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When starting to adapt Ford Focus automatic transmission control units, one must clearly understand the meaning of the terms and the capabilities of the Powershift box. The automatic transmission has three functions: calibrating the gear selector position sensor, the shift mechanism and the clutch system.

Of these three functions, only the first belongs to the classical calibration, while the other two imply the ability to learn, that is, to adapt during special driving conditions without software flashing.

There are also nuances of adaptation on a new car and already having some kind of mileage. This article will talk about the adaptation of Ford Focus 3 automatic transmission control units according to the manufacturer's instructions, as well as about resetting PowerShift. In positions R, D, S, the foot brake must not be pressed for more than 40 seconds.

Do not forget to raise the handbrake. It is forbidden to tow a faulty car when the backstage position is P.

After that, you need to perform adaptation exercises similar to those described at the beginning of the article. If, after the procedures, the car twitches slightly, this is a normal reaction that will subside over time. If the twitching persists, the help of a specialized service station is needed diagnostics at the stand. We guarantee the quality of parts and work. Power shift repair for Ford Focus 3 in 1 day. The root causes can be different.

The most common is heavy oil seal leakage. It is because of this that the transmission fluid enters the clutch, which leads to its slipping.

It can also jam the clutch forks there are two of them or the control unit for a robotic gearbox on a Ford. It doesn't matter what kind of breakdown caused jerks and kicks when switching to Power Shift, you will receive an absolutely serviceable car in days. We achieve such deadlines thanks to the skill of our employees, our own warehouse of spare parts, both original and analogs. All together - rubles! An absolutely shocking figure for owners of relatively budget Ford FocusLead Time :.

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What years did Ford have transmission problems?

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Most purchases are shipped with 72 Business Hours. All items are checked and packed in good condition before delivery.These "boxes" differ only in the maximum value of the torque that can be supplied to the input shaft. Next, we will consider the principle of operation of the transmission, denoted by the general name PowerShift, as well as the features of its operation.

The Ford PowerShift transmission contains two rows of gears and two coaxial input shafts the second shaft is hollow. Each of the input shafts is connected to the flywheel through its own clutch, so there are also two clutch assemblies. The hollow shaft is for engaging even gears, and the internal input shaft is for odd gears. In the PowerShift box, two gears are simultaneously selected, for example, "1" and "2", but since one of the clutches is depressed all the time, the output shaft is driven by a single pair of gears.

If one gear is engaged, then the highest gear closest to it is engaged. The non-standard design of PowerShift boxes determines special requirements that must be observed while driving a car. Let's consider them:. The requirements for towing cars equipped with a PowerShift robotic box differ little from the recommendations that are relevant for vehicles with automatic transmissions.

For example, towing cannot be performed if the selector is in the "P" position. Every three years or every 45 km of run in boxes of the specified type, change the transmission oil. Also, the oil filter is changed. Recommendations for the selection of consumables are given in the service book. Many companies have recently been producing gear oils designed specifically for manual transmissions with a dry clutch, which is what the PowerShift gearbox is.

PowerShift DCT250 DPS6/MPS6 Ford Repair manuals

But now it is impossible to recommend something definite - statistics are not available in sufficient volume. Margin notes! Despite the complexity of the design, the "robot" Powershift has a relatively small size, so it can be found on machines of different classes, ranging from powerful Mondeos to compact focuses. Considering the original design of the automatic transmission of this model, it is not surprising that its breakdowns also make themselves felt somewhat differently than the malfunctions of traditional automatic transmissions.

So, for example, a Focus with a Powershift box may have problems switching only to even or, conversely, to odd gears, which indicates a malfunction of one of the two boxes. While with a standard automatic transmission, the malfunction would appear when all gears are working. The most problematic point, or, as experts say, the "weak link" of Powershift are its coupling and shafts, it is not surprising - after all, they are the ones who have to work under conditions of constant increased loads.

It should also be noted that Powershift is demanding on the quality of the oil. Firstly, not all engine oils are suitable for it, and secondly, it should be changed more often than in other boxes this, by the way, is reflected in the Ford Focus user manual. If these requirements are not met, the moving elements of the box wear out quickly, which leads first to single, and soon permanent failures in its operation. However, breakdowns in control electronics are characteristic of almost all machines, because electronics are very sensitive to high temperatures, and the gearbox heats up during operation, and quite significantly.

Therefore, the owners of the focuses should be prepared for the fact that the repair of Powershift Ford Focus 3, whatever breakdown occurs with it, will cost them a little more than repairing an automatic transmission of any other type. Powershift is a robotic mechanical transmission in which the gearshift function is performed by an automatic drive. In fact, this is the same robot with a dual clutch.

Powershift literally translates from English as "power change". Like a robotic transmission, Powershift is designed to embody the main advantages of two gearboxes: automatic and mechanics.John does many other things, but meanwhile he earns his sandwiches fixing automatic transmissions. The powershift transmission is one of a growing number of dual-clutch transmissions that are expected to be fitted in more than half of cars in Europe by These transmissions are favoured for their improved efficiency and quicker, smoother shifting than more traditional automatic transmissions.

Because it's hard to explain what's wrong with something if you don't know how it works. Let's quickly touch on the naming of this transmission. It is commonly referred to as powershift. However, the proper name for the transmission I'm referring to in this article is 6DCT These variants have differences, however, most of what is detailed below can be applied to all variants.

The main difference lies in the clutch assembly. There are no repairable components for the DCT, which uses a dry clutch assembly, and can only be replaced. Conversely, a manual transmission has one dry clutch and a bunch of actual metal gears.

Dual clutch transmissions like the powershift are a combination of the two. A pair of clutches are used together, with one clutch being responsible for the odd-numbered gears and the other one for the even-numbered gears. These clutches are controlled by the transmission control unit, jim gardner wife julia than a foot-powered clutch pedal.

This hybrid of transmission designs allows for the increased efficiency of a manual transmission, the ease of use and driving comfort of an automatic transmission, as well as quicker, smoother shifting over a regular automatic transmission.

Unlike regular automatic transmissions, the Powershift uses actual metal gears, giving it the improved fuel efficiency of a manual transmission. And the first stop on the road to ending that nightmare is working out what the problem is.

Powershift transmissions—more so than regular automatic transmissions—need regularly servicing roughly every 30, miles. If your powershift transmission has not been serviced regularly enough, or if it has spent a lot of its time in shift-heavy driving such as around town, in traffic, etc. The Powershift automatic transmission uses a magnets to pick up shift fork positions.

These sensors can get covered in debris, interfering with proper operation of the transmission. Inside the transmission is a number of sensors for reading the position of various internal components. They do so by picking up readings from little magnets, but those magnets can get covered in tiny bits of metal that gets into the oil.

This particular judder can vary in severity from a light shaking that is barely noticeable, to a violent shaking that can rattle the whole vehicle. You will generally find that the lighter you are on the throttle, the less severe the juddering. Crawling away from a standstill on light throttle might not produce a judder at all while putting the pedal to the metal and trying to spin the wheels might cause an almighty bang.

This is to do with pressure and is why you might still find you get a juddering when trying to set off on a hill, even if under light throttle. This fault is caused by a faulty clutch assembly. The actual fault will determine how expensive a problem this is. Firstly, the transmission will have to be removed to get at the clutch assembly. If the fault is simply worn clutch plates or broken damper springs, those individual components can be replaced without swapping out the whole assembly, which cuts down the cost of parts considerably.

There are also other parts that can be replaced, such as the clutch-apply pistons. The clutch assembly itself can often wear down, however, and when this happens there is nothing for it but to replace the whole assembly. The control module is essentially a little computer that sits inside the Powershift transmission, listening to all those sensors and taking information from the engine, and ultimately deciding what gear to be in and when to change.

The Powershift control module is a computer with a number of sensors that it uses to make decisions about when to change to gear. The control modules also come with the hydraulic component whether you want it or notwhich brings me onto the next fault. The valve body is the hydraulic, physical aspect of the control module. Picture the transmission as a big machine with a lot of controls.Operate the manual transmission according to the shift pattern printed on the handle of its lever.

In the neutral position, the lever is automatically set to the position for engaging the 3rd or 4th gear, from which it can be moved forward or backward, respectively. To engage 1st or 2nd gear, move the lever to the left until it stops and then move it forward or backward, respectively.

To engage the V transfer, move the lever to the right as far as it will go and forward. To engage reverse gear, lift up the locking ring located under the lever handle, move the lever to the right until it stops, and then back.

Robotic transmission has six forward gears and one reverse gear. Each gear is engaged automatically, depending on the position of the gear selector lever, vehicle speed and the position of the accelerator pedal. The transmission has two programs "D" and "S". When the control lever is set to the "D" position, the box.

The sports program "S" makes full use of the maximum power characteristics of the irene tedja pakuwon due to a slight delay in upshifts. During the break-in period of a new vehicle or immediately after connecting the battery after disconnecting or replacing itgear changes may not be as smooth as usual. This does not indicate a malfunction: after a few automatic gear changes, the shift process will be smooth.

Unlike a manual transmission, a robotic transmission, being in manual control mode, allows the driver to change gears without releasing the accelerator pedal.

The selector lever for the robotic transmission is located on the floor tunnel. Scale 5 Fig. On the handle 3 of the lever there is a button 1 for blocking the transmission.

The following symbols are applied to the automatic control mode scale: "P" - parking. In this position, the transmission is locked to prevent movement of the parked vehicle.

If the selector lever is in this position, you can start the engine. Move the lever to this position only after the vehicle has come to a complete stop. This will damage the transmission.

In this position of the lever in the gearbox, no gear is engaged. This position is used during long stops for example, in traffic jams. If you do this, you could accidentally move the lever to the "P" park or "R" reverse position, resulting in damage to the transmission. In addition, engine braking will become impossible. To avoid losing control of the vehicle, always keep your foot on the brake pedal when the lever is in the "N" neutral position, and also when moving the lever to this position.

If the car is on a slope, then when starting the engine, the selector lever must be set to the "P" parking position, not "N" neutral. The main position of the selector lever, in which it is located most of the time when driving.Tonight's CCTV 3. Let's first understand the meaning of each part of this code name. This dry gearbox has 6 gears and the maximum torque is N.

This gearbox is equipped with new Focus, new Fiesta and Yibobut with the increasing number of complaints, it has now withdrawn from the domestic market. Their dual clutches are all provided by German Luk. The maximum torque is basically the same.

From the data point of view,The two dry dual-clutch gearboxes of have basically the same weight and the same torque. The two brothers really feel a bit hard to be brothers and brothers, they are both frequent customers on the complaint list, but Ford's dry dual-clutch is a pity that has now been replaced by an automatic transmission, and the DQ of the Volkswagen is still in use.

Water in the dry dual-clutch gearbox has caused serious corrosion of internal parts. The reason for the water ingress in the gearbox is that the gap of the rain plate of the vehicle is not completely sealed, which will cause the rain to drip from the rain plate position to the inside the engine compartment, and the drip position is just right.

It is the combined position of the gearbox and the engine, which will cause water to enter the gearbox over time. The position in the figure above is the interface position of the gearbox and the engine. Generally, manufacturers use bolts for fixing, but there are sealants or gaskets at the internal interface to prevent such situations. Ford manufacturers gave the corresponding solution, which is to add gaskets at the location of the gearbox and engine seals, and add a waterproof head at the location of the vent of the gearbox.

Focus from strong39span 12 2. Carnival started to be equipped with dual-clutch gearboxes from the 13 1. Yibo starts with 13 1. The problem with this gearbox is not only the water in the gearbox, let's take a look at other problems.

When the oil seal needs to be replaced when it is confirmed that the transmission oil is leaking, the outer input shaft oil seal and the inner input shaft oil seal need to be replaced at the same time. When the vehicle starts at a traffic light, the engine will idling, and the speed of the vehicle will increase when the vehicle is running. High but the vehicle is weak. When a gear shift jam occurs during driving, the instrument prompts a transmission failure.Home page » Engine.

Robotic dual-clutch transmissions are not a manufacturer conspiracy. This is an attempt to combine all the advantages of a classic automatic machine and mechanics in one unit. From the first, the preselective "robots" got everyday comfort, from the second - the overall efficiency and relative cheapness of manufacturing. As a bonus, the owner gets a high speed of step change, and most importantly - the continuity of the thrust flow.

Whoever has tried it understands, and whoever has not had a headache with a "robot" will never give it up! The preselective gearbox is installed on almost all modern Ford models, but today we will talk about the most problematic version of the 6DCT - with "dry" clutches. Today it can only be found in conjunction with a 1. After restyling, the role of the flagship engine was taken by a 1. This modern 6-speed automatic transmission combines the convenience of an automatic transmission with the efficiency of a manual one.

PowerShift preselects the next gear to avoid loss of power when shifting. With this automatic gearbox, you can change gears quickly and smoothly, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Everything sounds beautiful in press releases, but in reality? But in fact, the owners of the III generation Ford Focus have earned so much trouble on their necks that they are just right to become related with the owners of fragile copies of the DSG!

Thousands of angry posts on the club forums about breakdowns, hundreds of appeals to the Russian representative office of Ford - the scale of the problems with Powershift is amazing.

This "robot" has several sores at once, but the symptoms are the same - jerks and vibrations when switching and starting off, as well as the transition of the box to emergency mode. The most common diagnosis is an excessive leakage of the input shaft oil seals, as a result of which transmission oil enters the clutches, which leads to their slippage.

Trouble can happen regardless of the mileage - at least 5, even 50, km. Often the clutch forks jam - there are naturally two of them at Powershift.

The problem is solved by replacing the clutch, forks and oil seals new model. A lot of trouble is also caused by the TCM module with executive electric motors, which is responsible for shifting gears and squeezing the clutches. There is also no other control for a faulty manual transmission control unit, except for a replacement with an improved unit. The saddest thing is that these defects could fall on the head of the "trickster" not only individually and in different combinations, but also in one magnificent bouquet!

AvtoVesti simply could not pass by without understanding the real cost of repairing the "robot" Powershift. We took the most difficult case and this, believe me, is not uncommonwhen in one order or another it is necessary to eliminate all the above malfunctions, and turned to the official Ford dealers in Moscow. Here's what happened in the end: a set of two new original clutches costs 86, rubles, for large and small forks actuators for engaging the clutches, you will have to pay 67, rubles, and the TCM control module costs 48, rubles.

Let's add 1, rubles here for new input shaft oil seals and another 17, rubles for work on replacing problem parts. All together - rubles! By now it is a well-publicized issue that Ford's PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission has caused problems for owners of several model.

Ford Powershift Problems | 6DCT Clutch Wear/Failure: This is issue is very common, not only because this is essentially the same as a. I purchased the vehicle with absolutely no knowledge of the powershift transmission or the problems they had been having. The most common faults in the 6DCT Powershift transmission are related to the clutch system.

Due to structural stiffness, this transmission component. Get 6DCT transmission rebuilding tips, 6DCT troubleshooting help, 6DCT technical service bulletins, 6DCT diagnostics and 6DCT technical. Caution: the procedure is not safe and aborting it may cause problems with transmission operations. So it is strongly recommended to read.

Banging during gear shifts

Still, Ford is well aware of the tranny's issues; since the problems came to Tagged as 6DCT, DSP5, dual-clutch transmissions, extended warranty. Investigations have revealed that Ford's engineers and management were aware of the transmission problems before and after launching, and knew that the. Specialized car service "AKPP Master" will solve any problem, associated with the operation of the PowerShift box for Ford Focus 3 (6DCT The initial issue was leaky seals on the gearbox that let to oil contamination of the dry clutch module, which presented to customers as a.

One important aspect to meet improved efficiency is a low power demand for automatic actuation. Sincethe Getrag 6DCT with on-demand clutch and shift. Powershift Ford - how it works · Automatic transmission Powershift control · Powershift 6DCT transmission problems - what can you encounter?

But it is still worth changing to avoid problems ahead of time. The 6-speed 6DCT transmission has been developed for front-wheel drive. Problems with MPS6 clutch PowerShift DCT transmission is hardly a reliable and durable gearbox. Due to proper operation and timely maintenance, the robotic. As usual, Getrag declares that 6DCT is filled with oil for life. But it is still worth changing to avoid problems ahead of time. The 6-speed 6DCT First and foremost: not everyone has trouble with the DCT.

The 6DCT (DPS6) is a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) that debuted in the. The first problems can occur already at 90 thousand run. The Powershift 6DCT is the product of Getrag's latest dual-clutch transmission. During this time, you may notice additional noises and driveability problems. These conditions are normal: Takeoff shudder; vehicle launch. Newer Renaults that have a 6-speed dual-dry-clutch automatic transmission, designated as 6DCT, can have a problem with rattling, juddering.

On gasoline motors and - 6DCT;; On diesel engine - 6DCT The problem of the problem will be a replacement of the TCM block on Ford.