to the detriment of that host. These ectoparasites include lice, mites, fleas, blowflies, blackflies, mosquitoes and ticks. They afflict humans and livestock alike, causing major socioeconomic losses and suffering of human life and livestock industry, predominantly as a result of transmission of a wide variety of pathogens viruses, rickettsiae, spirochetes and bacteria, fungi, protozoa, filarial worms, and nematodessome causing deadly dangerous zoonotic diseases [ 1 — 4 ].

Of these blood-feeding ectoparasites, ticks are the most important arthropod disease vectors, surpassing all other haematophagous arthropods in number and variety of diseases they transmit to animals and humans [ 6 ].

The lack of digestive enzymes in the tick gut favours the survival of ingested microorganisms and may explain why ticks transmit a greater variety of pathogens than any other haematophagous arthropods [ 13 ]. Notably, a wide range of tick-borne bacterial diseases rickettsioses, ehrlichioses, Lyme disease, relapsing fever borrelioses, tularemia, and Q fever and Omsk hemorrhagic fever, louping-ill disease, tick-borne encephalitis, West Nile fever, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever are increasingly emerging diseases of human concern [ 1415 ].

Of all ectoparasites infesting livestock, ticks cause the greatest economic losses in livestock production systems at a global level [ 61316 ]. These diseases, together with the abundance of the individual tick species, are widely distributed globally in tropical and subtropical regions [ 18 ]. The most economically important ixodid ticks infesting livestock in these regions belong to the genera: Amblyomma, Haemaphysalis, Rhipicephalus, Boophilus, Hyalomma, Dermacentorand Ixodes.

They were lower in the Asia-Australia region than in Africa due to the fact that high intensity tick control and management methods are employed in African countries where a highly pathogenic tick-borne disease East Coast fever caused by Theileria parva parva is endemic [ 23 ], causing the highest cattle morbidity and mortality [ 2425 ]. Overdependence on these acaricides diverted attention from exploring and developing sustainable alternative method s including traditional methods of tick control and management.

Such compounds have suffered from a number of drawbacks, including acaricide resistance in ticks, their rocketing costs, pollution of the environment and food products meat, blood, and milk with toxic residues, deleterious effects on nontarget organisms, creation of an enzootically unstable disease situation, and the uncertainty of new acaricidal molecules being produced in the near future due to prohibitive costs of investment in research and development by the manufacturing firms [ 30 ].

Societal and scientific concerns regarding exclusive dependency upon synthetic chemicals have emphasized the need for the development and introduction of alternatives to acaricides that are consistent with the principles of sustainable agriculture [ 32 ]. Some are rarely used while others are still either under development or unknown to the end users rural livestock farmers.

People education and awareness campaign programmes and events like in the case of Lyme disease vector ticks in Europe and North America have never been effectively, efficiently, and extensively planned and conducted for the case of livestock ticks.

The sustainability of tick control and management interventions are always marred with a variety of problems depending on formulated tick control and management strategies and policies, scientific opinions of stakeholders, and government legislation and political will of involved countries [ 33 — 35 ].

Socioeconomic constraints, political strife, lack of trained personnel, and a poor infrastructure are major contributory factors to unsuccessful tick control and management interventions [ 222333 ]. However, enforcement of appropriate legislation and good management of developed tick control interventions have, in the past, scored successes in some areas [ 22 ].

The failure of many developed tick control and management interventions has not been only due to the above problems but was also caused by the manner in which they are planned, developed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated [ 22 ]. For instance, many programmes are generated without taking into account the existing traditional livestock farming systems and conditions, production objectives, priorities, resource base, and technical-know-how of rural livestock farmers [ 39 ].

Developing safe, economically affordable, user friendly, easily adaptable and accessible, environmentally friendly, and community-driven interventions well suited to local conditions and specific to rural livestock communities can be highly successful and would be desirable [ 2142 ]. Community-specific and locally available antitick plants [ 4344 ] and other none botanical antitick ethnopractices and agents [ 4345 ] are promising but neglected strategic alternatives in tick control and management programmes.

Although work on these plants in s and s revealed a resource with great potentials antitick plants with toxic, repellent, attractant, antifeedant, and growth regulating properties [ 46 ], this strategy has remained neglected and unexploited [ 47 ].

Most important is the fact that these plants are vuetify typescript in action [ 3948 ] and, therefore, have many positive values to offer to rural livestock farmers [ 49 ].

Such a multipurpose intervention best fits the recent ascendancy of individual livestock owners as the main players in tick control programmes, particularly following the withdrawal of most African government agencies in mids [ 5051 ]. This paper reviews the potential role and contribution of ethnoknowledge on ectoparasite control with a special focus on ethnobotanical acaricides in integrated tick control and management programmes.

The review constitutes a consolidated database of previously used or mentioned plants with antitick properties, including antitick knowledge reported in non-peer-reviewed publications.

This section describes and discusses a varied number of sources and methods used to access information on plants and plant products with effects on livestock ticks worldwide. The identification of sources of information of ethnobotany of arena vision w1 importance, local veterinarians, paraveterinarians, and agricultural extension officers responsible for providing extension services to livestock farmers in Kenya were accessed and discussions held.

Local livestock traders and dealers, as well as individual livestock farmers, contributed their knowledge of ethnoveterinary medicine based on their professional and economic activities. Secondary data were key source of information for this particular study and provided a very important source of leading ethnobotanical information of veterinary importance. All these groups were consulted because each was associated with a specific aspect of useful ethnobotanical knowledge relevant to the study.But before I go any further; a warning: this is an intense post.

For many, if you can get through it, this will be a pretty disturbing article, so feel please feel free to listen to this as you read. Lovely piano, beautiful hertz effect. Copy the tab to a separate window to listen in the background. Relaxing piano music composed by Ludovico Einaudi. Now, I was already aware of the fact that parasites are vectors with which disembodied nephilim and demonic spirits inhabit human bodies and cause sin, disease and death.

From Djinn to GMO, for in reality, both are genetically engineered, regardless of the age or aeon of their creation, archons have plagued and this word is used literally humankind since their creation. This is the story of what he discovered over years ago — and more… Publication of successful experiments performed by a solitary experimenter around the s was suppressed at the time, though two other researchers one of them the electrical luminary Michael Faraday later claimed similar results.

This was the era of the birth of electrical science. The few newspapers extant at the time were glowing with reports of the marvellous experiments of Michael Faraday, of Ohm, Morse and other electricity pioneers. According to his family and friends, Crosse was an honest and simple, God-fearing man.

His passion was the then-little-known field of electricity that used electric current to generate crystals. Local gossip would have it that he was in league with the Devil. For two weeks, Crosse patiently awaited the results of the experiment.

The formation of crystals as he had expected was not immediately forthcoming, but something much more unusual and unexpected began to occur. In his diary, Crosse described the results of his experiment:. On the fourteenth day from the commencement of this experiment I observed through a lens a few small whitish excrescences or nipples, projecting from about the middle of the electrified stone.

On the eighteenth day these projections enlarged, and struck out seven or eight filaments, each of them longer than the hemisphere on which they grew. There was nothing odd or different about this observation.

During the autumn ofCrosse was busy trying to synthesise crystals of silica by passing a continuous weak current from Leyden condensers and galvanic batteries through oxide of iron, whilst a fluid medium of silicate of potash and hydrochloric acid was allowed to seep gradually through the iron. It is interesting to note that Dr. On the twenty-sixth day these appearances assumed the form of a perfect insect, standing erect on a few bristles which formed its tail.

Till this period I had no notion that these appearances were other than an incipient mineral formation. On the twenty-eighth day these little creatures moved their legs.

I must now say that I was not a little astonished. After a few days they detached themselves from the stone, and moved about at pleasure. Crosse continued monitoring the experiment, and in the course of a few weeks about a hundred of the creatures made their appearance on the stone. He examined them with a microscope and observed that the smaller ones appeared to have only six legs, the larger ones eight. Crosse was unsure exactly what he had discovered: These insects are pronounced to be of the genus Acarus, but there appears to be a difference of opinion as to whether they are of a known species; some assert that they are not.

Although an amateur, Crosse was no fool and began to suspect that his equipment had somehow become contaminated with the eggs of ordinary Acari. After a thorough examination of his equipment and the room, Crosse was satisfied that there could have been no contamination from any source, either airborne or otherwise.

However, being the keen and conscientious investigator that he was, he determined in future to take steps to ensure that contamination would never be a problem. Crosse by now had lost interest in his original experiments of generating crystals, and began preparations to conduct further experimentation in this new, exciting field. In that same year, Crosse wrote two papers on his experiments.

Somewhat unnerved at this personal form of attack, Crosse wrote to a colleague in complaint: I met with so much virulence and abuse…in consequence of the experiments that it seemed as if it were a crime to have made them. ALIEN PARASITES: 40 GNOSTIC TRUTHS TO DEFEAT THE ARCHON INVASION! - Kindle edition by Galian, Laurence. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

The Loosh Rote and the human farm

Neuro-parasitology is an emerging branch of science that deals with parasites that can control the nervous system of the host. AboutPressCopyrightContact usCreatorsAdvertiseDevelopersTermsPrivacyPolicy & SafetyHow YouTube worksTest new features. © Google LLC. SPIRITUAL WARFARE, T.I.,Removing Reptilians, Demons, Ghosts, Attachments SOUNDTRACK.

Occult Priestess ; Stop Reptilian Archon Parasite Mind Attack - Subliminal. A new behind the scenes picture (shot taken off of a monitor) has worked it's way online for Ridley Scott's upcoming sequel to Prometheus "ALIEN: COVENANT". May 13, - Dracunculiasis, or as it is more commonly known Guinea worm disease (GWD), is caused by a parasite? the Guinea worm, Dracunculus medinensis. It. The alien invasion has begun.

Archonic parasites, vaccines and minerals

Waves of Alien Parasites are invading Planet Earth. They are called Archons, and they are penetrating the. Half of the world's human population is infected with this parasite of the body and brain. It is known to alter rat's minds. I briefly wrote last year about a “living cloud of shadows” surrounding this planet, populated by energy parasites. These parasitic beings.

These unclean spirits were named "Archons" by many of the first Christians. They are still roaming the planet. They still are possessing people. The alien. Archonic Agenda and Parasitic Dreaming!

The Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators. They exist on multiply.

The Third Chakra of Fire falling

Archons are, in Gnosticism and religions closely related to it, the builders of the physical universe. Among the Archontics, Ophites, Sethians and in the. These are the tales of neurological parasites. The Feline Parasite. Toxoplasma gondii tops the list as the most famous — and most controversial. Ladda ner Hi everybody! This will be my first blog post on this newly created blog called goddess Maat, the Egyptian goddess for truth and. The Gnostic core belief was a strong dualism: that the world of matter was deadening and inferior to a remote nonphysical home, to which an interior divine.

energetic parasite removal · Self Help Education & Intervention Support Sessions · Freedom From Servitude If You Are Not Willing To Learn, No One Can Help You.

If. Dracunculosis is an infection caused by a parasitic worm known as Dracunculus medinensis, the guinea worm. Infected water fleas release the larvae of the. The Archons. Archons are multidimensional, service-to-self beings who have been feeding off humanity's energy for eons like giant parasites. Now on to the topic of clearing cords and extracting a tougher negative force: an alien parasitic attachment or simply Archons.